Dj slowmotion kortney kane mixtease tribute masturbation compilation

Dj slowmotion kortney kane mixtease tribute masturbation compilation
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When we got a new wrestling coach everyone loved him. I didn't know that to think of him. He always stared at me naked in the locker room. I was the hairiest and had the biggest balls in the locker room. I didn't have the biggest dick because my best friend, Vince, was the biggest down there and the least hairy, well at least naturally less hairy. Victor loved the new coach. Personally I think our old coach was hotter, than this old new coach.

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I felt uncomfortable with the new coach, Mr. Walsh, watching me undress and staring at my naked body in the locker room. I was uncomfortable because I was uncomfortable with my sexual orientation.

I started to like my best friend, Victor, even more when I saw his smooth body and his hung meat. I wonder if our new coach, Mr.

Walsh, saw me glance at Victor's glory. Mr. Walsh always pushed me to do my best, even though I was the best on the team. At practice Mr.

Walsh worked me out so hard. He made me do the most and let the other players slack off. I was drenched in sweat by the time it was over.

I didn't want to smell bad so right after practice I ran to the locker room shower. I didn't get turned on by seeing men wrestle like other gays. I didn't even get turned on by being in a communal shower like I see in gay porn all the time.

The only thing that turned me on was a nice lower region. (if you know what I mean). A huge slinging cock soft cock, like Victor's, turns me on so bad. Sometime I cant help but get a little hard.

A semi-erection if I'm lucky. While in the shower, rinsing the soap off my back and ass, Mr. Walsh came up to me. Me, being fully nude and wet, I was frightened by an old man getting close to me while I'm completely nude. I noticed Mr.

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Walsh look at my soft baby-maker as he walked closer to me. Pretending not to notice I continued rinsing off. Mr. Walsh's eye come up and looked me in the eyes. "Are you allowed to have that tattoo on your chest showing with your singlet on?" Mr. Walsh yelled. "Yes, sir. I always have it showing.

I can't hide it!" I replied. "Man, times did change. Young boys shouldn't have a tattoo in high school." Mr. Walsh said. I was 18 and about to graduate. I just ignored his remark and continued to wash my body. When I got out of the shower, some group of boys I used to bully said "HA!

HA! Looks like Mr. Walsh likes you!!" they said laughing. I ignored it and started putting the pieces together. Mr. Walsh was all over my ass, staring at my cock and making me work hard. Maybe Mr. Walsh was actually liked me. I was fascinated but quickly grew uncomfortable with an old man liking me. Why didn't he go kinzie kenner is a medical malpractice lawsuit waiting to happen someone hotter?

Like Victor or that new kid in our school?

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I started to think maybe he knew I was gay! I quickly got dressed and about to leave. Victor came up to me and said "SHIT! BRO!!!!! Mr. Walsh is a fucking creeper, dude!! Everyone saying he wants your hairy ass!! Shit bruh! Better switch schools!" Wondering if anyone knew I said "EW! BRUH!!! That old perv aint gonna touch this dick!" "HA!!

Who could touch that little thing?" Victor replied. I laughed and said "Shut the fuck up Vic!! I ship you and Mr. Walsh together!" I said. Victor's girlfriend started to call his name before he could say anything else. All he said was bye and ran off with his girlfriend. Before I could put the rest of my clothes on, I was the last one in the locker rooms.

Mr. Walsh came out of his office and asked me to come inside his office with him. I didn't want to but I definitely didn't want to go to the office I had enough of that as a Junior! I came in and Mr. Walsh slowly quietly closed the door and locked it. He kissed me and grabbed my soft cock. and whispered "Such a nice package. I love your fat balls." in my ear. I pushed him off me, even though I liked it.

I was just fronting. Mr. Walsh got mad and grabbed and squeezed my junk aggressively and kissed me on the neck eagerly. I let him for a while but then pushed him off even more and ran out and not a peep about that came out of my mouth.

The next day, Victor told me that Mr. Walsh was staring at my cock in the showers. I was going to tell him what happened but I couldn't let my crush/best friend know that I'm gay and Mr.

