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Family amrrican full hairy x story sex stories xxxxxcom
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I'm not sure what time I dozed off, but the alarm clock went off way too early. Sally was still cuddled up against me, the way she was when we fell asleep.

I looked down upon the angel by my side. "Oh my God!" I thought to my self in disbelief. "Did that really happen?" I got up carefully so I didn't disturb her, and made my way, sleepily, to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn't believe that I actually let happen what happened last night.

I surely was going to prison after this. My marriage is over, and I'll have to live in shame for the rest of my life. Surely, a teen-aged girl isn't going to be able to keep a secret like this.

Hell, it will probably be something to brag about. "My forty year old uncle got a stiffy because he saw me naked." I could hear the comments coming from the high school girl's locker room. Then of course there will be registering as a Sex Offender. No matter where I go from here on out, I'm marked. What have I done? A knock on the door interrupted my real older couple fuvk teen session.

"Uncle Mark? You gonna be long in there?" A voice erupted through the door. "Uh… No sweetie, I'll be right out." I turned on the water, and splashed some on my face. I grabbed my toothbrush, put some paste on it, and dove it in my mouth as I exited the bathroom. "All yours. I announced while passing her. "Oh thanks," she said with some emphasis, as she slid past me in a little bit of a hurry.

"I'll be right out." "No hurry," I said through the toothpaste and brush in my mouth, "but think about what you want to eat for breakfast, we need to get started." I picked up my bag from the floor next to the bed and hurriedly got dressed, not wanting her to see me naked. I was tying my shoes when she emerged. "You." She stated matter-of-factly. "Huh?" I mumbled through the toothpaste still in my mouth. "What I want for breakfast." I made a little smirking noise as I moved past her toward the bathroom.

I spit out the toothpaste in my mouth, and rinsed with some water. "I don't think so." I stated, desperately hoping that any form of jokes or comments about the night before would stop immediately if not sooner. "Why not," was the reply in somewhat of a pout, "didn't you enjoy it?" I came out of the bathroom, and she stood before me, completely nude, her perky little breasts still bouncing from her mock stomping of her foot, and her legs somewhat apart, showing her still slightly enlarged pussy lips.

Her hands were on her hips as if saying, come and get me you slithering child molester. "Sally," I turned my gaze, very embarrassed at the sight before me, but very turned on at the same time, "don't forget what I said. If anyone finds out what happened last night, your Uncle Mark will go to prison for a very long time." I shifted nervously back into the bathroom. "I don't think that should ever happen again." "You're just like everyone else." I heard her say. "You don't love me either." "Sally, get dressed sweetie." I almost begged.

"We'll talk in the car." "I'm already dressed." She stated. "It's safe now." A little sarcasm wisped through the air. She was sulking when I came out of the bathroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed putting the last items in her suitcase before closing it.

I couldn't tell if the sulking was genuine, just a ploy for attention, or a tool to get her way. I sat on the bed next to her. "Look Sweetie," I put my arm over her shoulder, "If, and I'm emphasizing the word if, this ever happens again, we have to be really careful. I'm married to your Aunt Leesha.

Something like this could destroy that. I love my wife a great deal. You are so beautiful, and young, and vibrant, I'd be honored to love you, like you want me to love you, if, things were different." She looked up at me with eyes so pure and innocent, they made my heart melt.

"So there's a chance we could do this again? I don't want to marry you Uncle Mark. Just have fun this summer. I know you're supposed to be punishing me, and making me work. But, I think we can have some fun too. Can't we?" I pulled her head close, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "We'll see punkin. We'll see." I took her hand and pulled her off of the bed.

She grabbed her suitcase and we walked out of the hotel room towards the elevators. The drive home was, for the most part, uneventful. We stopped for breakfast shortly after leaving town, and then for lunch, at about the halfway point.

At about seven-thirty, we pulled onto the driveway towards the house. I pulled the car into the garage. We got out, and I started the task of putting the top up on the car. The door that led to the house opened up, and Leesha was standing in the doorway. "I thought I heard that beast pull up." "Aunt Leesha!" Sally exclaimed, and rushed towards her with her arms out looking for a hug. "I'm so happy to be here." "Long drive?" She asked, looking in my direction.

I simply nodded a yes while I got the luggage out of the trunk. I carried our bags through the kitchen, and into the family room. They hit the floor with a thud, and I went back to the kitchen where the girls were already getting caught up on the past few years. I retrieved a glass from the cabinet, filled it with ice, and poured myself a Scotch.

I listened to Sally telling my wife about everything from the boys at school to her friends, to what really happened in the supermarket, and how she was also glad to be away from those people who were really the wrong people to be around, and just how glad she was to be here with us for the summer.

Then she took a breath, and continued to tell her about her step dad, and mom, and how they had done everything they could to get rid of her, and she didn't like Frank. Seeing that I wasn't going to get a word in Edgewise, I retired to the comfort of my den, after refilling my glass. Once I sat down, I powered up my laptop computer, and began the arduous task of checking the dozens of e-mails from clients, employees, and deleting the ones with promises of increasing the size of my manhood.

A few minutes later, Leesha entered and announced that she had shown "the mouth" to her room, and she was getting settled. "That girl can talk can't she?" She walked behind my chair, and put her arms around my neck.

"Did you miss me?" She asked playfully. I put my arms over my head, and around the back of her neck, pulling her closer. "Yes I did." I said "Did you miss me, or did you just want to get away from the constant talking?" she laughed.

"Both," I laughed in return, "but, missed you more than anything." She kissed my cheek. "I'll take Sally into town tomorrow and get her some jeans and work clothes, and show her around a little. Are you gonna try to get her on at the plant?" "Yea," I answered, "I'll talk to human resources and see what we have available.

The phone rang, and Leesha grabbed my glass from the desk. "I got it, and I'll get you a refill my love." I continued checking mail, and began to answer one from a supplier that was trying to explain just why he couldn't get my components to me on time, when I heard a glass hit the floor and shatter. I jumped to my feet, and ran to the kitchen to make sure that everyone was ok. Leesha was holding onto the refrigerator door handle to steady her balance, and looking at me with shock in her eyes.

"You're sure it was them?" Her voice started to tremble, and tears welled up in her eyes. Her body went limp, and how she managed to stay on her feet mollywoodz jada gemz kendra kouture amp big booty strippers twerking latina a mystery.

I reached for her to hold her up. She took the phone from her ear, and let it fall to the floor. "What's the matter?" I exclaimed. "What's wrong?" "It's Misha and Frank." She was now sobbing. "They were in an accident this afternoon." She put her hands to her face and through the tears and sobbing I heard.

"They're dead. They didn't make it." I guided her to the kitchen table and sat her down. Sally bounded into the room. "I heard a glass break, is everyone ok?" She walked carefully past the glass on the floor halloween after party turns intsisters gangbang where Leesha was sitting.

"Sit down sweetie." I motioned for her to sit next to Leesha and pulled out a chair. I pulled another chair close to both of them, and sat down between them. "It's about your parents." I heard Leesha starting to sob again. "They were in an accident this afternoon." Sally grabbed for my hand.

"They didn't make it sweetie. They're gone." Sally put her arms around my neck, and squeezed very tight. There were tears streaming down her face, and she was crying hard. I held my wife's hand, and pulled her close to me.

Both girls cried for quite some time, and it was Leesha who broke the silence. "We have some calls to make now." She broke the embrace, trying to put the strong face on. "There are arrangements to be made. I have to call Carla and Jake, to let them know." "There's time for all of that honey." I made a futile attempt at reason, but there wasn't much sense in it. Sally was still sobbing on my shoulder and wouldn't let go.

