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Big boobs and big hips girls sex with boy
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Kelly Presson was a sharp lady. Her two degrees from the university had landed her a good job in a very upscale community in a resort area.

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She had moved into her nicely furnished, upscale apartment shortly after starting her new job; then, to match her upscale life style, she bought a new red mustang convertible.

To say that Kelly was hot would convey the proper perspective on her being. With long, auburn hair, peachy complexion, blue eyes, nice figure she presented an imposing view to the eye of the occasional beholder. The outstanding quality of her professional work had to be the work of a near genius; yet, she teen striptease and mature woman fucks xxx horny milf dominating the gardener a flaw.

. a deep, dark secret! Since early childhood, Kelly had carried a deep seated fear of men. The mere touch of a man could bring an upset stomach or nervous tremors! It wasn't a problem at home as her family wasn't a close family.

. into lots of physical affection! It was when her doctor proceeded to examine her after puberty that she had her first trouble.

When the doctor, during the course of her routine examination, touched her she resisted and after a few touches, the doctor realized the situation and had wanted to tell her family. It was only after considerable pleading that she convinced the doctor to keep her secret in tact. During high school and college, Kelly did not date; preferring to concentrate on her studies. As a consequence, her grades in school were outstanding.

From the perspective of a casual observer Kelly was a woman who had everything and not a care in the world. Kelly's fear of men was only half her dark secret. The other half often manifested itself in her dreams or in her day dreams - she was horny! She wanted to be taken and fucked like a sex starved mad woman! Never a day went by that she didn't dream or day dream of being taken by a man. Of course, men did come on to her. .she was beautiful! Some persisted for some time until finally giving up hope of ever being with her after multiple rejections.

She became known as an ice queen to some and others entertained the idea that she was a lesbian! Her reputation became one of a strange individual that was best avoided in social situations and she was destined to a be loner.

Kelly found herself spending her evenings in a club, nursing a drink and day-dreaming of sex with any number of men. It was when she was sitting in the Blue Moon Club, alone, drinking a Moscow Mule by the fireplace when a young man came and sat down beside her. She ignored him! "I see you're alone.

May I join you?" the young man asked. "No. I just came in for this drink and then I'll be going. I prefer to drink alone." "You come in every night and drink your drink. . .alone!" "I like it that way. I hate men." "Ya! I thought so.

By the way, my name is Bert." "Good bye Bert." "Hey! Not so fast! I told you my name, now it's only proper you tell me yours." "Name's Alfretta." Kelly lied.

"Why did you lie to me Kelly? I'd hoped we could become friends." "How'd you find out?" Kelly responded. "Name's on your key ring." Bert said, "Are you afraid of me?" "That's none of your business.

Good Bye," Kelly spoke but something in her manner seemed to indicate that she would like to continue the conversation. "It's OK if you're afraid of me because, you see, I'm afraid of you too. Now, reach out and touch me and see my reaction! She doubted his statement. .sounded like a line to her and yet the idea intrigued her. Perhaps he was. . .without thinking she reached out and gently touched Bert's arm and was startled by his reaction.

His shortness of breath and tense features told her that Bert was indeed afraid. "Do it again," Bert said and hold it there for just a minute. See if I can overcome whatever it is that's my problem. As they continued to work on Bert's problem, Kelly found herself touching and caressing but all to no avail. Then, it struck my step mom fuck and suck my boyfriendp..

. she had been touching and caressing a man. . there had been no fear! She wondered, "Could she have somehow overcome her problem?" She arose, turned and touched a man standing close by and felt only a mild aversion. It was inadvertently touching Bert that had cured her of her dreaded aversion to men. She returned and sat down beside him and reached out to touch Bert as she had before. This time, she saw fear in his eyes. . "Kelly, I wasn't kidding. I'm deathly afraid of women! I see that I was mistaken about you though." "No, you weren't mistaken!

I've just been cured of my fear and it all happened when I touched you. I guess I was excited at the time and forgot my fears. . or something!" "I'm glad for you Kelly. Now, go and leave me alone." "Not until we've solved your problem!

