Intense blowjob session with an amazing redhead

Intense blowjob session with an amazing redhead
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It's was the beginning of summer it's 6:00 a.m. My alarm clock went off it's time to get up and get ready for work I had to be at work 8:00 a.m. and my wife is still sleep like always.

So I get in the shower get dress and by 7:00 a.m. I go to wake my daughter as every morning get up sweetie you have to get ready for school it's your last day today.

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My daughter was just getting out the fourth grade she's 10 years old and when ever she goes to sleep she only sleep with her t-shirt and her panties and lately it's been hard for me to look as she's starting to develop to a beautiful young lady. Good morning daddy as she says every morning with a smile on her face and she never was to shy around me as she gets out of bed with her panties on, I got the shower started for you sweetie as I do every morning.

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So I go down stairs to the kitchen to fix my coffee and to make my her some toast and eggs like I do sometimes before I leave hot babe misha mayfair gets a rough sex session with pascal work it was good that I only work 5 minutes from home I run back upstairs to kiss my wife goodbye for work and as I was walking pass the bathroom my daughter says daddy come here can you give me some lunch money of course I'll leave it by the door and as I was putting it on the floor the door opens and she has no cloths on it's shock me whoa!

hey what you doing where your clloths and she just says oh I forgot to grab my cloths my room is not that far anyway ok daddy thanks for the money and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I sat there for bout a 5 seconds or so with my daughter naked body flashing threw my head wow she really has been developing I said then I had to hurry off to work at the bank just down the street from our home but during the day I had just bout a hour to get off and all I kept thinking about was my daughters little perky not fully grown breast she had some really big nipples to especially when just getting out the shower with her body still a little wet and the cold air from the house had her nipples hard oh wow they were beautiful and she had a nice ass to be that young her panties always fit so nice on her whoa.

Hold up what am I thinking that's my little girl I'm thinking this about the one that I spoil all the time because she's my only little girl and she looks up to me I gotta get it out my mind but really I can't.

Then the phone ring it was my wife calling me to say that's she getting ready for work because she works at 3 p.m. and to tell me she will have to work late tonite so don't worry about dinner for her ok hunny well I see you later ok bye.

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Then after that I had to look up some stuff on about how I was feeling is it normal or what I gotta get some answers so I looked it up and found that It was normal in some families with fathers thinking there daughters were attractive and some families have incestuous relationships with each other so I looked at the time finally it's want 4 p.m. Time to go home so Im driving home and the incest stuff online ran threw my mind and now I'm pulling in the drive way I gotta stop thinking about this right now I walk in sweetie are you home yeah I just in the room playing playstation, ok thats fine well I'll be ordering pizza soon ok.

Then after we ate she said I'm going to my room and get into my comfortable cloths and again that thought cross my mind about earlier i can't stop thinking bout it so I walked up stairs and I past my daughters room and the door was cracked so I looked in seeing her changed she looked beautiful as I kept looking I notice I was starting kissable teen stretches juicy pussy and gets deflorated get a hard on and all of a sudden she giggle to herself and turn around like she new I was looking so I went to my room sittiing there looking over papers from work as I get tired I figure I take a hour nap and get started back on this so I fell asleep and around 8 p.m.

Oh I sleep to much well let me get started on this work I said. But then I heard a noise like a girl was moaning but It didn't sound like my daughter so I got up and walked by the room and then it got lower the door was completely close at which she never close her door all the way then I her something fall so I open the door to see if something was wrong sweetie your ohhh kayyy and there she was completely naked masterbating the only thing I could say was sooooo I guess I let you get back to that and I closed the door now she really going threw my head wow she looks so sexy doing that just thinking about it is getting me wondering and thinking about that incest stuff I was looking at online.

So I went down stairs to watch tv I didn't want to work on the stuff from work then my daughter came down with her shirt and panties back daddy do you mind if I sit down here with you, yes sweetie I tried my best to play it cool but I couldn't then she ask are you mad at me for touching down there daddy no I'm not mad I tried to tell her It was natural and that everyone does it sometimes to make there self feel good and relaxed.

Then she ask does mom do it, ummm. yeah sometimes, i said. Pretty babe massage and banged by her pervert masseur do you watch her or do you let her be alone like you did to me ummm. I don't know if we should be talking about this I said to her, well I thought that you said that we shouldn't keep things away from each other when were asked something, thats true sweetie well ok, I'll you sometimes I watch and sometimes I touch her down there, you touch down there she says what do you do and how do you touch mom?

So I started thinking about those thoughts of incestuous relationships from earlier then she tap me on my leg daddy! So can you, ok sweetie just lay back and relax, as my heart beating twice the speed I pull aside her panties and touch it felt so nice as she was already dripping went from before she moaned as I made circles over her clit she moan louder oh daddy that feels so good don't stop.

I was getting so turned on about fingering my sweet little girl, next thing you know I got so into it I leaned down and started licking her virgin innocent pussy oh my god she taste so sweet. Oh daddy,oh daddy,oh daddy then a loud scream as she started shaking like she was cold, all she kept say was daddy, daddy,daddy she was breathless my cock was so hard I didn't know what to do next.

She then ask is that what you do to mom then I said yes your mother loves it when I do that, so what does mom do for you she asked well I can't show you but I can tell you how to do it, a big smile came upon her face I really can dad really yes baby oh daddy you never called me baby I like that better she said. So I told her to unbutton my pants and pull them down omg daddy she said its really big, so I told her mommy kisses the tip and licks it and then when she gets it all wet she puts her whole mouth on it and goes up and down do you think you can do that she shook her head up and down looking so excited.

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So she start kissing it and licking it making sure she put a lot of slob on it and then she put h hot mouth on it her little mouth stretching open and she started going up and down really fast oh my god her little virgin mouth feels so good I told her to slow youbg girl old man sleeping baby and to suck the cock as you come up that's how your mother do, yes,yes baby just like that suck it good for daddy and by now she's doing like a pro try to go all the way down baby oh baby yes I couldn't believe it my daughter almost got my 7 1/2 inch all the way down, yes It felt so good to told her to keep going and that daddy was going to cum as I pulled out and told her to squeeze her little breast together as I cum all over them as I moan louder I'm cumming baby I let out a big load all over her chest.

As she ask why is it thick and sticky because it just. Is baby I told her mother loves to lick it and swallow it she does she said as she put some on her finger and licked it off mmmm. She said well next time can I swallow it yes baby you can, but now it's time for bed your moth will be home soon ok, as I tuck her in she says do you think we can get mommy to do it with us, hmmm.

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I don't know I guess I would have to see but in the mean time it can just be me and you goodnight. So if you like my story please leave comments and I would glady give out part two of this story it gets better.