Dick sucking stacked babe pornstars and big tits

Dick sucking stacked babe pornstars and big tits
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It all started when I moved in with my best friend and his wife about 2 months after they got married. I didn't want to move in but they had bought a house the month pryer to them getting married and the marriage broke them. It didn't take long for me to start hating my buddies wife. Lea always bitched about anything and everything.

She always started fights for no reason just because she liked to fight (I personally think it was because she liked the make up sex) with Jake. She never cooked or cleaned. Me and Jake had the same job working on a drilling rig all over the state and we worked our asses off everyday rain or shine sometimes not getting home until 8 or even 9 o,clock at night. We hardly ever had supper fixed and with dirty dishes all over the place. She would ask us to cook and clean because she had a tough day at work.

She worked as a receptionist at the local Chamber of Commerce. She answered phones and played on her phone all day. Now giving her the benefit of the doubt (though i'm not sure why I am) she did work hard on some days but not very often. Now to describe what she looked like. She was about 5'4" and 140 pounds. She had short brown hair that stopped at about he top of her neck. Her tithes were real small probably a 36A. What she didn't have in tits she made up for in ass it wasn't the biggest but it was damn sure sexy as all hell.

She was a little chunky but not so much that she wasn't sexy. She walked a little bowlegged but thats the least of my worries. She had a pretty face but something about it said she a dirty side and buddy let me tell you she did She wanted to fuck more than Jake did. She had to beg him damn near every time they did bang. At one point in time I made a blonde teenagers hot threesome by the chimney with Jake to see how much dirty shit i could get her to tell me and i got some freaky stories out of her.

Turns out she like being tied up with rope handcuffs or anything that could keep her tied to the bed. When she was tied she almost had to have a ball gag.

If she wasn't being fucked in her ass she had to have a butt plug in. Her favorite thing was to have a butt plug in toying her pussy with the 10" dildo she had and sucking a dick all at the same time. It only took me about two days to get this much out of her so you could just imagine the rest of the shit she told me. I am about 6'2" 250 pounds with about 18% body fat so i'm pretty stocky and can just lift anything I need to.

My dick depending on the day is either 7" or 7.5" long and about as wide as a beer car. After about the first two weeks I started to notice that I had been super horny all the time.

Well come to find out She had a hormone imbalance and she had been throwing these hormones out all the time which just set me off all day long. After about a month I got to where I would start listening to them fuck and start jacking off. After about a month and a half I started smelling her panties and trying my hardest to see her naked.

I don't know why I found her so sexy because I never hated anyone so much in my life. I had seen a couple pictures of her ass on her phone the occasional time she left it lying around. Well i finally got my chance to see her naked. I had taken the day off from work because I was feeling bad so I just laid back down and went to sleep. After about an hour she woke my by p'''laying some music when she was getting ready for work. Now me knowing that she always did her makeup and ran around the house for an hour or so doing things naked I kept peeking around the corner.

I got a few glances at her tithes and she probably had the prettiest nipples I had ever seen in my life and her ass was everything i had imagined. It wasn't enough though for to get just a peek so I waited for her to go to the bathroom to do her makeup.

I stripped down naked and played with my dick till i got semi hard then just walked in the bathroom acting like I didn't know she was there. Well of course she instantly yelped and told me to leave but I just couldn't help myself I had to stand there and look for a second. Lucky for me she wanted to look for a second as well. As soon as she looked at my cfnm babes go wild at cfnm bachelorette party tube porn it got hard as fucking rock and she just started reaching out for it and I wasn't about to stop her.

She grabbed a hold and very gently started stroking. After about 10 strokes she ran out of the bathroom crying and saying she was sorry and she shouldn't have don't that just about the usual thing you would expect.

Well I could do was go to my room and jacked off. She left for work about ten minutes later still crying. All day long I had been waiting for her to call or text me. She did around 1:30 or so and asked what happened from here. I told her I would act like nothing ever happened if she did and kept her dirty sex stories coming. We continued on like this for the next couple months without having another incident. Then one night Jake came up to me and asked what had happened that day in the bathroom I told him the whole story even me walking in like I didn't know she was there.

Then he surprised me by asking if I would fuck her while he watched. Me being the sex addict I am I didn't even hesitate before I said yes. I asked how this came about and he told me it was his idea ever since I moved in and he my step mom fuck and suck my boyfriendp brought it up to her about doing it with someone he met at the bar but she suggested me and told him the story of our bathroom run in.

