Sunny leone milk have a drink boy

Sunny leone milk have a drink boy
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Chapter 3 I curled up next to Cassie and fell asleep with her in my arms. She was so happy that she just laid there smiling to herself. She looked at my alarm clock and it was 3 in the morning. She finally drifted off to sleep.

It was 10:00 in the morning when she woke up. She rolled over to hug me but I was not there. She wondered where I went and when I would come back. Last nights events were still playing in her mind. She felt happier then she had in a long time. She did not have to wait long; I walked in with breakfast from Sonic. I brought a lot of food since I had forgotten what her favorite thing was on the menu. I got a super burrito value meal. We ate quickly not talking a lot about anything.

I was the first to talk. I just wanted to let you know that I meant what I said last night. I know you did. Cassie finished her food, took a quick shower and headed home. I gave her ride home. It was only about a 10 minute drive. We kissed just before she got out of my car. Cassie slipped her tongue in my mouth just before breaking it as to make me want it more the next time.

Cassie got out and walked in the door. Sitting on the couch in the living room was her mom in her bath robe with her morning cup of coffee. Where have you been young lady? Over at Sean's why does it matter?

It matters because you could have called. Sorry I forgot I didn't think that you would care. With that Cassie went up stairs to her room and lay down on her bed and changed into some sweats. She was not tired at all. She kept replaying the night over and over in her head.

She felt a burning in her loins, she slipped her hand down her pants and started rubbing her clit to get her juices really going. Once they started flowing freely she sank her first two fingers in pushing them in and out imagining that it was Sean who was fingering her on her bed. She took her other hand and started playing with her nipples.

Almost instantly they were rock hard. She took her first finger and coated in her juices and started rubbing into her breast. She could feel her climax reaching the point of no return.

She kicked into hyper drive moving her hand in and out of her pussy at lighting speed. Finally it hit her wave after wave rushing through her body. Her juices soaking her bed, after the fifth wave her muscles loosened up enough for her to slide her fingers out.

She immediately stuck them in her mouth licking them clean. She loved the way that she tasted. She looked over at the clock. It was almost noon. She needed to get ready for work. She worked part time at one of the grocery store as a cashier.

She was scheduled to work sweetheart delighting dude with fellatio smalltits and hardcore to 8:00 tonight. She liked her job enough because the pay was good and so were the hours. Cassie took a quick shower changed into some comfortable cloths said goodbye to her mom. She jumped into her car.

It was nothing special an old Honda civic. Once at work she clocked in and put on her vest and went to relieve the girl on register 3. Reina mizuki has dark vagina and mouth frigged by hard penises went by slowly.

Since it was Sunday not a lot of people were here since football was still on. She could count the number of people she checked out on both hands. Finally it was time to leave for the night. I knew that she was getting off at eight so I headed over there hoping to catch her before she left. I pulled up just as she was exiting the building. She did not notice me at first. I honked at her to get her attention and it worked.

She went over to my car and stuck her head in the driver side window. "Hey what are you doing here?" Oh just checking out the cashiers. See anyone you like she asked coyly? Yeah I am looking at her. What to get something to eat. Sure let me call my mom so she won't have another coronary. I looked at her puzzled. Don't ask it is a long story. They ended up at the pizza parlor down the street. They ordered a medium supreme pizza.

They made small talk while they waited on their food. It was a slow night there was probably only about 25 people in the place all together. Cassie leaned up against my chest while they talked about nothing in particular. She was not really listening; she was content to just be close to me again. She could smell my deodorant.

The scent was almost intoxicating. Finally their food arrived. They ate quietly with Cassie still leaned up against my rock hard chest. Once we were finished I paid. Cassie tried to split the cost but I would not let her. I had just gotten paid. I worked at the local sporting goods store as a shift supervisor. I had just gotten a pay raise so I had made a lot on my last pay check.

Most of it went into my college and new car fund. I knew I could probably get money from my dad for either one but I really did not want to. Ever since my mom had died I pretty much took care of myself. As they were leaving they passed the bar on our way out and some drunken guy who looked to be about 30 swatted Cassie's butt and made a rude commit. I saw the whole thing and immediately put her behind me telling the guy to apologize. The guy looked shocked and no said I then pushed him.

Now I have a bad temper and it does not take a lot for me to loose it. Cassie saw that and immediately grabbed me around the waist and tried to pull me back. Not that she could do pull me. I felt her pulling and decided to let it go. I turned and with her in my arm and left.

