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Horny kittens licking and rubbing cunts in lesbo scene
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I would not call myself a true gamer girl, I also love a lot of other things outside of gaming… Plus, I do not play 'The real games' as most guys tell me. As a kid I always played D&D with my brother and sister, Nintendo and GTA.

Later in my life I turned to the games like Guild Wars, Overwatch, Nintendo, Minecraft and Horizon Zero Dawn. Because of my obsession of the computer and other electronics I stayed home most of the time.

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My school was about two hours away from my house, so I also did not have a lot of friends in my hometown. This all created the situation that I sat in my room the most of the time, skyping with my best friends. Skyping turned into gaming with one of my best friends, Mark. Me and Mark always had a very understanding and amazing friendship, we never fought and always had fun.

We could hard rape xxx ebony story download to one another if there was something wrong, but we also understood if one of us wanted some space. We easily could go on for months with almost no contact and not make a big deal out of it. Yes, even in this modern area with WhatsApp the contact between us was hard, probably because he was not a big fan of texting and me neither.

Our contact purely stood on Skyping and school, but after three years he had to change schools… After that our contact was based on skyping and gaming together, what wasn't as bad… but you do miss the human contact, really seeing one another.

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That is why we started a tradition, every Independence Day we would go to my house and celebrate together. This was because I had quite a big house and my balcony looked out over my whole village. You could sit on there for hours and just watch the fireworks… It is amazing! The first year we were together with our other friend Sally and the year after that we were together with Valery. Probably a dream for Mark, being with 2 women on Independence Day&hellip.

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But nothing happened on those nights, we were young teenagers who did not drink alcohol, smoke or did anything stupid. We were wallflowers and just had fun in our own way. In my teenage years growing up I was not very beautiful… 5,6 feet tall, 180lbs and my breasts were too big for this body&hellip. I also saw all around me that guys were not attracted to me. I never blamed any of them about my own flaws, but I truly charming mother id like to fuck loves hard fuck the attention of guys… I saw the time tick by and suddenly I was 18 years old and I still had not kissed a guy… I felt pity for myself and that year I decided to change myself, I started to go to swimming and dancing classes.

I ran every morning and slowly my body began to change. I now am a brunette, 5,6 feet tall, 125lbs and my breasts stayed at a perfect double D size. At the age of 19 I had transformed myself into a whole new woman and I was really proud with myself. The next Independence Day came rolling around the corner and this year me and Mark would be alone.

No other friends could come this year so we just went with it. My parents never made a big deal out of Mark staying over the night, because they trusted him fully.

But that was not the only big difference this year, my parents also would not be home this time. They decided to go to my grandparents and stay there the night. I really wanted to come with them, because I had not seen my grandparents in a very long time… But I also did not want to let Mark down and my parents understood.

They agreed with Mark coming over again, even when they were not there… Still being the stupid wallflowers me and Mark planned to set up a LAN-party. We made lists of food, games and drinks we wanted and set up a whole plan on how we would stage our computers on the dining table.

It was the perfect plan for a night full of fun, gaming fun of course. When the day finally came I was setting up everything in the living room. The Couch was turned into a bed, for if we wanted to nap in the night and the whole dining room was turned into a gaming station. ''So, that is the last of it'' I say with a big smile.

The PlayStation is connected to the television and on the table are two gaming computers. Since my brother is away with his girlfriend I could persuade him to lent me his computer.

My sister is gone with my parents, I am officially home alone.

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I look to the time and see Mark could arrive at any second. When he does we first go to the supermarket to get the food we need for tonight. '' This is going to be so much fun!'' I say really excited, almost jumping up and down and clapping.

The doorbell rings tree times and I nearly sprint to the door, it has been so long since I have seen Fabulous model anal sex with her lover. I pull the door open and jump into Mark his arms and give him a really tight embrace. ''woa there sweet cheeks, I do not want to fall'' He laughs, but also hugs me back tightly.

I kiss his cheek and look to him; my jaw almost drops. He has changed&hellip. a lot! His small tender body has been replaced by amazing muscles, his babyface is now fully gone and his clothes are really fashionable. I can also see him checking me out and I flush bright red. I take his bag and walk inside ''Jeez Mark, you did not tell me you got so handsome'' I grin and put his bag on the chair. I turn around and see he is still standing in the doorway, looking at me in awe.

''Joehoee Mark, wake up Sleeping Beauty!'' I laugh and clap my hands. I can see him mutter something and coming inside. He walks up to me and grins ''I thought we were going to the store…'' I look to him and nod '' We are dummy, but I do need my wallet from upstairs. He simply nods and looks around in the house ''I see you got everything ready.'' This time I nod and walk towards the stairs ''Everything needs to be perfect! So, I am going to grab my wallet and be downstairs as soon as possible'' I run upstairs and notice Mark looking at me… Secretly Mark is not looking at me, oh no, he is looking at my butt.I walk into my room and look around, searching for my wallet… In the meantime, Mark is still staring towards the stairs and finally amy anderssen xxx new 2019 his head.

'' What is wrong with me'' he mutters and sits down on a chair.

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''Alright Mark, I know She has changed… a lot, but that does not mean you can stare and drool'' He sighs and puts his head in his hands, he did not expect this and now he knows&hellip. This is going to be a very long night.