Hitoduma no hiwaina seppun to seikou aida nana

Hitoduma no hiwaina seppun to seikou aida nana
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It fascinated her that such a thing could create life. His was laying off to the side showing a peek of what lay beneath, it looked like a fuzzy peach. Curiosity drove her to it and something else she couldn't explain. Her hand brushed lightly on his manhood from his lower belly to his sheathed tip. Warm she thought, it's so warm. Glancing quickly at the face of the unconscious stranger she continued her exploration.

She wraps her hand around slowly until her fingers touch. She feels his pulse, its warm, it's alive. It's like a separate thing from himself she says. The strange feeling washes over her again guiding her actions.

She leans her face in taking a deep breath gathering his musk inside her.

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Sweat, body wash, male musk, no longer able to restrain the feeling. She squeezed the velvety flesh running her hand down its length amazed at the size of it.

She had seen an old movie once where a woman preformed a special act on a man, her mother had beat her raw for it, but mother was gone. Licking her lips she leaned in, she kissed the root of his manhood licked the shaft until it glistened then poked her tongue at the emerging head. It grew under her careful attention, standing at about 9inches.

She hardly notice his size as she popped the head in her mouth, she marveled it its soft yet hard feel and prodded her tongue at the opening. She wanted all of it, working her way down was hard only 4inches in she hard to pull back, but she left a glistening slick coat. She lapped at the head that was salty with precum. Stroking his length from the base to the tip over and over pumping out more of his man japanese milf sucks cock and is fucked. He woke up strangely happy and pissed all at once.

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First he noticed only one eye would open his head felt like bomb went off and that his fingers where numb. Then he noticed the woman sucking his cock like it was a foxy ruby has her shaved beaver plugged cane, I died he thought suddenly, I died and im caught between heaven and hell.

His thoughts where cut off by the woman's mouth playing with the sensitive glands near the top of his dick, tensing he closed his eyes riding the wave of bliss. She began to pump him fasted and harder wrapping her hot mouth around his head, he could feel his balls surge ready to explode. She grabbed his swollen testes and his whole world flashed white, she must be an angel he thought.

She grabbed his fuzzy sack and the salty spray shed been enjoying turned into a hose shooting of load after load of hot cum into her eager mouth. There's so much, she wondered if it would ever end. When it stopped she stroked it a few more times and wiped the cum from her mouth. The head of her plaything began its retreat and she knew it was over. Breathing hard she wiped his manhood with her shirt sleeve leaving it the way she found it.

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A voice filled with gravel broke her contemplation "that was amazing". The man had one eye slit open sitting up slightly to stare at her. Mortified Julia ran out her face turning a beet red she hoped he didn't see in the dark.

"Wait" he called "come back". She ran upstairs locking her door. Leaning against the door she thought I must be crazy completely 100 percent out of my mind. Biting her lip she black haired babe covered with semen after sex the salty sweetness she had takin from him. What a horrible person I must be she thought, first I beat him near death then molest him. I hope he doesn't press charges. Fumbling around she turned on the gas lantern that cast shadows on the wall.

She sat at her desk feeling guilt and shame, contemplating how to explain and apologize to the poor man. The wave of pure euphoria wore off and he was left naked and hurting.

The woman it was her the girl he'd been watching for months. She was so different no at all the confident woman he watched leading yoga class or striding though town, she was like a virgin.

It had never occurred to him that the beautiful sexy woman could be a virgin, no way. Pulling himself to his feet he ignored the stars that shot out in front of his eyes. The fire was bright enough that he could see blankets covering the floor wrapping one around his waist he stumbled in the dark to find the woman he sought for so long.

Tapping at the door brought her back to reality. Tap tap. What should I do she wondered biting her lip. I can't face him, I can't I'll die of shame. His voice came soft and low "excuse me miss I didn't mean to scare you off, I was just wondering where my clothes got to" she almost laughed scared her off? He should be horrified waking up in a strange house with a strange woman all over you.

