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Download story sex massage xxxx
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In middle school I was just an average teenage guy, and I have been this way throughout my whole childhood. I was 5'10'' with brown eyes, wavy black hair, and tanned, creamy skin (pretty good looking, I like to think).

I was such a shy person whenever I was around people that it was always hard for me to make new friends. The only times I really felt comfortable were while I was playing sports. I played a decent amount of sports such as football, basketball, soccer, and tennis, so I am pretty well built. I was strong and muscular, but still lean.

Sports were the best for me because it allowed me to be around kids my age and just be one of the guys. During the ending of my eighth grade year, my parents were trying to get me into a private school.

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I worked on my grades and was accepted for high school. The first thing I noticed during freshman orientation was all of the hot girls roaming through the halls.

Almost everyone altered their school uniforms to make them look better, and the girls did a great job doing so. Their skirts were hemmed up nice and high, and daughterswap teens get dicked down by hot daddies seemed like almost every girl had ordered their shirts a few sizes too small. However, at that time in my life, all my time spent around boys in sports made me appreciate the male body as well.

I started to look at them with a little bit of interest, but never with the intention to get romantic. Being a new guy on campus, I got a few good looks from the girls, and a couple of bad looks from the guys, but still I was too shy to make any new friends. There was a guy from the senior class helping with the orientation. His name was Jordan, and he was 6ft.

tall, with a very athletic looking body. He seemed like a really cool guy, and I sat with him during lunch that day. When football season came around, I wasn't hesitant to sign up as soon as I could. I was asked to move straight up to the varsity team, and I happily agreed.

I was so excited to play with the big boys and show them what I was made of. Sure enough, Jordan was on the team, and happened to be the starting linebacker. I tried out for the position of running back and quickly realized how hard I was going to have to work this season. Every time I was given the ball, Jordan knocked me right on my butt. It almost seemed like he had it out for me. Finally practice was over and it was time to hit the showers, eat, and go to sleep.

It was Condition Camp, so we slept up at the school and trained for the weekend.

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We had individual shower stalls at my middle school, so I was definitely not ready for the sight I saw in this locker room. Being the only freshman on the team, most of the guys were a lot bigger and taller than me. They all got out of their uniforms right there in the open, and I was surrounded by dicks of all shapes and sizes.

I had just turned fifteen years old, but my dick was bigger than a few of the guys in there. It was 4 inches hanging soft, and 7 inches when I had an erection. My balls are nice and big, and hang down nice and low.

However, there were a few boys who were impressively well-endowed! I was still very shy and reluctant to get out my uniform in front of all of these other jocks, so I decided I would shower in the middle of the night while everyone was sleeping. I bent over to pick up some clothes to change into when I felt someone bump into me from behind. I turned around to see Jordon's cock right in front of my face, and he was about to ask me for some shampoo. His dick looked to be about 5 inches long flaccid, and I could smell the aroma of his big perfect balls.

I quickly gave him the shampoo and walked over to a bathroom stall to change my clothes. Just as I turned the corner, I walked right into Wyatt, a junior wide-receiver. Wyatt and Jordan were good friends and were always laughing and making jokes together.

He was about my height, and very thin and toned. He had the nicest, most symmetrical abs I'd sweet chick carter cruise wants a cock to fuck seen.

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As I hit him by surprise, he stumbled back and dropped his towel. His dick swung around like a giant meat bat. It was about 6 inches long and very thick. Keep in mind that this is while he was soft! I apologized, and went straight to dinner, lest I have another encounter. Later that night while everyone was asleep, I went to the lockers to take my much deserved shower. On the way there, I saw Jordan and Wyatt soaking wet, coming back from the school pool.

I was embarrassed telling them about taking a shower so late. They laughed it off and said that they were just going to dry off and head to bed. I was finally able to feel fresh and relaxed for the night. I wrapped my towel around my waist and made my way towards my locker when something covered my mouth and pulled me back into the hallway. I felt a warm body press up against me and I could feel the person's breath on the side of my neck.

I tried to make a noise, but the hand muffled my scream. I struggled to break free, but the person was strong and wrapped his other arm around my body tightly. I immediately knew who it was when the person turned his head and said, "Wyatt, close and lock the door." Jordan slowly removed his hand from my mouth, and told me to be afrika singer shakira xxx story. "What the fuck are you doing?!" I demanded. Wyatt locked the door and walked towards me.

"We both saw the way you looked at our dicks earlier," he said, "and we could see from the bulge in your tighty-whities that you must have a pretty impressive package too." With one arm still wrapped around me, Jordan pulled my towel right off and threw it to the side.

"We were right!" said Jordan, "You must have a lot of fun with that bad boy." I could feel Jordan's cock start to rise behind me, brushing against my hip. Wyatt dropped his swim shorts, "We can make this camp worth your while if you let us" he said. I must admit that I have always been a kinky guy, and the thought of something totally different like this was starting to turn me on.

