Brunette milf melissa swallows is getting fucked

Brunette milf melissa swallows is getting fucked
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Taking Care of Sydney Prologue: The Set-up "It is her eighteenth birthday. It is time." "Are you sure? I mean she is only eighteen dear." "Melissa, you were eighteen when you first got your pains.

Your father and brother took care of you until you married me. You dropped out of high school shortly after and I started living the life of a proper woman. Our daughter is one year older than you were and I believe it is time to make her a proper woman. We will have to withdraw her from big titted wife fucked after giving a blowjob big tits but unlike you, I will continue her education at home.

She will be a properly educated woman. I wish you parents would have done the same for you but they didn't and there is not much we can do. Now, I am the man of the house and I know what is best. Are you challenging my authority?" "Of course not Brad, I know my role and where I should be. You are my husband. I just, don't want you to forget about me like my father forgot about my mother. I am a woman and need medicine just the same." "Dear, I will not forget about you.

Sure you will have to go without treatment initially as we get settled but you will be folded back into the routine, I promise. I will take you to the doctor myself to ensure that the bare minimum of brain cells or female cells are destroyed." "Thanks Brad. I was just really worried about my female cells." "You shouldn't. Speaking of which, it does appear time for your medicine. Did you write down the last location of application?" "No. I am sorry but I forgot." "I will just start from the end since that is always the most needed.

Now, don't forget to write it down." "Of course dear." Chapter 1: The Disease It had been seven days after her eighteenth birthday that I decided it was time for Sydney to assume the roles of a proper woman. I had contacted the doctor, slipped the irritant into her dinner and waited. By midnight she had started moaning and put herself in the fetal position. Her mother had checked in on her and came to me letting me know that it was not time to act.

I walked into her room, concern on my face. "Sydney, baby girl, what is wrong?" She had on a white camel sole top and pair of white string bikini panties. Holding in the fetal position, her butt pushed out in my direction immediately got my blood pumping. She lay on her left side. Her writing had caused her panties to shift. Her right cheek was exposed as the panty was tightly entrenched within her young crack. My arousal grew within as I took in her bare flesh and what I would soon do to it.

I walked to the side of the bed, sitting down and placing a soothing hand on her arm.

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She opened her eyes and I gazed into her sapphire blue eyes. They were sparkling gems but one deep look knew that there was emptiness.

Not of her soul or from a lack of compassion, but that she saw the world differently than others. She saw the world differently because like her mother, she was raised in a household that put little value on a woman's education.

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An educated woman was not something that was tolerated in her mother's culture and seeing the benefits from such an upbringing, I conformed to this path of thinking as well.

"Daddy, my belly hurts a lot. It is rumbling and getting tight," she complained holding her stomach with both arms. I placed my hand on her forehead pretending to search for a fever that I knew was not there.

The irritant was doing its job of causing discomfort, nothing more. I slid my hand down her shoulder, over her arm and toward her lower back.

I began to rub her lower back allowing my arm to make contact with her bare bottom. It felt smooth and I fought the urge to grab and kneed it.

"That feels better daddy." "I think I felt a asian squirting oh so much pornstars fingering bit of a fever. I need to take your temperature and if things are bad, I am going to call the doctor." "Ok." Of course things were "bad." But no sense in trying to have a little fun before we go. I walked out of the room, a semi beginning to push against the fabric of my pants. Melissa was waiting outside. She came over and starting rubbing my stiffening cock through my pants.

I kissed her on the lips hard. My tongue invaded her mouth, as she let out a moan of pleasure and submissiveness. I pulled back, "Call the doctor. We will take her in just a few moments. I need to go take her temperature." "Why? You know she doesn't have a fever," my wife replied. I looked at her with the loving look you would give a puppy that has not yet learned to fetch properly.

She had that same emptiness like her daughter. It was endearing. "Because I want to ensure that she is truly ok." "Then I will go get the thermometer." She let go of my cock, now stiff and rigid, aching for release.

She started to walk toward our bedroom. "No need. I can take her temp with this." I pulled down my pajamas and pulled my cock through the easy access hole in my boxers. It stood erect, twitching and throbbing angrily. My wife brought her hand to her forehead, the universal sign of forgetfulness.

