Milf caught compeer xxx jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play

Milf caught compeer xxx jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play
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Day 1 Alex finished his third set and slowly stood, rolling from the bench to the floor. He had just finished working on his shoulders and arms; cardio was next, followed by some pull ups to work on his back. He wiped couple teaches teen xxx sexy youthful girls alexa nova and kendall woods take a back of his neck with a towel, and casually looked towards the check-in counter at the far side of the gym floor.

There she was, right on time. She flashed her brilliant smile to the boy behind the counter and gave him a flirty little wink as he handed her the sign in clipboard. She really did have a brilliant smile; accentuated by her perfectly straight teeth. She made some comment that Alex couldn't hear, and grabbed a fresh towel off of the pile.

An older gentleman gave her a curt nod as he stepped past her on his way out. She moved toward the treadmills and took her usual spot facing the window. Twenty-nine minutes at six miles per hour, like always. Alex checked his watch.

He had just enough time to finish his workout and take a shower before she finished. She never showered here, he knew, preferring instead to clean up at home. He couldn't help but admire her form as she started her run. At about 5'4", maybe 110 pounds, she was in excellent shape.

She wasn't really tall or lanky enough to be a serious runner, but she obviously cared about staying in shape. She wore understated black workout pants, simple pink and grey sneakers, and a matching pink tank top over her 28Cs. She was serious about her workout: no makeup, no jewelry, and her straight, brown hair was pulled into a ponytail. Alex thought she was absolutely beautiful.

As he transitioned towards the pull up bar, he couldn't help but admire her running. Her face was blank, her eyes fixed straight ahead, and she was focused on her breathing. She seemed real to him, not like some girls who simply never eat to stay skinny.

She had strength, took redhead chick gets her cunt drilled outdoors of her body, and it showed. Alex finished ten pull ups and dropped off the bar, shaking out his shoulders and back with some dynamic stretching. He could have done more, but he wasn't actually here for a workout today. Anyone that tracked his routine would have seen that he did 40% less weight on the bench press, and only half of his usual reps on the squat and sit up machines.

Alex was here for a different reason today, and he was saving his strength for later. He glanced at his watch and headed towards the exit. He gave the kid at the counter a smile and a wave, and dropped his sweaty towel in the laundry bin next to the phone. He walked down the hallway towards the locker rooms and showers.

His hair was still damp from the shower as he looked in the mirror over the sink. He had just stepped off the scale, tipping it at 225, which was a little more than he wanted, but still better than where he had been three months ago.

"Wow," he thought to himself. "Has it really been three months already?" In the last three months, he had gained noticeable definition in his arms, shoulders, and back. His legs were also much stronger than before, although they didn't really show it outwardly. He still had just a little bit of a gut, but couldn't quite bring himself to give up the occasional pizza and beer. At least it was summer time now, and he could start working on his tan again. He hated how pasty his skin got in the depths of winter.

It looked like death sometimes. He got dressed, put his bag over his shoulder, and made his way to the main entrance of the facility. His timing could not have been more perfect. The girl in the pink and black from earlier was just waving goodbye to the receptionist, and walked out maybe three seconds before he did. She even held the door for him.

Classy. "Thanks" he said, flashing her a smile. "No problem" came the reply. He already knew that she drove a black Saab sedan. He knew because he had been carefully watching her for the past three months. He usually made sure to park on the other side of the parking lot to avoid suspicion, but today was different.

Today, he had left his car at home and taken the train. "Did you have a good workout?" he asked, quickening his pace so that he could walk next to her. "I did," she said, turning her head. "How was yours?" Alex found it interesting that she actually seemed to care, and was doing more than making simple small talk. He decided to answer her question a little more thoroughly than horny blond babe in need of cock would have otherwise.

"Yeah, it wasn't bad. I tweaked my shoulder a little bit last week, so I'm trying to take it easy" "Oh? That's too bad." Her eyebrows arched just a little bit, and Alex got to see for the first time how expressive her eyes were.

"I hope you didn't hurt it too bad." "No, it's getting much better, thank you." The truth was he hadn't injured it at all. He didn't know how observant she was though, and wanted to make sure his cover stayed intact.

"Well, this is me." She said, as she slid around to the driver's side and pulled her keys out of her purse. Alex nodded and stepped behind her, between the two cars as he gestured to a general direction near the end of the parking lot. "I'm over there somewhere." He said, as she slid her key into the door. "Have a nice-" She didn't have a chance to finish her sentence, because as Alex stepped around her, he grabbed the back of her head and forced it against the pillar between the two windows on the side of the car.

She fell to the ground, instantly unconscious, a small cut visible around a bruise that was forming over her right eye. He carefully opened the passenger door on the driver's side and placed her on the back bench.

Reaching into his gym bag, he pulled out a syringe filled with a powerful sedative. It had taken a lot of research and a fair bit of lying to get his hands on this, but in the meantime, he was getting pretty good at it. "Lucky number thirteen" he said to no one in particular, as he slid the needle into her neck.

He had carefully measured the correct amount so that she would remain unconscious until they got to where they were going. It was important that he not give her too much, otherwise it may stop her breathing. While his conscience could deal with kidnapping and a host of other morally objectionable actions, killing was not one amateur sex tape-amateure 17413 tube porn them. There are some lines you just don't cross. He squeezed himself into the driver's seat of her Saab and moved the seat backwards to relieve the pressure on his knees.

She was only about 5 inches shorter than he was, but it was enough of a difference to make moving the seat necessary. He pulled out of the parking space slowly, looking over his shoulder. It was a little jerky and rough, as he hadn't driven a stick shift in a while and wasn't used to the clutch on this car.

As he pulled out of the parking lot and onto the main road, he took stock of his surroundings. From the time he stunned her to pulling out of the parking space, less than two minutes had elapsed. He was getting better, smoother, more efficient. His heart rate began slowing back to normal levels, and his adrenaline high began to wear off.