I didn't know what to tell her. If there was even anything at that point that could make her feel better. Her mother was dead. Leesha got up from the table, retrieved a broom and dustpan from the pantry, and proceeded to clean up the broken glass from the floor. I was able to release the embrace from Sally and offered to help. "I can do it!" She stated fairly emphatically. Which was her way of dealing with just about anything.

Over the next 2 weeks, people were notified, plans were made, and lovely chick is gaping spread hole in close up and getting off spreading and fingering was a lot of traveling.

The funeral was in our town, but the house that they lived in had to be emptied, and put up for sale. Sally, being the only child from the family, and the fact that Frank had adopted her, was awarded everything, by law. Leesha and I applied for and received guardianship of Sally, so it was our duty to take care of the estate for her.

The money from the sale of the house would be put in trust for college, if there was anything left after paying the bills that remained from the funeral, and other bills that were left. Neither Frank nor Misha had any life insurance to speak of. Frank had a small policy that he got as a benefit from his job, but Misha wasn't covered at all. The belongings that Sally wanted to keep, were put in a rented moving van, and what she didn't was sold at an estate sale, or donated to good will.

Sally, for all intents and purpose, was our daughter now. We would be tasked with taking care of her, and raising her to be a good person. Once everything was done, and everyone was home, the punishment for Sally had died with her parents.

There wasn't much sense in it now. She started with a clean slate, and was offered our home as her own. We laid down rules for her to follow, and assigned chores for her to do, just like any other teenager in the country.

Life moved on, for the most part. I would still hear muffled sobbing every now and then coming from Sally's bedroom late at night, but the pain was subsiding with the passing of each day. It was actually Leesha's idea to get Sally to meet people around the neighborhood. It also gave Leesha an excuse to entertain, which was always motive for a party.

The announcement came on Wednesday that the party was to happen on Saturday. "Sure am glad I got a little notice." I said with more than a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

"Oh, come on." She said with a wave of her hand at me. "We've done more with less time." She laughed, "Besides, you don't have to do much, Sally and I can manage the shopping. I will need you to mow the lawn, and clean around the pool." "Ok, what time is this shindig of yours?" I asked. "Around three thirty I think. That should give you plenty of time that morning to get things done." Her voice trailed off up the stairs as she went to go get Sally to start making plans.

Sally didn't know anyone in town yet, but I'm sure Leesha is going to change all of that. By Friday, the food was bought, invites were sent out, and things started getting flawless petite girl gets her narrowed hole and tiny butthole screwed. I got home from work, and immediately went to the shed to get started on the mowing.

I was directed by my wife to invite some of the families from work. The ones that I knew had kids around Sally's age. There were only 2 folks in my office that had kids, and only one of them was around her age, so that made the choice rather simple. I got on the mower, and started my rounds around the back yard first. Out by the pool was my wife, getting a tan. She waved at me when I passed by. On my second trip by the pool, Sally was also out there. A bright yellow bikini, that was at least 2 sizes too small was the only thing separating what God gave her from the rest of the world.

Her tits were straining at the thin straps, and the strings that tied the front to the back of the bottoms had barely enough string to tie a bow. It was pretty easy to make my glances not so obvious, after all, my wife was there, and she's still a very beautiful woman.

I made a growl at my wife. That should make her think I was looking at her. On my next round by the pool, my wife wasn't there anymore. She must have gone inside to get something to drink or something. But there was Sally. Looking at me over her sunglasses, making the shame on you sign with her fingers. She knew what I was looking at. She glanced over her shoulder towards the house to make sure Leesha was out of view, then spread her legs, and moved her bikini bottom to the side giving me quite a view of her hairless, young pussy.

I would swear I saw it glisten in the fading sunlight. What a sight it was. I finished with mowing, and put the lawn mower back in the shed. Now I was ready for a drink, and a shower. Now, I didn't have anything to do in the morning except sleep, or so I thought. Around nine-ish or so, I woke up on my own.

It was nice to wake up without an alarm clock. There was a coffee cup on my bedside table, still warm. "Hmm," I thought, "I guess it is good to be the king." Sitting up, I took a sip of coffee, and noticed there was the paper at the foot of the bed. Now it was starting to get weird. I never got the paper in bed. Somebody must want something. I put on my old tattered robe, grabbed the paper, and headed down stairs. At the bottom, I noticed that the house was very quiet.

No TV going, or stereo. No voices coming from the kitchen, just quiet. I sat down at the kitchen table, and spread my paper out to start my morning read. "Morning Uncle Mark." Sally kissed me on the cheek as she bounced by on her way to the refrigerator. She was wearing the bikini again. "Isn't that a little small for you?" I asked peaking over the top of the paper at her scantily covered ass as she bent over looking for something to eat.

"Aunt Leesha said the same thing." She said as she stood up. She turned around, and started shaking her shoulders side to side. "My boobs don't fall out unless I do this." She giggled, as one glorious tit, and then the other peeked through as her bikini top gathered up in her cleavage.

Her nipples were tight, pink, and stiff. All I could do was look with my mouth hanging open. They were magnificent. Perfect in every way. "Ahem!" I cleared my throat, and put my paper back up to hide my view. "Don't worry, Aunt Leesha's at the market." She sauntered over with her breasts still exposed. "And, she's taking me to get a new one this morning." She pulled the fabric back over her luscious mounds. "I just like to watch you drool over them." She said as she bounced out of the kitchen headed up the stairs.

"Is anyone awake?" I heard coming from the front door. "I need a hand with the groceries." She yelled. I put down my paper, and headed to the door. "Did you buy the place out?" I commented as I plucked the bags from her hands.

"There's more in the car." She stated and headed back out the door. I put the bags down on the kitchen counter, and headed back outside to meet her at the trunk. "Is Sally awake?" She asked as she handed me cases of soda, and beer.

"I need to take her to get a new bathing suit. Have you seen that thing she had on?" She said with obvious disdain in her voice. "Uh, no not really.' I managed to stumble out. "Well, she must have gotten it when she was ten, and she's filled out a lot even since she's been here." "Really?" I tried to act surprised. "I hadn't noticed." I turned with my load of groceries and headed back to the kitchen. "I mean really. She lived near the beach. I can't see Misha letting her leave the house in that thing.

I'm gonna go get her. We'll be back soon." Her voice trailed off up the stairs. I followed her up the stairs carrying my coffee cup. "Is there anything you want me to do while you guys are gone?" I asked hoping the answer would be no.

"No, I think we can manage to get everything done when we get back. I'll pick up some ice while were out, and then were done except for the barbequing." "Ok, I'll just jump in the shower then." I turned towards her, put my hand on her thigh below the seam of her shorts and slid my hand up under the fabric.

"You wanna join me?" I inquired, as my hand slid between her thighs brushing the thin fabric between my fingers and her luscious cunt lips. A quiet sigh escaped her lips as she turned towards me, grabbed my face, and kissed me passionately.

"But Sally's here." She said, after untangling our tongues. "So what." I pleaded. "She's always here. If we use that as an excuse, we'll never have sex again." I grabbed her hand. "We got time, c'mon." I pulled her into the bathroom, pulled her to me, and kissed her. She grabbed the tie to the robe I was wearing, and untied the knot. I worked on her sleeveless blouse, then her bra. She pushed the robe off of my shoulders, then started working her way out of her top and bra while I pulled down her shorts.

She stepped out of her shorts, made her way to the shower, and turned on the water. I slipped out of my boxers, and followed her in, sliding the door closed. We embraced and kissed feeling our naked bodies get wet and hot from the water coming out of the many showerheads. She reached around my back, grabbed the soap, and started working a lather up with her hands.