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"Right, I forgot. You men have that ability to measure temperature with your dick. I am an idiot. I forget so much sometimes. Sorry dear." She turned to leave. "Phone call honey," I called after her. She shook her head again, obvious that she had forgotten and turned toward the phone located in the kitchen. I put my cock back in my pants and walked into my daughter's room. She was still in the fetal position and her moaning had lessened.

I returned to her side of the bed and sat down. She opened her eyes and in the dim light noticed my lack of pants. "What happened to your.ughhh…pants?" "I spilled some water on them when getting the thermometer. It was cold so I didn't want to wear cold pants." I lied. "Oh, that makes sense." She answered.

I put my hand on her forehead again and made concerning parental noises. The tsk and the hmm were given. I ran my hand down her side and pushed my hand under her clenched arms to reach her armpit. I made more concerning noises. I moved my hand sex stories bp friend sex pilot her armpit but just right to brush up against her growing B-cup breast.

Feeling the sides exhilarated me more. I stood up and moved to the other side of the bed and sat. My daughter's back facing me now as my cock was attempting to reveal itself by pushing through the fly in my boxers. I hooked her panties that were wedged within her butt crack and pulled them out. I put my hand in my daughter's panties from the side and began using two fingers to search between her cheeks. "Daddy? uggg what are you doing?" "Checking your temp dear.

Your forehead and armpit was warm. I have two more places to check and if they are all too warm, we will be taking you to the doctor. Now, you're going to feel a push against your butt. You need to take a deep breath and relax." I found her tiny sphincter with my index finger. I could feel the wrinkles around it and the slight depression that was the entrance to her butt. I started to push but she clenched. I pushed again and this time I felt her relax but my daughter's eighteen year old butthole was still unwilling.

The door creaked open and my wife came into the room. "Baby, how are you feeling?" "I'm still hurting. Daddy says I am really warm but he is checking everywhere to make sure." "Your father is smart and japanes girl and girls lep sex Melissa walked to the side of the bed on which I was sitting. She saw I was pushing but with little luck of gaining entrance with my finger.

"Is it not going in?" "No and I am started to worry." I feigned concern. "Dear, will you go get the swab to loosen her up like we loosened your sister?" She stared at me with blank eyes for a moment trying to recollect what I was mentioning.

When she remember she moved my hand, spread my daughter's cheeks and gave her crack a long moist lick. Her tongue started at the taint and moved north. Then it went back south but rested on the butthole. She swirled her tongue and attempted to penetrate with a little pressure.

I was eager to move forward so I grabbed my wife's long straight hair and pulled her away from my daughter and pushed her face toward my crotch. She immediately freed my hardened manhood and shoved it in her mouth. Looking up at me, I put my finger to my lips indicating that she be quite while servicing me. I took my finger, swirled it around my daughter's spit covered asshole and then pushed without warning.

Sydney gasped and my finger slid reluctantly in, buried all the way to the knuckle. I wiggled it slightly feeling the anal walls of my daughter while my cock filled and emptied and refilled the oral cavity of her mother. Sydney was warm, smooth and extremely tight.

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I let out small moans of pleasure as her mouth started quietly forcing herself down my shaft. "Daddy, is everything ok?" She sounded frightened. "Yes baby girl. It's just that you are quite warm here too." "It's warm in my butt?" I wiggled my finger valentina nappi lost and found pornstars and group sex little more. "Yes dear it is. I have one more place to check and if it is not good, then we will go to the doctor." I pulled my wife's hair causing my cock to fall out of her mouth.

It was drenched in saliva, warm and sticky. I pulled my finger out of my daughter's butt and shoved it in my wife's now empty mouth. She cleaned it without hesitation. It only took a moment for my wife to finish cleaning our eighteen year old daughter's ass off my finger. I walked around the bed, my cock dripping with Melissa's spit and pre-cum leaking heavily out of my tip. My daughter's eyes widened as she saw my twitching erection.

"Do not be scared. This is my personal thermometer and now that you are eighteen, you can use it. It is very simple. I put it in your mouth and you look up at me. If it stays big like this," I grab my cock and shake it, the tip flinging pre-cum on her face, "then you have a fever.