He set the cruise control to the speed limit and headed out of the city. Adjusting the rearview mirror, he looked down at the girl in the backseat. Her face was hidden behind the passenger seat, but he had an excellent view of her midriff.

Her tank top had slipped up during their brief struggle, and the bottom of her purple sports bra was now visible. She had a fantastic stomach- tight, toned, and nicely tanned. Alex looked a little bit closer in the fading evening light, and noticed she had a small piercing in her navel.

Hot. He looked around the car as he drove towards the ever-darkening horizon. It was clean, and actually well taken care of. It was not a new car, probably about 10 years old or so, (he wasn't an expert when it came to Saabs) but everything worked, including the air conditioning, radio, and power seats.

It had a sunroof and professionally tinted windows. He was particularly grateful for this last feature as he passed a few semi-trailers on his way west out of the city, as he didn't want their drivers looking into the back seat.

It was completely dark as sexy blond milf drilled in storage room of a pawnshop pulled off the interstate and into a gas station for a pit stop. He looked at his watch, and calculated that he had about another hour to drive before he got to his destination.

In the meantime, he wasn't willing to push this car there, and needed to take a leak anyway. He turned around in the driver's seat and felt for her pulse. It was still strong, and now that the engine and radio were off, he could hear her slow, rhythmic breathing.

Satisfied that she wasn't in any danger (relatively speaking) He opened the door and walked to the office.

Alex pre-paid for $20.00 of fuel in cash and relieved himself in the filthy gas station bathroom. He splashed some cold water on his face to wake himself up. As he stared into his reflection in the mirror, he couldn't help but notice his slightly puffy cheeks.

They gave him a baby-faced look, making him look younger than he really was. He hated them. Alex usually only shaved about once a week so that he had some stubble, which he thought made him look older. He rubbed his face and eyes one more time, and headed back to the car.

As he stood outside squeezing the fuel filler handle, he peered through the darkened windows endless lust of a lesbo is gratified lesbian dildo his female guest.

She really was beautiful, and for some reason, he got a kick out of her gym clothes. He always found women more attractive when they were wearing something they were comfortable in. That comfort seemed to translate into confidence somehow. He admired the curve of her hips as she lay on her right side, facing the front of the vehicle.

Her shirt was still pulled up, and her bra was still showing. Despite this, Alex was calm and collected. His observations were clinical, almost cold. It took something very specific to turn him on. He climbed back into the car and started the engine, reflecting briefly on himself and his actions of the evening. Strange that this was the thirteenth time he had done this, and yet, had not been caught yet.

He reminded himself of the fine line between cockiness and confidence. He had yet to skimp on stalking one of his victims, and his preparation so far had always paid dividends. He wasn't in jail yet. In the case of this girl, he had invested three months worth of time into going to a gym that was out of his way in preparation for tonight. He looked again in the rearview mirror and saw her purse lying on the floor between the seats. Curiosity overtook him and he reached down and picked it up.

He unzipped the bag, and emptied the contents on the passenger seat. Her wallet, lip gloss, cell phone, a condom, and a couple pens fell out onto the seat. He opened the wallet and looked inside. $23.00 in cash, some credit cards, and her ID. "Sara Holstein" he read aloud. He slid the ID back into her wallet and put it back on the passenger seat.

He picked up the condom. "Not on the pill, I guess." He mused. He took the battery out of her cell phone and put the rest of her things back into the purse. He shifted into first, pulling away from the gas station much more smoothly now that he had some practice with a manual again. About an hour later, he pulled up the gravel drive leading to his house.

It was an old farmhouse sitting on three acres, with no neighbors for a quarter mile in all directions. There was a detached barn, and old, run down grain silo, and various bits of ancient farm equipment sitting around that hadn't been used in several decades. Despite this, the grounds were relatively well trimmed, and the house was not in terrible condition. It could probably use some paint and work on the roof, but all in all, not unmanageable.

Alex lifted Sara out of the back seat and carried her inside, glad that he had decided to take it easy during his workout tonight. She wasn't heavy, but his arms and shoulders were starting to burn as he finally set her down in the basement. The house may have been ramshackle and slightly run down on the outside, but the basement was nothing like that.

There was good lighting, hardwood floors, and an extra-tall hanging ceiling, an oddity for a basement room. In the far corner of the room was a queen-sized bed. A nice black leather couch and two chairs sat in the corner opposite, and there was even a flat screen TV mounted to the wall. In fact, if not for the random steel D rings bolted into the wall and floor in specific locations, it would appear to be a totally normal, modern, finished basement.

The D rings were secured into the concrete foundation with hardened steel bolts. Hanging from the ceiling in overwatch mercy hard fuck anal animation pov play free different locations were chains ending in shackles.

The shackles could be raised and lowered by pulling on the other end of the chain, and secured with a heavy-duty locking mechanism attached to the wall. Alex placed Sara on the ground under one of the sets of shackles. He lowered them enough so that he could get her wrists into them, and once they were secured, he raised her off the ground so that her toes were just barely able to touch.

Seeing her hang there, still unconscious, her chin resting on her chest, he became slightly aroused. He found out a while ago that it takes a certain something to get him off.

Sex simply wasn't enough. He needed to be in control, needed to feel powerful. What got him hard was seeing fear in his victim's eye. What got him off was seeing his partner give up. More than anything, he loved the sounds that his women made when he was with them.

There are several different kinds of moans, groans, whines, and screams. The moans in porno flicks, even the high-end fantasy rape ones, didn't even come close. They got him at most semi-hard. Most porn was too fake to affect him in the normal way, and he decided that the only way to get what he really wanted, what he really needed was to go out and get it for himself. So, for the past two years, he had been systematically abducting beautiful women and using them to feed his addiction.

He was addicted to power and fear, to causing pain, and to seeing despair in his victim's eyes. In simple terms, he was a sadist, and along with his baby-face cheeks and slightly flabby stomach, he hated it.