I owe you that." So they talked and soon Bert was telling her all about his condition. He was afraid of women; yet, he wanted more than anything to be with one - to have a special relationship with just one. It was soon apparent that Bert's problem was complicated by his despair over his lack of a solution to his problem. "Do you often dream about women?. . At night when you're asleep?

I mean." Bert hesitated, then answered rather sheepishly, "Yes, all the time!" "Are they erotic dreams?" "Yes" With that Kelly suddenly reached out, touched Bert's arm and asked, "How about another drink on me this time?" Bert drew back quickly from the touch as he replied, "Yes. Please. I think I need it." It was as they enjoyed their Moscow Mules by the fire that Kelly formulated her plan. With a little luck she could cure Bert's problem and solve another of her's as well.

"Come home with me, Bert?" she asked. Bert quickly agreed and they left the Blue Moon in Kelly's little red convertible. Then, on arrival at her apartment, she invited Bert into her home and made him comfortable in her living area. "Bert, We're going to work on your problem. I'd like your help. Is that OK with you?" Bert, already uncomfortable alone in a strange apartment with a girl, hesitated as he replied, "I think it's hopeless!?

Kelly reached out to Bert and said, "Here, Take my hand." "No." Then, she put her plan in motion. "Do you want a woman. . one you can touch and feel and ravish for your pleasure?

I'm here for you but you've got to touch me." Bert's face displayed the anguish he was feeling. He waited; then, quickly reached out and touched her quickly on the arm before withdrawing. "Again" As his faced clouded in deep anguish, he remained unmoved. He sat mute. "OK, I guess you need more incentive." she said as she unbuttoned her blouse to expose her bra., "If you'd like to see my breasts, you'll have to come and unhook my bra and take it off.

Bert struggled with himself as he made his decision. .he moved quickly and unclasped her bra; then, quite unexpectedly his hands went out to her bared breasts and began roughly kneading them in a flurry of excitement.

"Kiss them," Kelly cried out. Bert moved quickly to respond. . It was apparent that Bert was cured of his aversion to women. Even as Kelly cried out for Bert to kiss her breasts, she felt no passion. .her quest had been to break Bert's fear and aversion to women. Now, having apparently accomplished this, she set about her other goal of losing her virginity. Her second goal was somewhat clouded by the monster she'd created.

Bert's lust inspired, awkward moves were not inspiring any passions in her. She'd have to redirect his passions and start over.

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. "Whoa here Pardner. ." Kelly cried out as Bert continued to attack her bared breasts, "Let's slow down and take it a little easier!" Bert stopped his activities and faced Kelly with a hurt expression on his face.

"Guess I should be thankful that you've solved my problems with fear of women." he said and drew back further, "Perhaps I should be going!" "Now, Why should you be going just when we've solved each other's problem. It appears that neither one of us has ever even kissed a member of the opposite sex and we might help each other to get some practical experience in making love - physical love that is!" "I thought that's what we were doing!" "Have you ever considered me?.

. my needs and desires?" "I guess not!" "Well, Let's do it right this time," Kelly said as she moved to kiss him on the lips. It wasn't the greatest kiss in the world but not bad for the first time. An hour later, it was well past midnight and the couple had developed their kissing technique to a very acceptable degree. They had explored the deep soul kiss and the French Kiss and several modifications of their own. It was Bert who suggested that he had to get home to sleep and make an early appointment in the morning.

Then, he asked if he might see her again the next evening. "Right here! My place! Six o'clock. Bring wine! Dress casual!" Kelly said as he departed. So, the courtship started. Bert was there the next night, precisely at 1800 hours and after a good dinner and wine, enjoyed a good make out session with Kelly.

He found the time with her thoroughly enjoyable even as his ovations towards sex were regularly rejected with the admonition to slow down. . A week passed; then, two! The couple went out several times for dinner and concerts, etc. which were always followed by short make out sessions at Kelly's apartment. There was however, a subtle change taking place in their relationship - one that neither one suspected!

As they grew more familiar, they grew to trust each other more and to share their most private thoughts. It was a natural development of greater intimacy! At the same time, Kelly was beginning to have serious thoughts about intercourse! Her frequent erotic thoughts and dreams were a constant drag on her daily routine and were beginning to interfere with her professional duties.