With that being said I stripped naked and walked into there room and laid down next to her. We started kissing and I gave the longest most passionate kiss that could melt an ice berg. I started to slowly kissing around her neck and up to her ear and nibbled on it a little bit.

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I started working my way down to her bra and kissed and sucked her nipples through her bra for a second then reached around and took her bra off. I popped the left in my mouth while I twisted and pinched her other one as hard as I could (I already knew what she liked due to all the stories she told me). I lightly nibbled and swished my tongue over the other one as fast as Amateur brunette doggy first time art imitating life could.

I kept switching from side to side. I then started to make my down to her panties with my right hand as slowly as I could while making small circles around her belly. When i finally got to her pussy I played and pinched her clit for a few minutes. I sexy big tit teen with hot body dancing started to kiss my way down her belly picking up with my tongue where my hands left off.

When I got to her pussy I gave it one long good lick all the way from her asshole to her clit and then back down all the way to her asshole. At that point she was just pouring delicious juice in a stream I took a couple more licks then got up and told them I would continue and do some more within the next couple of days.

She was super fucking pissed at me but I wasn't worried I knew she would still want some more. Jake just looked at me and smiled as I walked out the door. That night I had never heard them fuck that loud or anyone else for that matter.

That next day she texted me and called me the most worthless piece of shit she had ever met. I thought it was quite funny and just went on about my work. About ten minutes later she sent me a picture she had taken that morning of her ass bent over in front of the mirror with one of her butt plugs in and her hand on her dildo which was buried deep in her pussy.

I showed it to Jake and said I was one lucky mother fucker and that he had never gotten a picture that dirty. After about another hour she sent me an upstart picture at work and she still had the butt plug in. Later that day when we got home she was standing naked in the kitchen cooking supper with that very visible but plug sticking out in all it's glory. She kept dropping hints that she wanted us to fuck that night but I was still intent on making her wait.

But I was all down with teasing her, every time I walked by her I would slap her ass or pull on the plug just a little bit. Jake was enjoying the show just as much as I was enjoying doing it. Well eventually we all went to bed right when I was just about to doze off she came in and started sucking my dick. I reached back to see if she still had the plug in and she did. After a couple minutes I told her to get off and that it wasn't time yet.

She got even madder than the previous night and started yelling at me and saying it wasn't right to keep teasing her like this.

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Well she went back to bed and fucked the shit out of Jake again. I kept playing games with her for a few days and then realized that i couldn't bring myself to fuck her. I damn sure wanted to but not only would it not be right I thought it would ruin my friendship with Jake even though he was fine with it. When I told them that I couldn't do it Jake understood and agreed with me a little bit. She just couldn't handle it though they started fighting almost immediately and didn't stop for about two weeks which ended in a divorce.

I apologized to Jake but he said if she wanted to act single all the time then the bitch can be single. He came out lucky and got the house and the car and i continued living with him to help pay the bills. It seemed like every day she would come by yelling and talking shit.She always tried to have her brother come and whoop our ass but he liked us better than her so he always ended up staying for a while and playing video games and what not.One time i'm pretty sure she tried to set the house on fire.

She always called the cops and tried to say we hit her all the time, that i tried to rape her and just about anything else some conniving bitch could think of. After about the 12th time she told the cops I tried to rape her the chief of police came to the house and asked why she hated us so much.We told him the whole story and he agreed with us and we sat there and bullshitted for a while.

With us living in a small country town he believed in karma and justice. Right before he left he said that whatever happened from now on he would just turn his head no matter what happened. With that being said Truck stop whores hidden cameras and I started thinking of ways to get her back. After a couple weeks of thinking we came up with the idea to actually rape her well for me to rape her and him to watch.

We started planning out how to do it and after a couple weeks we had a pretty good plan thought up. He called her one evening and told her that he wanted to talk about what happened. She agreed to come as long as I wasn't there. She came by the house around 7 after she got off work. I stayed in the back bedroom and listened to them talk for a while. Then after about a while they went into the bedroom and started fucking. Well of course I had to listen so I stood by the door which was open and watched and jacked off while standing there naked.

Right when Jake was about to nut he pulled out and nutted on the floor then looked up and nodded. I walked in quietly and grabbed her by her hair real gently and leaned in close and whispered in her ear that she was finally gonna get her wish. She told me to go suck a dick and she pulled her hair out of my hand and then started picking up her clothes and started walking to the door. I grabbed her hair again and told her it was gonna happen wether she liked it or not.

Jake came to me and said he didn't want to watch and that he gotten all he wanted so he got dressed and left. She started screaming so I hit her as hard as I could in the jaw and knocked her out cold.

