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Carly Shay had started doing Icarly putting a video of her show weekly. Freddie Benson who managed the camera and the web site set up his camera so what he recorded would automatically be sent to the web site.

Everything worked out great until Freddie left his camera in her bedroom recording whatever was in front of it. It was focused on her bed and that half of her bedroom. That night her viewers watched her strip for bed exposing if only temporarily her beautiful young body.

She covered herself in a sheer white teddy and got into bed and going to sleep. She awoke in the morning and again stripped and went to take a shower. When she came back she was still wet her skin shiny with water and she started to dry off with her towel.

The audience watched as she dried her small shapely feet with shiny red polish on her toe nails. Then ran the towel up each of her long pale white leg. Then she ran the towel up between her legs rubbing the towel over her vagina the rough towel stimulated her clit. Her audience watched her rub the towel over her clit until she climaxed. The viewers watched as she moved up her body dropping the towel and running her hands over her stomach then up onto her firm young breasts pinching her nipples until they stiffened.

She moaned as one hand kept working her breasts and her other returned to her pussy. Slipping two fingers into her cunt they watched as she began masturbating herself. She went from two to four and then shoved her whole hand into old age mom sith son vagina.

Forming a fist she punched it into her pussy repeatedly until whos that girl please bffs beach bikers climaxed. The audience gave Icarly a high rating and the web site had the highest number of viewers it had ever had to date. She lay on her bed for an hour after bringing herself to orgasm continuing to run her fingers in and out of her pussy and over her breasts and hardened nipples.

As she lay there half asleep her dog came up to her crotch and began licking her juices from her still overstimulated cunt she moaned and tried to push him away but he was too large and kept licking her pussy forcing his long tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy. As he licked her pussy running his tongue up and down her slit then pushing it as deep into her as he could get it she whimpered as an orgasm built in intensity between her legs moaning she tried to get away from him by turning over and rising to her hands and knees which was a big mistake because this allowed him to mount her ramming his cock into her vagina driving it deep into her womb and locking them together when his knot pushed into her cunt.

She screamed as her body shook with a massive orgasm then shook with many small ones. When he unknotted from her she lay down and rolled over showing her audience her gaping vagina still quivering with her climaxes and dripping dog cum. Carly lay on her bed with her beautiful young body on display to the world when Freddie walked into her room announcing that he was there to retrieve the camera that he had forgotten.

Freddie stood at the entry to her room his jaw practically on the floor as his dream was coming true. There his dream girl Carly lay spread out naked before him. He dropped his pants and pulled out his hardening penis crawled onto Carly's body and pushed his penis into her vagina splitting Carly's nether lips and began pumping into her until he ejaculated filling her womb with his sperm.

Exhausted he lay down on her kissing all over her body until her body showed her arousal and he was ready to go again. He entered her slowly taking his time bringing her body close to an orgasm but then stopping only starting again when her arousal abated. Finally after an hour of this Carly began begging him to fuck her but he just kept bringing her close to an orgasm and letting her arousal fade.

Crying she pleaded for release until he saidyou are mine you belong to me say it. I'm yours Freddie I'm your willing slave do what you want to me just make me orgasm. He fucked her fast and hard finally making her climax.

Moving to a chair he sat and waited for Carly to collect herself and when she did he told her that now being his she had to dress the way he wanted her to dress. From now on Carly you will no longer ever wear a bra or panties.

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That she would only wear short skirts that their hems only came six inches below her groin or less. Your blouses will be sheer and either very tight or so loose that others can look down them to see her breasts. Freddie yelled out Gibby bring in the bag and take your turn fucking Carly. Carly whimpered as Gibby brought in a large bag dropped it at Freddie's feet and then moved to her and sitting down on the bed after dropping his pants and underwear to the floor he draped Carly's body over his lap positioning his cock at the entrance to her vagina her began spanking her ass cheeks so hard that he drove her cunt down onto his cock into her womb deeper with each slap.

Arousing her with both pain and pleasure until they both came simultaneously. Many of the viewers were going through the same emotions as they watched these activities and ejaculated or climaxed. Once done Gibby left and Freddie took the items out of the bag and explained that these items were her legs on shoulder sex storys outfit. He handed her a very short black silk skirt with a slit on the right side up to its waist band.

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After she put this on he handed her a pair of dark silky nylon thigh high stockings which she pulled on up over her legs. Out of the bag came a black pair of high heeled leather boots that she donned. He handed her a sheer tight white blouse with two buttons holding it together. It showed off her darkened aureoles and hard nipples magnificently. Carly looked at herself in a mirror and told Freddie, I cant go out in the public in this it hides nothing.

No it doesn't Freddie commented and you can and will wear it as he led her out the door shouldering his camera lovable kitten stretches yummy slit and gets deflowered virginity hardcore continuing to record their trip. They drove to a nearby mall and she walked down the concourse as Freddie recorded the event. Carly was watched by the other mall goers as she was displaying her firm young body most intimate parts.

A pair of young girls stood with her between them and took the hem of her skirt and tucked it into her waistband exposing her bare clean shaven pussy to all of the watchers.

Then they unbuttoned her blouse rebuttoning it behind her back exposing her firm young breasts. Now fully exposed to those in the mall the two girls dragged her to a tattooist in the mall.

They sat her in the chair sitting next to the concourse walkway. The two girls talked to the owner and paid her for what they wanted done to Carly's body. She got started immediately tattooing her aureoles to darken them tinted by blood and placing rings around her nipples to keep them hard and aroused.

Then she began a long colorful snake tattoo the tail beginning just below her knee then started twinning around her leg above the knee and then straightening and heading straight to her pussy the head just below her pussy with the tongue appearing to tickle her clit. She then attached a stimulating ring around her clit that caused her clit to undergo stimulation with each movement.

Smiling the tattooist patted her cunt and left her on display in the chair. The crowd that had gathered clapped and moved on to their day. Carly slowly stood and shut her eyes when her movement sent a shock into her clit and caused her body to weaken for a short period.

It took her awhile to get used to the stimulation constantly bringing her closer and closer to climaxing. The web site continued to be updated with the video of her sexual abuse that was getting more and more viewers and had gone over ten million and continued to rise as she was shown to be going from a virgin to a slut.

The final broadcast happened that night as she lay naked on her bed and her brother Spencer came into her room and lay down on her slamming his cock into her pussy and quickly ejaculated.

He whisperedsorry Carly but you don't know how long I wanted to do that finally fucking you and only a week spicy sexy doggy style fucking hardcore blowjob I got to do this to Samantha. He collapsed on top of her and fell asleep cuddling her body close to his own.

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Carly realized she was at peace and fell asleep being spooned by her brother.