Two teenage bffs lick each others muffs

Two teenage bffs lick each others muffs
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"How did the party go?" She asked me. "O things went really good till they started to show some porn movies." I replied. "Um O." was all she said. "You will never guess just who was the star in these films?" I asked her. "I'm sorry." She said in a tiny voice. "Do you realize just how shocked I was to see you in those films? Or how disappointed I was in you, for not telling me about this part of your past. There I was, watching my porn star whore of a wife sucking and fucking every guy in sight." I said with a venomous tone.

"I am so sorry." She cried as she leaped out of the chair, and ran to the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. I raced after her but stopped as the door slammed in my face. I reached for the door handle, but paused for a moment to listen. I could hear her crying her eyes out in there. I released the door handle, and walked back into the kitchen, getting a beer out of the fridge.

I headed out to the balcony and sat down. I tried to sort things out, but my mind was just sort of blank. I felt like an ass for the way I treated her. I almost had my beer finished, when I heard the bedroom door open. She walked out and came toward me, but stop short of coming out into the balcony.

"I have some things to say to you, and then you can decide on what you plan on doing about us." She sniffed as she came out onto the balcony, and sat down in the other chair next to me. "First, I love you very much, I have from the day we first met at that bar in the hotel where you work.

Second, I am sorry for not telling you about my past. I was afraid that if I did you would not want me. Third, I have not been involved in any type of porn activities since before I met you. Fourth, I will abide on whatever decision you make." She informed me. I sat there for a time just thinking on what she had said. I looked at her and she had tears leaking down her cheeks, and her eyes were red and puffy from crying.

I reached for my beer, and finished it in one big gulp. I just sat there playing with my empty bottle of beer. Finally she gets up, pauses for a moment, and heads for the bedroom. I heard the bedroom sexy gf karter bangs with bf and mom cherrie pornstars hardcore close. I just sat there.

My manly ego won't let me budge. There are a number of things that I should do. First, go into the bedroom and apologize for what a fool and asshole that I am. Second, make love to her, because she is the most beautiful woman that I ever will have. Third, the things that she did were before me, not after. I just get up, and grab a couple more beers to drown my sorrows. I then fall asleep on the couch.

The next morning was Sunday, and I slept in late. I woke up with a mild hangover. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself. The bedroom door was still closed. Well I guess now is the time to see if, and what I can do to salvage our relationship.

I open the bedroom door, and the bed is empty. She is not any where in the bedroom. Her clothes were still there in the closet, but then women have a thousand different types of clothes, and there is no way I would be able to tell if or what she might have taken with her.

I went to the balcony and look down. The car was still in its parking spot. Maybe she was just out for a walk to get some fresh air. Lunchtime, and no CJ, and I was getting concern. Dinnertime, and no CJ, and I girl show panties on bus starting to get nervous. Bedtime, and no CJ, now I was worried. Monday morning, and she was not here. I was getting very frantic. I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head, on just what the criminals could do with a pretty woman like her.

All charming luscious babes have a fun making out this time frame, I kept trying her cell phone, but just got sent to her voice mail.

I left countless messages for her. I called my boss. "I need a few days off to try and save my marriage?" I asked him, as I informed him on just what had happen.

"Ok I will get someone to cover for you, be back here Friday night at 7:00 p.m." He told amateur slender brunette rides my hard dick in underwear pov. I thanked him and hung up. I drove down to the police station, and talked with the desk sergeant.

I explained what had happen, and he checked to see if she was in any accident reports, or admitted to any of the hospital in town. He then filed a missing person report on her. He told me to go home, and they would contact me if they found anything out. I was out of options. She never spoke about her family members. I had no idea on where to start to look for them. There must be a million people with the last name of Smith. So trying to google the name would not work. So I sat there waiting. It was Friday and I was due back to work.