Still, she wasn't ready! It was a warm, September, Friday night after a long walk in the park and a lot of intimate conversation that Kelly felt it. .she was ready! There, in Kelly's apartment, they opened a bottle of wine and sat down together on the sofa for their usual make-out session. As Bert poured the wine and they raised the glasses in a toast to each other, he failed see the subtle changes in Kelly's demeanor.

Kelly, on the other hand, having made the decision, wished only to get on with it as quickly as possible. For the first time, it was Kelly who initiated the physical aspects of the make-out session and pursued it with vigor. Bert followed willingly as he noted the approach of the previously designated limits.

Then, they were there, having covered the whole range of kissing and he felt it his duty to reach for her clothed breast. . .expecting to be chastised for pushing the limit as always before! He reached and his hand came to rest on her breast. .no response! He moved his hand to lightly caress the small but nicely formed breast that had been his objective for so long - still no response.

Seeking guidance, he looked into Kelly's eyes and saw an intensity of passion that he'd never seen before. The look seemed to him to be license to proceed further! Now, his hands were busy, unbuttoning her blouse, caressing her breasts, kissing her on the lips.

Suddenly he was excited beyond any previous time. He moved closer to her on the sofa and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Then, as the bit of lingerie fell away, he was rewarded with a view of her bared breasts.

He looked and adored. .this was a first for him! "You may touch them if you like," Kelly said, "I'd like that." So, the seduction continued, picking up speed and intensity with each new event. By the end of that evening, both of Kelly's breasts had been thoroughly tongued, suckled, caressed, fondled and played with and Bert's fingers had found that soft inner flesh between her labia. Kelly, inquisitive as well, had reached down and toyed with Bert's cock, gauging it's length and diameter.

It seemed rather large for the love tunnel that she had to provide and she felt some concern. Then, she dismissed the concern as she'd never heard a woman say they'd found a man's penis too getting throat fucked by his big fat cock to fit.

Again, the hour grew late when Kelly announced that she had to be up early Saturday lovely czech girls stretch their bootys with butt plug and fat dildos - a tennis date. They parted to allow Bert to go home and try to sleep as their excitement abated. Saturday, shortly after noon, Bert was at Kelly's front door unannounced!

When Kelly answered her doorbell, he said simply, "I want you." Kelly greeted him warmly and admitted him. Fifteen minutes later, both were completely nude on her bed with the covers pulled back to expose the sheet. A condom lay on the night stand next to a tube of KY jelly. They rolled to face each other and kissed. There was a sense of urgency about them that they hadn't felt before and they moved quickly. As Bert's lips suckled her tits, his fingers toyed with that soft, pink, inner flesh under her labia.

It took barely a quarter of an hour to reach their previous limits. As Bert's fingers grew wet with her vaginal secretions, he found her clit and began to lightly caress and massage it. . Seconds later vaginal fluids flowed freely from her orifice. Meanwhile, as Kelly was excited more and more, she was ready.

. ready to be made into a woman. Ready to receive her first cock into her vagina. She cried out, "You can do it to me now!" But Bert didn't respond as his wet kisses left her breasts and trailed south over her belly. Then, as he shifted himself to a new position she realized his intention. He was going to lick her pussy! Moments later his thumbs parted her labia and exposed her vestibule, Thoroughly excited and ready, Bert's tongue went to taste pussy for the first time. .The taste was mild and Bert hardly noticed as he observed Kelly grow violent in reaction to his ministrations.

She was hot and it was Bert that was making her that way. "OH MY! Oh My! oh my! oh my! oh my!. ." Kelly repeated in a kind of cadence that Bert's mouth was generating on her vestibule. Suddenly, Kelly couldn't take any more frustration and waiting. She was hot as she pulled Bert's head up with his body between her widely spewed knees to a point where their lips were touching.

They kissed as Kelly reached for the condom. "Are you sure about this Kelly?" "I'm sure," she replied as he rolled the condom on to his cock and applied a liberal quantity if the jelly. Then, with all in readiness, Bert repositioned himself and with little effort he shoved his cock into her. . moving slowly. .by instinct! As he moved, he felt his senses overwhelmed by the sensations coming to him from his cock's contact with the soft, smooth, moist walls of her vagina.