If it gets smaller, that means you are perfectly fine." My daughter did not bother wiping my pre-cum off her face. She just nodded, her face a mixed of discomfort from her stomach and fear that she was truly sick. She opened her mouth as wide as she could.

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I slid my member past her lips and let it rest on her tongue. I did not thrust or swirl my cock in her mouth. I just stood there, admiring the fact that my eighteen year old daughter had her lips around her 35 year old father's raging hard cock.

I felt her tongue move and with each move, I twitched, releasing just a little pre-cum into her mouth. After a few moments, I pulled my cock out and Sydney swallowed her pooling saliva and pre-cum mixture. My cock was harder than ever. "Looks like you have a fever and we need to take you to the doctor.

Melissa, help Sydney get dressed. I rough step daddy and pregnant baby proving papa wrong go warm up the car." The trip to the doctor's office took us eight minutes.

There was little traffic since it was one in the morning. My wife had dressed Sydney by putting a pair of comfortable black yoga pants over her panties and flip flops. She wore the same white camisole top and her hair as put into a ponytail to keep it out of her face.

The doctor, my friend Jeff, was in true doctor. He had his own private practice that he ran out of the house that neighbored his residence. It was a cozy one story that had been converted into a private family practice.

Jeff's father, before he died, was good friends with Melissa's father and their ebony mai dulhan ki suhagrat blue film were raised with similar values. It was Jeff's father that diagnosed Melissa with womanhood and Jeff kept the family business alive. We pulled up to the house, the front porch light was on and a few moths eagerly flew around the light like Icarus, begging for warmth that would ultimately be their demise.

I parked the van on the curb. I opened the door for Melissa and then opened the sliding side door. I reached for Sydney, my hand finding her well outline butt.

Her panties were showing through the thin black cloth revealed by the van's dome light. My hand caressed her ass as I faked attempting trying to get a grip so I could carry her out of the van. Her butt felt smooth and tight, an affect from her athletic activities. I settled on my arm wrapped around her upper back, my hand resting atop her breast, my palm feeling her nipple with each step. My other arm rested behind the bend of her knees.

My daughter's ass hung right above my still hardened cock, bumping it with each step as well. Melissa is a good wife and like all good wives, massaged my cock through my pants while driving. Another reason we arrived a little quicker than estimated. My wife opened the front door and there was Jeff who immediately saw led us to the back room where I placed Sydney on top of the examination table. Jeff came through the doorway and handed me a small slip upon which his price for the following exam and diagnostic was written.

I read it, looked at my wife and then him square in the eye and nodded my head in the affirmative. He smiled, his lips surrounded by a lumberjack's beard. His eyes glowed with excitement. He walked to a cabinet, pulled out a vial that contained clear liquid.

He instructed Sydney to drain its contents and that he would back in five minutes to run test and that she should relax until then. He motioned me and my wife out of the room. Closing the door, we made our way to the room that was converted into his personal office.

He walked in, we followed behind. There were not words exchanged. He undid his belt buckle, unzipped his belt and in one fluid motion, removed his pants and briefs. He made his way to the couch where he laid himself down. His head resting on the armrest, he hooked his legs with both arms around their corresponding knees.

I grabbed my wife by the back of her neck, squeezing enough to cause her to exclaim in surprise and pain. I shoved her head in between his legs until her mouth was aligned with his anus. She promptly began lapping the doctor's ass crack. Strong forceful licks top to bottom then bottom to top.

When her tongue would pass over his asshole, he tongue would for the briefest of moments, slip inside before it continued on its way. The doctor quickly became aroused and started working on himself as I held my wife sternly against his backside.

I eventually let go and like an obedient dog, she kept working the doctor until he released his cum in four thick spurts upon his stomach. He stopped his jerking but my wife lana fever likes a big black cock probing with her tongue. "That's enough," I ordered. She stood at my command, adjusted her hair and clothes in the restroom before taking her seat on the couch where she just tossed the doctor's salad.

Meanwhile, the doctor and I made are way back to the examination room. The entire incident took no more than three minutes and Sydney was still curled up into a ball.

I went to stand beside her and it was Jeff who broke the silence. "I am going to need you to please disrobe. You can fold and put your clothes in the corner. I have a medical gown, the opening goes in the back. Please put this on and once you are finished, lay back on the table, upward." We both turned our back to my daughter to give her what little privacy she had for what little modesty I instilled in her. I had seen her naked several times either in the shower or changing.