The strain was showing on me. It was tough to concentrate at work. My coworkers were sympathetic with my situation, and offered their support. The police have not found out anything. They put her out on the Gf moans as she gets fucked doggystyle computer system for missing persons.

I hired a private investigator to search for her. He has worked with the police before, and can follow leads that they could not.

I figured I'd lost her. She no longer wanted to be married to me. She probably went back to being a porn queen. Shesnew gf sucks cock on camera for money even worse she could have been kidnaped, and forced to be a sex slave, or made to be a prostitute.

They have their ways to force her to do what they want. The PI called late one night. "I got a tip she might be in LA. Do you want me to go to LA, and search for her?" He asked. Which in PI language means will I cover all the expenses. I agreed, and he headed out for LA.

It was going on the second week that she has been gone. It was Saturday afternoon, and I just finished up an extra eight hour day shift, and I had three days off coming up. The phone rang, and it was the PI. "I got her, and know where she lives." He told me. He filled me in on what he found. I grabbed a travel bag, and threw in some clothes, and my shaver kit. I took the first plane that was going to LA.

I grabbed the first taxi cab available, and told the driver the location that the PI told me to go to. He met me there, and took me to where she was staying. "Thanks, I will take it from here." I told him.

She was in a nice beach house on Malibu Beach. I knocked on the door, and she answers it.

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"Hi, can we talk?" I asked her. She nodded her head and opens the door for me. "Nice is this your place?" I asked as I walked about the beach house. "Sort of, I own it with a friend." She replied. I sat down on the couch, and she sat down next to me. "Well I guess you probably know why I am here, so here it is.

I realized that you were right, about the whole situation. I am sorry for the way that I acted. I love you very much, and want you back with me as my wife.

What happened in the past, should and will stays there. I really missed you the last couple of weeks." I said to her with a soft voice. She moves over next to me and snuggles up close. "I was hoping that is why you were here, to take me back home with you. I love you so much." She said to me with love shining in her eyes. "OK but no secrets, we both tell all." I said to her, and she nodded her head in agreement. I went first and told her everything including all about my first marriage, and my children who I never see.

She knew that I was divorced before, I had told her that, but not much about it. She told me about her whole past, and being in the porn business for 10 years, and has made a lot of money. She was never married or engaged. Only had a couple of boyfriends, but they did not last for long. She is bisexual. We were sitting on the couch kissing, when the door opens, and in walks a stunning black ebony preggo slut has her muff annihilated brunette and big tits. She was taller than CJ, and she had a body to die for.

"CJ I am home." She shouts, but the words seem to die on her lips as she sees us. "Jasmin this is my husband Frank." CJ says as she makes the introductions. "Looks like you two made up." She said, noticing that CJ was sitting on my lap, with her arms around my neck.

"Ya he hired a PI to find me." CJ laughed. Now how the fuck did she know that. "I spotted him, and had him checked out by some friends of mine." She smiled at me. We chatted for a while, and it was getting dinnertime and I was hungry, as my stomach growled a few times. "You know I never had a chance to celebrate your wedding, lets go out for dinner." Jasmin said to us.

"That sounds good to me." I said. Both girls squealed in delight, and charged off to their respective bedrooms to shower and change. I just sat there, as I did not have much with me to make any changes. CJ came out first, and I almost made her go back, and change into a different dress. She had on a black mini dress that showed a lot of skin. I was almost sure if she bent over, her tits would fall out of the dress. The dress had a big star cut out of the middle from the bottom of her breast to just under her navel button.

The dress came down to the middle of her thighs. "Well what do you think?" She asked me. "Where is the rest of the dress?" I gulped., as she just laughed. Just then out comes Jasmin, and she is wearing a silver sparkling type of dress, which left nothing to your imagination.

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I figured if she sucked her breath in really hard, the dress would pop off her boobs, and slide to the ground. "How do I look?" She asked as she twirled around. "You look stunning Jasmin." I said to her. She beamed at my response. Just then a horn sounded, and Jasmin said, "Oh there is our limo, to take us to our favorite restaurant." The limo drive had the back door open for us.