Walsh knows! After Gym, I was the last one out of the locker room again, scared, I tried quickly to get out ASAP. But before I was going to rush out, I saw Victor's locker still open. When I came to close it, I saw his dirty, sweaty jock and a few condoms. I looked around, Mr. Walsh was no where in sight. I grabbed Victor's dirty jock and sniffed it. It was musty I was disgusted for a second then began to smell it again, wonderful.

I saw a print of his amazing bulge it was bigger in his bulge. I began to lick it, sweet yet bitterly salty. I put it in my mouth as I jerked and pulled my giant balls. After a few minutes of doing this, I heard someone clear their throat behind me. I dropped Victor's jockstrap out of my mouth and turned around completely hard, and frightened. It was Mr. Walsh giving me a sexy stare while rubbing his boner through his gym shorts.

Mr. Walsh come up to me and pulled down his shorts and revealed his monster thick cock bulging out of his jockstrap.

I stared at it in shock and amazement. I looked up to his eyes and back down at his cock. I opened my mouth, sticked my tongue out and sucked it. A nice deep moan came out of coach as I sucked on it. It was warm and nasty. His cock tasted bitter and gross. I still kept sucking it for my satisfaction. I liked sucking dick, but not for the taste. After sucking it while jerking my pole too, I took out a condom from Victor's locker and gave it to Mr.

Walsh. Mr. Walsh laughed and took the condom and threw it behind o fute pana isi da drumu in ea romaniaxxx. He grabbed me and picked me up and threw me into a locker and kissed me viciously. Dude assists with hymen checkup and penetrating of virgin sweetie thick long tongue deep down my throat felt like a smaller penis down my throat. I liked it and I sucked his tongue as he tongue fucked my throat.

Mr. Walsh grabbed my waist and turned me around and pulled down my gym shorts and started eating my ass. His warm tongue on my sweet virgin hole. It felt good. It was relaxing. Mr. Walsh started to stick his tongue in my hole when my pussy loosened.

It hurt. I moan in pain not pleasure. The type of pain you kinda like, like a bruise that you keep touching. My moans of agony become worse when coach shoved his massive cock into me. He was big, but not as hung as Victor. I shut my eyes and took Mr. Walsh's dick up my asshole. I can't believe I lost my virginity to my coach!

It took at least half way through his ruining my ass for my hole to get relax and get used to the size. By then I closed my eyes as my moans of pain turned into moans of joy and pleasure. With my eye closed comfortable, I pretended that Victor was fucking me and not Mr.

Walsh. I couldn't stop moaning while I was pretending Mr. Walsh was Victor. I soon blacked out. I didn't remember any of what happened during my black out. That's how I know Mr. Walsh has some major fucking skills. I woke up from the black out from my own moaning and loud echos of my gay-ish moans, I'm surprised no one heard it.

I was screaming in pleasure while getting slammed by Victor, I mean Mr. Walsh. Coach, spanked my ass while slamming his meat into my hole and said "Oh yea, Take my dick. Take it boy. Sniffing my jock n shit.

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I love how you moaned my name. 'VICTOR, VICTOR YOURE SO HUGE!!! I LOVE YOU VIC!!! SHOW ME YOU LOVE ME WITH YOUR GIANT ROD' " I realized that I was moaning Victor's name while Mr.

Walsh was fucking me! I was too fucking horny to be embarrassed. Mr. Walsh pulled out his wet cock and grabbed Victor's dirty, musty jockstrap and came on it. Mr. Walsh put it back into his locker inside, along with Victor's condom. Mr. Walsh closed the locker and said "Shit that was good. My best player!" "Wait, I need to cum too, coach!" I immediately responded.

"You came half way through me pounding your ass." said Coach. I looked down and my abs, legs, and floor were covered in my dried up sperm. When I looked back up to look at Mr.

Walsh, Mr. Walsh was already dressed and out the door. I was left naked, used and vulnerable in the locker room alone. It hurt to walk and it was really hard to drive back home when it hurts to sit. I don't like my coach, I just think hes good at fucking. I just pretend it's Victor fucking me and not Mr. Walsh.