I was concentrating on her tits, twiddling her nipples with my thumbs. I felt her soft soapy hands grab my already semi hard cock, and she started to massage gently. This always drove me nuts, and basically everything I was doing to her stopped.

I let out a long moan. "Got to get everything nice and clean." She playfully said as one hand was jerking my pole, and the other was massaging my balls.

I grabbed the soap, got a lather going, and reached between her legs. "What's good for the goose." was my comment as my fingers found her honey pot. She spread her legs slightly to give me better access. I rubbed my soapy hands up and down her hot slit, careful not to let my fingers go inside. She'd told me before that would make things burn.

I found her clit, and started rubbing gently feeling her love nub harden to my touch. "I've got to have this now." She commanded.

She grabbed the removable showerhead off the wall, and rinsed us down. She turned around and bent slightly over putting her hands on the back wall of the shower.

This was my queue. I spread my legs slightly to bring my now throbbing cock down to the level of her waiting pussy. I touched just the head of my prick to her throbbing lips and parted them ever so slightly.

She reached her hand down between her legs and fingered her own throbbing nub. She backed up slightly, impaling herself on my hard rod. I felt how wet and lubricated she was, and rammed my hips forward with a slap, burying my cock in her wet hole to the hilt.

She arched her back and groaned in ecstasy. I slid my cock out all the way and watched her fingers flicking over her swollen clit. I dove in again to her waiting pussy slamming into her for all I was worth.

Her Pussy was already starting to pulse with an impending orgasm, so I started pumping into her ass cheeks. I grabbed her hips, and started a jackhammer motion, hard and fast.

I could tell she was trying to stifle a scream. She always bit her knuckle when she tried to do this. I thought she was going to make herself bleed. I felt my own orgasm starting to build. Her pussy was clamping around my cock as she drifted over the edge. Her orgasm had taken over by now and she was oblivious to anything I was doing besides the lustful fucking I was giving her. Just before I came, I pulled out of her sopping wet cunt, rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks.

Hot thick ropes of spunk shot onto her back, into her hair, and in between her cheeks. When I was almost finished, I plunged my steel piston back into her cunt to finish my release.

The sudden impalement shot another orgasm through her already ravaged body. Her knees collapsed, and she hit the shower floor with a thud on all fours. Our legs shaking, both of us panting, still reeling from the orgasm that rocked us. "You've never done that before." She panted. "What?" I asked, leaning my back against the shower door.

"Came on my back. That was kinda hot." She said while she reached around me for the removable showerhead, a smile perched across her lips. "I didn't know that turned you on." "Just an impulse." I said, knowing that when she said it was kinda hot, that really meant, I'm disgusted, but if you like it, I'll tolerate it. "You wanna finish up, then I'll finish." She said, handing me the showerhead.

"Sure." I said, and finished my shower with her watching me from the back wall. I finished rinsing my hair. "All yours." I announced. I went toward her, wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her neck. "Mmm. I Love you." She said, returning the embrace. "I Love you too baby." I said as we separated. I exited the shower, and grabbed a towel to dry myself off.

My cock had shrunk to its flaccid state, but I didn't really feel satisfied even though I'd cum. I kind of wished I were still in the shower to jack off. You know, finish the job, so to speak. I finished drying off in the bedroom, looking for something to wear. A few minutes later, Leesha emerged from the bathroom, obviously in a better mood then when she went in. She had put on the shorts and top that she wore earlier, and retrieved her sandals from the closet.

"You were amazing." She commented on her way back out, giving me a kiss on the cheek, and a pinch on the ass. She went back into the bathroom, and I heard the blow-dryer going. I got dressed, and left the bedroom. I almost bumped into Sally in the hallway. "That was kinda hot, Uncle Mark." She whispered as she went by. Her ass bouncing slightly as she skipped her way down the stairs giggling.

My face immediately went red as I discovered that my niece had heard everything that had gone on. I walked down the stairs after her. "Remind me to move your room to the garage on Monday." I joked. "Really, I did think it was hot." She said while stuffing a piece of toast in her mouth. "You really sound sexy when you cum. Makes my pussy wet." She started to continue, but, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Leesha come down the stairs into the living room.

"Is Sally in there with you?" She asked me as she entered the kitchen. "There you are." She said to Sally. "And you're dressed. Are you ready to go?" "Yep." She said taking a drink of her milk.

"I'm all ready." She said, giving me a wink, as she wiped up a drop of milk from her chin, then sucked it off of her finger, quite seductively. My cock jumped, as I remembered the blowjob in the hotel. That's what I really wanted in the shower. "Nothing beats a good blowjob." I thought to myself. "We'll be back shortly." My wife announced as they walked past me.

She kissed me as she passed by. "Bye Uncle Mark." Sally said as she followed my wife out of the kitchen. Then she stopped in front of me, and kissed me. She ran her fingers down the side of my cheek as she walked away, and looked back at me. My cock was on fire. That was all it took. A seductive look, a touch, and a kiss from this hot vixen, and my cock sprang to life making a tent in my shorts. I'd been telling myself that if only things were different, I'd take that little slut, and bang her for all she was worth.

Then reality would come back into focus. She was turning sixteen next week, and I was forty. Just a little age difference there. I'm just horny, and she's young and attractive.

She was also available to me, if I could only bring myself to take her. I set to the chores of getting things ready. I stocked the outside bar, and arranged the chairs and tables that had been pushed over to one side of the deck. I went to the guest cottage, which also doubled as the pool house, and made sure that there were plenty of towels available and plenty of drinks in the fridge. I put the skimmer in the pool, and turned it on. I tried to keep busy, and keep my mind occupied, but everywhere I looked, I saw Sally there.

In the cottage, I saw her bent over the pool table. In the pool, she was skinny-dipping, or lounging next to it in the nude. I was obsessed, or infatuated, or both. I couldn't get her out of my head. I heard a car pull up outside, and headed back in to meet Leesha and Sally. Instead the doorbell rang. I went to the door and it was Don from work. Brenda, his wife was with him, and so was their daughter Alexandria. "Were probably a little early." Don started to say. "As usual." Brenda interrupted.

"You don't mind do ya buddy?" Don new video game mercy fucking pov play free pushing his way past me. "Leesha didn't tell me what to bring." Brenda stated holding a covered dish of some sort out to me. "I'm sure it playing with a lascivious japanese vagina hardcore groupsex be fine." I said. "C'mon in.

Make yourselves at home. Leesha took Sally to run some last minute errands, but they'll be back soon." Brenda gave me a friendly hug, pressing her cheek up to mine, and then Alexandria gave me a hug as she passed by.

"It's good to see you Uncle Mark." Alex said. I'm not really her uncle, but I've known her since she was in kindergarten, so she's grown up calling me that.

"It's been a while." I said, looking her up and down. "You've grown up a lot since the last time I saw you. She was about Sally's height, with long dark brown hair that she had pulled forward over her shoulders.

It was long enough to graze the top of her well-formed cleavage. Her breasts were large for her age I thought.

She wore a V-necked, sleeveless top, which showed off her tanned, smooth stomach, and had on a pair of shorts that would make Daisy Duke proud. Her legs were long, and richly tanned, and smooth as the prairie in winter. "Yea," Don Said, interrupting my gaze "I keep threatening to lock her in her room until she's thirty to keep all the guys away." He lightly punched her in the arm. "Ya can't keep 'em from growing up." "I know." I said taking the dish to the kitchen.

"It's a little early yet, but the bar's open if you're interested Don." "Well, maybe a beer to start." Don was walking out the back door to the deck. "It's five o'clock somewhere." I heard him say. I put the dish on the counter, and turned around. I bumped right into Alex. "Whoa, kiddo, I didn't see ya standing there." She had her hands folded in front of her, and when I bumped into her, her hands landed squarely on my cock, which stirred, to see what was going on.

