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Busty attractive chick likes fucking very much
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., brrr., dam cool in this house ! .Pat wondered what she could do to get warm. Stacy and her husband kept their home cool at night.

Better for the lungs Pat knew but she was freezing her ass off as she lay on the chesterfield. This blanche bradburry amp karina grand dap again together sz blanket was not doing it for her. .Gerald was Pat-s boss. He owned G & S Renovators. Pat did his books as a side job to bring in extra money. Stacy and Gerald had thrown a party in their home for sub-trades, regular clients, and employees.

.Pat came alone; she had no one. She would stay the night and Gerald would drive her home in the morning after breakfast. Pat got along very well with the Hubbard-s. .Pat was lying on the chesterfield shivering when she saw Gerald walk past on his way the bathroom, Gerald was illuminated by moon light shining through the window.

Gerald was only wearing shorts., Pat was embarrassed. Even more so upon hearing him pee; she waited until he was going back to bed see how this large pumped up stranger she asked him; -- Gerald, is there another blanket, I am freezing.

-- Climb into our bed Patricia., Stacy-s there; she will not mind you sleeping in our bed. It will give her a break from my snoring. Gerald chuckles. -- Where will you sleep? -- I have some estimating to do Patricia. I will finish up the estimating and sleep on the cot in that spare room at the far end of the house. It is a dusty old thing., but I love it.

It is so dam comfortable Patricia. Oh, excuse me., Patty babe. Gerald laughs., so do I. [ Gerald likes to keep it formal, he calls me Patricia. Stacy affectionately calls me Patty babe.

] .Our conversation went back and forth until my cold feet ended the conversation, I finally agreed. I climbed into bed with Stacy. Stacy and I got along very well, and there had never been anything sexual between us so I went to bed happy to get warm. . [ Climbing under the covers I got close to Stacy and woke her.

] -- Whoa, you are freezing there Patty babe. [ Patty babe., it sounded funny; Stacy had a slight lisp. ] -- Brrrrrrrrrrr, I know. .Stacy moved in close and hugged Patty. .Pat was about to move away but the warmth of Stacy-s body felt so good. -- Yikes ! Patty babe, you are so cold my nipples are hard. .Stacy pushed her chest into Patty-s arm. .Pat felt Stacy-s hard nipples. An odd thing to do she thought., but Stacy-s body gave off heat and right now that was the number one to Pat.

.Stacy: Stacy is aggressive; you can always count on her to say what she is thinking. -- Here, turn around, we will spoon. Stacy says. .Pat flips her body about and Stacy snuggles up to her from behind. It feels nice and warm. Pat was going to speak but could not think of anything to say. .Stacy slips an arm between Patty-s neck and the pillow, snaking her arm about Patty until her left hand is on Patty-s right shoulder. Stacy moves her right hand onto Patty-s stomach pulling the two women tight.

.Pat feels secure all wrapped-up in Stacy-s arms. .Pat lay in Stacy arms, not giving it a second thought as to how this might look; more importantly, Pat is getting warm. .She had always liked Stacy. Stacy is a cute average sized woman with black hair and big brown eyes; her best feature Pat thought.

Stacy-s nose is small-ish with a bit of a point to it. She has a small pouty mouth, more than capable of delivering sassy comments. In Pat-s best judgement Stacy has - A - cup breasts.

. Stacy-s legs and arms are a bit thick for her height. She has a little bulge on her tummy but nothing that takes away from her attractiveness. Pat had overheard some of the men making comments about Stacy-s rear; according to those guys she has a great ass. Pat has no opinion on that topic. .Pat was getting nice and arm and was thinking of pulling away from Stacy to get a good night-s sleep. .Stacy likes Patty. She especially likes her modest nature.

Stacy wants Patty-s body and has for quite awhile now. She insists that Patty babe be invited to these parties. .Stacy had plans to get Pat drunk enough to seduce her. Perhaps the cold would take the place of booze this night.

Stacy-s plan begins to unfold. .Pat, Patty to Stacy, and Patricia to Gerald, is four years older than Stacy-s twenty seven years. She had been married., but was divorced some eight years back. .Stacy liked two things about alcohol; one, alcohol is great in creating a party atmosphere and two, it can be very helpful in the art of seduction. Stacy had discovered this in college and used it effectively. .Stacy had gained some insight into Patty amateur honey gives a hot blow hardcore and russian.

First, Pat never masturbated, it is a sin; secondly her ex was a lousy lover. To Stacy this meant a frustrated woman ripe for seduction. .Stacy smiled. Patty is in her bed., boozed up., and although she is not drunk enough to take advantage of., she is snuggled up to her, nice and close.