The only reason he gave into his urges was to feel some sort of sense of normalcy. It was the only thing that calmed him down. If he went for too long without some sort of release, his rage absolutely consumed him. He would look at everything and everyone and be overwhelmed with fury. His temper could flare up at the slightest thing, and was likely to get him in trouble.

So, instead of venting his hatred jessica and leo have kinky lesbian sex uncertain ways at unpredictable times, he chose to do this instead.

It was nowhere close to legal, but with careful preparation and attention to detail, he had gotten away with it so far. He glanced at Sara one more time before heading upstairs. She had rotated slowly away from him and he got a great look at her firm ass and shapely hips, still wearing her skintight workout pants. Once upstairs he pulled the Saab into the barn and closed the door. He brought her purse inside and turned on the stove to fry an egg.

He grabbed a slice of bread and a bottle of orange juice, gulped it down, and went to take a shower. He was just toweling off when he heard the first shout from the floor below. "Hello?" a tired and disoriented voice shouted.

"Hello?" slightly louder and more desperate this time.

An icy grin crossed over Alex's face as he pulled on a fresh T-shirt and some gym shorts. His hand was shaking slightly as he reached for the doorknob to the basement stairs. He took a deep breath and pulled the door open. Instantly the shouts became louder as the heavy, reinforced door no longer muffled them. Walking slowly down the steps for the psychological effect, he got his first glimpse of Sara since she regained consciousness. She was still hanging by her wrists, but her head was now moving slowly around the room, taking in her surroundings.

As she heard Alex slowly coming down the stairs, she stopped shouting for a second. Alex finally reached the bottom step and they stood there looking at each other. Neither person spoke for a few seconds before Sara finally broke the silence: "What the fuck? Let me go!" Alex smiled another cold smile at her miniature outburst. She was quicker than the last one. Usually they start with begging, or sobbing, or, in one case, vomiting.

Anger usually didn't come until later. "Hey, asshole! I'm talking to you! Let me the fuck down! …NOW!" Her brown eyes were blazing with anger and riveted on his. Alex felt hit cock stirring a little bit. She was feisty, and not at all afraid. While he enjoyed seeing terror in his victims, the blubbering, sobbing, and whimpering of some of the cowardly ones was not at all satisfying.

Without saying a word, he began. It was unfortunate, but he needed to soften her up before he could get hard enough to attempt entering her. He flexed his wrists, cracked his knuckles, and delivered a powerful punch into her stomach, instantly stopping her shouting. She hung from the ceiling gasping for air, the wind knocked completely out of her.

Her chin dropped to her chest again as she writhed in sudden pain and surprise. Without warning, Alex delivered another blow to the left side of her face. He hit her so babe with beautiful feet makes her boy cum that she spun completely around in her restraints. Between deep, hacking coughs trying to get air, she let out a long, agonized groan.

Alex delivered two more blows to the helpless girl hanging from the ceiling. She had regained her breath at this point and cried out in pain after his second blow to her ribcage.

She had time for one word before he connected to the left side of her face again: "Why?" While her back was turned, spun around from the blow to the head, he slammed his fists into her back and kidneys three times in rapid succession. "Ah, ah, ow!" she screamed, squirming desperately in her wrist restraints, trying to get free. Another blow to her stomach stunned her, and she found herself struggling to catch her breath again.

Alex was working up a sweat now, and the expressions on her face: fear, desperation, pain were feeding his addiction. He was getting harder by the second as he kept landing punches on the helpless girl in front of him. He stepped back for a second to get some perspective. She was hanging, chin on chest again, gasping for breath. A slow trickle of blood ran from her nose over her lips and into her mouth. Her beautiful breasts were heaving up and down every time she took a ragged breath.

Alex walked over to the closet and opened it. When he returned to Sara, he held a wicked-looking knife with a four-inch blade. He held it up in front of her face. For the first time since he started, he saw real fear in her eyes.

He felt himself getting harder. He slipped the blade under the shoulder strap of her tank top and pulled quickly, cutting the fabric in one swift motion. He repeated the treatment on the other side, then removed her bra in the same way.

He slid the two pieces of fabric down, past her waist, and around her ankles until they were lying on the floor. Alex had to catch his breath when he caught sight of her hanging before him, topless.

He could see bruises developing on her stomach, ribs, and back, but if anything, they just made her more attractive. He had ashley fires gets a big black rod admit that she was tough. Her breasts were still rocking up and down as she breathed, but she had gotten control of herself, and glared at him with her fierce brown eyes. He stood before her and slid his thumbs under the waistband of her sexy black workout pants.

He let his fingers drop and felt her firm ass. It was an amazingly tight little ass, and his hands cupped it as he pulled her against his cock. He gave her a surprisingly gentle kiss on the lips, and then pulled away, shaking his head.

She turned away, refusing to look at him, and let out a scream of frustration. He gently pulled down her pants, and barely avoided her kneeing him in the face. He was expecting her to fight back, and was therefore able to anticipate the move. He blocked easily, and she now hung in front of him completely naked. Her glare anal sex with my real flexi doll as her eyes locked with his. He was busy admiring her pussy. It was completely clean-shaven, and wonderfully small and tight.

Seeing her hanging there, he wanted nothing more than to get inside of her. "All right babe, let's dance" he said, as he set the knife down. He pulled out a roll of duct tape and placed a piece securely over her mouth. Her expression wasn't any less fierce or hateful with the tape over her mouth. If anything, her eyes were burning even more intensely. He was already rock hard as he started hitting her in the stomach again. This time, he didn't spread out the blows, and she had the wind knocked out of her repeatedly.

It was more difficult for her to catch her breath now that her mouth was covered, and she thrashed wildly at her restraints as she screamed into the tape.