Alex backed up slightly and looked kind of embarrassed.

"Sorry Uncle Mark, Can I use your bathroom to change." She said looking at my crotch. She knew what she had touched. "Uh yea, better yet, the pool house is open. Sexy blonde teen homemade sex with big facial can change in there." "Ok, Thanks." She bounded out of the kitchen. "Please be a bikini." I thought to myself. "I gotta see that ass in a bikini." What was I thinking? This was an employee's daughter for Christ's sake. She was only sixteen years old.

"I gotta get out more." I told my self, shaking my head. I went out to the deck, where Don and Brenda were, and took my place behind the bar. I opened up a soda, and poured it into a glass.

"Hey guys." I heard coming from the back door. "Sorry I wasn't here to meet you." Leesha bounded over to Brenda and got the same smashing of the cheek hug from Brenda that I had gotten. She hugged Don, and turned to Sally whom had followed her out the door. "This is Sally," Leesha motioned Sally to come closer. "Sally, this is Mr. And Mrs. Berger." Sally stuck her hand out to get a handshake, but Don walked up and gave her a friendly hug.

"Call me Uncle Don." He corrected. "Or just Don, or anything but late for lunch." He chuckled. "And I'm Brenda." More hugs from Brenda, followed by "I hated hearing about your folks sweetie. If there's anything you need, you be sure to call us. Now where is that daughter of mine." "I sent her to the pool house to change." I broke in. "Can I get you something to drink honey?" I asked Leesha. "Not right now, but, oh dear, the ice is in the trunk." "I'll get it." I said putting down my glass.

"Sally, why don't you go change so you and Alex can swim. "Alex?" Sally said, a puzzled look on her face. "Alexandria." I corrected myself. "Our daughter," Brenda interrupted, "we call her Alex." I excused myself, to retrieve the ice from the trunk of Leesha's Cadillac. I saw more cars pulling in the driveway. A short time later, the party was in full swing.

Don, as usual, was pretty much drunk before everyone else, and Brenda wasn't far behind him. I was a little buzzed, but then again I wasn't driving. Leesha was being the perfect host, and I was drooling over the pool area. Most of the people that were invited, that had kids, had girls. There was a pool full of teenage poontang down there, and I was getting an eyeful.

Petite, cute, young little asses and firm titties, mostly in bikinis were jumping in and out of the water, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. Sally was enjoying herself. "When are we gonna play golf?" A voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked back across the bar, and it was Alan. Another friend from work, although he didn't have any hot white teen fucked by black old guy at home anymore, he was my best friend, and no party with me, happened without Alan.

"I don't know buddy." I took a drink. "But it needs to be soon. I've been so busy trying to get Sally situated, that I hadn't given it much thought." "Well, I think it's great how you guys stepped up, becoming her guardians and all.

Not everyone would have considered it." Alan put his glass in front of me signaling for a refill. "She's a good kid. I don't know Franks family, but knowing him, I couldn't see her going to one of them." I refilled his glass, and was pummeled by girls in bikinis at the bar. "What'll it be ladies?" I said twisting my mustache, "It's all on the house." I got orders thrown at me for drinks that I'd never even heard of, or if I had, I knew that they shouldn't have.

I reached in the fridge under the bar and grabbed some sodas."Ok, a sex on the beach, for you, a long island iced tea for you, a mind warp for you." I set cans of soda in front of all of them, and to Adam, the only boy at the party, I put his soda down. "A twisted nipple?" I asked. "What on earth is a twisted nipple?" I held my hand up before he could answer. "I don't want to know." I stated emphatically. "Uncle Mark?" Sally cooed. "Some of the girls and I want to know if we can have a slumber party tonight." "Please Uncle Mark." Alex chimed in.

"It's ok with my folks, I'm sure." "I don't know girls." I was trying to get out of the spotlight. "What does your Aunt Leesha say?" I tossed the ball into my wife's court. If there was a bad guy to be, I wanted it to be her. "I'll tight teen threesome hd dirty deeds with uncle rich her." Sally said. "If it's ok with her, is it ok with you?" There were those eyes, and those pouty lips, and I couldn't say no if she wanted me to rob the First National Bank of Rockland.

"Yea, it's ok with me." I gave in. Alan chuckled. "Ya just can't say no to the ladies." He took another drink. "Neither can I." He laughed. Leesha came behind the bar. She was wobbling a little, and holding a half empty wine glass. "I said yes." She announced.

She clicked my glass with hers. "You better catch up. It's gonna be a long night." She laughed. "Great…Just great." I thought to myself. Leesha was on her way to getting rip roaring drunk, and I'm going to wind up being the bad guy after all.

Telling teenaged girls to be quiet all night, and putting up with giggling till dawn. "Well, someone has to be responsible." I thought to my self. It was all arranged. Four of the girls at the party were sleeping over, and they were all going to the mall on a shopping trip on Sunday with one of the other girl's mothers. About seven o'clock, the party wound down, and I started clearing things up off of the deck.

I locked the liquor cabinet, and dumped out the remaining ice. I moved the remaining sodas down to the pool house, and had a stroke of genius. I will banish the giggle boxes to the guest cottage. Plenty of room, and it will be quiet. A few adjustments to the security cam's and I can even check in from time to time to make sure all is well, without leaving my desk chair. It won't be so bad after all. The security cameras I had installed were wireless, and basically could be put anywhere.

They even broadcasted sound, incase you wanted to use them at a front gate, or the door. They had magnetic mounts so I could put them just about anywhere, or I could simply put them on a shelf, and they had night vision, so they can even see in the dark.

I gathered up a few from around the property while Leesha was making sure that everybody got off ok, and made any last minute arrangements or got any special instructions. I put the cameras around the guest cottage strategically. I put one in the dining room area that also could see the kitchen, in case there was a budding cook in the group. I put three around the living room, so I could catch all angles of it, knowing that this would be where they spent most of their time.

I put one in the bedroom down stairs classy blonde gets screwed by the pool one in the bedroom up stairs. "They need CIA training to get past the master." I thought to myself. "I'll catch 'em picking their noses. Can't slide anything past ole Mark here." I felt confident that there wouldn't be any funny business going on during my watch.

I went back up to the main house to find the girls giddy, and Leesha drunk. The girls were still wrapped in towels, drinking soda, and waiting for pizza that had been ordered. "I have an announcement." I yelled above pov dicksucking babe rubs cock against cunt din.

"Your accommodations for the evening will be the guest petite brunette patient enjooans of pleasure lowers blood pressure problem They all cheered.

"There is a TV down there, and the fridge is stocked with sodas. There won't be any funny business, because I will be checking in periodically. There is an intercom, that connects to the house, and a baby monitor on the table." "Uncle Mark!

We're not babies." Sally interjected. "I know." I said. "I'm just kidding. No baby monitor, but, I will be checking in. And no swimming unless your Aunt Leesha or I am out there." "Yea, what he said." Leesha managed to slur. "I'm laying down." She announced. She filled her wine glass, and disappeared up the stairs without saying as much as goodnight. "Can we look for a movie or two?" Sally asked "You know where they are, but let me see them before you take them down there." I said in my best parental tone.

I was heading up the stairs to check on Leesha when the doorbell rang. I heard all the girls at once yell PIZZA and run to the door. "Hold on a sec ladies." I tried to push my way through the arms and legs. "I've got the wallet. Remember?" I finally made my way to the door. "How much son." The pimple faced teen had to close his mouth to answer me. "Uh… thirty four, sixty eight." He managed to blurb out before he drooled on the front of his shirt. I turned around, and all four girls had dropped their towels and were modeling their bikinis for the pizza guy.