Stacy intends to use this opportunity to her advantage. .Stacy knew all she needed to do was think about Patty for a minute and she would have the nerve to act. Stacy knows she was an aggressive woman; it has paid off in the past. .Pat is a tall girl, five ten, a natural blonde with brown streaks supplemented with golden tips.

She has blue-grey eyes, a straight nose and appealing lips. Her facial shape is of a heart., Stacy thinks. .Patty has beautiful hands and feet; with lovely slim arms and long slender legs. Patty-s most outstanding feature would be her breasts. She has a nice ass but her tits are fantastic, a - C - cup to be sure. Stacy loves Patty babe-s tits. .Stacy smiled as she remembered how she feigned needing a towel.

Stacy had asked Patty if she could come into the bathroom while she was showering. Patty unlocked the door and skipped back into the shower.

Stacy stayed a few minutes chatting. When Patty washed her hair Stacy got up on the toilet and looked into the shower, the shower is made of an Etched opaque glass. .She watched for many, many seconds, appreciating her friend-s naked body.

When Patty lifted her arms while washing her hair, Stacy got a first-hand view of those gorgeous tits. .Stacy was ready to make her move in THE seduction of PATTY BABE. She liked to call it a seduction when talking it over with her husband; who is a definite facilitator in Stacy-s endeavour to get Patty babe.

.Stacy knew Gerald thought Patricia was a fantastic human being. He knew she had not been made love to in years. If Stacy could give Patricia an orgasm then that was ok with him; as long as it was not a problem during business. .Stacy knew her husband; nice as he was, Gerald had a bit of a perverse side to him; and for that Stacy was eternally grateful. Men she thought, you can lana fever likes a big black cock count them when it comes to sex.

.Stacy inhaled Patty-s hair fragrance -- You smell great Patty babe., I love you. .Pat reached behind her touching Stacy-s face. -- I love rare story french lesbian nipple torture fuck off too honey. Pat replied.

.She thought how nice it was to have a friend like Stacy. In moving her arm to touch her friends face Pat opened herself up. .Stacy took hold of Patty-s raised arm, sliding her hand along Patty-s arm, guiding Patty-s hand to her mouth.

Stacy kissed Patty-s hand softly., kissing each finger separately, looking at Patty-s beautiful eyes. .Pat turned her face to look at Stacy in the dim light provided by the streetlights.

She smiled warmly at this woman who was kissing her hand. What a nice thing to do Pat thought. .Pat was wearing flannel pyjamas.

They had a tie around the waist with accompanying elastic. Her top buttoned down the front. In her tossing about one of these buttons had come undone. .Stacy slipped her hand under Patty-s top moving her hand to Patty-s right breast. Gently squeezing her tit., sliding her nipple between two fingers. Patty-s nipple stood erect the moment Stacy touched it. . NO ! . It sounded like OH to Stacy. . Pat went to speak., she started to move in defence of herself but was unable to stop Stacy as the sensations brought on by Stacy-s touch ran through her.

.Pat-s breath caught in her throat, her head went back some, she stopped breathing for many seconds. Her mind numbed and body was paralyzed.

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.Ohhhh., the sensation of being touched., Pat-s body was tingling, her skin raised goose bumps as what seemed like electricity ran through her body. .Stacy felt Patty move, then freeze with her back arched, and her head back slightly. Running her fingers over Patty-s nipple ignited Stacy. She felt her juices run past her lips onto her upper thigh. .With her confidence bolstered Stacy moved aside allowing Patty-s body to roll back. Continuously kneading her breast, and squeezing her nipple, Stacy opened her friends top exposing those gorgeous big tits.

Stacy-s mouth swooped in on the lonely breast, lips pulling at the nipple, sucking Patty-s tit. Stacy worked Patty-s tits until her nipples were hard as stone.

-- OH GOD ! .She moved a hand to the tie on Patty-s bottoms, pulling gently on the fabric cord until it untied. Stacy slipped her hand into Patty-s bottoms seeking out and finding her japanese milfs big ass free milfs ass porn view more japanesemilf xyz tube porn. Slipping her hand between Patty-s legs she squeezed her nearly virgin friend.

.Pat moved to stop Stacy but once again her defences were laid waste by powerful sexual feelings. Pat was unable to mount any form of resistance to Stacy-s loving touch. .Stacy adjusted her gaze so she could watch her hand pull up and out of Patty-s pyjamas, catching a glimpse of Patty-s -- Mons de Venus -- as it pushed against her panties creating that familiar mound.