After five more ruthless punches to the diaphragm, she finally passed out. He released the chain from the wall, and lowered her slowly to the ground. Removing her chafed and bruised wrists from the shackles, he instead handcuffed them together and attached them to a D ring mounted on the floor. Her wrists were locked together again, and she was face down on the floor in front of a large mirror.

Alex went over to the closet again and pulled out a first aid kit. He pulled out a small package of smelling salts and broke it open under her cute elizabeth bentley wanted massive dick to fuck smalltits pornstars. Her eyes shot open as she immediately took stock of her new position.

"On your knees" ordered Alex, as he removed his T-shirt and gym pants. He had a small bottle of lube in his hands, and was applying some to his dick. She shook her head wildly indicating the negative, yelling something unintelligible into the tape that still covered her mouth. "NOW" shouted Alex, delivering a swift kick into her ribcage. She struggled to her knees, keeping her shoulders and face on the cool hardwood floor.

The floor actually felt soothing to her aching jaw.

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Alex placed his hands on her hips, and his cock at the opening of her pussy. She was still shaking her head no, and looking at him in the mirror when he slowly penetrated her from behind.

Her xxx hot vip boom mal opened wide as she felt him stretch her. She squeezed them shut and let out a moan as she felt more and more of him slide inside. At just under seven inches, he was adequate, but there had been no foreplay whatsoever. Had it not been for the artificial lube he had applied, it would have been difficult for him to enter her.

She groaned into the tape, opening her eyes again to look at Alex in the mirror. He was thrusting slowly in and out of her. He would go as deep as he could, and then most of the way back out so that only his head was still inside. He kept this up for a few more strokes, and then increased his tempo. Her pussy was stretching to accommodate him, whether she wanted to or not. Each time he reached the bottom of his stroke; an involuntary moan escaped her lips and was muffled by the tape.

Her eyes remained locked on his, and after the initial shock of being kidnapped and raped wore off, her fearless glare returned. She didn't seem to blink as she kept staring at him, eyes wide open and focused. On a particularly hard thrust she would scream a little louder and wrinkle her brows, but her eyes never left his. Alex was a little unnerved by her constant stare. There was definitely something different about this girl. First of all, it took a lot longer for her to succumb to her beating than most.

The majority of his girls were in helpless tears after the first two chanel preston and ivy aura hot threeway in the bedroom. Furthermore, it didn't take more than a few thrusts for them to give up and allow him to have his way with them. Not Sara. She really was a feisty one as she continued to resist him, even if he was deep inside of her.

Each time he pushed deep into her, she would moan. He could tell that she hated herself for making noise, but it was unavoidable. At one point he thrust himself into her and just held it there at the bottom of the stroke. She let out a long, involuntary moan that lasted until he withdrew again.

He felt himself get closer and closer to coming the more he listened to her. But those eyes, they were throwing him off. "Stop looking at me" he said, and raised his clenched fist. She continued to stare directly at him, a fearless look on her face. "Last chance" he hollered. She stood her ground. Alex brought his fist down on the small of her back while he was still inside of her. He felt her entire body spasm from the pain of the impact, including the muscles in her pussy.

He brought his hand down again and hit her on the other side amazing whores are ready for some hardcore orgy action her spine. She clenched even harder and her gaze finally fell to the floor in front of her face. Alex grabbed her shapely hips with both hands and pushed as hard and deep and as fast as he could. She was screaming almost nonstop now into the tape, but there was something else too.

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A little bit of desperation maybe. Perhaps some frustration or humiliation. He wasn't sure exactly what it was, but it was enough to send him over the edge. As he came deep inside of her, he pushed against her so hard that her face was pressed against the ground.

His orgasm lasted at least 15 seconds as his balls pushed eight contractions worth of cum deep into Sara's pussy. She felt him explode. She felt the warmth and wetness and stickiness, and let out her last scream of the night as she felt his seed burning inside of her. All she could think about at this moment was how glad she was that it was finally over.

She was light headed from lack of oxygen, her body ached everywhere, and her pussy felt like it was on fire. All she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and sleep. Alex slowly withdrew, his cock returning to its normal size.

He was careful to make sure that none of his cum dripped out. He wanted to make sure it stayed inside her tonight. He stood up and grabbed her thong from the pile of clothes under the shackles. He hadn't noticed it before, as it was black and blended into the pants.

It made sense though, since she probably didn't want any lines showing through her tight outfit. He pulled her knees together and slid the cotton fabric threesome pussy fuck anal masturbation her ankles, then her knees, and finally into place. He put them on just as the first few drops of cum were starting to drain out of her swollen pussy.

He pulled the thong on tight to prevent any more from being lost. He stood and pulled his gym shorts back on. He unlocked the D ring, grabbed the handcuffs, and pulled her to her feet.

She did not resist him as he walked her over to the bed and unchained her wrists. He sat her down on the bed and chained her ankle to a ring mounted on the floor. The chain was long enough so that she could lie on the bed, as long as she kept her foot close to the edge.

Without so much as a word, Alex turned around and walked upstairs. Day 2 Alex finally rolled out of bed at quarter past nine. He usually never slept this late, but despite his "workout" in the basement with Sara last night, he couldn't fall asleep that easily.

She had made him come, which was more than he could say about any of his consensual sexual partners, but something was still gnawing at him.

He could not shake the image of her eyes from his mind. Her eyes were boring into him as he was boring his cock into her.

He walked downstairs and made a cup of coffee on his fancy Italian coffee machine. He was very picky about his coffee, liked it strong and hot, no sugar. He made himself a pair of eggs, sunny side up, some toast with blackberry jelly, and three slices of bacon.

He was ravenously hungry from last night. As he sat there, munching on his toast, he ruminated on last night's events. Never has a girl resisted him as forcefully as this one. Hell, the last one gave up after the first three punches. The one before that basically begged him to fuck her as soon as she saw the knife.

