Xxx story deshi 18 shall gujarati

Xxx story deshi 18 shall gujarati
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the next day i woke up next to harvey and got ready for the day.

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I went and gave harvey a kiss and said "im off to see brit bye babe" when i arrived at brits house i knocked on the door and she answered in tears i said "whats wrong?" "my mum is kicking me out because i did'nt get into college" "o wow i'm sorry brit" i got my cell out of my pocket and rang harvey when he answered i said "babe i have something to ask you" harvey said "what is it babe?" "can brit move in with us?" "i don't see why not" "thanks babe i love you" "i love you too babe now i'm off the the gym bye" "bye babe" i told brit to have her bags packed by 5 tonight and i will pick her up.

so i got back into my car and drove to my moms house. When i arrived my brother was there i said "francis.

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what are you doing here" "i'm here to talk to you" "what about!" "can i borrow your car to go see grandma" "when and why are you going to see her" "she is giving me some money to get on my feet and tomorrow" "okay if you must" so i said bye to my mom and i said bye to francis just before i was going to drive off harvey rang me and i said "hey babe" "hey ive just got the post and i opened your credit card statement do you know in the past month you have spent $40,000" "yeah it's okay babe see ya at home" when i got home i opened the door and walked in and said "harvey get your dick out because i want to suck it" when i walked into the living area harvey wasn't alone his mom was here "shit!

hiya bella" ""good morning leon" "i'm really sorry you wasnt ment to hear that" "clearly.

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i think i should go" "bye bella i'm sorry" "harvey i'm sorry" "it's okay babe she will get over it but i have something i have to tell you" "go on" harvey moved about a metre out of my arms reach "sit down" harvey said so i did as he said "first let teens pound bfs butt hole with huge belt dicks and blast jizm say im sorry" i gave a weak smile and said "sorry for what?" harvey took a very big deep breath in and out and said "don't be mad at me but i've lost my wedding band" i stood up really fast and said "what!" "baby i'm really sorry i was at the gym and when i had a shower and put my clothes back on it was gone" "babe that was a fucking $5000 wedding band how could you be so stupid" i light up a fag and started smoking it "baby i'm really sorry" i walked out of the living room and went into are bedroom slamming the door behind me a few hours later i came out of the bedroom to find harvey in the living room i said "harvey i'm sorry i blow up at you" "no babe i'm sorry i lost my band" "come and give me a hug baby" so harvey got out of his seat and gave me a hug he said "i'm really sorry babe" "i know you are babe" me and harvey stopped hugging and i gave him a kiss i laid of the sofa and harvey laid ontop of me we was making out for about 20 minutes and harvey said "babe can i ask you something" "sure you can babe" "do you ever think of kyle" i pushed harvey of me and he landed on the floor i said "why would you ask that?" "because he was your first love" "harvey i don't think of kyle anymore i use to in are early days like when you was jerk to me but no i don't think of him anymore why would you even bring that up" "sometimes i just wish we was each other first loves" "harvey you may not have been my first love but you are so much more than that your my true love my prince charming" harvey smiled at me and said "i glad you feel that way can i please get off the floor now" so 5 at night came and i went to brits house to pick her up my mom followed behind me and put all her bags in her car and we drove back to my apartment and helped her settle in me and harvey went to bed and i sucked harvey dick and he sucked mine try are best not to make any noise the next morning i got of bed at 7 and left harvey to sleep i got ready and wrote harvey a not saying baby it's my first day of my spainish course i will see you when i get home when i got there we all had to talk about are self as an ice breaker when we sat down to listen to the letcher a boy was kicking my chair and he said "oi" so i turned round he said "give me $20 or im gonna beat shit out of you" i looked at him and said "i've studied self defence for a good few years you dont scare me" i opened my wallet and pulled a 50 out and gave it him "keep the change you look like you need it" the whole class laughed he said "why you aubrey star loves pearl necklaces this class can't daddy pay for private lessons" i said "well he tried to hire you mom but she got stuck on the big words" he shot me a dirty look and said "why don't you just piss off" the end of class came and we went to are cars he said "did daddy buy you that" i said "yes see unlike some my family can afford the best and not hand me downs" i got in my car and drove home and told harvey about the lesson he said "well this guy sounds like a total jerk did you hit him" i laughed at harvey and said "no babe and i don't plan on doing.

where's brit" "she went out babe" so me and harvey took the chance to have sex and it was amazing after we finished me and harvey drove to my mom and i gave my brother my car and said "be careful with it"

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