Teen skank merri heys gets her bumhole ruined

Teen skank merri heys gets her bumhole ruined
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Awaking from a snooze Tegan slid out of bed and stretched with a yawn as she strolled out of her room and to the bathroom. It had taken a good amount of work to bring Brandon off for the fourth time (which seemed to finally drain him, for the time being) and after her own release she had decided to lay about for awhile when he went back to his own room for a nap.

She quickly rinsed her mouth and splashed some water on her face before wandering into the kitchen glancing at the microwave clock to check the time before refilling the sink to attend to the dishes she was distracted from earlier.

It was just around 3:30pm and she expected that Sam would be home shortly as his construction job tended to start early and end early. On her days off from work in the past he could arrive anywhere from 4 to 5, while Angus was typically 6:15pm practically like clockwork. She was under no illusion that Sam's mind would be on her as soon as he walked in the door. Thinking back to her earlier fantasy she threw on an apron and cinched it at her waist leaving herself naked from behind, wondering how things would play out.

Due to the layout of the apartment anyone coming in the front door would see her first before going any further, which was a somewhat thrilling notion potentially anyone opening the door would see her, though the odds of that being anyone other than Sam or Angus was highly unlikely. Just as she was finishing up she heard the jingle of keys and the door opening and she immediately froze, listening to the door open and shut.

Assuming it was Sam but not 100% sure she pretended to busy herself with the few lingering items of cutlery in the sink. She started slightly when she heard the thud of something hitting the floor which in her mind was Sam's duffel bag that held his work gear, then a series of slow deliberate footsteps into the kitchen until she could sense him standing behind her.

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For a while neither of them said anything or moved, and Tegan wondered what Sam was expecting from her. Did he want her to take action or was he enjoying the notion of acting like some kind of predator with his prey cornered. Then she felt a hand roughly grip her ass cheek and the other arm snake around under her apron from the side, groping her little tits.

He pulled her roughly against gigi allens and stevie shae bonding with my dads girlfriend and started kissing her neck from behind, pinning her against the counter with his body. Tegan braced herself against the sink as he pressed into her, feeling him grinding against her back as he now took both her breasts in his hands, twiddling her nipples until they grew hard then began tugging and squeezing them, causing her to whimper slightly.

Now he ran his hands down her body under the apron pulling her away from the counter only to meet the resistance of the cord cinched at her waist. He quickly, almost frantically took a moment to pull the knot undone before resuming, running his fingers through the red curls of hair just above her otherwise hairless slit.

Tegan threw a hand behind his neck as he kissed hers, holding on with her back arched as his probing fingers parted her lips and sought out her clit which responsively began to swell. Finding that she was a little dry and his skin somewhat rough he brought his fingers up to her lips and she clutched his hand, sucking at his finger and using her tongue to thoroughly dampen it with her spit before he slid his fingers back beneath her lower lips to play with her clit, occasionally bringing his fingers lower to try to draw moisture from her vagina as she began to grow wet from his forceful touch.

Suddenly he pushed her forward so she was bent over the sink with one hand holding her down by her neck, her small chest pushed into the warm water in the sink soaking the apron.

The other hand started to probe her from behind, a finger pushing inside her for a few seconds before being joined by another. She moaned, flushed in the cheeks as she submitted to the fingerfucking. After a minute of urgent fingering he apparently deemed that she was prepared enough and she heard the pop-pop-pop noise of a button fly being torn open seconds before a thick erection was plunged into her ready hole. She cried out as he took her by the hips and repositioned her so the front of her pelvis was on the counter due to her height her dangling feet no longer touched the floor and she braced herself against the sink's splashback as he held her down and forced himself between her thighs, grunting as his meat sunk all the way into her body.

As soon as he was properly positioned he began to thrust, no pretense or time wasted, he would draw out a little before slamming his rod all the way in, causing Tegan to gasp and pant with each thrust, her legs squirming and kicking helplessly at the air.

He began to vary his pace, slowing and speeding up, Tegan assumed trying to pace himself to make the sex last as long as possible. To her it felt like it was going on forever as she struggled for balance, her upper body constantly splashing in the soapy water as he held her down. Abruptly the steady pistoning stopped and she felt her moist hole vacated.

The man pulled her up from her prone position over the sink and bodily moved her. The kitchen was a blur and she felt lightheaded from the sudden movement but felt herself being placed, relatively carefully, on the dining table that occupied one corner of the kitchen.

Newbie lesbian teens get their narrowed snatches licked and rode looked up just as the wet apron was lifted exposing her wet skin to the air and then thrown across her face, conveniently blindfolding her momentarily as he took both her slender wrists in one hand, pinning them to the table above her head then sunk into her body again.

Tegan bucked her hips and flailed her head, managing to shift the apron just enough to see her silent attacker and was unsurprised but relieved to see Sam's grinning face above her.

In this position his cock was hitting just the right spot, plus he was much more comfortable than being taken over the sink, and the fact that she wasn't actually being raped was also doing a lot for how good this felt.

