Horny latina takes hard dick and facial hardcore and bigboobs

Horny latina takes hard dick and facial hardcore and bigboobs
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Jennilain owns a small public relations firm trying to become one of my companies PR firm. "As a result of our massive screw exquisite party with wild lovely babes hardcore and reality by not accepting their generous terms," Jennilain continued from the plush leather office chair at the head of the boardroom table.

" Malone Industries choose another PR firm." A unified sigh of disappointment escaped every employee. I had asked her to join me for drinks and dinner on two occasions and she rejected me both times. I stood in the door of her office looking at her. Her nasty attitude towards me made me angry on a whole other level that I refused to admit to.

I took in her big brown eyes.so pretty. They are wide and innocent looking, fringed with thick lashes. She is tall like me, in heels she is about 5' 10". She has gorgeous curves packed in that 5 foot frame.

Her pretty face is screwed into a mask of anger. Her kissable full mouth pouting petulantly. I guess those fantasies about kissing said mouth while running my hands through that thick shoulder length black hair will remain just that fantasies. I start with trying to intimidate her. I thought it would be easy given the rejection of her firm but it isn't working.

It is time to up asian teen hottie jade kush blows hung landlord ante. " Look Jennilain, your firm is great and I know how bad you wanted this contract. So you can get a chance at another contract if you accept drinks and dinner with me." I finished my speech by planting my hands on my hips and waited for her response.

Jennilain stepped back in shock. Well, she stepped back as far as she can. Her old office we were standing in is small and filled with books, boxes, a sizable desk, and three computers. There is no more space. " Are you threatening me, Hot babe takes on two hard boners She hoped not.

She hoped I was just trying to scare her like I did by getting all up in her face. Maybe she had gone too far. She watches me, searching for some clue.

She knew she had been pretty nasty the last two weeks but figured she could get away with it. John, as she had started to call me when we were alone, was always nice to her. She didn't realize I can be nasty too until it is too late. " It is not a threat Jennilain. It's the truth. You have to learn to accept my decision now or there will be major consequence." I turn to walk toward the shelf where the latest printouts were. Everyone else had left for the evening but I wanted to take a final look at the preliminary presentation before leaving for the weekend.

I had planned to go over them with Jennilain the way I always did with possible business associates. But she is being difficult as usual. Accept his decision? She thought to herself. Has he lost his mind? Her temper flares again.

" Who the hell do you think you are John Malone? You are not the boss of me and I don't have to accept anything from you, you bastar." She didn't finish the word bastard because at the sound of it I swung around took two steps back in front of her grabbing her upper arms.

I jerked her close and said through gritted teeth, " Stop calling me that. That's all I've heard from you for a week. I haven't done shit too you, you spoiled bitch." At first she is surprised and scared. I had never behaved like this even when she was at her worst. She jerks out of my grasp and drew her hand back.

CRACK. The sound her hand made against my cheek is loud and ringing. We stood there frozen for a moment staring at each other in shock. She didn't know she was going to hit me until she'd done it. It just made her so angry, me calling her bitch and if she is completely honest it hurt. I called her spoiled too. Did he really think she had no reason to be upset? She had started to think of me as special, not just her possible coworker.

Then this happens and everything got so ugly. An ugly red mark is starting to well up on my face. I can't believe she struck me. I knew she was angry, maybe even hurt about getting passed over for the contract but.damn. She must not care about me at all.

I stared at her getting angrier by the second. I had been lusting after her delectable body for a week now. But it is more than that. I liked her. I thought we could still get together, after this work stuff blew over. But she called me bastard. I put a hand to my stinging cheek, knowing my passions are getting confused but not caring. Well, if she insisted I'm a bastard, I'd show her one.

Jennilain, had been quietly watching me the entire time, knowing when my mood changed. She sees the expression in my eyes switch from shock to anger and then to something darker. Something she isn't sure she wanted to name. It is time to get out of here. Since the company is empty now, being well after 8 pm, we left the office door open. She makes a dash for it. She can make it. It is no more than four or five steps to the door from where she stood against the desk.

Unfortunately it is hard to move nimbly in the black pencil skirt and heels she wore. Before she made it past the computer desk I caught her arm flinging her back against the desk. I walked over to the door and slamming it closed. Then I advanced on her. Jennilaine is trapped and she knows it.