I started to get hard, and the guys new they had my answer. Jordan let me go and I saw him in all of his glory. His cock grew to 9 inches long and was as hard as a rock.

He grabbed my dick and came in for a kiss. Our lips met, and euro pretty bitches get nailed by the pool hardcore and groupsex felt like electricity passing through my body. I had never kissed a guy before that moment.

Our tongues roamed each other's mouth and he started to stroke my cock. Wyatt walked up behind me and kissed my neck. I reached behind me and grabbed his dick, and I could feel it growing in my hand.

It was so long and thick, which was surprising for a boy his size. He was definitely bigger than Jordan. He must have been about 10 inches long, with a girth the size of my wrist. He came to full attention and I could feel his balls, which were the size of cantaloupes!

I got so hard and turned on in the moment that I almost lost it right there. Jordon got down on his knees and told me to calm down. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, and suddenly I felt a warm sensation envelope the head of my cock. I looked down to see Jordan's mouth inching down my shaft until all 7 inches disappeared down his throat. Wyatt took my hand, spit right in my palm, and placed it back on his cock, making it nice and slippery.

I started to work his pole faster as Jordan sucked harder, when all of a sudden Jordan stopped. "My turn" he exclaimed. Wyatt pushed me down and forced me on the ground. He sat down on the bench and positioned Jordan in front of him, taking his cock into his mouth. Then, he grabbed my head and put me face to face with his massive meat.

It was my first time even seeing another dick this close, let alone having to suck one. I thought back to what my ex girlfriend used to do, and I started by licking him up and down his shaft. He just continued to suck off Jordan like he didn't even feel my tongue at all. I placed my mouth on the tip of his head and slowly let it slide into my mouth.

It was so thick that I could barely fit my lips around it, and I felt as if my jaw was literally stretching right at that very moment. I used both hands to stroke his cock as I sucked vigorously, and I heard him finally utter out a moan. Jordan was absolutely lost in pleasure, and Wyatt loving every minute of it.

Suddenly, Wyatt took a break from Jordan's cigar and looked down at me. "Take it all in, you little bitch!" he said as he placed his hand on the back of my head. I took as much in as I could when he pushed my head down and pushed his dick to the back of my mouth. I gagged a few times, but then I let the back of my throat open up and took even more of his juicy cock.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and said it was time for the real fun! "It's about time!" said Jordan. Jordan lubed up his finger with spit and slid it into his beautiful tight ass. It was so round and smooth and hairless, and I knew exactly what I wanted ghetto chick pleases crowd of white cocks do.

"Show me what you got, bad boy" he said as he bent over and leaned against gas boy sex storys com lockers. He didn't have to tell me twice. I positioned myself behind him just right, and placed my head right on his warm hole. I watched as my cock slid into his round bubble butt. I squeezed his ass cheeks tight as I pushed it in more. It was still pretty tight, considering that he and Wyatt have probably done this before.

I worked myself in and out, starting to build up my pace, when I felt a hand on my hip. I had totally forgotten about Wyatt! I was still inside of Jordan when Wyatt started to finger my ass with one, then two, then tree fingers. I'm glad he warmed me up because I would not have been ready for what I was about to receive.

Wyatt lubed up his dick with spit and placed it at my willing hole. He pushed the tip of his head in with his thumb and started to work his way into me slowly. It felt like someone was trying to shove a bat up my ass because his cock was so fucking huge.

I just stood there in both pain and ecstasy and Jordan started to grow impatient. He rocked himself back and forward impaling himself on my pole, causing me to rock back painfully into Wyatt's. I moaned in pleasure and started to lose myself, when Jordan pressed his tight little ass all the way back into my pelvis, and in turn pushed me back into Wyatt.

This time, Wyatt thrust as hard as he could and I felt all 10 inches inside of me. I screamed in pleasure and begged him for more.

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Still in each other, we sat down on the bench and I was sandwiched in the middle of these two gorgeous, well hung men. I bounced up and down on Wyatt's fat meat and thrust mines into Jordan with all my might. Finally, I heard Wyatt's breathing speed up and he clutched on to my shoulders pulling me down onto him.

I kissed his neck and he shuttered, letting all load go right in my ass. This feeling sent me over the edge and made me cum while Jordan was still bouncing up and down on me. As Jordan felt me let go, he climbed off sophie lynx lindsey olsen rim my gape video pole and I just sat there with Wyatt's cock still in me.

Right then and there, Jordan got up and shoved his dick right in my mouth to finish him off. He thrusted and moaned with pleasure, and finally came in my throat. There I was, with a cock in my ass and cum in my throat. Needless to say, I would no longer be shy in the locker room around other guys, but I would still love to take my showers in the middle of the night.