She went to the door. There's food in the kitchen and your clothes, what's left of them is drying, please leave when the storm stops.

He was silent, had she offended him?

Was he upset? She added "and im sorry about my behavior." She hear him making noise then laughing outside the door, her face heated up and she looked at her feet. He caught his breath and said "don't be sorry it's the best I've felt in this beauty is a pussy licking expert. She heard him slump down on the other side of the door.

He wasn't upset she smiled then remembered he was injured. Pulling the door open he fell in to her room head first. The stars where back in front of his eyes and he stared at the woman that cradled his head "sorry sorry sorry" she whispered franticly. Her breasts where soft she didn't have on a bra and the thin shirt allowed him to feel everything. "My fault he said shouldn't have been against the door" she looked closely at his head before helping him to his feet.

Her face was bright red and she stared at her feet. The blanket was still on the floor, you have a hell of a swing there girl. He touched his head wincing.

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She looked at him tears pooling in her blue eyes, "im so sorry please forgive me I just got scared when you rolled into my house I just.I" she trailed off from his face then quickly back up.

He smiled as best he could showing his teeth. I actually wanted to thank you he said you knock some sense into me. He sat on her bed putting one of her pink pillows over his groin.

He looked at her red face and her clasped hands, was I your first he asked She managed to grow even redder before nodding. He thought for a moment before asking did you enjoy my cock. She nodded.

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He reached out to touch her long brown hair fooling with a lock. Would you like to learn the secrets of sex and men that I can teach you here tonight? She had stopped crying after her forgave her, his offer to teach her meant she could explore more of his body, mother would have locked her away, mother was dead now she was free.

Nodding she sat next to him unable to speak. He had waited a long time to have her to conquer her but now this woman she was different something to be enjoyed. He cupped his hand around he face turning her head to his, leaning in he took in her scent, and he could smell her need, her fear.

He kissed her head her cheek her mouth and neck leaving a burning trail. He felt her pulse quiver and kissed her letting his tongue dance in her mouth. She leaned in her breasts pressed against his bare chest only a thin cotton veiling them from the world.

Her heat washed over him in waves moving his hands to her collar he tore through her shirt exposing her to the darkness. She gasped going to cover herself but he caught her hands, he pulled them up with one hand and taking a breast with the other. He massaged her soft globe running his callused thumb over her hard nipple he felt her shake.

Taking it into his mouth he sucked lightly causing her to moan he flicked with his tongue, biting softly he let go of her hands. He titillating asian filthy cleft fingering japanese and hardcore her wrap her fingers through his hair as he switched to the breast.

He leaned her back into a mountain of pillows and peeled off her tiny shorts. The dim light did not diminish the beauty of her in any way.

The soft fuzz that covered her mound was moist with her woman juice, he licked her inner gorgeous teen samantha seduces her mom mindi to have sex and she shivered in delight. Using his fingers he uncovered her sex running his tongue between her lips he flicked her clitoris sending her into spasms of pure pleasure she bucked at his probing tongue digging her fingers into his hair.

He moved back up to her mouth kissing her madly now she learned quick and her tongue now danced with his. Positioning himself he pulled away for a moment before covering her mouth with his quickly he pushed his full length in breaking her fragile walls she cried out as pain mixed with pleasure and was quickly smothered. He held her tight as he trust in and out her walls tight against his shaft, he kissed the tears from her cheeks, going quicker now she wrapped her arms around him pressing her burning body to his, he thrust hard and fast and she cried out as a wave like no other shook her causing her to experience pure euphoria.

Her wall gripped him like a vice and she thrust against him needing more. He rolled until she was on top her hair a curtain around them she grinded him hard panting she kissed him and took on of his nipples in to her mouth he felt the pressure building, harder she rode him throwing her head back her sex quivered around him throwing him over the edge.

She collapsed on him breathing hard he held her feeling his cock still being milked by her sex. please again new writer any feedback is good feedback, I would like suggestions for the next one