Wild blow job with hot hotty smalltits hardcore

Wild blow job with hot hotty smalltits hardcore
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Emily was sitting at home when Jodie came into the room with an invite to a party. She tells Emily that there is a party at Joe's house. Emily is reluctant to go because she is a "good girl". She has barely drinks alcohol and she's never done drugs. She hasn't even had any sexual contact. Finally Jodie convinces her to tag along and reluctantly she goes. Joe's party is absolutely JAMMING! Everyone is having a great time except Emily.

Jodie and Alex and were in the back room. Jodie was definitely into sexual stuff unlike Emily. Jodie then pushed Alex onto the bed and ripped his shirt off. She started licking his stomach. "YUMMMM, it tastes so GOOD". She then ripped off his pants and started to lick his limp cock. It immediately sprouted up.

It almost poked her in the eye! Jodie started to take off her bra. As soon as she did, Alex threw her over his shoulder and started fucking her huge 36C's over and over again.

Jodie stuck her tongue out and licked his stick with his every thrust. Alex needed pussy bad though. He stood up and ripped off her panties. He stuck it into her and pounded her as fast as he could! He heard her cry out loud. She was in pain.

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She was so tight. Was she a virgin, he wondered? He didn't want to hurt her so he was going to wait a minute or two but she said to him "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING???

FUCK ME HARD.I LOVE THE PAIN!!! GIVE IT TO ME BABY!!!" So he starts rocking back and forth, until she screams with pleasure. or was it pain??? He pounded her all over the place! She was shaking her stomach so his dick would rub up her stomach lining! OOOO it felt amazing. Out of nowhere though he pulls it out of her, bends her over and slams it straight into her ass.

He was humping her like a rabbit. He was all over her ass! Jodie let out an ecstatic MOAN and came all over Alex's balls. He loved itHe started fucking her throat. She drooled all over his long shaft. Finally he exploded all the way through her throat.

Busty attractive chick likes fucking very much, Emily was just sitting there bored out of her fucking mind! Realizing that Jodie was finally down after 45 minutes. she goes in, grabs her, and says "were going to the bar!

Get your clothes on!" Later that night, at the bar, Emily notices the most gorgeous man shes ever seen.

Being drunk, she walks right over to him and starts talking to him, (somthing she would never, ever do if she was sober). "Wu-Whats yo-yo-your name sex- sexy?" she slurred. "My name is Ryan, what is your name, beautiful?" "E-E-E-Emily" she responds. Finally understanding she was extremely drunk, Ryan offers Jodie and Emily a ride home.

They both quickly respond Yes because he is an extremely great looking guy. That night Jodie had Ryan come inside because she was looking for sex. Ryan was not legs on shoulder sex storys in Jodie though so he put Emily in her bed, tucked her in, and said good-night.

He stayed a while to talk to Jodie but soon he had to leave. Before he left though, he looked for a peice of paper and pencil. He wrote down his name and number, gave it to Jodie, and told her to give it to Emily. The next morning he wakes up to a call from Emily thanking him for the amazing consideration she recieved from him, she also said she was very proud of him that he didn't take advantage of her.

They then set up a date. Their date was wonderful. He took her to this exquisite 5 star restaraunt. They served so much food, she felt great. That night, she invites Ryan inside. Ryan immediately gets a stare from a pissed off Jodie. She wanted his dick all to herself.


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They then set up new xxx story hot american date. Their date was wonderful. He took her to this exquisite 5 star restaraunt. They served so much food, she felt great. That night, she invites Ryan inside.

Ryan immediately gets a stare from a pissed off Jodie. She wanted his dick all to herself. Aww to bad, she will have to share it.

Jodie follows Ryan and Emily to the bedroom and orders everyone to take off their clothes. Ryan happilly obliges but Emily gets kind of scared.

Jodie yelled again and Emily immediately took off her clothes. With all clothes off Jodie pulls out a big box.

There were tons of sex toys in there but she pulled out specific few things. She brought out a vibrator and some lubricant. She pushed Ryan onto the bed and stuck her hand in the lubricant. she started rubbing his dick and got it hard, As soon as it was hard she drenched his dick in lubricant. "One of us will sit on his dick and one of us will sit on his mouth" Jodie says to Emily.

Emily protests but eventually shuts up. Ryan was amazing, he impaled both girls. He would stick it one's ass pull it out and ramm it into the others.

He almost killed both girls and after a long time, they all ended in a wild orgy and Jodi and Emily had a facefull of cum for breakfast! HOPE YOU LIKED MY FIRST STORY. PLEASE COMMENT, EMAIL ME, AND RATE MY STORY