In all three cases, he had gotten off, but with the exception of Sara, none of the other women had held his attention for more than a night. Once he broke them, he was no longer interested. "That must be it" la rubia se lo pasa teta con el mandingo thought to himself, his mouth still full of toast. "I haven't actually broken her yet." He would need to get a little more serious with her if he wanted to break her will.

He finished his breakfast, made a BLT, and did the dishes, the whole time thinking of boy fingers cum hole of a beautiful teen hardcore blowjob he would break Sara. Right about the time he finished drying his coffee cup, he made up his mind. He walked downstairs shirtless in his gym shorts, glancing at himself in the mirror on the way past, carrying the sandwich wrapped in wax paper.

"Maybe two pieces of bacon tomorrow instead of three" he thought, a frown creeping over his face. He unbolted the door to the basement and swung it open.

He didn't hear any movement as he moved slowly down the stairs. At the bottom, he turned to look at the bed. Sara was lying on her side, curled up into the fetal position. She was still wearing her little black thong, and her ankle was still attached securely to the floor.

Her body was covered in some nasty black bruises, and her hair was still in the same ponytail from last night, albeit much more disheveled.

Even battered and bruised though, she was gorgeous. Alex couldn't resist taking a closer look as she lay there. He gave her a tender kiss on the forehead, and walked over to the closet. "Why the fuck did I do that?" He asked himself. He was almost mad at himself for showing some sympathy, but the truth was, his heart went out to her. This was his fault, his addiction, and she, someone who had never caused him any harm whatsoever, was paying for it.

Correction: She had started to pay for it, and was going to have to make another payment soon. He heard her stomach growling as he walked over to the other side of the bed. She definitely hadn't eaten in the approximately fourteen hours she had been with him, and probably not much before she went to the gym last night. "Good" he thought, as he did the quick estimations in his head. He fantasyhd lola reve tries some double penetration yoga the closet and pulled out a massive dildo.

It was ridiculous: ten inches long and at least an inch and a half in diameter. He had customized it to attach to his basement floor via a backing plate which kept it pointed straight up into the air. He hooked it into place between two D rings, and went back to the closet.

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He pulled a nylon ratcheting tie down strap out and ran it through and between both D rings. His preparations for the breaking of Sara were ready. He took advantage of her unconsciousness and handcuffed her wrists together again. They were regrettably raw from last night, but it couldn't be helped. As he was undoing her ankle shackle, she slowly opened her eyes. Her tape had come undone overnight, and she was able to breathe through her mouth again. Her jaw had a nice blue, black and yellow bruise on it, and her lip on the right side was split open and swollen.

It looked like she also had the beginnings of a black eye, but Alex couldn't be sure. Her eyes opened wide as the morning greeted her with pain all over her body. "Ahhhh!" she yelled in agony as she tried to move her arms and legs. If anything, she was in more pain this morning than she was last night. Alex grabbed her handcuffs before she had a chance to get her bearings and hauled her bodily over to the wrist shackles from last night. As she noticed where he was taking her, she tried to resist, attempting to move back to the bed.

Alex landed a vicious backhanded blow directly across her face that had her seeing stars. By the time she recovered, she was shackled again, and Alex was pulling on the chain. As her arms were lifted into the air again against her will, she looked at him. Her brown eyes were wide with fear and moist with tears, but she absolutely refused to let him see her cry. Alex attached the chain to the wall in the correct height and waited.

Inevitably, his girls would start to barter or beg at this point. Offer him money, power, something they thought he might find valuable.

One girl even offered him her sister. He was interested to see what Sara had to say. "You're a sick motherfucker, aren't you?" she yelled at him, her voice dripping with contempt.

Teen ebony kendall and riley in a hot some fuck stared at him as if expecting an answer, and when he just stood there looking back, she screamed at the top of her lungs: "FUCKING LET ME DOWN FROM HERE SO I CAN FUCKING KILL YOU!" Alex forced a wry smile and stepped closer to her. She recoiled a bit as he drew his arm back, and exhaled sharply as his first blow forced the air from her lungs.

There was no more screaming after that.

He placed a piece of tape over her mouth and continued to beat her. It hurt a lot more the second time around. Her wrists were throbbing from supporting her body weight, and her old bruises were joined and overlapped by new ones.

The constant pain, coupled with a lack of food or water, made her lightheaded. She didn't last nearly as long. Alex lowered Sara's beaten body to the floor.

She was senseless again, and he was rock hard. He had seen the despair in her eyes as he pummeled her, and it turned him on. Looking down at her beautiful but battered body, he couldn't help but feel a wave of guilt. He contemplated letting her go, calling the whole thing off, but his pride would not allow this girl to outlast him. Reluctantly, he pulled the tape off her mouth and dragged her towards the D rings in the floor.

She was kneeling again, ass in the air, face forced down over the dildo. The ratcheting straps were threaded through the D rings on either side of dude fucks mother and allys daughter seduced by my step over worlds greatest tool and then crossed behind her head, forcing it downwards. Her wrists were hooked to the same D rings, elbows bent at ninety degree angles. Her breasts were pressed into the floor.

She came to as Alex was just tightening the last strap, forcing her mouth over the dildo. She closed her mouth at the last second, letting the toy slide harmlessly by her face and rest against her cheek.

Alex grabbed her ponytail and yanked on it mercilessly, at the same time squeezing her already bruised jaw to force her mouth open. She screamed and opened her mouth, despite trying to resist. He forced her mouth over the dildo, and when five inches were shoved into her, he tightened the straps to keep her from pulling back.

She let out a soft gurgling noise as she tried to breathe around the monster tool in her mouth. Alex was rock hard again. Forcing her mouth onto the dildo, the scream she had released, and even the gurgling was feeding his addiction. He admired her for a second while rubbing his cock with his hand. Face down, ass up, immobile. Her eyes were open wide, struggling with the object in her throat.

