Daddys lil whore enjoying anal dp and fisting

Daddys lil whore enjoying anal dp and fisting
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A Story By: MarieL My mother was more like an older s****r than a mother, perhaps her divorce from daddy had something to do with it, but I was just a teenager, and way too young to be hanging out with my mother, not that I thought she needed to as she was all woman and never without a man panting after her.

'We need to talk sex'. My mother looked up from her coffee, 'Why', she asked, her eyes dropping to watch my horny gf fuck girlfriend and homemade stomach, looking for the answer.

I left it hanging there, just to hear her reaction, 'Are you in trouble', she finally asked? My younger b*****r was laughing, as the breakfast table came alive to the sounds of sex. 'Not yet mother dear', I replied sardonically, school project, 'too many teens fucking, so we have to draw attention to the fact, at what makes babies'.

'I am sure with the internet you k**s know as much as I do', she replied, I was reaching into my bag and produced a paper, with questions. Mum looked at it, shook her head in mock disbelief, 'This is more fantasist than factual', she said, 'is your teacher a man by any chance'? The fact that he was made me curious, 'Why do you say that', I asked her, the girls in our class called him 'Creepy'. 'The questions are all about you and your approach to sex, how you feel about it, and more importantly, are you sexually active'.

Mum's eyes were lit up like twin beacons, 'He's looking for weaknesses to exploit, your teacher is a p**o, and he wants inside your panties'. She was always like that, her own life's experiences had taught her that, and from those few statements it began to dawn on me she was right. My b*****r who sat quietly alongside us, was too wrapped up in his music with his ear buds in to realise the air was blue with female sexual innuendo, 'Perhaps if he had been listening he might have learned something', I said to mum, as I looked at him, but Mum replied, 'He will, in fact you both will', and she put the paper down, reached across the table and pulled his ear buds out.

'Right listen up, you two are going to learn about sex, and trust me, you wont forget about it'. I looked across at my b*****r, his blank expression was met by my own equally and slightly shocked expression, as Mum went on to explain just how powerful sex is, how people use it to attain a hold over others, 'The more you know about sex, your own bodies, and how to recognize when you are being targeted, you will be several steps up the rung and be able to know how to deal with it'.

'Peter, stand in front of your s****r'. My b*****r looked at me, then mother, and back to me, 'Why', he asked, 'Just do it', was her firm reply. My b*****r rose from his seat and came around the table and stood facing me, 'Closer', she said, and he shuffled up close until our noses almost touched. 'Now kiss your s****r on her mouth'. I started to protest, and he hesitated, 'Do it', ordered mother, and our lips touched.

There was something chemical happening there, as our lips met and pressed against each other, but there was no passion or tingling, but there was something there in the background. 'Feel anything', mother asked us inquisitively, we both shook our heads to confirm that we both felt no response from kissing each other.

'That's perfectly normal', she said, 'You are siblings and have grown up with each other, so you should be comfortable with each other'. I had a smile on my face, until mother told me to put my hand down my b*****rs pyjama's bottoms, and touch his cock.

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Peter had a look on his face that was priceless, and at the same time expectant. 'I can't', I protested, 'Just try it, you will be surprised', she retorted.

My hand reached down and took hold of his pyjama cord and Peter pulled back as my cold fingers touched his bare skin. Japanese friend rape sleeping housewife pulled his cord out from his stomach and looked down, to see he was not wearing underpants, I felt weird and curious at the same time, looked at mum, who sat with a smile on her face, 'Reach in and take hold of it', she encouraged me, and I looked at Peter as my other hand descended down his hairless pubis and touched his hanging flaccid cock.

I could see his 'Adam's Apple', bob in his throat, as he swallowed hard, and I wondered as I looked if I was the first girl to touch him, as my fingers encircled his fleshy protuberance, drawing heat from it, and marvelling in the tactile softness, a first for me, and for my b*****r, judging by the look on his face.

'What do you think about your b*****r's cock'? I looked across at mum, she was relaxed, 'Soft', was the word that escaped my lips, not realizing my hand was subconsciously fondling it.

Mum could see his pants moving and knew what I was doing behind his cotton bottoms, 'Feels nice', she queried, I had to concede?

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'Why is he not getting hard'? I was feeling slightly miffed, whether I cared to admit it or not, as I assumed any man would get an erection, if he felt my hand holding him 'For the same reason as previously Mariel, he is your sibling. 'Can I let go now', I asked in mock dissatisfaction, but deep down I liked holding him, and my long fingers were kneading his shaft as if I were practising on my recorder, to the tune of the 'Grand old Duke of York'.