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A look of lust filled her eyes as she stared up at Sam but he was no longer looking at her face. Instead he was looking down at where their bodies joined, apparently focused on nothing but drilling her soft cunt for all it was worth. She cried out as his pace picked up, feeling his thick tool rapidly slithering in and out, his pubic hair grinding into her clit as their pubis' mashed together. Then just as quickly as it started it was over. She felt him withdraw one last time then slide his cock a couple of times between her bald lower lips, using her slit just to stroke himself as he began to cum, squirting hot fluid rocketing up her body.

The initial spurt smacked against the underside of her left breast with enough force that it produced a loud slap.

The next travelled just as far leaving a solid rope between her breasts and down to her navel. Sam let out one final grunt as he sawed his cock along her slit, the very last of his cum squirting weakly to land on and seep into the neat triangle of red curls just above. Finally, he released her wrists and stepped away, nonchalantly buttoning his fly as he walked out of the kitchen to head to his room.

Tegan lay across the table unmoving but for the slow rise and fall of her chest as lots of dicks for two snatches critical x caught her breath and reflected on what just occurred. It was so sudden and almost savage. Her pussy was tingling and felt raw.

She teen chau a thuoc me xstory mind, but coming from Sam it was unexpected. Based on their conduct so far she would have expected this from Angus before Sam, though admittedly her exposure was limited. Maybe this was simply what men were like when given free reign over a willing slave? She unwound the neck strap of the apron and discarded it off to the side as she rose from the table, looking down at herself to assess the damage.

There was rapidly cooling semen just everywhere down her front, clinging to her breast and making a trail down the midline of her flat belly. She could feel it coagulating in her navel. She was going to have to do something to educate these boys on the lexi lovell nina elle in mother daughter arrangement of finishing in her mouth!

Brandon seemed to be a convert to this school of thinking, but it seemed like Angus was fully intent on wearing out her poor asshole, and Sam seemed to be a fan of seeing jizz on her in as many places as possible. Well, it was only day one. Glancing at the clock Tegan noticed it was not yet five so she could expect not to see Angus for another hour, though she wouldn't put it past him to sneak out a little early knowing what he had waiting for him at home.

Using some damp paper towels and hand soap she quickly sponge-bathed the sperm from her torso standing in the middle of the kitchen, including a quick scrub of her pubic curls. It felt somehow depraved washing herself in the open like this but right now that felt rather fitting. No sooner had she dispensed with the last of the paper towels when the front door flew open again and Angus strode in, delighted to catch her flat-footed and completed nude in the kitchen.

"You're early!" Tegan exclaimed, the first thought that popped into her head. "Yeah," Angus drawled "I told th' boss I needed to leave early." He set down his laptop bag and started tugging at his tie, pulling it free from the collar of his business shirt and tossing it over his shoulder. "Y'see it turns out I'm a very, very sick man." Angus strode into the kitchen, leering at Tegan's nude form and placed a hand on her cheek, urging her backwards until she was backed up against the refrigerator.

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She jumped a little as her buttocks touched the cold metal. Despite the fact they were about the same height, she felt like he was towering over her.

Angus lurched forward and kissed her on the lips, pressing his mouth against her as he pinned her to the fridge, then pulled back, gently patting her cheek.

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"Ah need to have a quick slash. By the time I'm done you'll be on my bed, face down & ass up. You know where the lube is." With that, Angus turned away, undressing on his way to the bathroom to relieve himself.

Tegan sighed… so predictable. Not only did Angus come home early to start fucking her sooner, but he clearly had more frustration to take out on her poor little starfish. Even in her year-long relationship she'd only done anal twice, and here Angus was about to sodomise her for the third time in less than 24 hours. Surely it wasn't that exciting. Was he only so interested because he knew it was less pleasurable for her? Resigned, she walked to Angus' room and took the tube of lube from his bedside drawer where she'd seen it the day before and squirted a little onto her finger.

Without bothering to close the door she got on all fours on the bed with her ass pointed towards the doorway and reached back to administer the clear slime to the crinkled opening to her back passage, using her fingertip to work a little inside before pushing a finger in to make sure her hole would comfortably open.

She was still a little tender and hoped that being in the office fantasising about assfucking her all day would at least have him ready to pop and end it quickly. Big boobs and big hips girls sex with boy practiced flexing her sphincter a couple of times, imagining it gripping the base of his thick shaft, milking his seed into her bowel, then settled in to wait, laying her chest and cheek on the bed so her ass was sticking right up on display.

A minute later Angus arrived having finished in the bathroom and stood behind her undressing, taking his time as he enjoyed the sight in front of him. He was taking so long Tegan's mind began to wander. Would the lube dry out if he didn't start fucking her soon? Should she have used more? When he was finally finished undressing she heard the rustling of packaging and an object was placed on the bed in front of her face.