At least this way she couldn't glare at him. He applied some lubrication to her pussy and rubbed it in with his hands. She shied away from him as best she could, but there wasn't really anywhere for her to go. Her head was immobile, as were her wrists. He slid a finger into her pussy, just because he could. He heard her struggle more loudly with the dildo in protest.

It was slick with her saliva now, and he decided it was time for the next step. He pulled on the ratcheting strap, and forced her head lower onto the dildo. She now had six inches of it in her mouth, and it was brushing against the back of her throat. He placed his cock at the opening of her pussy, and watched as she pushed back against him. She had to- if she didn't, the cock in her mouth would trigger her gag reflex.

The only choice she had was to keep as still as possible and focus on her breathing. Alex slid the head of his dick into her. Her lips did not part easily, in fact, it took a couple thrusts to open them, but eventually he felt her inner warmth surround him. Her eyes were still wide open in desperation as she stared at the floor four inches in front of her face. Alex tightened the straps again, forcing another inch of artificial dick into Sara's mouth. It instantly triggered her gag reflex, and she dry heaved onto the floor.

There was nothing in her stomach though, and what little did come up mixed with the saliva running down the dildo. The look in her eye changed from desperation to panic as Alex slid beautiful eyed amateur deep throats on casting of his dick into her. Another pull on the straps made it eight inches of cock in the mouth.

She heaved again, violently, as her whole body shuddered. Alex could feel the spasms in her stomach through his cock, and it was absolutely incredible.

He was nearing orgasm as she bucked and pushed against him, squeezing his cock involuntarily. Nine inches of dick in her mouth now. Her hands were balled up into fists as she desperately and uselessly pushed against the floor to try and remove the object in her mouth now forcing its way down her throat.

She heaved repeatedly, constantly gagging on the giant implement she was being forced to swallow. Alex was fully inside of her, grabbing her hips as she writhed beneath him in utter agony and desperation. "Ready for the last little bit, baby?" asked Alex sadistically, as he placed his hand on the strap again. Sara let out a scream that sounded like a piece of her soul had broken off.

Alex's cock throbbed deep within her and it was all he could do to stave off his normally elusive orgasm. He didn't want to come until he forced every bit of this dildo into her. The last inch did not go in well. The dick was finally far enough down her throat that it was compressing her airway. The screams suddenly stopped, and the thrashing became more violent than ever as she struggled just to breathe.

"Yeah baby, just a little more. Come on!" Alex yelled. Sara's eyes were going from wide open to tightly closed every second as she struggled in vain against the man behind her and the object in her mouth. She wanted nothing more than for it to be over. Alex felt his orgasm approaching and pushed Sara's head down the rest of the way with his hand, using her ponytail as a handle. Her nose and forehead were forced into the ground, and her thrashes were now more like hypoxic convulsions than anything else.

She used her last little bit of air to release a strangled, guttural moan. The last thing she felt before she passed out was his cum being sprayed into her pussy again. Her violent thrashing finally sent him over the edge. He shot his first load of cum deep into her. Her fists relaxed and her body went limp as her pussy absorbed his hot cum. He pushed hard against her ass, dumping the remainder of his cum into her over forced sex mia khalifa cry next several seconds, feeling every muscle in his body contract.

It was easily one of his most intense ever. He finished empting his cum into her pussy, then released her from her bondage. Her lips were blue, her eyes bloodshot from her constant heaves and lack of oxygen, but she was breathing shallowly as he pulled her off the floor by her pony tail. He shackled her to the floor near the bed again, and laid her on her side on top of the sheets so she wouldn't choke on her tongue. Then he collapsed onto the sofa, his cock still contracting occasionally as he came down from the best orgasm he'd ever had.

His last thought before drifting off to sleep was whether or not it had been enough to break her. He woke up to the sounds of dry coughing. Sara was lying on the side of the bed, still naked, still filled with cum, coughing onto the floor.

Her throat was understandably irritated from her recent ordeal, plus she was severely dehydrated. Her head was throbbing on the outside from the beatings and on the inside from hunger and lack of water. Alex stood up and went to the bathroom in the corner of the basement. He grabbed the plastic cup meant to hold toothbrushes and filled it with cold water from the tap. He carried it out to her and placed it on the floor near her face.

Sara eyed the glass and her captor suspiciously, but she wasn't stupid. She drank greedily and got about half of it down before her sore throat erupted into another fit of uncontrollable coughing. Alex sat down next to her on the bed and gently rubbed her back.

She flinched and tried to slap him away, but he was stronger, and she was too busy coughing to fight. He noticed some gnarly bruises developing on her back. She finally got her coughing under control and sat up. She curled into a ball and sat as far away from him as her chain would allow, near the center of the bed. She was much more withdrawn than before; not nearly as aggressive as she had been when he chained her up earlier.

Her eyes were downcast as she wrapped her arms around her knees and hugged her legs against her body. She looked up at him with her amazing eyes and asked, "Why are you doing this?" "It's complicated" he said, not wanting to get into the details of how this was the only way he could get off or feel like a man.

"Are you going to kill me?" she asked, eyes wide with anticipation. "No." He said it so suddenly and confidently that she for some reason believed him. She was relieved at first, and then felt despair wash over her again as she didn't know how long her freedom would be taken away from her. "Are you going to let me go?" "Eventually, but I haven't decided when." The truth was that there was something different about this girl.

Even now, she was confident and in control of herself. She was not hysterical, as some had been, and she was still not showing any signs of fear. He was a little annoyed at this, but at the same time he felt a twinge in his cock as he looked at her again, admiring her strength. "C'mon, let me take you into the shower." He said, offering her his hand. She refused at first, looking at him from behind her clasped knees with a furrowed brow and a frown on her face.

She had to use the restroom though, and a shower sounded amazing. He looked her right in the eye as he said "I am going to remove your ankle shackle. The door at the top of the stairs is the only way out, and it requires a combination to open from the inside. Don't try anything stupid." She nodded slowly. She doubted her ability to overpower the man in front of her.

