British mom fucks and gets heavy facial

British mom fucks and gets heavy facial
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I was 26 when it happened. 5'9" 190lbs with a muscular build and smooth chest bubble butt and big thighs. I have a 7.5" cock that I always keep shaved. I was having back pain and went on craigslist to find a massage. I was surfing craigslist trying to find a massage.

After filtering through all the ones that seemed sketchy and offered happy endings I found one that caught my interest. "Cheap massage for guys with tattoos" well I have 4 tattoos so that applies to me. I emailed the user and he asked me what kind of massage or what hurt and gave me his number. Thinking to myself "hell teen bffs took turns sucking and fucking I'm getting a discounted massage cause of my tats!

And he seems legit" I called him up and got his address and was quickly on the way out the door. 15 minutes later I arrived and parked at his place excited to have my sore muscles worked on.

Walked up to his front door and saw all the stickers for massage therapist this and massage therapist that. I was in the right place and relaxed even more. I knocked on his door. Almost imediately it opened and there was Dale the massage therapist. He was mid to late 40's dark hair mustache and a thin muscular build. He had a warm smile and invited me in.

Hottie babe really love to fuck big dick walked down stairs to where his massage room was at talking about what type of massage I want and the painful areas again. "Mostly my lower back and my." getting a little shy "my glutes and thighs too." Getting into his massage room that was dimly lit with candles and soft music playing. He had more bottles of oil then I could count and rocks. He smiled, "Ok, well let's get started shall we?

Get undressed to your comfort level and lay face down on the massage table." I had no problem with it losing my shirt. Most of the time they leave when you get naked. Not dale, he pretended to be fixing the sheets as I got undressed.

I'm not shy about my body at all. I served in the military so was always around naked guys at the showers. But his look made me a little nervous. So I turned around to undo my pants. As I was removing my pants I saw around his room divider a small bed.

And on the bed was what looked like assless chaps, a spiked collar, a leash and some other leather and bondage gear. Laughing to myself. This guy must be a freak in bed with his wife! I turned around after being completely naked and he was standing there with his hands on his hips. "Are you going to get on the table?" He asked.

I apologized and hoped on the table with my face in the cradle. I couldn't see anything but I could hear him grabbing some oils. Finally feeling his warm strong hands on my skin he started massaging my upper back and neck area.

Putting a pretty thick coat of oil on me. I didn't care, he was good at what he does because it felt amazing so far. Occasionally while massaging my neck id feel him squeeze down with a little more force then was needed. Hearing him moan a lil. I paid no attention to it. He massaged both arms and hands covering them all with ample amounts of oil. He was standing on the side of the table working my lower back and briefly going over my ass.

He started reaching across my body to grab down on my skin hard and grunting a bit. Each time he did I felt this extreme heat in my hands. I was trying to figure it out.

I thought to myself, "its just his bottle of massage oil he warmed up" Till finally reached across my body around my hip area and slid his hands under my body inches away from my cock. My body tensed and clenched my hands from the close call and pain of his fingers dragging acrossed my skin hard. When I tensed my right hand wrapped around something. I heard him moan. I moved my hand around a little to figure it out.

Feels soft whatever it is, and its very warm and its hard. My hand quickly flattened out when I realized I gripped down on his big hard cock. My body tensed up. I slid my hand under my body and he laughed.

He grabbed my hand and moved it hot teen arya fae gets first anal babe to the same spot.

For some reason I didn't move it back under my body for protection. I was thinking "just ignore it and he will stop and just get your massage and don't pay and leave or your gonna turn him in!" Great idea. So I layed there hands flat as a board as he started focusing on my bubble butt.

His hands felt amazing. Soothing my sore muscles as he worked each cheek out. Felt one of his hands stop massaging and right after felt cold oil being poured down my crack. I clenched my cheeks instantly. He replied "oops." As he ran his hand between my clenched cheeks trying to get all the oil.

He laughed again when I stayed clenched and moved on to my thighs. His hands working every inch of muscle in my thigh. I relaxed again a little because it felt amazing again.

His hands would "accidentally" grazing all the way up my thigh. He said oops the first couple times and it was just brief and moved his hand away. The more he did it the longer his hand stand all the way up between my thighs. His teasing hands got my cock rock solid. It was painful because it was bent.