I pulled her into my room by her hair. I used the handcuffs I had ordered off the internet and cuffed her hands as far apart as they would go on the bed frame then grabbed each leg and folded back over her body and cuffed them right next to her hand. I went into Room and grabbed her panties then came back and stuffed them in her mouth then put some dict tape over her mouth to keep it in there.

I went and got a glass of water and threw on her face to wake her up. When she came to and realized she was handcuffed and couldn't move with her panties stuffed in her mouth she actually started to get wet.

Since I absolutely love the taste and smell of pussy I started licking her pussy as slowly as I could stand she had the prettiest little pussy I had ever seen in my life and it tasted like heaven which was a plus. I licked and sucked on her pussy for probably 2 hours. I couldn't tell you how many times she came all over my face which just made me even harder every time she did.

I then crawled up her body and told her that this was the last time she would ever enjoy sex. Her eyes had this looked that i cant even describe. All the life had drained from her face but for some reason I got even more excited. I must have even sicker of a person than I thought. I went back down to her pussy and licked a couple more times. Then pulled my dick up to her slit and rubbed the head of my dick all up and down her slit for a couple minutes then without warning I slammed it as hard as I jelena jensen eats veronica rodriguez wet pussy into her hole she was so wet that it didn't even phase her with her being in the position she was in I sank in all the way to my balls and stayed there while I sucked on her tithes as hard I could.

I started fucking like it was the end of the world I tried to be as rough as I could with her but she just liked it more and more she came so many times that she passed out from the pleasure. I pulled out and waited for a while for her to wake back up when she didn't I realized I had to piss really bad.

I stood up on the bed and squeezing the head o my dick to only allow a little bit to come out. I started by pissing on her tits and belly then just a little bit on he face so she would wake up.

She came to fairly quick. Then when she realized I was standing over and she was covered in piss she had the most disgusted look on her face. I then ripped the tap off her mouth but left her panties in and public blowjob leads to more for euro driver on his back seat all in her mouth and covered her whole head and body.

With my dick as wet as it was with her pussy juice I put my dick at the entrance to her beautiful rose bud. She started thrashing around and mumbling so I took her panties out of her mouth.

She said ''''''''Please not in my ass your to big around and it will rip me open. I told her that was the plan and right before I shoved the panties back in her mouth I put two speed pills I had gotten from a buddy to keep her from passing out again then put the tape back on.

I waited about thirty minutes for the pills to kick in I knew they did when she started getting the jitters. I put my dick back in her pussy to lube it up some more it was so warm and moist I almost nutted right then but I pulled out before I did. I couldn't let my fun be over with so soon. I got some of her pussy juice and rubbed it on her asshole then placed my dick at the entrance and shoved in as hard as I could and started fucking like a mad man.

She started screaming so loud it was very audible even through the panties in her mouth. I had never been in something so tight in my life I fucked her as hard as I could for almost thirty minutes constantly changing positions.

After that so perfect half hour of my life she started to enjoy it. I couldn't let that happen so I pulled out. I told her once that she would no longer enjoy sex after this and I was going to make sure it would happen that way. I put two finger into her pussy then three then four without warning i shoved my whole hand in as hard as I could.

I just thought she screamed loud when I shoved my dick in her ass. I didn't know it was possible for someone to be as loud as she was right then with a gag in your mouth.I shoved my dick back in her ass with my hand still deep in her pussy and started fucking with a passion.

I had never fucked this hard in my life and I loved it especially with it being the person that i disposed the most in life. I fucked her ass for a while and I felt my balls start to tighten and dick started swelling. I let loose deep in her ass. I twas the biggest load I had ever shot in my life I counted 11 big shots when i pulled out it started running out I grabbed the glass I had used for water and caught all of my cum in it. I pulled my hand out of her pussy and with it being gaped open still I poured the whole glass of cum in her pussy and then put a couple pillows under her ass.

With her pussy hole still stretched to no end I could see all the way to her cervix. i watched it open up and all of my cum pour into it and then after a while her cervix closed up.

Jake came in around midnight right after she had left and asked what had happened. I lied to him and said i had accidentally nutted in her and that she might get pregnant from it but I was hoping she didn't.

Im not sure why I impregnated her but i have no regrets form it.She told me she wanted nothing to do with the child but I could raise it myself if I wanted. My daughter is now four years old and I raise her by myself. She still does not know who her mom is whenever she asks I tell her that she died giving birth I know i should tell her the truth but I think I will wait until she is old enough to handle it.

About once a week Lea comes to the house and we relive the most glorious night of mine and her life.