.Stacy ran her fingers to Patty-s waist, along her waist band and slipping her hand into her panties., feeling Patty-s warm, sexy tummy. Reaching her goal she rubbed Patty-s crotch, squeezing firmly. . Pat moaned, her legs slightly open. .Stacy-s fingers found Patty-s pussy. Stacy pushed a finger carefully into her friend-s wet vaginal opening. Fingering Patty for a short time Stacy brought that moist finger to her mouth tasting her friend. -- Mmmmm, you taste good Patty babe.

.Stacy pushed her finger into Patty-s body again, gently fingering her. Pulling her finger out she placed it near Patty-s mouth. Patty turned her head away from Stacy-s finger.

-- No, taste yourself honey, a woman should taste herself. . Pat moved her head and Stacy pressed her finger to her lips. -- Open your mouth honey. .Pat cautiously opened her mouth and Stacy pushed in that wet finger. Pat tasted herself for the first time in her life.

.Stacy finger fucked Patty-s mouth slowly, making sure her friend sucked on that finger. Watching her finger move in and out of Patty-s mouth was so erotic Stacy had a small orgasm.

.Pat briefly looked to Stacy but returned quickly to her own sexual sensation, sucking on Stacy-s finger. She had very little experience sexually, despite being married for nearly two years. .Stacy knew Patty was getting close to orgasm. She had to slow her down. Stacy wanted to explore Patty-s body before she let her orgasm. Virgins, Stacy thought, and smiled, could this get any better. .Stacy pushed the covers back while getting out of bed. Stacy was wearing a night gown with nothing underneath.

In one move Stacy was naked in front of Patty. .Patty-s eyes grew large as she saw her Stacy naked. .Stacy looked at her friend, enjoying her reaction. .Stacy could see Patty becoming self conscious. She went to the closet, a mere fifteen feet away and retrieved three of her husband-s ties; including his favourite black one. Gerald would enjoy the irony. .When she returned to the bed Patty had pulled her top closed over her breasts.

She looked scared. .Taking Patty-s hands one at a time Stacy tied each wrist separately. .Pat was mortified at what was happening. She had no idea how to get out of this situation. .Stacy tied the ties together about the bed headboard; Patty-s arms were over her head. Stacy looked at her friend, Stacy smiled; -- You look petrified honey. .Pat was petrified, no doubt there.

-- Do you remember last year when we went to the mountains and you were so afraid to go tobogganing. I told you it would be ok. You trusted me then Patty and you had a great time. Trust me now., I will make you a very happy girl. -- Ok ! She answered meekly. .Pat was frightened. Her friend-s reassurance did nothing to quell her fears.

.Stacy kissed Patty, softly, lovingly: -- I would never hurt you Patty, I love you. Now, let-s get that body of yours worked up again. Stacy gave Patty a warm smile. .Stacy new that she was going to get what she wanted, her smile hid her agenda. Patty was going to be ravished; her body would be exploited those big boobs will make your dick hard the maximum.

Stacy intended to take full advantage., what a fantastic body, and unbelievable skin. -- I love your shyness Patty babe. .Stacy opened Patty-s top once again showing off those gorgeous tits. She leaned forward whispering; -- You have fantastic tits Patty.

. Pat blushed. .The light provide by the bedside lamps, which Stacy had turned on, was more than enough to show Patty-s embarrassment. Stacy laughed; -- See what I mean ! .

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She kissed Patty again, this time with more passion. .Stacy kissed Patty brushing her lips lightly across Patty-s mouth, teasing her, darting her tongue in and out of Patty-s mouth, licking her lips with the edge of her tongue. .Pat moved her face from side to side as the kisses tickled her lips. .Stacy loved teasing Patty. Stacy kissed Patty in a teasing fashion several more times.

.Pat eventually shivered, and giggled a little. .With the tension broken, Stacy moved quickly to Patty-s tits sucking on her nipples, biting gently. Patty flinched, letting out a small squeal. .Pat opened her mouth, her head back expecting another bite. .Stacy did not disappoint, sucking, licking and gently biting Patty-s tits.

Pulling her nipples with her lips; pulling her nipples with her teeth. .Stacy raked her teeth over Patty-s tits. .Each time she stopped, Pat would hold her breath, waiting for the next time Stacy would suck or bite her tits. Pat-s nipples were hard and at least an inch long. .Stacy marvelled at those long nipples.

Stacy ravished those tits for five or six more minutes. -- I cannot get enough of your breasts Patty; you have such sexy milf having fun with her young lover tits., and your nipples are perfect. .Pat was so enamoured with Stacy-s assault on her breasts she did not notice Stacy-s hand pushing her pyjamas past her hip bones. .Stacy moved her mouth to Patty-s ear while holding her, whispering loving words into Patty-s ear.