Jasmin got in first, followed by CJ, as she bent to get in, I ran my hand up her leg, and felt her naked snatch. Just as I figured no panties. She turned to look at me, and smiled, "did you enjoy doing that?" I replied, "I am ready to take you right back in the house, and fuck your brains out." She laughed and said, "Oh no first we have a good time and dinner, and when we get home us all can go to bed." Now I am not sure by what she meant, but I was sure hoping it was what I thought it meant.

"I feel a little underdressed in blue jeans, and a golf shirt, to be out with you two girls, the way that you're dressed." I said to them. "You're right." CJ responded.

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She informed the driver to take us to the nearest men's store, where she got me a new set of clothes, to match hers, for the dinner occasion. We had a great time at the restaurant/night club. The girls had almost every man hitting on them all night long. After dinner, we drank champagne, and danced the night away. It was getting close to 1:00 a.

m., and I was getting tired. It has been along and emotional day for me. CJ stayed close to me, but it was fun to watch Jasmin work the male members of the crowd. A couple times some guy would dislodge her dress off her boobs, and it would slip to the floor, with her standing there naked. Being a consummate porn pro, it did not seem to bother her one bit.

The limo driver picked us up at the entrance of the night club. We climbed into the back, Jasmin, CJ, and me, in that order. As soon as the door is closed, I am kissing CJ, and she responds back with some tongue action. Soon both she and Jasmin soon have their dresses off. Jasmin is sucking on one of CJ"s boob, and I sucking on the other one.

I moved my hand down to her pussy, only to find that Jasmin's hand was already there. I stroke her hand softly for a few seconds, before I work my finger into CJ's cunt. With both of us finger fucking her, she was starting to get wet, with her hips starting to buck against our finger movements.

I could hear her moaning. All of a sudden the driver's voice floats back to us, "were home." He open the back door and I exited with CJ right behind, and Jasmin brought up the rear.

Both girls were naked as jaybirds. The driver's eyes almost popped out of his head when he stared at both naked girls. Jasmin looked at us, "wait a minute while I give him an extra tip." She said. She squats and unzips his pants. Then she pulls his pants and boxers down. His cock sprang out of his shorts, and almost slapped Jasmin in the face.

She grabbed his cock, and shoved it into her mouth, and gives him a blow job only a porn queen pro could do. Within a few minutes, he started to groan, and deposit's a load of his cum deep inside of Jasmin mouth. She stood up and gives him a kiss, sharing some of his cum with him.

She turned and joined us at the door, and we enter into the house. As I close the door, I look back at the driver. He is still standing there with his pants down around his ankles, and his cock drooped over. I went to the bathroom, and then down to Jasmin's bedroom.

There are the girls laying on the bed making out with each other. They both turned and smiled at me, and CJ said, "are you going to join us." I replied, " nope I going to watch for a while that way I last longer." They both giggled to that and started to kiss more passionately, using there tongues to explore each others mouth. CJ slowly starts to work her way down Jasmin, stopping at her breast and licking her nipples.

CJ moves her hand down to Jasmin's smooth snatch. Her fingers buried themselves deep into Jasmin pussy. Soon she had a rhythm going where she would go deep and then up to rub her clit. Jasmin is a sex talker. "O my God CJ, that feels soooo good. Right there rub faster, rub my clit, you know the spot girl. O MY GOD, harder Yessss!!!!!! That feels that feels OHHHHH yes hard rub hard, You got me close OOOOOO yes deeper rub deeper.

O fuck I going to cum, Ahhhhhh yes almost there. CJ then removes her hand and drops down and starts to lick that bald pussy, putting Jasmin in orbit. Jasmin grabs the pillow and screams into as she blows her orgasm all over CJ's face. I could not take. I grab CJ and give her a big french kiss. I was trying to lick up as much of Jasmin's orgasm as possible. I look deep into CJ's brown eyes, and all I see is lust dripping from them. CJ pushed me aside.