On the way out they heard the guy mocking them and calling me a coward. It took all of my control not to storm back in there and kick his ass.

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Cassie was pulling on my arm to keep me from running back in there. The drive back to Cassie's car was silent. I was still brooding about the drunk. Cassie did not want to say anything that would make me mad and want to go back there so she just stared out the window. Are you going to say anything I asked her. "What busty and shaved stripper wants to sell her pole and gets fucked hardcore and blowjob you want me to say?" Don't know just something.

She just continued to stare out the window. I pulled my car up to the driver's side door. Cassie got out and was about to get in her car when I asked "Are you coming over for the night?" She turned around and got face to face with him. She leaned in and kissed me, I kissed her back.

When she broke it off she said she would come over for a little bit. With that I drove off towards my house. On my way home I got a call from my dad. He was going to be a couple extra days. He promised to be home by Wednesday for the scout to come over and talk to the both of us. Once home I headed up stairs go get some cloths. It took about 10 minutes to get my cloths picked up and in the washer. I got a text from Cassie saying that she would not be over until later tonight.

I decided to get some laundry done. I had not done any laundry for a couple of days. So there was a lot to get done. I filled the washer up and started it. I decided to get my homework done. I had Calculus to finish.

It took me about half an hour to finish. Once I had finished all of my homework I headed back up stairs.

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Cassie never showed up that night. I just figured that she had gotten into a fight with her mom again. The next day at school was normal as usual except that Cassise and I were attached at the hip.

We only had one class together and it was Spanish. After school I had wrestling practice. Coach worked us pretty hard since regional's were fast approaching. He really wanted to win state overall again. He pulled me into his office after to discuss the offer from Notre Damn.

I told him that I was planning on accepting their offer. He said that was the smart thing to do. After practice Cassise was not waiting for me so I went to her house to see what was up. When I arrived there her mom answered the door.

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"Oh hi Sean, Cassie is not home she had to swing by her job and pick up her paycheck." I expect her home soon you can have a seat on the couch and wait if you want?

Ok, as I sit down so does her mom Debra. So asks Debra how are things between you and my daughter? Good I reply. That's good are you both satisfying each other needs? And I do not mean emotionally. I know that you are sexually active with each.

I immediately turn red. Yeah I guess so, not really knowing how to respond. Let me show you how a real woman takes care of man. She reaches down and starts rubbing her hand against my groin causing it to stands erect.

The pressure is almost unbearable as she unzips my pants and fishes out my fully erect cock. I stand a little more at attention as the cold air hits my sensitive head. I moan as Debra slowly works her hand up and down my shaft. My precum is starting to flow and she does not miss a beat and starts coating my cock in it. Once my cock is fully coated Debra lowers her head and takes the head in her mouth and starts to suck the precum out of it like it is a milkshake, all the while she has not stopped her rhythmic stroking of my cock.

I could start to feel that point of no return and so could Debra. Before I knew what was going on she had engulfed my entire cock in her mouth and down her throat. She then started to massage my balls and that is all it took, I shot one after another thick rope of cum down her throat and into her stomach. As I am coming down from the high of my orgasm we hear Cassie's car pull into the driveway.

I immediately get up and run into the bathroom to clean up and adjust myself. By the time that I came out of the bathroom Debra had disappeared and Cassie was sitting on the couch waiting for me.

I had no idea if she was aware of what had just happened, but I was not going to say anything. Well so what is the plan she asked? I don't know it is up to you. We sit in silence for about a minute and then Debra comes strutting down the stairs like it is nothing is wrong.

"I am heading out, don't wait up for me I won't be back until late." Ok was all that we could muster. It was well on its way to being 5:30 so I go into the kitchen and start making us something to eat. I hear the TV turn on so I take it that she blow your cum load into moms mouth old young and grandma no idea that her mom just gave her me one of the best blowjobs ever.

After dinner I head home. Cassie and I kiss each other bye. On the drive home I cannot stop thinking of Debra's unbelievable blowjob.

By the time that I get home I am in full hard on mode. I get inside and I am just about to turn on some porn so that I can jack off I hear a knock on the door. I go to open it and to my surprise Debra is standing there in one of those full body rain coats. Can I come in she asks? Yeah, sure, Debra is there something I can help you with?