Chubby ebony honey takes a proper pounding

Chubby ebony honey takes a proper pounding
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chapter two. she open her legs to allow me to EAT her wet pussyi go for that missioni was afraid what if i cant make her horny ?i slept wiz girls b4 but they was like me TEENZshe is old woman is that makes diffrent ?we will see. i start by lick her leg then go up to her pussyi kiss her pussy then i start to catch her pussy's lips by my lipsi love the way that she play in my hair when i eat her.

-mmmmohm yeah! ur so good babyahhhmmmmyeaaah! i lick her vagina like i never do beforei enter my tongue in her pussy or something that her pussy lips is so big thats why i imagine that !. -come onif u want enter ur fingers go on mmmm. i entered my middle finger in her pussyin out in out. -ohh shityeahhh ahhh hhh yeah yeah shiiiit ! she was scream loudlyi think she forget that we are in a car ! -fasterrr fasttt ohh.

she order me to do it fasterand i do it faster and put one more fingeri try to get her G-spoti teen show cam amateur russian paramours having sensual sex to lick Diane's cum. -ahhhh fuckyeahhhhh ahh ohh mmmmohhhh fuck me me fuck meee ohhh shit. three finger and the fast movement i canshe scream crazy and loudthats make me wet and my nipples get hard as rocks. -i gonna cum i gonna cum hell yeahhhhh shitttoh yeah yea.

Diane cumsshe get out her cum and i lick it with my tongue like a hungry dog. -ur taste is sooo gooood -let me lick ur fingers honey she lick my fingershe lick her own cumthen she kiss me. -"get ur pants offu still wear it?" she said i get my pants offit was sooo wet cuz of my pussy and cuz of my sweatit was hot as hell here.

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-Diane look to my naked pussy and say : " do u knowur pussy looks HOT " -come on eat me. she lick my wet pussy well then i remembered somethingMY PINK DILDO i put it in my bag. -hay let us use this ! i get the vibrator dildo from my bag. -bad girlu have toys herelet me fuck u with these. it was long pink vabrator , she turn the vibrator on the second level the but it on my vaginain out in slowlyyyy way.

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-mmm oh u kills meeefasterrr please. she do it fasterand she put her finger in my ASS HOLE that was hard and hurtbut hurt in pleaser.

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-mmm yeah you wanna eat your own shit ? -mmm let me. she get her finger out of my ass to my mouthi am nasty i love it. -do it faster Diane ohhhhmmmm. my left hand with my pussy and the right squeez my left nipple. -Dianeeee ohhh shitfuck me harder babyfuck my little pussyyyyyyahhhh godddmmm.

i turns hot and crazy more than her.

-aaaGODdamn shittttohhhFUCKK mmmyeahhyeahh. she fuck me with the vibrator well and hardand i squeez my nipple nw. -i think i will cum nowwwww !

-fuckdo it ! -aaaa hell yeahhhhhhhhhhh. my CUM get outshe set my CUM freemmmm that was great. -oh baby ur water is so sweety i cant answer heri still hornyi am fly in the air of hell ! she lick my pussy mmmit was better sex i have ever do iti want that again and again and again. -mennado u want to cassidy banks fuck black guy home now ?

-i wanna sleep and dream about uhahaha -i love u mennathat was best sexwe do it in my carhahahahaha -yeah i cant belive thati think if we open the door we will find some horny guys leave there cum on the carhehe -lets go and lick it !

hehaha -after Diane's cum i'll lick no other cumhahaha -mmmm sounds of love.

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Dianethe fat,mature womanthat was cheating me all the past 4 or 3 months turns the best woman on the world ! i love her ?

or what ? we get wear our clothes againafter i get unnaked i get out of the car to take fresh airmmmm my pussy still hot and hurt me. -Diane lets go home !

-ok i'll take you there bb. i get in the car againshe driveswe talk about that sex again and she talk about that female sex is better than male sex and the only guy that fuck her was (marc) her ex-husbandand how his cock looks likeand my pussy is the bestwe talk about her kidsand she think that (magy) will be sexy girland (mando)'s GF is too sexy .

i think i fall in love with Dianeshe is not just sexy woman that i fuck her in one nightshe will be my lovewhat do u think ladies ?. -here we are !

-thank you Diane i kissed her on her lips then her cheek. -hay mennai will see u again ? -yeahh surei'll call u back -thank you when i reach my door i cant keep her away from my mindi call her -hay mennau forgot something ? -nobut can u stay with me tonight ? -sorryi have kids -ohi forget sorry -hayu can come and stay with me ! -really ? That will disturb you ? -nooooi will back to u and take u after a 15 min prepare your self ok . -thank youi wait you wanna know what will happen in Diane's house ???

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she have girl friendsshe have sexy young girl (magy)she got GREAT bodyshe got . imagine what will happen and tell me. JUST TELL ME . >leave comments >rate the story >add me as a friend >add my email .common ! push me up LOL.