Daughterswap teens get dicked down by hot daddies

Daughterswap teens get dicked down by hot daddies
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Hello, my name is jane, i have light brown hair to my waist, a petite 5' 3" size 0 frame. A pair of b breast and a nice little bubble butt, pretty much your typical average All-American country girl nothing extraordinary. My parents split with I was 12 and each have remarried. Ver videos sogro transando com a nora both live in separate towns but since they both still have equal custody of me I am home schooled.

Today after my mom dropped me off back home from getting my homework from school for the rest week she went to work. I fiddled with the tv a bit waiting for a knock on the door. Pretty soon John comes knocking, John is a neighbor from down the street, he goes to the local regular school with my step brother (step-dad son) they are friends. John is also my boyfriend.

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I greet him by the door with my arms around his neck and my lips smearing against his. I was in a short short overall with a long sleeve and he was just in bball shorts and a t shirt. I couldn't wait so I jumped on him wrapping my legs around his waist, forcing him to carry me to the couch. I turned off the tv and we got it on. He was a little surprised when he undid my overall to see I had nothing beneath down below, that's what I wore to school that morning.

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John pounded me on the couch, what I loved about him was that his dick was always full of a lot of pre cum, we never needed lube.

He wasn't huge or anything, average size I guess for a bit his age and size, he was probably about 5' 8" with a 6" dick only but at the time it was good enough with me.

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I made him cum 3 times, once by fucking and twice by bj. I loved swallowing his cum b/c the excess amount of precum made it easy to swallow. I finished half my hw that night and had phone sex with John until 2am the next day. Unlike me, John was not home schooled so he had to go to school the next day. Which I was ok with b/c I was heading to my dad's house later on that day anyways.

Upon arriving at my dad's house, we ate dinner, watched tv with him and my step mom waitingmy step brother (Alan) to get home from his date. Alan was a fine looking young thing, he was a year and a half younger than me, slim but slightly built, blonde hair and hazel eyes.

I greeted him at the door with a peck to the cheek before heading off to bed. While in bed I was on the phone with my other boyfriend Ryan. Keep in mind that my mom and dad lived in towns about 60 min apart, so Ryan and John do not know each other exist. We made arrangements for a date the next night. Following the date to the fair the next night I headed to Ryans house for a bit before going home since it was only 9 at the time.

In his house his whole family (4) was there so we went to his room. In his love den as I call it, after so many memories with him in there we made love.

Ryan had a bigger cock than John did but it could never get as hard so sometimes John still made me cum more. Nevertheless it definitely got the job done.

But it didn't take long for me to want more, the recent excessive sex in the last few days did not reduce my sex drive but in fact enhanced it. I made Ryan give me a 5 min quickie before taking me home. It was hard to not moan or scream as he was trying his best to finish in the short time frame. My boys always last a long time. In the car I sucked Ryans bbw mommy with huge tits needs to get off all the way home. When I got home I watch me riding this huge ebony cock definitely still horny with the taste of fresh dick in my mouth.

I had a key so I came in quietly as everyone had already returned to their personal quarters. I could hear my step mom and my dad fucking as I walked past their room to get to mines. When I got to my door I decided to eaves drop on Alan a little bit, he was having phone sex with his gf. I decided to quickly go change into a small tank top and a tiny short that shows part of my ass hanging out. I always respected Alan, always tried to treat him properly as a younger brother, this was the first time he was gonna see me dressed like this.

Only my other step brother, Daniel had seen me like this a few times around the house.

I walked in as Alan was looking down into his crotch laying in the bed. He had once hand on his phone but one hand was underneath the blanket reaching inside his pants. Even though he had the blanket on I could tell by the bulge around his midsection he was jacking himself.

Alan jumped as I opened the door and quickly release was he was holding, maybe too embarrassed and not sure I'd I saw him he greeted me hesitantly. I pretended like I didn't see anything and sat on the edge of his bed.

I giggled at his confused face and asked him what he was doing and what was wrong? He tried to shift his body in an attempt to hide his bugle which he saw me eyeing at but didn't work.

He then sat up with the blanket still covering his crotch area.

I could feel my nipples beginning to harden and I had no bra on buy I wasn't gonna try to hide it like my brother. I asked if he knew they mom and dad were fucking in their sheets down the hall and he said no. I told him I heard them when I walked past, mom was moaning quite loudly. After a little more small talk I purposely walked around Alan's room, showing my ass off. With the corner of my eye I could tell he was eyeing it so I bent over and gave him a perfect view of my camel toe from behind as I locked up one of his shoe and proceeded to ask him a rhetorical question about it.

When I looked back the bulge in his pj turned into a point step little mountain. Eyeing it the whole way I made my way towards my step brother and asked what's that? He turned down to realized he had a massive bobber going on, caught red handed he didn't move one bit as I got to him reached down and tugged the front of his pj's down.

"WOAH!" I said as I was shocked as to hoe big it actually was. He was the size of Ryan already, and 4 years younger than him and a smaller stature. But the best thing aggressive s antonella sex porn 21sextury com, Alan was completely hard and standing on his own.

His dick still looked fresh, the skin seemed soft and smooth like the ones I seed to blow in middle school. He had by far the biggest dick I had seen in a14yr old, it wasn't huge buy a solid 7 in and shine decent girth to it. The site of my younger step brothers dick made me even more excited than I thought.

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