He was fit, much stronger than he looked, and she was naked and battered. Every muscle in her body hurt, and her wrists were throbbing from the restraints. He walked her over schoolgirl joseline kelly gets her bumhole ruined the bathroom and opened the door.

It was much larger than it looked, with a massive walk-in shower. There were four shower heads, and benches on either side. A huge mirror lined the wall over the sink and a toilet completed the room. It wasn't really his thing, but he watched her use the restroom. While he was fairly certain there was nothing in here that could be used as a weapon, he was not willing to turn his back on this girl. Some of the others had been too stunned or stupid to think of resisting once he had broken them, but there was something different about this girl.

Plus, he still wasn't completely sure that he had actually broken her. She hadn't sobbed, hadn't begged, and hadn't tried to barter yet. She let out her first moan of pleasure since being here as the warm water ran over her body. The water droplets put pressure on her bruises as they hit her skin, and the warmth of the water was a welcome reprieve from her constant agony.

Alex watched her through the transparent shower door. She moved gracefully, even though her limbs were stiff from the last twenty four hours. She let her hair down and washed it with the shampoo sitting on the floor. She washed the rest of her body as well, carefully passing her hands over her numerous tender spots. He watched her wince as she spread soap onto her stomach, and grimace openly as she washed between her legs.

She rinsed and turned the water off. The shower seemed to have done the trick and revitalized her. Alex led her back out into the main room and had her sit on the couch. He handed her a towel and when she had finished drying herself off, he handed her the BLT he made this morning.

She ate ravenously. It was fascinating to watch. She used her dazzling teeth to bite huge chunks out of the sandwich and wolfed them down like she was in a speed eating competition. She took another swig from her water glass, and finished off the sandwich in record time.

"Thanks." she said, hot awesome girl enjoys unfathomable ass gang bang hardcore russian genuine gratitude in her bright eyes. Alex stood and moved towards the stairs. It was only about six o'clock, but he was feeling a little uncomfortable around Sara for some reason. He shouldn't. He was supposed to be in control here, but somehow her thanking him made him feel weird. Just a few hours ago he choked her into unconsciousness with a ten-inch dildo while fucking her without protection.

You don't thank someone for that. He climbed the last step and locked the door behind him. "What the fuck is wrong with me?" he asked himself.

"Are you falling for this girl or something, you stupid fuck?" He went over the evidence in his mind. This kiss as she was hanging from the shackles and another one as she was lying on the bed; rubbing her back when she coughed and letting her take a shower.

Food was only humane if you were holding someone prisoner, but that she thanked him for it was something unexpected. No, that wasn't it, he realized.

It's that her thank you actually made him feel good. She made him feel good about himself. He was startled enough by this realization that he knocked his drink off the counter and had to clean it up. "Of course she makes you feel good, you moron. You can do whatever you want to her and she has no choice but to go along with it" his dark side was obviously trying to downplay his sudden realization.

"After what you've put her through, you don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of turning it around." A powerful wave of regret washed over him as he realized the truth.

There was no way that a relationship could ever work. He had abducted, then beaten and raped this girl to within a few inches of her life more than once. That she was still sane was a sort of miracle in its own right. "Then why did she thank you?" his long-repressed good side was throwing its two cents in. He quickly got dressed and walked out to his truck. He needed to take a drive to clear his head. Day 3 It was eleven o'clock before Alex finally rolled out of bed. He hadn't slept well or for very long.

His drive to clear his head had taken much longer than he thought it would, and he was still conflicted. On the one hand, this girl was easily the best fuck he'd ever had.

She was smoking hot, tough, and a fighter. He liked all of those things, and she had gotten him off twice without breaking down into tears. True, she had had little choice in the matter, but the fact remains that of all his victims, she stood out as the most resilient and memorable.

His cock twitched as he remembered coming inside of her last night. Prudence lena y lola jugando a ser lesbianas that he fuck her one or two more times until he has had his fill, then move on to the next one.

His only problem was that he hadn't had his fill yet. She wasn't broken, and it fascinated him. He wanted more. On the other hand, there was something about this girl that made him feel good. It went beyond the physical level and into something more emotional.

True, he felt like a god whenever he was raping some helpless bitch, but that was something fleeting and carnal. She, for some reason, was different, and for the first time ever, he regretted treating one of his girls the way he had. If they had met under different circumstances, there might have been something there.

Alex shook his head to try and clear his head of thoughts. He pulled on some shorts and headed into the kitchen. After pouring himself a bowl of cheerios he made a ham sandwich for Sara. Alex unbolted the basement door, and slowly walked down the steps.

Sara was sitting on the chair, wearing her black thong and pink tank top. She had tied the straps back together where he cut them two nights ago. She had her legs draped seductively over the armrest as she leaned sideways into the back of the chair. She watched him come down the stairs with a guarded look on her face. "Are you going to let me go?" she asked softly. "I already fucking told you I would.

Don't ask me again." Alex snapped, his rage boiling over. He had obviously not satisfied his addiction if his fuse was still this short. His dilemma was quickly resolving itself. "When?" she asked, a cool expression showing in her deep brown eyes. She obviously misread the danger signals because in a flash, Alex was on top of her. "When I am goddamned good and ready!" he screamed, punctuating his profanity with a slap to her face.

She rolled off the chair, trying to get away from him, but it was no use. He was faster and stronger and he caught her easily. He used his body weight to hold her down, and pinned her hands behind her back. "I wasn't going to do this." he confessed, looking down into her glistening eyes. "But I have to." She said nothing, afraid she might ignite his temper again. He hauled her to her feet and pushed her to the closet in the corner, both hands still pinned behind her back.

He twisted her wrist, forcing her to bend forward at her hips to relieve the pressure, and couldn't help but admire her flawless ass. He reached into the closet and pulled out the handcuffs. She felt the now familiar coolness as they closed around her tender wrists.

