Unfathomable and fleshly asian group play japanese and hardcore

Unfathomable and fleshly asian group play japanese and hardcore
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Tom kind of rolled back off Jerry and sighed with contentment after I'd taken his shots of cum and swallowed it all down. We all kind of laid there for a while, maybe ten minutes.

I had to take a leak so I started to get up, and saw that Jerry was already getting hard again. "Shit, Jerry, you look like you're ready to go again. Kids… how old are you anyway?" "Thirty nine. But I don't expect you to swallow that story, like Tom just swallowed my jism.

Actually I'm fifty four. Does that make me the kid here?" Tom bounced back with, "Yeah, but only by about five years. Pete must be latina teen veronica rodriguez vs mandingo, he cheated by retiring early." "You guys are so jealous.

Never mind I've got to live on peanuts until I'm 62. Hey, I've got something to play for you guys, Tom can you fire up your computer?" "Will do." It was on standby so it was almost ready. I found my pants and fished around in the pocket for my thumb drive. I plugged it into Tom's machine and fired up the slide show I'd saved.

It was a bunch of stills I'd grabbed from the photo sharing site, of men and women pissing. "Very funny, Pete, you saved that for when we all would want to go." One woman had photos of herself going off her porch steps, a couple of guys had shots of their golden stream going in the pisser.

One couple had alternating shower shots of pissing on each other's genitals. Frank said, "Power of suggesting there, now I've gotta take a whiz." I added, "Me too.

Wanna go to the ladies room together?" That got a couple of chuckles. I could see Frank's long cock swaying as he walked to the stairs; I followed him up and went right into the blown away looker in underwear is geeting pissed on and poked with him. He stood to one side and I stood next to him, and we both pissed at the same time. The slide show gave Frank ideas, he came upstairs just after us, and found us pissing together.

"You've gotta wait Bill, only room for two here." When we were done, Frank stepped out; I put the seat down and sat, and spread my legs.

"Think you can shoot through there, Bill?" He replied, "Oh no, what if I miss and piss on your cock?" I said, "I was kinda hoping you lara with matures sex funny episode I spread my legs farther and Bill approached, and pointed his cock at mine. In a moment, his stream started and hit the hole then he directed it up onto my dangling member.

I sometimes piss myself because I like the warm feeling. It was even better having someone else do it. "God that feels good, so warm, Bill." I reached and held his hips. When he finished, I pulled him towards me and put my mouth all the way up his dick and started to suck.

I could taste a little piss flavor, but I could also feel him getting hard in my mouth. "Hey guys, take it downstairs. I gotta go." Tom had come upstairs too. I washed myself off, then we stepped back and let him in, but we stayed to watch him piss. After that, we all went downstairs again. When we returned, guys were watching the slide show and feeling each other up. After a minute, with most of us getting hard again, Jerry asked, "Hey can I see your guys photo site? You show me yours, I'll show you mine." Everybody liked that idea, so Jerry dialed up the site and found his profile.

Then we told him the user name for the group site, OldSuckers, and he put that on another tab. We scrolled through the pics of our site, then he started going through his. I was surprised that only a few of his pictures were in lingere. "I wear panties everyday, but I don't dress up that often. When I'm in the mood." I said, "I liked it when you let me dress up. I think I'm going to get some stuff of my own. You guys should have seen it when I came in the panties." "It was a very sexy thing to see," Jerry added.

"A huge wet spot and cum leaking through the material. It was messy, I had to clean it up with my tongue." The other guys just went, "Hmmmm" and smiled.

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I went to my page and found a PM from my buddy HungLow. He was online; I sent him a PM and told him I was meeting with a couple other members. He replied, "So what are you guys doing? Fun stuff?" "Well we just finished sucking each other off and were thinking about another round." I asked the guys, "Do you want to take some pics to send? Bill, now that your wife knows, do you want in on the pictures too?" "For sure.

I've wanted to do male gey tmale gey sex for a long time." He stroked his cock to get it hard while Tom got the camera. We sent a private picture to HungLow. He replied, "You guys want to Skype?" I looked around and saw nods and smiles.

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I sent him our address and told him that we don't post our faces, he was good with that. In a minute he had connected; the screen showed him sitting at his desk up to his chest. His magnificent cock was semi hard and laying in his lap. We adjusted skinny petite ebony nasty ass with buttplug black about the same; it had a bit of table in the view. My cock was in the picture, and HungLow guessed that it was me, as we'd sexted before.

We started by showing off one by one, then got a group shot with all five of us circled in view of the cam. Frank was next to me. I reached over and stroked him until he got fully erect.

He did the same with me. Bill, Tom and Jerry had their hands on each other in a circle jerk. On screen, HungLow was stroking his hard cock and playing with his balls. He started telling us how it felt, how he loved seeing five hard cocks at one time. Bill started to grunt and hump in Tom's hand, saying, "Fuck, I'm gonna cum again." His hard little cock was throbbing.

Tom stroked him faster, and Bill cried out then squirted his semen onto the desk top.

Jerry, the first one with the second erection, was next; he groaned as Bill stroked him, then popped his load of cum on the desk top with Bill's. HungLow said he sunny playgirl poses on webcam softcore amateur going to cum soon.

I could feel my cum rising too. I croaked out a moan, then a couple more, as Frank stroked me. "Ahhhh…" was my cry then I pumped my load of jiz out with Bill's and Jerry's. I pumped Frank hard. I could see Bill squeezing Tom's ass; Tom was pulling his own cock and almost at the same time he and Frank shot cum into the little lake we'd made on the desk. We heard HungLow crying out on the Skype, and turned to see him shoot his load, some of which hit the camera lens, the rest must have covered his monitor screen.

Damn that was hot. We all got real quiet, then had a bit of chatter among ourselves and with HungLow. He thanked us profusely, saying that he hadn't cum that hard in years. We were glad to help!

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