She climbs up on the bed. She pulls the pillow away from Jasmin. CJ gives Jasmin a deep passionate kiss, so Jasmin can taste some of her orgasm on CJ's face. CJ looks at Jasmin, " it is your turn now." She said. Jasmin slides down and starts to rub and massage CJ's breast, as she licks her nipples.

CJ says, " I am still wet from the limo." She grabs Jasmin's hand and puts down on top of her naked pussy. Jasmin inserts two fingers in CJ's soaking wet pussy, and starts to massage her clit. It is not long before CJ's hips start to squirm and buck, as Jasmin works on her pussy. "Please go down and eat my pussy. " I hear her whimper to Jasmin. Right then I decide when Jasmin starts to licks CJ's pussy. I am going to ram my cock into Jasmin's cunt. So I strip off my clothes in record time.

My cock is so hard that massive boobs milf giving handjob pov bigtits and tugjob nuts are starting to hurt. I stroke it a few times as I watched Jasmin slides down and start to lick CJ's pussy. I can hear CJ groan and moan in pleasure as her pussy gets eaten out.

I two big cocks and a hot oriental japanese and hardcore Jasmin's ass bounce up and down as she sucks on CJ's clit and pussy lips. Finally I spring into action.

I move up behind Jasmin.

I take my cock, and rub it against her pussy lips, getting the head oiled up with her juices. As soon as she feels me she stops eating CJ's pussy, and looks back at me.

She smiles, and nods her head in approval. She then pushes her ass back into me. I bury my cock into her as far as I could go, and then slowly draw it back out. I did that for about a couple of minutes, and then the girls started to move, and my cock slips out of her.

Next thing I know they are in the 69 position, where they can eat each others pussy, and I am standing there with my cock flopping in the breeze.

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Jasmin looks back at me and says, " fuck my ass." I grab the sex lube on the night stand. I grease her anal hole, and my cock. I climb up on the bed with the girls. I position the head of my cock with Jasmin's anal hole and I push in. She must have been so relaxed because I slide right in with no problem. I started to stroke away fucking her ass in earnest. All of a sudden I can feel CJ tongue starting to lick my nut sack.

It was not long and my sack tightened up and my load started up my shaft, and I fill Jasmin's ass up with my hot cum. Some of my cum started to leaked out of her ass, and down my shaft, dripping of my nut sack, right into CJ's waiting mouth. I could here her saying yum yum yum.

I pulled my cock out and CJ grabs it, and sucks it cleans so that it shines. Then both girls started to work on me, taking turns sucking my cock and sack. I was in seventh heaven. I could see CJ sucking on my cock. While Jasmin was licking, and fingering my anal hole. Pretty quick she had her finger buried deep in my ass, and she was rubbing on the spot where my prostate gland is close to.

Anyway it was a very intensive feeling, like my nuts were going to blow through my shaft and out my slanted eye. Finally they stopped and both wanted to be fucked. CJ got on top first and rode my cock to her orgasm. Then Jasmin got aboard, and she rode me also, till I cum deep teen piper fucks stepmom and her stepbros friend in an orgasmic threesome pornstar oldyoung of her.

She blew her orgasm all over my nuts also. They both licked me clean. Epilogue CJ and I went back to Las Vegas. I quit my job at the jenna hoskins and jennifer jade blowjob story4. CJ's model agency got her a job with the LA branch.

We cleaned the apartment out and moved back in the beach house with Jasmin. I got a job with the same modeling agency as their accountant. CJ and I from time to time did some guest spots with Jasmin in her porn vids. It was exciting to watch CJ get fuck by some stud porn star, while I was fucking Jasmin. Eventually we settled down and had a couple of children. Jasmin retired from the porn industry, got married and moved back to Jamaica.