His mind was awash with chaotic thoughts and emotions as he struggled to maintain his reason. All that mattered was the slow steady progress of his man-meat as in pushed it's way into it's tunnel. Then, he felt it.

.his cock lay against her cervix and his penetration was complete. He rested as he sought to get his mind in order and his reason back. Beneath him, Kelly was also experiencing new feelings and new thoughts as she felt Bert's big tool at her vestibule. She had been told that there would be pain the first time and she steeled herself horny playmates daughter fucks father xxx liza and glen hit the bases it.

Then, she'd felt the stiff cock pressing into the entrance to her vagina and she tensed in fear. She recalled how big it had seemed earlier and worried. Then, the big marauding cock had entered her vagina and she felt it. .some very minor pain. Still tense and fearful, she was aware of Bert's prick sliding into her belly with only the faintest of pain.

Even tense as she was, she also felt the pleasant sensation emanating from there. When she realized that Bert's cock was all the way into her, she felt a relief. .all her fears were dispelled and she was free to enjoy the coital union.

Her heart, her mind, her very soul were elated and her excitement had reached a fever pitch. When she looked up into Bert's eyes, she saw a wild passion that exceeded even her own but now she was ready for anything he might offer!

As they lay together, motionless, in a lover's embrace, Bert's cock fully inserted into Kelly's vagina, each had their thoughts. For Bert it was one of love and emotion and feelings for Kelly. For Kelly it was reveling in the freedom and the sensations and the power she was feeling over her lover. Then, Bert moved and commenced a slow, steady, coital rhythm as Kelly coordinated her movements to his for maximum pleasure.

They kissed and their intimacy grew sister and brother disi xnxxxc more intense as they instinctively increased the pace of their intercourse. Kelly noted that the pain was gone. . "OH Ya! Do it to me good," she cried. No more than two or three minutes passed as they fucked at an ever increasing tempo before Bert felt it. Despairing, he fought to delay that ejaculation he felt but to no avail and even as Kelly felt the pleasure of the friction, she felt the cock that was buried in her begin to jerk and spew it's seed into the condom.

Then, it was over and the lovers lay together in an embrace as Bert's now flaccid cock remained embedded in her. They did not speak as each was deep in their own thoughts. Kelly, had realized that she was now fully capable of being a woman and was considering how she might best exploit that fact. Bert, lay quietly, enjoying the closeness of Kelly's flesh and the peace and serenity that was developing with the afterglow.

He thought about a black wife tongue skills part full wivescamnet with her and possibly a family and kids. She was the woman he wanted.

A week after that first night, Bert and Kelly began to argue. Kelly explained that she wasn't ready to settle down and Bert seeking a long term relationship. Kelly laid down her rules. If Bert wanted to continue seeing her he must unusual girls ream the biggest strapons and spray cream everywhere that she was free to date whoever and whenever she wanted.

She expected to enjoy sex often and with different men. There would be no monogamous relationships in her future. Sadly, Bert accepted the only terms available to him. For the next few months, Bert and Kelly saw each other often but less and less with time.

Then, Kelly became busy with her new social life. A year passed; then two and Kelly had found a sugar-daddy with a 300 foot yacht where she stayed with him as an honored guest for two weeks.

As she boarded the yacht, she was dazzled by the care and attention she received. She was constantly plied with food and drink and late at night she returned to the gigantic stateroom where she was expected to service her sugar-daddy in return for all the luxury.

It was a small price to pay, she had reasoned. When her lover said that he never used condoms, she was concerned but he had agreed to withdraw prior to ejaculation. Still concerned she started to object; then, realized it would do her no good. The sex had been good those two weeks and her lover, true to his word, withdrew and ejaculated on to her face and mouth.

Though she hated this part of the act, it was a small price to pay. . Back ashore, Kelly found herself soon forgotten by her sugar-daddy and moved on to a series of lovers she met at the Blue Moon.

Occasionally, she saw Bert there, alone, drinking a G & T and they greeted in passing. It was nearly a year later when Kelly became sick. It was a strange, debilitating sickness and she began to miss work.

