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Kinky slut gets fucked hard on a model casting session pornstars hardcore
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Daali stretched as she felt the moonlight on her skin. It's so beautiful outside, and I'm sooo hungry.

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It was Daali's turn to go into town. H'lacey, her partner, did pretty good last week - $3000 wasn't something to turn your nose up at. And yet, as she was constantly reminded by H'lacey, they always needed more. Just as well, thought Daali.

She'd been feeling the ache since last night, but unfortunately she had been responsible for accomplishing more important tasks before dawn. And so, tonight she exited and secured the locker, adjusting her black stockings before strolling down the avenue.

Her hips, wrapped in the scarlet dress she had chosen for this evening, swayed in time to the beat of her stilettos against the asphalt. She loved the way her ass looked in this outfit - it (and she) would be the center of attention in any room. As sure as snow on the North Pole, when Daali entered the Silhouette and sat down at the bar, she felt the arousal level in the room triple almost immediately - and not just from the men.

"Excuse me - Earth to Bill?" said one aggravated lady to her date as Daali giggled at the disturbance she was causing. Her brown hair was wrapped tightly into a bun, allowing inquiring eyes to wander down her back without distraction. Knowing that she was drawing so much attention made her hot inside, but she ignored it as she crossed her legs and asked for a cocktail. Daali was on a mission - she could not simply satisfy her hunger, regardless of how insistent her desires were.

She flashed a radiant smile at the bartender, thanking him for her drink. "On the house," he replied, grinning back before moving down the bar to serve other patrons. Daali closed her eyes and sipped her drink, letting out a soft moan for effect.

Clearing her mind, she took in a deep breath through her nose. Even unable to see, Daali could smell the location of every person sitting in the room.

Hmm. the bartender. He smelled like a mix of cayenne pepper and strong cinnamon. He must get a ton of girls.and it's no wonder. The other 3 men at the bar. Daali was overwhelmed with the smell of uncooked fish. Definitely not! Daali surveyed one side of the room to the other, noting the various smells available.

When she reached the back corner, she was caught off guard by a strong smell of cocoa. Daali opened her eyes and briefly glanced in the direction of the scent. A tall man with caramel skin sat in the corner, attempting to watch the billiards game in progress.

Daali could tell he wasn't trying very hard - his arousal level was quite high, and it was directed straight at her. Let's be sure, thought Daali, as she adjusted her ass to protrude obscenely from the bar stool. She felt the ties of her satin panties press against her hips and ass - they had to be showing through her dress.

She felt the heat from the men in the room increase again - and her caramel gentleman was the worst off. Poor guy, Daali said to herself, he must be harder than a steel pipe right now. The thought of a hard steel pipe, and the increasing warmth and wetness between her legs, almost made up Daali's mind.

.I can hear H'lacey now, she thought - "you gotta be sure about these gaharae before you open up your legs, Daali!" That conversation never ended well. Every time, H'lacey made Daali re-tell the story of her experience with some "country boys" on their "horse farm".

That, and H'lacey's threat of withholding her "services", made Daali pause to consider her strategy. She already knew that physically he was an appropriate target - her nose had told her that.

And it was clear, even to those without Daali's abilities, that he was attracted to her and extremely aroused. It would be pretty easy to talk with him. He'd probably be looking for any way possible to please me, noted Daali as she turned on her stool and shot her caramel man a glance before moving into a stall on the opposite wall.

Less than 10 seconds had passed wild shemale licking fat snack with passion he joined her in the stall, but Daali was able to gather some additional information before he xxxbp sex stories full story15 yer girl down across from her.

In addition to being excited and horny, from him she could feel some sadness, and.suspicion? at her? Maybe he's the careful type, she mused as she flashed him a smile before sipping from her drink. "Good evening. My name is Victor," stated the caramel man, not for an instant taking his eyes off of Daali.

"And yours?" "I'm Daali," she responded. "Nice to meet you, Victor." "I assure you, the pleasure is all mine." Daali's trained ears could hear the faint traces of a Spanish accent when Victor spoke. That would explain his smooth caramel skin.and those fiery emotions I feel from him, thought Daali.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen walk into this bar," continued Victor, reaching for Daali's empty hand and kissing it gently on the back. A chill ran up Daali's arm and down her young hoe lolly small gets dicked down by tutor - it took effort not to shiver at the touch of his lips.

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"I bet you say that to all the pretty girls who walk in here," Daali retorted, tossing him a knowing smile. With a straight face, Victor replied, "Never before. And, I think, never again." That was the start of a hot, flirtatious conversation during which Daali learned that Victor worked in finance, was recently divorced, volunteered for the Peace Corp (because he felt it kept him "in touch" with the less fortunate), and really loved big asses.

As they sipped drink after drink, Daali could see Victor's eyes roam all over her body. I think he's ready, she thought as she made a show of looking at her watch. "Victor, you've been wonderful tonight. Thank you, but I think I should be going home. I've had quite a bit to drink." She weaved her body slightly, not enough to cause alarm, but enough to seem intoxicated. She could sense his distress, his need for her to stay there.

"But, you just arrived - the night is still young." Victor rose and put his lips right beside Daali's ear, whispering, "Stay with me." Daali flushed as she turned and looked him in the eyes. She felt her pulse racing as he leaned in to kiss her, but at the last moment she retreated into the corner of the booth. "Is something wrong?" asked Victor as he grasped Daali's hand and sat down. Now I must appear to be insecure and embarrassed.

"I - I." she began uncertainly, ".oh, nothing." She stared into the corner, not looking Victor in the eyes. She could feel his concern, as well as his suspicion. "What is it? I know we've just met, Dolly, but you can talk to me if you want," offered Kinky lesbians fill up their oversized asses with milk and ejaculate it out threesome creampies. Daali smiled at Victor before continuing.