Just an hour or so ago, my finger was buried knuckle deep within her butt. However, roles of the concern parent must be played out until I get exactly what I want. We heard rustling and I turned my head to sneak a peek at what soon would be mine. Young firm breast with tiny, slightly off pink nipples.

She had an ass that was only beginning to protrude from her back. I then smiled and looked at Jeff who was next to me. His cum was beginning to show through his t-shirt in spots of wetness and other spots that were starting to stick to his stomach.

"I'm ready." We both turned to see my eighteen year old daughter sitting atop the examination table, feet dangling, chavita cojiendo rico en el motel video cel gown going down to stop just before her knees. Her hands were clasped together in her lap. Jeff approached the table pulling out his otoscope. He began the examination like any other physical an athlete might have before three tight blonde teen besties shared a cock on the couch smalltits foursome a sport.

He checked her eyes, ears, throat, stomach, neck, back, knees, reflexes and breast for unordinary lumps. He would make concerned noises or give positive encouragement in small doses. His instructions were clear and short. He would check with his clipboard that had been resting on the counter since the beginning.

He would make notes, ask few questions, record answers. Nothing out of the ordinary was done. He then cleared his throat and made eye contact with me.

"Now, please lay back and place your feet here in the stirrups. I can adjust them for your comfort if needed. Please slide yourself down until your lower back is at the edge of the table." Sydney did so without hesitation. Her knees were up, the gown pushed down to the waist. I moved to stand near her head and held her hands in support.

Jeff snapped the sound of a latex glove twice. "You are going to feel some pressure. It is nothing to worry about but please let me know if you feel any discomfort." Sydney squeezed my hand and I encouraged controlled breathing. Jeff continued to make grunting affirmations as if he was solving some problem within his own thoughts.

"Dad, if you could come see this just a moment." I let go of her hand and moved to the end of the table. I saw my eighteen year old's pussy, spread and impaled with three of his bare fingers, stuffed tightly up her.

His pinky was buried in her ass and he began to thrust his digits in and out of my daughter lower orifices. I looked down at the floor and there were two latex gloves. He either took them off or never wore them. His three fingers slick with her juices, his pinky wiggling ripgal hot sex sex stories mobi it entered.

Her lips were spread and swollen with excitement. She had faint wisps of blonde blonde chick teasing and masturbating live webcam hair above and on the side of her pussy. He pulled his fingers out, and immediately stuck them in his mouth, savoring her tart pussy and sour ass. I could smell her arousal and my cock jumped in anticipation. "Oh dear." Jeff said.

My daughter raised herself on her elbows, fear etched in her face. Jeff asked her to open her mouth and when she did, he shoved two of his recently soiled fingers in her mouth; he stretched her lips and got close as if he was looking for some clue to her condition. He stood straight up and motioned for me to step to the corner. He opened the folder and began murmuring.

I nodded and gave my best, I understand, impression. Sydney, still on her elbows looked frightened. "What is it?" We broke our huddle and he encouraged her to sit up.

He sat on the stool he used to examine my daughter's pussy a few moments ago. I stood beside her, my cock threatening to rip my pants at the seam. Jeff cleared his throats. "I believe I can tell you what is causing you all your pain. It is a condition that affects few women in the world but it is genetic.

Usually if the mother has it, she will sexy brunette pussy licked and fucked chanel preston it down to all female descendants. It is what me call, maternal female maturihood." "Maternal Fem…what?" Sydney looked puzzled and worried. "Is it serious? Am I going to die?" The fear returned to her face.

Her eyes widened, tears began to brim. She held my hand tight and I could feel tiny tremors as she began to shake. Jeff smiled. "No no no. You are going to be just fine. We have researched this affliction for many years and although we are nowhere near a permanent cure, we do have several treatment options for you.

It will be as if you never knew you had anything wrong with you." He placed her hand on her knee, rubbing tiny circle. "You are going to be ok. There is nothing to fear love. I looked at your family history and your mother has it as well." I squeezed my daughter's hand in reassurance.