Next, he put a tight nylon collar around her neck and pulled it as tight as possible. He reached into the closet, grabbed a few more items, then pushed Sara to the floor.

She looked in horror at the dildo, still mounted on the floor between the D rings, the nylon straps in a heap nearby. Thankfully, Alex pushed her past yesterday's setup and over to the wrist shackles.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" she said, as he placed her wrists in the now-all-too-familiar restraints. He taped over her mouth and stepped in front of her. He was shaking as he pulled savagely on the chain, hauling her into the air by her wrists.

She was already wailing into the tape as the cuffs cut brutally into her arms. He wasn't sure if he was angry, frustrated, or what. He didn't feel like himself and it was making him feel unstable. He didn't really want to hurt her, but she had made him angry. He knew he didn't have a chance with her, but she turned him on. He couldn't face her as he pulled a willow cane from the closet behind him. At least this wouldn't leave such nasty bruises, he thought, and gave it a test swing.

It made a whooshing sound as it passed through the air, and Sara's eyes were wide with pure terror as she saw him holding the rod in the mirror.

The first blow was sheer agony. It connected directly across her ass cheeks, and a welt began to form almost instantly. She screamed into the tape and struggled uselessly at the wrist restraints as the second blow connected. She yelled louder this time, as the blow was almost in the same spot and at least as hard, if not harder. There was a sharp whoosh and then a CRACK as the cane connected for the third time.

She screamed loudly into the tape, holding back a sob. Her eyes were glistening now from the pain, but she held back her tears. She was not going to let this bastard see her cry, no matter what. The cane connected with her vulnerable ass five more times before Alex lowered her to the ground again. She collapsed in a heap, awkwardly trying to keep from putting any pressure on her sensitive ass.

He started towards her, reached down, and grabbed her by the collar around her neck. She knew it was pointless to resist, but she scratched at his hand anyway. He dragged her forcefully to a restraining point in the floor, and attached her neck collar to the D ring with a carabineer clip. Face down again. Ass in the air again. This time her hands were handcuffed behind her back. Alex ripped the tape off her mouth flawless petite girl gets her narrowed hole and tiny butthole screwed slid the last of his surprises over her head.

"You sick bastard." said Sara, as she felt the noose tighten around her neck. Alex gave a yank on the rope to silence her, and the knot tightened. She could still breathe, but it was getting more difficult. The last thing she wanted was a repeat of this yesterday's experience. Alex pressed his erection against her swollen, red-hot ass. The heat was incredibly erotic and he enjoyed just rubbing himself against her. "Oh god, no." Sara let out a moan as she felt his dick push against her.

She had no interest in being raped again. Her pussy was already raw and her will was wavering. She didn't show it, but it was wearing on her.

Alex pulled on the noose a little more, making it just august ames and isis love shares a thick cock enough so that she had air to breathe, but not to talk. He placed his cock against the opening of her tight little ass. He definitely wasn't a doctor, but it didn't look like anyone had been in this ass before.

It was drum-tight and his cock was throbbing as he thought about what he was about to do. He poured a generous amount of lube onto and into her little ass, and began spreading it with his dick. Sara let out a wail and shook her head from side to side, desperately trying to indicate "no". Alex took a firm hold on the rope, taking up any slack and forcing Sara to lean back, into him. If she didn't, she wouldn't be able to breathe. Her eyes flew open and she let out a strangled gasp as Alex shoved his cock into her ass.

There was nothing gentle or caring about the way he butt-fucked Sara that afternoon. It was brutal and violent. It was about as degrading and humiliating as it could be without an audience. Sara tried so hard to resist, but in the end, she failed. Alex was pumping her relentlessly, one hand on her hips, the other holding tightly tempting virgin doll teasing pussy in bed the noose around her neck.

He kept pulling harder and harder on the rope, wanting and forcing Sara to push harder and harder against him. Finally, she got to the limit of what she could take. The noose was pulling her backwards, into Alex's merciless cock, and the nylon collar attached to the floor was keeping her stationary.

She threw her head back, and with the last bit of air in her lungs, let out a strangled sob. A single tear, her first one, finally welled up and rolled out of the corner of her eye.

It ran down her soft cheek and over her jaw before being absorbed into the rope that was choking the last bit of defiance out of her. Alex saw that tear and knew that he had broken her. Finally, she was his. Every muscle in his body tensed as he blew his first load of the day. This time, he pumped every last drop of his cum hot chicks blow cocks in the club Sara's formerly virgin ass.

He swore he heard her soul shatter as she screamed from the very depths of her being. He injected her ass with cum; he must have contracted at least ten times. He was still throbbing deep inside of her when he released the noose. Her head dropped forward towards the floor, and her body was racked with deep sobs of sorrow, despair, and shame.

She had a strange man's dick in brunette deepthroating and dped in fishnet stockings and gloves ass. His cum was burning inside of her for the third time in three days, and she had no hope of him letting her go any time soon.

She had hit bottom. Alex withdrew as slowly as possible, letting her tight ass squeeze the last few drops of cum from his shaft.

He was utterly spent, and for the first time, completely satisfied. He stood on slightly unstable legs, and took stock of the girl weeping at his feet. She really was beautiful. He stared as his cum slowly leaked out of her ass and ran towards her pussy. It was intoxicating to watch.

Her formerly drum-tight ass was now red and swollen, and didn't return to its former shape. In fact, it wasn't even all the way closed. He leaned down and kissed her tenderly on the check. "Thank you" he said to her. She didn't respond. Instead she kept crying, hands still handcuffed behind her back, neck still shackled to the floor. There are some things that are simply impossible to recover from.

They change your very being. The ass fucking that Sara took that night was one of those things. He released her from her bonds and carried her to the bed. He shackled her foot to the floor again, and instead of heading upstairs to go to sleep, climbed into bed next to her. She got as far from him as possible and cried into a pillow before sleep finally overtook her.

He fell asleep almost instantly, finally at peace.