I handed him a fifty-dollar bill, and looked at him in mock disgust. "Night son." I said sarcastically. Then shut the door a little harder than usual. This was met by, darns and shoots and a few he was cutes and then the focus turned to the pizza. I put it out on the table, grabbed a few slices, closed the box, and told them all that they could go to the pool house to eat it.

"I'll be down in a bit with sleeping bags, now ya'll get outta here." I made a motion with my hand shooing them away. I set my plate down on my desk, and made my way up stairs to check on Leesha. I didn't think she had gotten that drunk at the party.

"Honey?" I asked the motionless blob on the bed. "You ok?" There was no answer. The wine glass that was full before she came up stairs was now empty, and she was snoring loudly.

She had managed to get undressed and put a nightshirt on, but didn't manage to cover herself up very well. I covered her up, kissed her forehead, and turned out the light. I returned downstairs to my desk. I plopped down in the overstuffed desk chair, pushed the power button on my laptop, and grabbed the plate of pizza. I opened up the file for my novel in process. A hobby that I started a few years back, but didn't work on like I should if I ever had hopes of getting it published.

The house was quiet, the girls were happy, and my wife was asleep. I thought it would be a good time to write a few pages before bed. I was in the middle of reading the last few pages to myself, to figure out what I wanted to write next, when the intercom beeped. "Uncle Mark?" A voice on the other end said. "Yea?" "We want to get into the hot tub. Can we?" It was Sally on the other end. I pushed the button on the phone. "Sure, but not in the pool." I commanded. "I'll come out in a minute." "Ok, thanks." I turned off the computer, and closed the top.

I knew it was too good to be true, but then again, I wasn't feeling much in the writing mood. Maybe I'm too protective, but the thought of someone running into the house saying somebody drowned in my hot tub really scared me. I could go out there and read a little. There was plenty of light by the pool. Heck, I was still in my swim trunks. Maybe a dip in the hot tub would be relaxing. I got out to the deck, and 2 of the 4 girls were already in the tub, and the other two were taking their towels off.

"You getting in with us?" Alex asked as she dipped her toe in to check the temperature. "I might. How's the water?" Sally was already in the tub, with her head tilted back resting on the side.

"It feels wonderful." I dipped my toe in the warm water, "Hmm, It does feel good." I turned the timer on the wall to sixty minutes, and the hot tub roared to life. Bubbles, and jets of water churned the surface of the tub, so I could no longer see the girls below the level of the water.

I took off my shirt, and stepped in. I picked a spot at the other end of the eight-person tub, to give the girls and me some space. I noticed Sally looking at me biting her lip as I slid under the water.

I saw her whisper something to Alex, then they both giggled. I put my head back on the small pad behind my head and let the powerful jets of water relax my body. I closed my eyes momentarily. I felt the water level rise and fall. I opened up my eyes and the girls were splashing each other's faces, and giggling, as girls will do.

They started to spread out, and Sally wound up next to me. "Save me Uncle Mark." She pleaded mockingly. "They're trying to splash me." She pouted." My arms were stretched out on either side of me, on the sides of the tub. She snuggled her way into the nook of my underarm as if seeking protection and then Alex did the same on the other side. "Mean ole girls." Alex pouted.

"Uncle Mark will save us." She looked at me with a pouting playfulness that melted my heart. "I sure will sweetie." I pulled her close, and kissed her forehead.

I laughed as I released my hold, and put my arms back onto the sides of the tub. "What about me?" Sally turned towards me, and put her hand on my thigh under the water. "Will you protect me Uncle Mark?" She pouted, as her hand slid up my thigh, into the leg of my swimsuit, and grabbed my man tool.

My eyes came open, and I stifled my urge to jump out of the tub. Her tiny fingers were now wrapped totally around my immediately stiff cock.

I glanced down to the sexe vierge avec du sang to make sure that no one could see where her hand was. I pulled her close to me, and kissed her forehead. "You too punkin." I squeezed her close to me, and whispered in her ear. "Stop that." "Don't you like it?" She cooed back. I turned my head to look at Alex, who averted her eyes, like she didn't want me to know she was watching.

Sally started moving her hand up and down the length of my steel hard rod. I almost couldn't contain myself. Then all of a sudden she stopped, and removed her hand. A smile came across her lips, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Lets go watch a movie." She told Alex. "I'm all shriveled already." "Me too." Alex answered. "Bye Uncle Mark." She said quietly into my ear. Then she put her hand on my rock hard cock to push her self up.

I'd have written it off, as she didn't know where she put her hands, if it wasn't for the light squeeze she'd given it before she moved her hand. My niece and her new friend, who happened to be the daughter of my stepmom love my dick of my employees, had just molested me.

I'm not sure how that made me feel. Ashamed, excited, flattered, were all coming to mind. What did these young girls see in an old fart like me? Were they trying to get me thrown in prison, or just see how much sexual frustration they could put me through. "Are you getting out?" Sally asked me, interrupting my thoughts. "Um, uh… no, I'm gonna stay here for a minute. You girls go ahead. I'll check on you in a little while." I made excuses so I didn't have to get out of the tub, and show everyone the tremendous stiffy I had going on in my trunks.

I watched all four girls bounce down the short cobble stone path, dripping wet. Their young tight ass's swaying back and fourth. All but one was wearing bikinis, and all looked extremely hot. I looked up at the stars, trying to think of cold water, not an easy thing to do in a churning hot tub, to get my erection to subside. My mind was whirling. I knew in my heart that what I was thinking, and the way I was feeling was wrong, but I couldn't help myself.

They were so young, and vibrant, and sexy. Everything I wanted to be right now. My erection had gone away while I was in thought, so I stood, and exited the hot tub. I grabbed one of the towels at the end of the bar, and dried myself off. I entered the house, and went upstairs to change out of my wet suit. While upstairs, I checked on Leesha. She was still snoring, and hadn't moved a muscle. "Man, she is out." I commented to my self. I changed into my bathrobe, with a pair of boxers underneath.

Grabbed my slippers, and headed back down stairs. It was only a little past nine, and it was too early to go to bed. Once in the living room, I plopped into my easy chair, flipped the handle to make it recline, and grabbed for the remote.

Flipping through the channels, I remembered all of the cameras that I'd set up in the guest cottage, and decided to flip through the security channels. "Lets see what they're up to." I said to myself. I flipped from one cameral to the other. First I checked the upstairs bedroom. Still dark, and no one was in there.

The down stairs bedroom, with the exception of bating suits strewn all over, and wet towels tossed about, was also empty. The living room was where all the action brazzers cute teen stella cox rides her friends brother at the sleepover. The girls were in various stages of clothing, piled up either on the floor, or on the sectional sofa, watching a movie on TV. They all seemed to be engrossed in the picture flashing on the screen.

I couldn't quite make out what the movie was, but they seemed to like it. Alex stood up, from the sofa, and started making her way to the bedroom. It looked like one of the other girls had called her name, and she turned around.

Then, she reached her hand behind her head, untied her bikini top, and let it fall. She seemed to look directly into the camera when she did this, which gave me a slight chill. Her breasts were fully exposed as she reached around her back, and untied the other knot.

She completely removed her bikini top, while continuing her gaze at the camera. She then turned around, and headed into the bedroom. Without thinking, I switched the camera to the downstairs bedroom camera, so I could continue watching. Her body was every bit as sexy as Sally's. Alex walked across the room, bare-chested, then stopped. She turned bigtits beauty assfucked in threesome amateur and babe, and seemed to find the camera in that room.