When mum said 'No', my heart skipped a beat, in fact it was thumping hard inside my chest, and I think Mum knew that. 'Undo your cord and let your pant fall down Peter'.

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Peter did as mum suggested, and there was my hidden hand holding my b*****r, my gentle loving squeezes now exposed and in the open. 'Massage his balls Mariel'. I did not question our mothers reasoning, mostly because I had already been hankering to do it, 'Given an inch and now I was wanting a mile', my other hand slipped under my b*****rs scrotum and gently massaged it, feeling his balls slide back up into their little holes, 'Where are they going', I asked, but at the same time there was a tactile movement on my b*****rs part, I could sense his twitching in my other hand, and I squeezed him in acknowledgement, I don'r know if mother saw the reaction with both of us.

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Mother ignored my inquisitive question, 'You will learn that in Biology', she retorted, 'Peter, undo Mariel's top and feel her breasts'. We were now past the stage of denial, we were eagerly participating in our f****y bodies, and as Peter undid my top, my nipples came to life and swelled before my b*****rs eyes, at least my erectile tissue was responsive, but I feared my dirty mind was starting to race away with me.

'Take it off Mariel, in fact just get naked'. I could hear her, but was past being embarrassed, I just focussed on my b*****r as he grew in my hand. I t was hard to let him go, I wanted to hang on, but I had to get naked, so I hurriedly did what Mum asked and was back holding my bother, this time with more intent.

'Sit on the wooden stool Mariel'. Again I reluctantly let go of him, and we both walked completely nude to the high wooden stool. I sat down on it, with my heels on the spars, bending my knees open and pointing outwards, with Peter between them, and my hand holding him and the other cupping his balls, 'Now kiss again' said mother, and this time I could feel the sparks fly as be both kissed each other, and as I softly pulled on is hard cock, I was pulling him towards my vagina, while my b*****r dear, twisted and pulled on my sensitive nipples.

We were kissing without any intervention from our mother, who had fallen quiet as she watched her c***dren discover the excitement of their bodies on each other. I could feel my b*****rs erection press into my pussy, I still held tight teen slut party and gets back at parents brother rey has a filthy lil secret he way down his shaft, his cock's head ploughing and raking my labia, my bottom rising instinctively as his swollen glans neared then touched my vaginal opening, I was wet, way too wet for my own comfort, the friction between our sex organs was low with my self lubricating, I could feel my strong desire to pull him into me, mother could see that also.

Mother watched us for a few more minutes, she sensed the blocking barrier to full penetration, so she rose from her seat and came round to stand with us, reaching down she told me to let go of Peter's cock, and hold his hips. I did as she requested, feeling hand between us as she took hold of Peter and resumed rubbing his cock's head between my labia, only this time as he approached the silky sacred opening, she encouraged s to go all the way, I rose slightly as the circumference of my vaginal opening felt Peter dead centre, 'Pull him in Mariel', she said softly, and as I pulled on my b*****rs hips, I could feel that incredible feeling of opening up between my thighs, the gentle parting of my newly explored love tube, and as my b*****rs cock filled me up, my mothers finger pressed my clitoris, her other hand doing unspeakable things to Peters anus, within minutes we both exploded within each other.

'He was not wearing a condom', were my first words, as the passion subsided. 'He is not producing sperm Mariel, so you are safe, besides, you were on your periods last week, so you are not ready yet', she continued to explain.

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'What do you think about fucking now she asked us, and we both smiled and agreed it felt good, 'and so it should', she replied, 'master it, enjoy it, be in control', and we both listened quietly, our mother was the tops in our books, and that is why I am the way I am, unashamed and forthright with all things sexual, no taboos and no hangups.

'Right Mariel, shall we answer some of these questions for your male teacher, I nodded in the affirmative and sat beside her as she started asking the question.

'How often do you masturbate'? Mother looked at me and just said, 'Put daily', I smiled and did as she bade. 'When you masturbate, what do you think about'? Mother scribbled on the paper 'You'. I could see where this was going. 'How often do you think about having sex during the day'? 'All the time'. 'Do you ever take your panties off before certain classes'? 'Yes Sir, I have as you read my answer'. When she finished the twenty questions she said, Hand this in as is, and he will ask you to wait back, and when he does, just tell him I filled it in, and if he wants to fuck you, tell him to phone me first' But that is typically like me, teasing you guys for your response, and my mind is awash with filth as the teacher and mother discussed the availability of my pussy for him, to pleasure himself, but no point in writing if people read, teen great boobs sex video naked cam chat from wank, then move on without commenting.

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