Stacy pulled Patty to her and in doing so Patty-s left hip left the mattress. As Stacy-s words of love titillated Patty, she slipped the bottoms over Patty-s hip and past her cheek. .Stacy coyly ran her lips from one ear to the other ear, rolling Patty to her other side, capturing her attention with soft whispers.

.Pat-s body tingled; she was drowning in the lovemaking of her friend. Nothing registered in her mind above the sexual feelings she was experiencing. -- I am going to curl your all pron star xxxx japanes sex com Patty babe ! . Pat did not understand that expression. It was then that Pat noticed her panties and pyjama bottoms were at her knees.

Pat tried to sit up to pull her panties and bottoms up. She had forgotten Stacy had tied her to the bed. -- No., no honey. Trust me. . Stacy softly spoke these words to Patty. .Pat lay back; she gulped knowing her pussy was exposed. .Stacy kissed and touched Patty-s feet, toes and calves; sucking on her toes, licking her legs. .Pat once again was overwhelmed by her friends love making. She knew her legs were open, but that seemed trivial now. laying there., enjoying Stacy-s love making.

until she felt a tongue touch her clit. Pat jumped. -- Ungh ! .Stacy flicked Patty-s clit. Stacy loved the taste of this woman, her smell. She kept licking, sucking and poking Patty with her tongue. .Pat-s legs opened, her knees came up, inviting more of the same from her friend.

Pat felt such warmth toward Stacy. Her trust complete, not thinking for one second about anything other than the sensations her body was experiencing. -- WOW ! I never --------- Pat exclaimed. .Stacy had had a second orgasm.she could not help herself.

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Stacy slipped a finger into Patty. Stacy was losing control she was so turned on. She even pressed a finger to Patty-s bum. .Pat never noticed., hips moving erratically. Pat moaned; she sighed; her breathing coming in gasps. and sometimes not at all. .So sexy all that gasping. Stacy loved the power, too control Patty like this. .Stacy smiled; a wicked thought crossed her mind. Stacy moved her right hand between her own legs, fingering herself. -- Patty babe, would you please suck my finger.

It is so sexy and really turns me on ? .Pat opened her mouth eager to do something for Stacy. She felt Stacy-s finger enter her mouth. It tasted funny but she did not care. Pat sucked on that finger; she swallowed as the saliva built up in her mouth. She heard Stacy groan. She felt Stacy orgasm.

Pat felt proud to do that for Stacy. .Stacy nearly fainted when she saw Patty suck on her finger. Stacy-s own juices were on that finger. Another orgasm rolled through Stacy, stronger than the last one. .As Stacy settled from her orgasm, she thought how Patty-s seduction had been far more rewarding than she could have ever hoped for.

Patty-s body was so sexy, she was so easy, so pliable. Her hottie blowjob and gag her bf cock before getting fuck for sex left Patty defenceless.

.Stacy thanked the asshole who had married Patty. Fucking jerk had abused Patty. Thank God Gerald intervened. .Stacy re-positioned Patty so her ass was in the air, her head down. This exercise gave Stacy time to cool her temper. .Stacy retrieved her vibrator. . Pat waited., she knew she was wide open. Pat did not care. Stacy could do what she wanted Pat thought.she had given Pat the best sex she had ever experienced.

.Stacy moved in behind Patty. The view of Patty-s ass took her breath away. Bending her like this, bum in the air, was., maybe., the sexiest thing she had ever seen. .On her knees, Patty-s vagina was slightly open and her anus stretched tight. Stacy positioned her tongue next to Patty-s bum and pressed her tongue against Patty-s anus.

.Pat felt Stacy-s tongue on her bum hole. --- No., no., not there, that is my bum. . Stacy pushed her tongue inward, Patty-s anus opened some and Stacy began to lick this lovely woman.

.Pat foxy ruby has her shaved beaver plugged to protest; Pat started to move; Pat --- . stopped,---. She could not believe it felt this way., she was lost.

.It took time, but Stacy got her tongue into Patty-s ass; she was going insane, her tongue doing Patty babe-s virgin ass. Stacy pushed her tongue in as far as it would go, God she was tight. Stacy had a long tongue and had used it this way before; ah., a College education. .She heard Patty moan. Stacy powered her face into this gorgeous woman-s ass. Swirling her tongue around, rimming Patty-s ass, tongue fucking her, she felt Patty-s hips buck, and buck again.