So I lifted up my ass to adjust my cock. He laughed again and gripped down on my thigh hard. I was feeling ashamed and vunerable. I was panicing on the inside.

Why is my dick so damn hard! That asshole put his cock in your hand! You shouldn't be hard I kept saying to myself. My body wanting more but my brain wanting to scream and run.

He was finally at the foot of the table. Feeling his oiled up hands work from my feet all the way up to my ass. Each thrust could feel him grinding his cock against my foot. At first he would just brush against it. By the end he was shamelessly dry humping my fooot. I felt disgusted. My cock was rock solid. And this guy is fucking my foot. What the hell am I doing here? Then I felt his hand sliding up my inner thigh and his finger tip jabbed my asshole.

This time I didn't see a point clenching. His hands felt amazing. His hands sensing I've stopped fighting it proceeded to massage from my ass to almost my balls. I don't consider myself gay or bi, but holy crap that felt amazing. He switched feet and started humping my other foot and massaging up my legs and my ass. I was still disgusted with myself for letting this guy have his way with my body.

If I got up off the table I could easily put him in the hospital in urgent care for multi broken bones. Why am I letting him do it? As I'm questioning myself and arguing in my head I feel him standing on the left side of the table now. He proceeds to mimic the same movements as before. Reaching across my body and grinding his dick against my flat hand till finally he works his hands back down to my ass.

This time without pretending it was an accident he poured a lot of oil down between my ass cheeks. I didn't clench. There was no point. He was almost done with the massage and I could leave. His hand snaked its way down following the oil to my balls. Grabbing them hard and pulling them down between my legs so he could see them. He finally let go of my balls and worked his hand back up between my asscheeks. Focusing on mainaly massaging between the cheeks. My whole body felt tingly and amazing.

I couldn't believe how fantastic it felt. Till finally I felt it.

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He shoved his finger in my tight ass and it didn't even hurt. I was confused.

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How the hell did he get his finger in my ass like that as he slowly started finger fucking me. Thinking "ok that's far enough. You need to stop this right now!" My brain was screaming.

He pulled his finger out and laughed. I realized my back was arched and my ass was in the air. Feeling a sharp pain on my ass. He smacked me down to the table. Feeling japan schools girl pretty with boyfriend be more disgusted and more humiliated about myself.

I was finally enjoying it and I get denied. He starts massaging my ass again and swiflty jams his thumb in my ass. I clench squeezing down on his thumb as he lifts my ass off the table. His other hand reaches under and grabs my rock hard cock. "Oh you do like it in the ass huh?" I can't respond because of my embaressment.

He yanks his thumb out and smacks my ass down to the table again. My ass was burning. I feel him standing next to my head massaging down my back to my ass.

Each time he reaches my ass I arch my back and stick my ass in the air wanting more attention. My brain is saying no! Stop! Don't! Buy my body is saying no don't stop!! Till his hands stop touching me. I feel him grip down hard on my neck lifting my head up and turning my head to the side. Inches from my face is his cock. Very thick and about 8 inches. I close my eyes. Like WTF! I'm not sucking him off! Till I feel him grip down on my neck and head and slams his cock in my mouth.

My hands trying to push him away as he violently face fucks me. Hearing him grunting asking how "daddy's" cock felt. Feeling like each thrust I'm going to puke. Gaggin with each one pushing him away.

"You like daddy's cock?" He asked again and again. Till after a couple minutes he starts laughing. I open my eyes and look up. "You can stop pushing my thighs you dumb whore. I'm not holding your head!" Realizing he let go of my head and I was the one face fucking myself on his big cock. Confused, ashamed, humiliated and out of breath I tried pulling away to hide my face in the cradle.

As I pulled off his cock Black doll heated by the hard stick felt him slap my face hard. "No you stupid whore! Keep sucking daddys cock like the cock sucking slut you are!" Not wanting to be slapped again I obeyed.

More tears rolling down my cheeks. This time not from gagging on his cock, but from being so ashamed I wanted to so bad. I started slowly sucking him. WHACK! I got slapped again and he pulled his cock out. My mouth not wanting to let go. "No slut. Face fuck yourself on daddys dick." He said as I rammed my mouth and throat back onto his dick I got slapped again. Even harder. He pulled out again. "No! You say yes daddy or yes sir.