"It's just that being with you tonight made me feel close to.someone. I haven't felt that in a while. And, I didn't want you to think less of me." Daali again averted her eyes. "You are not only beautiful, but also smart and kind, from what I gather. Why would I think less of you?" inquired Victor.

"Because.the reason I came out this dress." Daali let the sentence trail off as comprehension dawned in Victor's eyes. Yes, Daali thought, let him think I was here to sell myself to the highest bidder.

"Someone as beautiful as you should have a man to cater to your every desire," said Victor, smiling. Daali stopped herself from rolling her eyes. A man's viewpoint if ever I heard one. However, she knew now that he liked the idea of being the male-protector. "Like you, I lost my other half.

Over the past few months, it's been really.hard," Daali paused, looking for his reaction before continuing. "I need to survive somehow, while I'm looking for work. But talking to you made me forget about it for a little while." Daali's smile faded into a frown as she continued. "I can't imagine what you think of me now.

I better just go." Daali slid from the booth and stood erect. Victor flew from the booth, standing in front of Daali. He cupped his hands around her waist as he spoke to her.

"How come you're in such a rush - why don't you stay and "forget" a little longer? I don't bite, much, and maybe I can even help you." After another hour of drinks and chatting, Daali found herself at Victor's apartment with $1000 in her pocket, along with a promise of help from Victor in getting a job interview.

The money was a "loan" from Victor, which he said Daali could pay back when she was gainfully employed. Daali was thrilled - now that she had accomplished her goal, she could sate her hunger.

Under normal circumstances, Daali would have jumped him and given him the ride of his life. However, she could tell that he would want to be in charge, and that would make him blow that much harder at the end.

Therefore, she feigned mild resistance as Victor spoke dirty to her in Spanish while he slipped her dress straps from her shoulders and kissed the newly exposed skin. "But.I just.ah - aaahh.met you," she managed as Victor's hands explored her intimate areas. By the time they made it to Victor's bedroom (and Queen-sized mattress) Daali was so hot and wet that she dropped all pretense of not wanting it as badly as Victor.

Daali peeled off her undergarments, looked at Victor and said, "Come and ass spread in public aloha it." Victor laid Daali down on the bed as he put as much of her D-cup breasts into his mouth as he could, rolling each nipple around with his tongue, and bit (lightly) with his teeth.

Daali moaned and pushed her chest out as Victor grabbed and sucked like it was his last meal. Daali's hot snatch was dripping onto the sheets - his thick cock poked and rubbed against her as he shifted positions to get access to both of her luscious tits and large areolas.

Daali couldn't take much more of this. She sat up, saying, "sit up, daddy, and let me make you feel good too." Victor moved to the edge of the bed and sat upright, his hard cock bobbing in front of him. Daali dropped to her knees and placed his cock between her mounds. Daali reached between her legs, using her juices as lube on his cock as she massaged it with her breasts. "Me Gusta, mami - I love them fat tetas," Victor said, as his breathing came faster.

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"Work it baby, squeeze them fat titties, so soft, so fucking soft - oh my God baby, so good." Daali felt his cock grow stiffer as she rubbed it up and down with her melons. It would be easy to make him explode all over her neck and chest (and probably her face too), but she wanted to feel that warm load shooting deep inside her - she didn't want to waste a drop.

Apparently, Victor was of the same mind. He suddenly pulled her onto her feet as he demanded, "get on your hands and knees, puta.

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I need that ass - now!" Daali jumped to accommodate him. She quickly knelt on the bed and rested on her elbows, bouncing and waving her succulent ass in the air. She could feel the wetness as her pussy lips rubbed together from her movements.

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It only served to make her hornier. "Please daddy," she moaned, "give it to me." It was all the encouragement Victor needed.

Victor stepped forward and grabbing Daali's hips, he pushed his fat, throbbing prick into her wet hole. Victor let out a loud moan as he filled her to the hilt with his thick cock - she definitely had the hottest pussy he'd ever had the pleasure of fucking. All thought of tenderness left him as he began thrusting deep inside her violently - he was taken by animal lust. Dolly squealed as her pussy was stretched by his fat cock.

He was, maybe, 7 inches, but he was thick as a cooked kielbasa sausage and hard as a rock. The friction of his cock on her pussy walls was driving her wild. "So fucking hot - so fucking tight - shit shit shit." Victor was reduced to grunting as he continued to poke Daali's wet hole.

He didn't even try to restrain himself - he needed to come, and soon. Being as blinded with lust as he was, he didn't notice that his balls had grown to the size of small plums.

However, Daali had noticed - in fact, she was the one who caused it. She felt them slap against her pussy as they continued to fuck with wild abandon. Daali slapped her ass hard against his crotch as the stimulation pushed watch how this cute teen bessi gets lured and fucked for cash hardcore and blowjob over the edge.

Her ass-cheeks clenched his rod as she felt her pussy send ripples up and down his cock. Victor didn't have time to ask if he could come inside her - his rod started blasting shot after shot after shot inside her waiting pussy.

Daali shuddered as she felt his warm load filling her insides. "Ohhh - oh yes - it's so warm! Fill it up, daddy." Little rivers of white were dripping between Daali's legs before Victor released his grip from her hips.

Almost immediately, he collapsed on the bed on his side, narrowly missing Daali on the way down. He's gonna be out at least until noon tomorrow, thought Daali as she rubbed her stomach.

She would be full for a whole week now. ------- Thank you for reading! Please leave comments and let me know where it should go next! 1)more adventures with Daali 2)let's meet H'lacey 3)what the heck is up with Daali and H'lacey?