.Stacy felt Patty-s orgasm, her anus pressuring her tongue, her ass bouncing as she came. Stacy forced her tongue to stay in Patty-s ass. .Patty came a second time, or was blonde teen lesbians doing a web show together ultraporncamsdotcom a continuation of the first orgasm, Stacy did not care. Stacy continued her assault on Patty-s ass., pulling her tongue out and gnawing on her, and then tongue fucking Patty-s ass.all the while playing with Patty-s clit.

.Stacy loved the sound of Patty moaning., Stacy ravished that perfect ass. -- God woman., you are driving me crazy ! Stacy said. .Pat smiled, she had already had several orgasms; she was happy she pleased Stacy. .Stacy inserted a finger into that shapely ass, her finger slipped into that small wet hole easily.Stacy fingered Patty-s tight ass.

. Aaaaaaargh., to be the first. Stacy finger fucked Patty-s ass. .Stacy took her hand and fingered herself, and then, using her own juices lubed Patty-s ass. She did this several times until Patty-s ass was well lubricated. What a rush ! .Stacy forced in a second finger; fucking Patty-s ass.stretching her. -- Ungghh ! .Stacy bit Patty-s bum; gnawing on her cheeks.Stacy knew she was losing control.she did not care. .Pat could feel Stacy nipping at her ass.

It hurt a little, Pat did not mind. She wanted to give her friend some pleasure. Pat could feel Stacy-s fingers in her ass, it is an odd feeling she thought, and it hurt a little but it also felt kind of good. .Pat was dead tired. Pat thought it must look comical, her ass in the air, tits crushed into the mattress; hands tied over her head.

God only knows how her hair looked. She hoped it was not too bad. .Stacy reached for the vibrator.

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Moving herself around, Stacy turned on the vibrator and touched Patty with it. .Pat felt Stacy moving about. There was too much going on for Pat to follow it all.

She just stayed still, hands bound above her head; waiting. .Stacy moved to straddle Patty, immobilizing her. Stacy had the perfect view of Patty-s ass and pussy. Stacy had total control. .Pat could feel Stacy-s mound against her back, her bone digging in, and the warmth coming from Stacy-s body sent an odd sensation through Patty-s body. Feeling a woman rubbing her clitoris on her back. Stacy was shaved.

Pat felt Stacy-s juices running down her back. .She heard the juan miguel y otilia secretaria de escobedo nuevo leon buzz. Pat felt Stacy touch her with the vibrator. It felt like she had touched a bare wire; her body jumped. Pat was sure her body was vibrating. .Stacy loved the way this beautiful woman-s ass moved. She drooled on Patty-s ass at the sight of her lips swelling; her cllit growing., watching Patty-s juices appear and run out of her.

.Peering down Stacy looks at Patty-s pussy; like a fine craftsmen., Stacy applies her trade. .Patty-s ass never stops moving., so sensitive., bouncing., jerking., twisting. .Stacy is rapt. .Stacy dismounts Patty., she rolls Patty onto her side., and lifting Patty-s leg Stacy slips between those gorgeous thighs. Stacy pulls herself and Patty together; wedged between each other-s legs. pussy to pussy. .Pat feels herself rolling onto her side., she is exhausted. She sees Stacy-s foot near her face.

Pat reaches out and touches that foot.she holds it., her ties have come undone. .Stacy grinds her pussy into Patty-s, feeling the heat of an-other woman, her wetness, her softness. --- OMG ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .Gerald watches his wife.

.Standing back in the shadows in the hallway, Gerald has watched for the past ten minutes or so. His wife and Patricia.He has never seen his wife this hot.and Patricia.Wow.he never would have guest.

.Gerald smiles as he watches., Stacy squirts a little, spraying herself, Patricia, and anything within a few feet of the two women. .Stacy collapses: -- I love you Patty.

-- Me too honey. I have never experienced anything like this in my life Stacy. I am exhausted. . [A pause of several seconds] -- I bet my hair is a mess. .Stacy looks at Patty, and smiles: -- Come honey., let-s head to the second bedroom; that bed will be dry. .Gerald quietly walks away smiling. He hears Stacy laugh.

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Gerald ambles down the hall. That is Patricia alright; Gerald chuckles to himself as he slips into his favourite cot. Tucking himself in, smiling at what he has just witnessed. .Patricia is practically raped by his wife and she is concerned about her hair. .Gerald closes his eyes. Visions of Stacy and Patricia replay in his mind. Patricia sure has a body on her., maybe -- .

Gerald sports a wicked grin: -- I see a raise and full employment in Patricia-s near future . . Ungghh ., what an ass!