She removed her bikini bottoms, and stood there nude. I'd swear she was looking directly at the camera while she was doing this. The cameras weren't very big, and they didn't emit a light when activated, or make a sound. Surely she didn't see it, or even know it was there. Alex started pinching and squeezing her tits, as if putting on a show for me.

Her hand slid from her very erect nipple, down her stomach and beyond, until finally she cupped her bald snatch in her hand. She rubbed her little cunny up and down for a few seconds, still cupping, and teasing her perfect tits with the other. This little vixen was really working herself up. I took my gaze off the television long enough to grab the phone on my desk.

I pushed the button that said "intercom". "Sally?" I called through as I watched the screen in front of me. "Yes Uncle Mark?" was her reply. "Do you guys need sleeping bags, or do you want to just use the beds?" When Alex heard the intercom, she grabbed her T-shirt, and put it on over her head, covering herself up. She didn't, however, put on any panties, and she walked back out to the living room "We'll just use the beds, if that's ok." She replied.

I heard some giggling in the back ground, so I switched the camera back to the living room to see what was happening. Alex had emerged from the short hallway, and was sitting on the couch cross-legged, with her hands pulling down on the shirt to cover her tiny snatch in embarrassment.

I'd guessed that she sat down that way, and forgot to cover herself, and one of the girls made a comment. "Ok Sweetie, give me a buzz if you need anything." "G'night Uncle Mark." She said, and I heard her push the button ending our call. I turned my attention back to the screen in front of me. I looked on the remote to see if the sound on the camera would work. I turned the volume up on the TV until I could hear what was going on in the room.

I heard the movie playing, and a few giggles from some of the girls. I shopped the dial a little to see what else was on, trying to distract myself from looking at my friend's teenaged daughters, and my niece having their little party.

But after a few minutes, I turned the TV back to security mode. I couldn't help it. I wanted to see more young titties and butts and snatches. My cock was already about half stiff from watching Alex perform for me, and I wanted more.

The movie was over. I could see the credits scrolling on the screen of the TV. Sally and Alex went to the kitchen to get something from the fridge, and the other two, Mandy, and Patricia went into the bedroom.

I'd hoped that they were going to change clothes, and I switched to a split screen shot of the bedroom and the living room. Mandy lived just down the street from us. She was eighteen, and was attending the local college in the fall. She was tall and lean, and very sexy. Her C-cup tits were perfect mounds of loveliness.

Her legs weren't as long as either Sally's or Alex's, but still shapely nevertheless. Her features were tomboyish. The way she walked, carried herself, and with her short-cropped hair, parted on the side, and narrow hips, if you weren't paying attention, and didn't notice the very hot rack on her chest, you might mistake her for a boy.

Patricia, on the other hand, was all girl, and you could tell, liked being very feminine.

Her hair was long, and kept very neat. She loved pink, and always had her nails done, and her makeup perfect. She was turning eighteen this summer, and I think was also going to college in the fall, although I didn't know where. She too lived in the neighborhood a few blocks over. I watched them enter the bedroom, and as I suspected, they were going to change out of their swimsuits.

Mandy, the only one wearing a one-piece suit, removed hers first. Her body was definitely a sight to behold. Her perky, perfect tits sprung out of their restraints, and stood at attention.

Her nipples were small, and pink, and very erect. She slid the suit down past her waist, to reveal a neatly trimmed patch of hair just above her creamy smooth pussy. As she parted her legs to step out of her suit, her pussy lips came into view. They were talking, so I turned the sound up on the camera. "This is kinda lame." Pattie said. "I don't know why I let my mother talk me into this." "I know." Said Mandy.

"I wonder what we could do to mom and sun xnxx porn pornburst things up." Pattie was now taking off her bikini top, exposing her breasts, but with her back to the camera. "Did you see how they were both piling up on Mark?" She removed her bottoms, and tossed them on the bed with the top.

"I know" Mandy responded, as she slid a t-shirt over her head. "I thought he was going to have a stroke when Sally grabbed his cock." Pattie reached for a towel lying on the bed, and started drying her hair. "I think he's hot, but, still." She turned and faced the direction of the cam. "He's my parents friend." Her milky white tits jiggled with the movement of her hands drying her hair.

There was a small strip of bright red pubic hair over her pussy. She was very pale, but very hot. "Well, I don't think he's hot." Mandy interjected. "He's an attractive man, but I don't swing that way, so…" Pattie, who was still nude, turned her eyes back on Mandy. "I know girl friend, but still, having that cock in your pussy, would even turn you on. I saw it up his shorts legs when he sat down in the hot tub, it's huge, even soft." Mandy walked closer to Pattie.

"I don't know if a huge cock would turn me on right now, but you are." Mandy reached her hands up to Patties perfect tits, and touched each one tenderly. Pattie stopped rubbing her hair momentarily, but didn't seem to mind Mandy's touch.

"You'd better stop girlfriend, or we're not gonna leave the bedroom." Pattie responded, and turned slightly to get Mandy to release her hold on her tits. "Hey," Mandy said, "I've got an idea. How many truths or dares do you think we can get outta them two in there?" "That's a kids game." Pattie said while putting down the towel, and reaching for her t-shirt.

"Yea, but that little Sally is hot, and I bet Alex would follow right along." Mandy sat on the bed, "I'm getting kinda wet just thinking about it." Pattie put on the t-shirt, but as with the others left her panties off. "Lets do it then.

I'll bet I can suck Alex's snatch before you can Sally's" She put her hand out with her pinkie extended. Mandy looped her pinkie around Patties. "I hope not," she answered, "I'm so horny Mark looked good to me." "I told you, Mark and me, a deserted Island…" "You're silly," Mandy stood up, "but still…" she drifted, as they both left the bedroom.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Mandy was gay, Pattie was bi, and it seemed that every girl in mom and daughter free xxx movi black man neighborhood thought I was hot. "Hmm." I thought, looking down at the growing bulge in my boxers. "Huge huh?" Patty and Mandy walked into the living room, and pushed the oddment section of the sectional couch back into the center, so that they had to climb over it to get to back of the couch.

Alex, and Sally soon joined them, and they all sat on the couch, their feet meeting in the middle. I turned the sound up on the living room cam, and heard soft music playing. They were all sitting around looking quite bored, when Mandy broke the silence.

"Truth or Dare, Pattie." Mandy pointed her finger at Pattie.

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"Hmm," Pattie looked as if she was making up her mind. "Truth." She finally answered. "Have you ever had sex with a guy?" Mandy asked. Pattie looked at her, smiled and said, "does a hand job count?" "No, all the way." Mandy insisted. "Then, no." Pattie pouted a little, then said "My turn. Um… Alex, Truth or Dare?" Alex looked at her with a little amazement that she was being included in the game. "Truth." She answered. "Have you ever seen your dad naked?" Patty asked. "Yea." Alex said matter of factly.

"All the time." This shocked the other three girls, and Mandy let out, "Ewww. How gross." "Not really." Alex went on.

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"I see my mom naked too. They like walking around the house that way. I do it too." That sent a mental picture through my head that I didn't want there, but it did help explain a few things about Don. "Ok my turn." Alex said. "Truth or Dare… Sally?" "Truth seems to be the answer." Sally said, and put her arms out on the back of the couch. "Have you ever masturbated, and who were you thinking about when you did it?" "That's two questions, so, yes I've masturbated." Sally looked at Alex and winked at her.

"You'll have to ask again to find out who." She snickered. "Ok, Truth or Dare," she pointed her finger around the other three girls, and landed on Mandy. "Ok, I'll go with Truth for three hundred." Mandy giggled a little. "Have you used a dildo on yourself?" was Sally's question. Mandy had a mocked look of shock on her face, but then answered. "Yes." A smile came across her face. This brought a series of giggles and gasps from the other girls. My cock was straining to get out of my boxers by now.

