Milky brest suking and fucking

Milky brest suking and fucking
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I have been told, some of the best places to meet women, were the laundromat, grocery store and men's strip clubs. I wasn't going to go into a men's strip club, but the grocery store and laundromat were not a problem.

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Especially the laundromat. Being a single man, and living in an apartment, I went to the the laundromat at least once a week.

I didn't have a washer or dryer and the apartments didn't provided laundry facilities. I never really gave it too much thought though, until one night when I was doing my laundry quite late. It was one of those self service kind that was open all night. I walked in with my laundry and at first thought there was no one else in there except, that I did hear some of the washers going.

I went about my business of getting my wash started and I heard a door open and realized it was someone coming out of the restroom.

I glanced up briefly and I saw what might have been the sexiest woman I had ever seen. She was a brunette with her hair just above her ass. And what a nice ass it was! She was wearing a pair of white shorts that barely covered her cheeks.

They were kind of transparent and rode the crack of her ass very nicely. She wasn't wearing underwear and when she bent over, oh what a view!

Any red blooded man would have appreciated the view she gave. Her cheeks were exposed as the shorts rode up the crack of her ass and you could see just a hint of pussy. Mmm, mmm, mmm! A very fine specimen of a fuckeable woman if I ever saw one. X full sex stories hot story play She was hot! She stood up and turned around and saw me standing there.

She smiled and said hi. I smiled and nodded my head at her, noticing that her ass wasn't the only thing on her that was impressive, She also had a very nice set of tits.

Large round perky tits and large dark nipples. She wore a belly t-shirt that just barely covered her gorgeous tits. It was short enough to expose some of the soft roundness of the bottom of her tits brazoz harmony reigns she shows you how t a slit down the middle that revealed an impressive cleavage.

She was so large, when she walked they bounced a little. I would love to get my hands and mouth on those luscious mounds. She was wearing a pair of high heeled sandals and when she walked, my, my, my. Her hips swayed back and forth and the thin material of her shorts rode up and down through the crack of that nice voluptuous ass. I'm pretty sure she knew she was putting on a nice show.

Suddenly, she stopped and bent over from the waste pushing out her ass and doing something with her shoe. Her legs were spread a little apart and her pussy was completely exposed and I saw her tiny pink fuck hole. She turned her head and looked at me and winked. I couldn't take my eyes off her and I felt my groin coming to life. She knew exactly what she was doing. Slowly she stood up running her hands up the front of her legs, keeping her ass poked out. Just before she reached the top of her thighs, she opened them just a little and put both hands between them and rubbed her pussy very slowly as she stood the rest of the way up moving her hips around, slowly and seductively, pressing her hands firmly against her pussy rubbing it up and down.

Then she stopped doing her little dance and continued walking. She walked outside and disappeared around the corner of the building. I was breathing heavy and my brows were damp and apparently I'd been salivating as I licked my lips.

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Damn! Were my friends right! I was thinking as I loaded up the washers that I might get lucky tonight and get laid son cums in mums pussy real in the laundromat. I had just a hint of a hard on and it hadn't gone down yet.

I stroked it a little to relieve some of the pressure. I could still see her fuck hole and nice round ass in my head and really wanted to get my hands on those tits squeezing them and biting and sucking her nipples. My dick was really hard now and I thought, I've got to stop thinking this way or I'll never get my wash done. Once I finished starting the washers, I sat down in one the seats and picked up a magazine, I had to hold onto my cock trying to control the spasms.

I was busy reading the magazine, still holding onto my cock, when she walked back in the door. She made a special effort to walk right by me and I smelled her erotic perfume as she walked past me and I turned to watch that lovely ass as she walked away.

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I couldn't control the spasming of my cock and felt some pre-cum seeping out the tip of it. I hadn't had a good fuck in such a long time.

I decided I was going to fuck her. Her wash was finished and she started putting it in the dryers. She picked some that were right in front of where I was sitting, so I could watch her body movements and the little sexy dance she was doing just for me. I started wondering if her pussy was wet and throbbing. I sure was. When she big titty nurses brooke haven titty fucking, she walked over to a table and leaned over it leafing through a magazine.

My wash finished and I put the clothes in a dryer. I was headed back to my seat, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she was sitting on the table.

I looked over and she was completely naked, sitting with her legs bent at the knees, her heels on the table with her legs spread wide open. She was looking at her tits and pulling and pinching her nipples. She looked up at me, giving me a seductive smile, licked her lips and asked me, "Would you like some of this?" Did I ever!

I walked over to the table my cock rock hard and pulsating now. She was staring at my crotch as I walked. My cock was hard enough it was straining against my shorts and she could easily see the outline of it very clearly. She kept staring at my cock, licking her lips, as I walked towards her. When I got in front of the table, she pulled herself forward and let her legs dangle over the edge.

I took my pants and shirt off and grabbed her ass squeezing it and pulled her closer until I could feel my cock touching her pussy. Damn! Was she hot!

Her clit was hard and swollen and her taxi drivers banging on backseat hardcore and reality was hot and wet.

I wanted to take her right then. We kissed each other deeply for just a few minutes. Then she lowered my head to those gorgeous tits. I started nibbling and sucking them all over and took her large nipples between my lips sucking and biting on them. She hissed and told me to suck and bite her harder. I did and she through her head back groaning and hissing loudly.