The doctors, puzzled over her condition, referred her to a large teaching hospital where they diagnosed the problem - AIDS! Not the more common form but the devastating kind that inevitably resulted in death. Her life might be prolonged for several years with modern drugs but Kelly's fate was sealed.

In reviewing her case the Public Health person assigned to her case carefully noted all her sexual contacts and approximate dates of her liaisons. A week later. She asked, "Did you have unprotected sex with____ while you were on his yacht. The question of how she had contacted AIDS was solved as she realized what a terrible price she would pay for that indiscretion. After a week in the hospital and with her condition stabilized Kelly returned to her apartment and prepared for the rest of her life.

She gave up her well paid professional position in order to work part time while under treatment. With care she could manage financially. . then. some two weeks after she had returned home, she was summoned to her entry door by the doorbell. It had been months since anyone had rung that bell and she wondered who it might be as she opened the door. She saw Bert standing there. "What the hell are you doing here?" she asked.

"I was concerned for your well being.

Hadn't seen you around in months." "Haven't been around much," Kelly said, "What do you care?" "You look like hell Kelly. What's wrong?" "None of your business!" "Tell me Kelly." It was then that Kelly broke down and after weeks of painful silence, told Bert the whole story. She left out nothing. She had no future. Hearing her story, Bert went to Kelly to comfort her and cute teen gal double penetrated by massive black boners interracial and gangbang her into his arms and embraced her.

He offered assurance that he'd be there when she needed him and the warmth of their bodies mingled. "No Bert! You don't have to do that." "But, I want to do that!" A week later, Brad had completed a training session on living with AIDS people and safe sex and proper hygiene., etc.; then, had moved into Kelly's spare bedroom. During all his time away from his work, he spent with Kelly.

He encouraged her and supported her and made her feel loved and respected. It was Saturday, two weeks after Bert had moved in, that Bert and Kelly walked in the park. They walked slowly in the warm, summer sunshine and Kelly's pallor from her life indoors soon glowed red from the sun. It'd been a good walk, seeing the flowers and the small animals and they returned in high spirits.

It was as Bert was applying lotion to her sunburn that Kelly asked, "Do you ever think of sex with me any more?" and he replied, "Most every day." "We can do it safely you know!" "I didn't know if you wanted to. You never seemed to care for me after that first time!" "Bert! I made a big mistake. . a lotta' big mistakes! I'm no good and I'm scared. Please let me make love to you.

. it's all I've got to give you!" "Making love is not the same as loving! I only hope you could love me." "Bert, I'm not sure I know how to love you. You're my oldest and best friend. . actually my only real friend and I know I should send you away so I can't be a burden to you but I'm weak!.

. Making love to you is the only way I know. . ." It was that very afternoon that Kelly learned about unconditional love. . When Bert took her in his arms and kissed her with a sterile kiss which didn't involve an exchange of body fluids, Kelly understood and returned the kiss tenderly.

Their dry lips communicated deep feelings. . .unlike any that Kelly had experienced before. When he gently undressed her and kissed her breasts, she felt the old tingling and the needs of a woman and she responded by kissing Bert's nipples and chest.

There was no wild excitement or overheated passions. . just simple play as each sought to please the other. Kelly began to initiate little nuances that served to increase Bert's pleasure and found her own pleasure in that.

It was late afternoon when Kelly felt Bert's condom sheathed cock enter her and she moved to welcome it. They moved together silently and slowly began their coital rhythm.

They moved slowly, resting frequently to adore each other with their eyes and talk love to their partner. It was then that Kelly found out about love.

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.unconditional love!. . .the kind that binds two people together as one. Suddenly, it wasn't the sensations or the excitement that impelled her but rather, a bonding and a closeness and a desire to please her partner.

The more that they played while bound together by Bert's man-meat moving slowly in the rhythm of love, the more Kelly wanted to please. She owed Bert the very best she could give him.

. It was early evening when Bert said, "I feel like I'm gonna' cum." and Kelly moved with renewed vigor to drive herself on to Bert's cock.

As she drove herself on to his cock, she felt the first twitch from his tool and triggered her own orgasm. They came together in a single crescendo of feelings. It was later when Bert moved from their lover's embrace that he said, "I love you Kelly!" "I love you too, Bert!

With all my heart and mind and body and soul."