Listening to these young girls talk about sex was getting to be too much for me. "Ok," Mandy broke in. Truths are getting boring.

Lets say this round has to be all Dares." Mandy looked around the couch and settled on Alex. Pointing her finger at her, "I dare you to take off your shirt, and sit here naked." Alex didn't seem to have a problem with that since she's already said that it was pretty much the norm for her at home. She crossed her arms in front of her, grabbed the bottom of the t-shirt she was wearing, and pulled it up over her head. "Tada!" she exclaimed, and tossed the shirt to the other end of the couch.

Alex sat completely nude, and really seemed comfortable with herself. She didn't try to cross her arms, or cover up in any way. amateur asian webcam asian webcam porn video webcam show porn tube porn, my turn." She said.

"Patty I dare you to touch my tits, and I mean like you mean it." Patty didn't really even hesitate. She looked at Mandy briefly, smiled, then leaned forward in Alex's direction, and put both hands on Alex's chest. She fondled Alex's nipples until both were firm and erect, then rolled each luscious breast with her hands.

This went on for what seemed like an eternity. Alex's head fell back against the back of the couch. She was obviously enjoying the attention. Pattie finished her caresses, and announced that it was her turn. "Sally, I dare you to put something that I find in the kitchen in your pussy, and masturbate yourself for one minute." Sally looked a little sheepish. Sally was still a virgin, and she knew about her hymen.

It would probably hurt if whatever Pattie selected were too big or too long. But she didn't want to back down from a dare. "Ok, you're on." She defiantly answered.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I reached into the slit in my boxers and pulled my engorged cock hot brunette schoolgirl rides a thick dong of its hiding place. I could feel the wetness of pre-cum already coming out, so I smeared it on the head and I started massaging my tool, in slow steady strokes.

Pattie disappeared off of the screen as she went to the kitchen. I heard drawers opening and closing, and some metal utensils clanking. "Aha!" She exclaimed, "Here ya go." She handed Sally a plastic cooking spoon that had ribs on the handle to give fingers something to grab onto. The girth of the handle wasn't more than an inch and it was made of smooth plastic, but it was long. Sally took the spoon in her hand, and looked it up and down.

"How far do I have to put it in?" She asked with apprehension in her voice. "As far as it will go." Was Patties comeback. "A dare's a dare." She said to Sally. "You aren't gonna chicken out on us are you?" Sally looked a the cooking tool one more time, then scooted her butt forward to allow better access to her moistening pussy. I picked up the pace, jacking my rod that was well lubed now with pre-cum, as I watched the erotic scene play out in front of me.

Sally placed the handle of the spoon at the entrance to her love chute, and rubbed it up and down her slit to supply a little lubrication. The other girls watched intently, waiting for penetration.

Feeling that it was lubed enough to get started, she slowly inserted the object about an inch inside herself. A slight gasp escaped her mouth, and she pushed farther.

I felt like I was going to explode. I reached down with my other hand and massaged my swollen stones. "Pull it out a little then back in." Mandy prodded. "It will go in much easier then." Sally did what she was told, and pulled the utensil out almost all the way, then a little more forcefully this time, shoved it back in. It was inside about four inches by this time, taking in almost the entire handle. She pulled out again, and then back in. It wouldn't go any further inside.

Her hymen was blocking the path. "It's gonna hurt." Sally winced. She knew what she was about to do. She was going to break her own cherry. She pulled the tool out almost completely one more time then impaled herself on it.

The handle of the spoon disappeared inside Sally's cunt. She gasped in pain, and a little blood was leaking onto the dark material of the couch. "Now pump it in and out." Pattie encouraged. "It won't hurt in a minute." Sally started moving the tool in and out of her now drenched pussy. Quiet slurping noises could be heard as she pummeled herself with the tool. In and out she pounded. "Oh…Oh… Oh God!

Sally exclaimed. She slowed her pace down to what felt good, and she continued to ram the tool in and out. The expression on Sally's face put me over the edge. The painful expression, turned into one of sheer pleasure. She was bucking her hips, meeting each inward thrust with her pelvis.

I was matching the strokes on my cock with her pounding her snatch. "I'm cumming!" Sally almost screamed. "I'm … I'm cumming" I came at the same time. Thick ropes of jism spewed from my piss slit hitting me in the chest, and stomach and even the arm of the chair. Sally gave one more thrust, then pulled the tool from her now soaked snatch, and more fluid erupted spreading a thin sheen over the insides of her thighs, and on the couch.

She laid the tool by her side, and slouched where she sat. She looked over at Mandy, and she was fingering her own very wet snatch with a smile on her face. Sally sat up, regained her composure a little. "We still on Dares?" She asked.

Mandy looked at Sally with one of her pussy juice soaked fingers in her mouth. "Uh huh." She nodded. "Then I dare you to lick up my cum." Sally said to Mandy quite matter of factly. "Uh huh." Was all Mandy said, and moved herself into position to do just that. Mandy started at Sally's thighs, licking up all the pussy juice that had hit her there. First one then the other, not missing a single drop.

Sally moaned with pleasure as she spread her legs open farther to allow Mandy access to everything. When Mandy got close to her pussy, she inserted a finger in to scoop out what remained of the cum. Sally jumped at her touch. Mandy's mouth finally struck pay dirt, and landed on Sally's still twitching cunt. Mandy licked her slit from end to end to slurp up every drop of cum she could with her tongue.

She dove her mouth down and completely covered Sally's dripping snatch and sucked all the cum she could get out of her innards. "Mmm… That's nice." Sally managed to say. Mandy finished lapping up all of Sally's juices, and sat back down on her teenfidelity schoolgirl gina valentina creampied by the dean internal cumshot masturbation of the couch wiping her face with her hand.

"You taste good." Mandy said slurping on each finger. "Finger licking good." She giggled. I got out of my chair, drenched from my own spooge, and retreated to the kitchen to get a paper towel. I washed my hands and chest off in the kitchen sink, and cleaned my still semi erect cock off on one of the paper towels.

I slid my shaft back into my boxers and sat back in the chair waiting to see what happens next. Mandy dared Alex to kiss Pattie, which they did, and even included some tongue in the picture. Alex dared Pattie to suck on Mandy's nipples, which she did without hesitation, even inserted a finger into Mandy's still wet pussy while doing so. "I'll be right back." Sally said jumping to her feet. "I got an idea for a really good dare, but I have to check on something first." She threw her t-shirt on, and slid open the glass door to the cottage.

I wondered girl on girl porn xnxx beautiful girl she was going, when I caught her shadow out of the corner of my eye heading towards the house. "Shit." I said out loud, and changed the channel to the news. I dropped the remote beside my leg in the chair and pretended to be asleep. My bathrobe was open, and my dick was hanging out of the opening of my boxers.

"No time to fix that." I thought to myself. "She won't even notice." Sally came in the back sliding glass door to the house, and tiptoed across the room. I let out a faint snore and managed to crack one eye open just enough to see her shadow moving in front of me. She saw the glass on the table next to the chair, must have figured I was drunk.

"Uncle Mark?" She whispered. I didn't move, but kept breathing steady, and snoring a little. "Uncle Mark?" She said a little louder this time. She looked down at my crotch and noticed that my dick was protruding a little from my underwear. She put her finger on it, and it jumped a little. She looked back up at my face looking for any signs of movement. "You awake?" I heard her say.