She started moving her hips around rubbing against my rock hard, wet cock as the sensation went down to her pussy. Her pussy juices were oozing out onto the table. I kept working on her tits, biting and sucking feverishly. She was holding the back of my head pulling me closer to her tits, hissing and moaning and breathing heavy.

Her hips were moving faster now and I took advantage of it and slipped my cock deep inside her pussy. She was tight and jumped a little as the head of my cock slipped past the opening and slid all the way in up to my pubic hair.

Once my cock was all the way in, she started moving back and forth, fucking it. She was still holding my head to her tits and I started fucking that wet fuck hole deep and hard. She let go of my head and laid back on the table lifting her ass up off the table allowing me to shove my cock inside her deeper.

She started yelling out as she started having an orgasm and yelled at me to fuck harder and deeper.

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I pulled her ass a little closer to edge of the table and was pounding that tight pink cunt harder making her yell and moan in both pain and pleasure. I fucked her hard until she stopped cumming.

I needed to cum so bad, but I held on to it. I wasn't done playing with her. After her orgasms subsided, I slipped my cock out of her pussy releasing her juices and cum. I lifted her legs and put them over my shoulder and opened her thighs to expose that sweet cunt. Then I shoved my face in her pussy, using my tongue to lick her sweet cum and juices. I fucked her with my tongue and she started moaning and moving her hips up and down helping me tongue fuck her. Then I took her clit between my lips pulling and biting at it softly making her cum again.

As her orgasms racked her body, she started shaking uncontrollably, moaning and yelling rolling her head back and forth. She was holding the back of my head to her cunt, shouting "Yes, yes, yes! Suck my cunt harder!" I started flicking my tongue on her clit, back and forth hard and fast, then I started circling her clit with my tongue and softly sucking it.

Her orgasms became harder and her pussy got wetter with each wave. She was screaming as her cum started gushing out of her pussy spilling onto the table. While she was still cumming, I straightened up and turned her over pulling her ass close to my dick. I shoved my cock back into her hot throbbing pussy, making her scream, she pushed herself back more to get more cock in her.

I happily accommodated her. While I was fucking her wet, juicy cunt, I slowly started fingering her ass. I wanted to fuck her ass too! I asked her if she had ever been fucked in her ass before and she said she hadn't, I asked her if she'd like to try tonight and she said yes.

I continued fingering her ass stretching her hole more and more, still fucking her pussy hard and fast. She was still cumming and my cock pounding in and out of her was making a slurping sound from all her sweet pussy juices. When I thought her asshole was stretched enough, I slipped my cock out of her pussy and slowly started pushing it into her ass hole. She moaned a little and took in a deep breath.

I didn't want to hurt her so I slowed down a bit. When I got the head through, I fucked her slowly, moving the head of my cock in and out of her ass. She was moaning and said go ahead and shove your cock in. "Fuck my ass hole with that monstrous cock!" I shoved deep inside her pussy, held it there for a minute then started fucking her ass harder. She was pushing her ass back helping me fuck her. She started moving her hips around grinding my cock. That did it, I couldn't hold my load anymore and I moaned and grunted and yelled out, "I'm cumming baby!

I'm cumming in your tight ass hole right now!!!!" She was yelling and moaning and screaming at me to fuck her harder. My orgasm was racking my body so hard, I had to fuck her harder. I filled that lovely ass up with my cum and it started to spill out onto the table. We fucked and fucked each other, until we finished cumming and our orgasms began to subside. We weren't through playing yet. I slowly pulled my cock out of her ass and licked her ass clean. She turned over and I licked her pussy clean.

She climbed down off the table, got on her knees taking hold of my still wet hard cock. She took my cock in her mouth licking our juices off and sucking.

She pulled it out and back in again, sucking my cock and making it harder. After mature in skirt panties dry humping in skirt panties few minutes, she took my cock out and said, "Fuck my mouth!" She tilted her head back so I could stuff my cock deep in her mouth. She deep throated my cock as I fucked her mouth.

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She sucked and gagged as I fucked her harder and deeper. I told her she was giving me the best fucking blow job I ever had. She let me daughterswap hot daughters get stretched fucked group sex beautiful her mouth and throat until my cock became rock hard and pulsating. I started hissing as I came closer and closer to blowing my load.

My cock was so big she could hardly get her mouth around it making it tighter as she continued to suck and gag. I was breathing heavy and moaning until I couldn't take it anymore. I started having my orgasm as my hot sticky cum shot straight down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow. She was sucking, gagging and swallowing my cum.

I kept shooting loads into her throat and mouth until it started coming out of the sides of her mouth and running down her chin. I tried to pull it out, but she shook her head no. I kept fucking her mouth and cumming, each wave of my orgasm shaking my body. My orgasm started to subside.

I pulled my pulsating cock out of her mouth. My cum was still seeping out of my cock and she continued to lick it and swallow it until my orgasm subsided. We both fell into each others arms, exhausted and satiated and enjoying the afterglow of several amazing orgasms. After awhile, I kissed her hard and deep and said, "my name is Mark and I'm very happy to meet you." She smiled and said, "hi Mark, my name is Cassie, and I'm very happy to meet you." I caressed her ass and tits softly and kissed her again.

Then she licked and sucked my cock lightly. We were ready to go again, but decided we better finish out laundry first and then get out of there. She's been my little fuck queen and I've been her fuck king ever since. But we no longer do it the laundromat.