Close up it took her a moment to process it. "D'yeh know what that is?" Angus asked after a beat. "It's a butt plug." Tegan answered, matter-of-factly. "It is indeed." Angus confirmed, with a grin in his voice. "And not just any. It's stainless steel so it's got a good heft to it." He illustrated this by picking it up and bouncing it on his palm so she could see how it moved.

"And it's got a lovely green jewel in the end, to match your pretty eyes." Tegan remained silent, simply dumbstruck. Eyeballing it it didn't seem oversized in fact at the widest point it was probably not quite as thick as Angus' prick, and the stem that connected the rounded end to the base with the green crystal was no thicker than one of her fingers.

She wasn't sure what to make of it and tried to imagine how it would feel inside her. "Well, what d'yeh say?" "I uh… uh… thank you?" "Thank you what?" "Thank you… for… the present? Sir?" "Alright, close enough." Angus picked up the lube tube and added a tiny dab to the end of the plug then his hands disappeared out of sight as he moved around behind her.

Tegan jumped as the cold steel touched her sensitive asshole but remained in place as Angus continued to press the object against her, the smooth taper easily wedging her little hole open.

There was a little resistance and she bit her lip as she stretched to accommodate the plug but that was apparently its widest point as the weight of it shifted from pressing against the outside of her body to suddenly being enveloped by her, the cold chunk of metal sitting snugly in her colon, her sphincter twitching around the thin stem keeping it from fully closing.

"Beautiful." Angus grinned. "Now girl, I was thinking to myself today that I haven't had the chance to sample what I'm sure is a delightfully tight little cunt you're hiding between your legs and I want to have my shot at it before the other two are done running it in. On the other hand, I don't want you to feel like I'm neglecting your back door because make no mistake, I absolutely adore dumping my load in a pretty girl's shitter, and I am going to fuck yours like it's going out of fashion." Angus paused dramatically, and Tegan couldn't help but tremble at his malevolent promise.

"So here's my compromise. You wear that plug up your fine little ass to keep it ready for me whenever I want it, and break up the monotony by using your fuckhole once in a while. Does that sound fair?" "Yes sir." Tegan whispered. "Good." Angus caressed her hairless lips then plunged a finger inside her, twisting it around with a wet slurp as she shuddered. "Girl, you're dripping like a monsoon down here. Well so much the better for me, you know how I feel about foreplay." With that he pulled her hips towards him and repositioned her.

Tegan offered no resistance, like a ragdoll in his hands as he slid his fat prick into her wet and willing hole. He wasn't wrong… whether because Sam left the job unfinished or because of his little speech, or a teen fucked too hard xxx alone with a drone of both, Tegan's vagina was slick with juices in anticipation of receiving him inside her. Her muscles clamped around his shaft as he ploughed her wet hole, making squishing noises as he delved in and out of her, his heavy balls slapping against her clit and she whimpered into the mattress in shame as she felt the churning knot of an orgasm growing in her gut.

How did this man have this kind of power over her? She didn't hate him, but he was so… abrasive, bordering on cruel. Nothing like the kind of lover she would have chosen if given the option. And yet… and yet she did, didn't she? She knew enough about Angus to assume he would be a selfish lay, she knew that when she offered all her holes that there was a good chance that her asshole would see more action than a porn star, and that her own pleasure would be a distant second priority.

And yet, as Angus pounded away at her slick love tunnel, the heavy slug of metal lodged in her colon bouncing with every thrust, she couldn't help but be carried away on a cloud of pleasure.

All at once she was brought down to earth and she snapped out of her fantasy to find herself panting, her whimpers having turned into unfiltered guttural screams of ecstasy as Angus picked up the pace. Her muscles clamped down around him as he drove himself in one final time and her body vibrated in pleasure. Angus was holding his breath as his own orgasm hit and they both collapsed together as his balls contracted and heaved a colossal load of cum into her slimy hole.

His dick flexed and twitched as he squirted several times and he pulled out of her slowly. As soon as his cockhead was no longer filling her hole her muscles spasmed, forcing out a torrent of his thick cum which clung to her nether lips before dripping off. Reflexively she placed her hand under herself and anime hentai video besthentiapassport com tube porn it in her palm, squeezing her muscles to try and force out the rest of it out of some perverse need to confirm with her eyes what she thought she felt.

Cupping the mixture of his seed and her juices in her palm, she estimated she was holding at least two ounces of spunk and vaginal fluid, not counting whatever remained inside her.

She turned over, seated on the edge of the bed and looked up at him as if suddenly remembering he was there. He watched her with a glint in his eye waiting to see what she'd do next. As if on autopilot she brought her cupped hand to her lips and slurped the mess into her mouth as if drinking lifegiving water from a spring, never once breaking eye contact as she vacuumed the entire handful of gunk into her mouth then opened her mouth to display it once last time before swallowing it down and presenting her empty mouth.

"Now that, little slut, was one hell of a show." "Thank you, sir."