She had calmed down but a single tear left a wet streak down her cheek. "What is there russian teen girl and the man sausage is enormous we must do doctor?" I asked. Trying not to seem too eager and rushed. Jeff smiled back. Looking Sydney right in the eye, he continued with our thought out lie. "Your body is growing and changing at an extremely fast rate.

I am sure you learned about that in school." Sydney nodded but we all knew her health scores were barely passing and only there because she copied her best friend, who was nearly as dumb as she. "Your body is growing faster than the average and that is what is causing your tummy to hurt. So, we just need to be sure to inject you frequently with your medicine, and then your pain will go away." "You mean give me shots?" Her voice peaked at the end.

She had never liked syringes and would always cry before and after. Jeff continued. "Not really a shot. Because this is caused by you turning into a woman, there are three injection sites. They are your mouth, your vagina and petite cutie uses a vibrator on herself fingering mature anus.

If you continually on schedule take your medicine properly, then you should no longer feel any of the growing pain." Sydney looked at the doctor and then at me.

Her beautiful round eyes were full of innocence that I was soon going to corrupt. Jeff continued to walk her through the process and reasoning behind the growing female body and how the medicine would be helpful in aiding her maturing process. Sydney nodded with a blank stare since the big words being used by Jeff were not only fabricated but flying well above her head. When Jeff was finished and asked if she had questions, her lack of understanding was evident with her question.

"I need to take my medicine in my mouth, privates and butt? How do I do this, how often and which one at what time?" Jeff cleared his throat and motioned me forward. He whispered in my ear and I nodded. I removed my pants and pulled down my boxers. My shaven cock was at full attention.

"The medicine is here." Jeff said pointing to my balls. "This is the applicator," pointing to my shaft. "Wait, that is the thermometer that if it goes down, I don't have a fever." Sydney explained trying to show that she was smart.

Jeff nodded in agreement. "It has many purposes and I have instructed your father on all of them. It can tell if you are lying, it can sense a fever, it can apply medicine and may other things. Now, take your finger and I want you to gently find your butthole and slowly push it in." Sydney hesitated but did as she was told. She groaned a little since her butt was not lubricated and it was giving its natural resistance.

"It does not feel very wet, does it?" Jeff asked. Sydney replied with a shake of her head. "Now, use that same finger and put it in your vagina." Sydney did as she was instructed.

"There is more moisture here than your butt, right?" Again, Sydney only nodded. "Now put that same finger in your mouth." Sydney complied. "The wettest one," Jeff said and Sydney agreed. My cock twitched watching Sydney probe herself. Pre-cum dripped out uncontrollably to the floor. A thin glistening line connected the tip of my dick to the floor. Jeff continued "As you mature, you are going to need the medicine your father can give hot colombian teens fucking coffeeblackmore webcamshow chaturbate. It will help balance your proteins and amino acids within your system." Sydney just nodded.

She hadn't taken Biology yet and these words, like most of the ones Jeff was using on purpose, were too far advanced. "Moisture tells us which of the sites needs the most attention.

And you discovered what?" Sydney sat for a full minute trying to comprehend what the doctor was asking for. The brightness in her eyes slowly grew until she responded with confidence, "My butthole. Then my privates and then my mouth." She smiled as Jeff and I both nodded. More pre-cum dribbled out of my dick, thickening the line connecting my cock with the floor.

Jeff smiled widely, his bright teeth showing. "That is good Sydney. You are exactly right. Now, it is up to your father to determine where to apply the medicine each time. He is very smart and can tell where you need it the most. Now, see it is long and standing straight up?" Sydney nodded.

"Do you see that clear stuff coming out?" Again, she nodded. "That is not the medicine but the way it stands up and the way that clear stuff comes out is telling your father that it is ready to give you your medicine. Grab it with your hand and tell me how it feels." Sydney hopped down from the examination table.

Her paper gown rustled against her movements. She reached out, unafraid, and grasped my cock. My eighteen year old daughter now had my stiffening cock in her tiny hands. "It feels bp sitting on your wifes face facesitting girl on girl preview, warm and it is thumping." Jeff nodded and my cock twitched, spewing more pre-cum to collect on the floor.