Now tell me how much you want daddys dick!" Tears streaming down my face.

I whispered "yes sir, may I please have your cock" SMACK! "What I couldn't hear you my cock sucking slut. Say it loud and proud!" "Daddy I want your big fucking cock!!" I yelled. "Please daddy" in a lower tone so I don't get slapped again. "Good boy" as he pushed his cock forward. Not sure if it was the slapping or my lust and horniness but my mouth and throat were eager to please daddy! I face fucked myself and felt him fingering my ass. Which made me suck harder and faster till finally he pulled out.

"You want to get fucked don't you?" He asked rubbing his sloppy cock all over my face. "No I don't! That's too far." As I was trying to get up off the table he slammed my face into the cradle and hoped on top of sister and bai xxx ful moves. Using one hand to force my face down.

He looped his feet around my legs forcing them oen. I was yelling "get the fuck off me!" As free hand guided his big thick cock to my well lubed asshole. "Relax slut or its gonna rip your ass open!" I couldn't stop fighting it till I felt his hot thick hard cock pressing into my freshly lubed and fingered asshole.

"No! Stop him!" My brain was screaming. I started screaming again telling him to stop and get off my again till he was all the way in my. I felt his hairy chest on my back and his mustache tickling my ear. "Why do you say No whore when your back is arched and your dick is rock solid? You're my slut now.

Shut the fuck up!" He whispered. "No I'm not get asian amateur jayden lee tries ass fucking fuck off me!" I yelled. Feeling him lift himself back off me and spanking my ass hard. He started pounding my hard. With each thrust it knocked the wind out of me.

I was grunting and moaning. As he continued pounding me and spanking my ass and punching my back. Till he finally pulled out after 10 mins of fucking my senseless. "NO! Daddy please don't stop!" I begged! Not knowing where it came from but glad I blurted it out.

"Oh no you stupid bitch. You told me to get off you and I am!" He replied. "Please daddy! I need your cock in me! Please!!" I pleaded. Wanting the feeling of his huge cock impaling me more and more! "Are you my bitch?

My dirty lil cock sucking slut?" He asked rubbing his dick up and down between my cheeks teasing my asshole. "Yes god yes I'm your bitch and your dirty cock sucking slut! Please fuck me daddy!" As he slammed in his cock I let out a sigh of relief. He fucked me hard and stopped spanking and punching dani daniels gets drilled in hardcore fashion as I grunted and told daddy how much I loved his cock in me.

He pulled out. "Daddy! I want your cock in me! Please daddy!" "Flip over and scoot to the edge of the table then" I gladly obeyed he put my legs on his shoulders and slid back in. "Fuck I love your cock daddy!!" As I started to stroke my cock. SMACK! He slapped me hard. "No bitch you don't get to cum! Not till you're a good girl." "Yes daddy" as he continued fucking me.

My hard cock bouncing with each thrust. "What the fuck is that?" Pointing at the sheets. There was a huge wet spot. I must of cum. SMACK! He slapped me over and over. "You came bitch?" Yanking me and flipping me over shoving my face in my cum.

"Lick it up!" As he slammed his cock back in. Pounding me harder then I could take. The pain shooting electricity up my spine. Trying to lick and suck up all the cum. Crying from the pain. "UGH! I'm cumming!" As he yanked me around onto my knees. His cock tasted horrible. All the oil and my shit as he face fucked me I felt him cumming, jet after jet of delicious cum. That I eagerly tried to swallow. "Ugh swallow daddys cum!" It was more cum then I could swallow.

It started dripping out of my mouth down my chin and onto my chest. Till he finally pushed me off. Not saying anything he started getting dressed while I stayed on my knees with a raging hard on cum all over me. I stood up and started getting dressed.

Feeling my aching cock that needed to be reliefed I said nothing. He opens the door and starts walking up stairs I follow him like a lost puppy. "You ever need a massage let me know." As he opens the front door and I step out he says "You suck cock so good and got such a great ass I might have to call some friends over next time"