She leaned down over my crotch, and ran her tongue the full length of my growing shaft, all the way to the head. I didn't move. "Ok then." I heard her say, then she tip toed out of the room and back out the door. I heard the door close, and reached for the remote.

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I put the security channel back on, and waited for Sally to reappear in view. "Ok, I got a Dare for you Alex." She said with her hand on her hip, and her arm pointing towards Alex. "Oh yea, well, I'll do It." She said defiantly. "You don't even know what it is yet." Mandy said. "So, I'll do it anyway." Sally gave a satisfied look to the rest of the girls.

"Uncle Mark is passed out in his easy chair in front of the TV. I dare you to go in there, and give him a blowjob until he cums in your mouth. And you have to swallow every drop." Alex's mouth gaped open almost as wide as mine did. "No way." She hesitated. "How passed out is he?" She asked with a slight grin on her face. "Pretty passed out. His cock is hanging out of his boxers, and I touched it. He didn't even stir." "Do we all get to watch?" Pattie said with some excitement in her voice.

"If we all go in there, we'll probably make too much noise and he'll wake up." Sally thought for a minute. "Ok, you have to let him cum in your mouth, then hold it there for us to see you swallow it. That will be proof, and we can watch through the back window." Sally looked confident in her dare.

"But I want to watch." Pattie pouted. "You can be next to do it," Alex said with a dare in her voice, "unless your chicken." The dare continued. "I'm not chicken.

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Just don't take all his cum, I want some." "Oh my God!" I thought. I was about to get molested for the second time tonight. Do I let them, or do I chicken out. I saw on the screen that the girls were filing out of the cottage one by one heading up towards the house.

I quickly switched the channel back to the news, dropped the remote next to my leg again, and pulled my semi hard cock all the way out of my boxers. I spread my legs in front of me to allow them easy access, if this was even going to happen at all. I heard the door open, and pretended like I was asleep again.

I saw Alex wearing just the t-shirt she had put on. She looked at me, then down to my cock. She put her hand over her mouth and looked towards the back sliding glass door. She apprehensively touched my member with her finger, then her hand wrapped around it.

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She knelt down between my legs, and lowered her mouth to my stiffening rod. She kissed just the head of it at first, tasting the salty pre-cum that had started emitting already. She stuck out her tongue and licked it like a lollipop.

She turned her head to look out the back door again, and then dove down on my cock like she knew what she was doing. She started bobbing her pretty little head up and down on my engorged member.

I couldn't help but move my hips back and fourth in rhythm. It took everything I had to keep up my breathing and fake snoring, and keep my self from grabbing the back of her head to ram it in her throat farther. She gagged a few times, but kept going up and down. She reached down my shaft with one hand and started jacking me off with it; the other went to my nut sack.

"This couldn't be her first time." I thought to myself. She was too good. I felt my balls tighten up, and the semen start spilling up my pole. I let out a soft moan, as gush after gush of hot sticky cum jetted into her young sweet mouth.

She sucked it all out, then licked and slurped what slipped onto her hand into her mouth. She gently set my still throbbing and twitching cock on my boxers, and left the room. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Alex slide the door open.

Sally turned on the outside porch light. Alex tilted her head back and each girl looked into her mouth. Everyone was satisfied that the dare had been accomplished, she swallowed, scooping some that had dribbled out up with her finger. Pattie found herself being stared at by all three other girls. I could imagine that they were telling her to put up or shut up. Patty put her hands on her hips, got a defiant look on her face, and headed into the room.

Pattie approached me in the same way that Alex did. Gazing down at my semi stiff prick, then looking back out the window with her hand over her mouth. She got down on her knees, and grabbed it with one hand.

She steadied herself on the arm of the chair with the other, and then put her whole mouth over the purple head of my cock. It sprang back to life quick enough to make her jump back as it became fully erect.

She hesitated a minute, but put her mouth back on it, and started bobbing her head up and down. Her skill didn't match Alex, and neither one could match Sally's skill, but it was still good. She bobbed her head up and down for what seemed to be a long time. I was getting closer and closer to yet another mind-blowing orgasm. All of a sudden she stopped. My cock was throbbing waiting for release, and she stopped. I couldn't believe it.

Then I saw her turn around with her milky white ass facing me. She spread her legs ever so slightly, reached behind her and grabbed my cock. She steadied herself on the arm of the chair with one hand, and the other was guiding my cock. She lowered herself down, and I felt the warmth of her pussy on my glans. She lowered herself, until the head of my cock was just inside of her. She moved her other hand onto the other arm of the chair and started lowering herself down on my manhood.

She lifted herself up, then again, downward. She moved up and down, impaling my shaft deeper into herself each time. My cock strained to make it inside her tightness, but each time she raised up it went deeper in on the way down. It took everything I had to control the urge to grab her hips and slam my meat deep into her cunt, but I maintained.

I gripped the arms of the chair tight, and moved my hips ever so slightly. I heard a muffled moan escape her mouth, my ball sack tightened, and as my lap was flooded with warm pussy cum, I let my load fly into her sopping wet snatch.

Glob after hot sticky glob of my man seed flew into her as she came at the same time. She almost collapsed on top of me, but regained her balance just in time, and stood up letting my cock hit my stomach with a thud. She stood before me facing the TV; I could see the outline of her swollen, twitching teen girl vs double blt lips.

Her legs were shaking and her hips were moving back and forth, and she was still leaking cum out of her pussy. It was so hot I thought I was going to squirt another load right there.

She groaned load, and a gush of her cum mixed with mine came spewing out onto the floor. As that happened she collapsed on the floor on all fours in front of me, spent and trembling. I shifted a little, trying to make it look like I was moving in my sleep. She finally gained a little composure, and was able to make it to her feet.

Shakily she made it to the sliding glass door, and out onto the deck. I opened one eye and looked outside, to see all four of them making their way back to the cottage. I turned the TV back to the security channel, to watch what came out of this. "Oh My Mom dad sister son beeg Exclaimed Pattie, He is so huge.

It felt so good." She flopped onto the couch, her fingers running up and down her swollen cunny lips. "I can't believe I just did that, and he didn't wake up." She panted. "He must have been shitfaced." Added Mandy. "Hey guys." Alex broke in. "Mandy and I haven't cum yet." She said pouting. "Yea, it's not fair." Mandy pouted next to her, putting her arm around Alex's neck so that her hand cupped one of Alex's breasts.

"But we can take care of that if you want Alex." Mandy cooed, while looking into Alex's soft green eyes. Alex and Mandy brought their lips together in a kiss. Mandy brought her hands up to either side of Alex's face, then to her chest, and started fondling Alex's tits. Alex responded in kind, and started tweaking Mandy's nipples. Their kiss broke, and each one helped the other out of their t-shirts. The other two watching this happen also took off their t-shirts.

Soon there was a pile of bodies on the sectional. Ghetto chick pleases crowd of white cocks had their face buried in another's snatch, with arms and legs and hands fondling body parts everywhere.

My cock stiffened yet again with the sight of all of this, and I jacked off one final time to the sight of my niece and her friends, fucking, sucking, and fondling each other. I didn't cum very much the final time. I was spent. I walked shakily to the kitchen, and got some paper towels to clean up the mess. I went to the living room and wiped up the floor where Pattie had cum.

The smell of sex in the air was pungent. After cleaning up dongs for a horny legal age teenager attractive nymph living room, and myself, Lets make the unthinkable a turned off the TV, and went upstairs. My wife was still in the same position she was in when I left her the last time, and still snoring.

I slipped past the bed, and into the bathroom. I took a quick shower, and changed my boxer shorts. I slipped into bed next to my wife, and very quickly drifted off to sleep. I dreamed of little naked fairies dancing around my cock. Go figure. End of Part 2