Sydney let out a curious "oh" when she felt it move. Jeff continued to coach her. "That is good and that is how you know it is time. It can happen at any time, day or night. When your father's cock is ready, it is time." "Cock?" Sydney said slowly. That word coming out of my daughter's eighteen year old mouth, the same mouth that my cock rested in a few hours ago, was so exotic that my cock once again jumped and got pre-cum on her.

Jeff, ever so patient with her, "Yes, cock. That is the name of the thing you are holding. It actually has hundreds of names and your father will teach you what is proper to say." He then turned to me, "The first application of medicine needs to go on your stomach. It is to show you what it looks like and you can play with it a little if you want." He reached over and ripped the gown off her in one powerful motion that caught us all by surprise.

He picked her back up on the table and laid her down. Mommy wont u fuck me brought two stepping stools so that I stood over her, my cock protruding angrily, wanting satisfaction. I began jerking it, faster and faster. Pre-cum splashed my daughter's smooth stomach and some collected in her little belly button.

Jeff continued to walk her through the changes as I continued to pump faster. "Now, when you leave this office, your life is going to change. You need to be 100% obedient to your father. He will help you and it is only his medicine that can do the trick. However, your father does know a few other people that can help, but only he knows.

Now, to grow up strong and right, your father is going to pull you out of school and home school you." My orgasm was getting closer. The pool on my daughter's stomach was getting larger. My hand was now a blur of activity, urging me to the finish line. "Don't' worry. There are lots of other girls out there who are doing the same thing. Your father will be sure to enroll you in plenty of athletic programs so that you can meet new friends who are growing just like you.

Also, there are lots of tools you will use and see. It is up to your father to educate you how to become the proper woman. You must listen to him at all costs. If you don't then the medicine will not work, and you may die." Sydney's eyes widened. "I don't want to die." There was a quiver in her voice. She looked at me and then at my cock.

"Daddy, why is the medicine not coming out? Did I do something wrong? Please Daddy, help me." Her begging sent me over the edge.

I came rivers upon her belly and chest. It splattered her tiny nipples, pooled in her belly button, and dribbled its way between her legs matting the tiny blonde fuzz that grew around her pussy.

I groaned loudly and my legs shook uncontrollably. I had to get off the stools and sit on the floor. My cock was still hard and twitching. Sydney began tracing her finger in my spunk. It was thick and white, warm to the touch. She scooped some with two fingers and brought it to her face. She sniffed it and then with her tongue's tip, tasted it. Her face wrinkled and her hand withdrew. "Now, I know you are new but that is the medicine we were talking about. That is the medicine that your father will girl raped in an abandoned warehouse in your&hellip.uhmmm&hellip.I forgot." Sydney beamed and elatedly she said, "In my butthole, privates and mouth." Jeff nodded and I smiled, ear to ear.

My cock was stiff again and I stood up on the stools, bringing it to her mouth. She looked at me and then at Jeff. Her eyes landed on my cock's head. She opened up and I immediately began thrusting. She started to gag and cough. She was trying to get away, pushing my legs. I held her head and she coughed violently, spittle and pre-cum forcing its way. She turned red and then blue before I released her.

I began fucking my daughter's mouth with abandonment. Jeff tried to console her, get her to relax but in her panic, I do not think she heard him.

Only a minute went by before the newness and taboo elation forced my cock to cum once more. This time she coughed up cum, dribbling it down her chin. I pulled out, my cock already growing limp. Jeff went to the counter to graph a tongue depressor. He began scooping all the cum that leaked out and fed it back to my daughter.

"It is important that you get all the medicine your father offers and do not waste any." She nodded and began eating the cum from the wooden tongue depressors.

I pulled my pants back up and Jeff helped Sydney dress into her yoga pants and white camisole top. He conveniently forgot her panties and I saw him put them in a drawer. "A tip," I said. He smiled back, "Souvenir." I nodded my understanding. I walked my daughter out, I noticed my cum on her belly sticking to her camisole, her nipples hard against the fabric.

Her ass looked great in the yoga pants and Keiran lee private porn story made a mental note to buy her more, but tighter so that I can see through them. Melissa was reading the latest tabloids about famous musicians who were getting a divorce after five years of what people thought were blissful. I walked out of the office toward the car with Sydney on my left and Melissa on my right, my hands caressing and groping both their asses.