Is it too late to appeal to my sense of friendship? Would I listen? Or would I make her pay for being so mean and rejecting me these last two weeks? I stop when I towered over her. Her eyes went large with fear. Good. She deserves it. I grab her upper arms again and lean down to her, face to face.

" So I'm a bastard am I," I snarl? I'll show you a bastard." With that I begin to move my hands over her body. Her blouse is ivory silk and feels nice against my hands. My hands are cruel, rubbing and squeezing to hard. He cover her breast. They are full and firm, nice B cups maybe? I squeezed hard enough to hurt. She yelps and tries to push my hands away but I just put them back somewhere else. " John.John." She gasps. " What are you doing? Don't." I push forward until her ass butted up against the desk.

She is pinned between me, big hot and angry and the hard cold desk. I said nothing, starting to tug at her blouse. I'm angry yet all I can think about is fucking Jennilain. I will take her hard and rough here in the old office, here against the desk. I pull her blouse out of the skirt and try to undo the buttons. Jennilain slaps at my hands and tries to push me away.

I outweigh her by about 80 pounds so it is useless. She can't believe how out of control I suddenly was. What is unbelievable is the way her body responds to my rough groping. She did not like being dominated. Sure she reads some pretty kinky erotica and has watched hard core porn on occasion. That didn't mean she wants it hardcore herself.

But her body betrays her. Her nipples poking against the silk of her blouse. Her breathing quickens. An exciting tingle starts at the juncture of her thighs.

No damn it, Jennilain screams in her head. It is not supposed to go down like this. Not for us, not the first time. " John, wait," She exclaims. " We're both getting a little out of control, don't you think? I stop, my hands dropping to my sides and I stood straight but use my lower body to keep her pinned to the table.

" Wait for what," I growl? I pause, waiting for an answer. She can't think of anything to say. She wracks her brain for a way to diffuse my anger but came up with nothing. She is still scared and still turned on. As much as she wants to have sex with me she didn't want it to be angry and up against an old desk, at least not unless she asks for it that way. She opens her mouth to say that but then I swoop down to claim her lips.

I kissed her roughly and for the first time she feels my growing erection pressing against her stomach. Oh God, it is huge. She hopes she can calm me down before I try to use that thing. Suddenly breaking the kiss, I lift my head.

" To late," I said, ripping her blouse open. She tries to cover herself but I grab her wrists pinning them to her sides while I run my hot open mouth over her creamy skin. Jennilain whimpers not wanting to like it but unable to help herself. She is incredibly attracted to me and can't turn it off. When I got close to her black lace clad breasts tricked lil sis and friend to share my cock and cum moans.

At the sound I look up giving her an evil grin. " So, you like it when I'm a bastard." I said it as a fact, not a question. Jennilain shook her head no but finding she cannot speak. I close my mouth around her right nipple sucking through the lace.

I tease her for a moment then went to the other breast tugging the cup down with my teeth exposing her left breast to the cool brunette slots engulfing hard one eyed monster striptease hardcore. I lick around that nipple making it pebble hard.

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Jennilain squeezes her thighs together fighting and trying to relieve the sweet pleasure my actions are causing. She knew I'm trying to get a reaction out of her but she denied me.

I know she is fighting it.

I look at her face. Her eyes are squeezed shut and her mouth is open. She made little noises, not a moan and not a gasp. Smiling evilly, I won't give her any room. I wrap my arms around her, further trapping her own arms and hold her tight. Then I open my mouth wide and took in as much of her nipple and breast as I can sucking hard.

Her eyes flew open and her body jerks. She can't hold in her cries this time. She looks down at my head and trembles. I continue to suck to the point of causing pain. Her breast is getting so sensitive. When she can't stand anymore she begs me to stop.

" John.Jo-John.please.stop it," she gasps. I stop sucking then start to nibble and bite. I nibble around her breasts and bit her distended nipples.

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By now they look like wet nubbins and I can't keep my mouth off them. I switch between the bare one and the one still covered by lace, biting it right through the fabric. I begin to nibble a little too hard. I know it but didn't stop. When she starts making those yelping sounds again I let her go and straighten up. She sags back against the desk shaking with need. She crossed her arms over her exposed breasts.

Looking at me but not meeting my eyes, she whispers, " Why are you doing this?" " Because I'm a bastard," I quip harshly. I take off my shirt and undid my belt. Jennilain watches silently. She feels a myriad of conflicting emotions.

The strongest is definitely lust. Her breasts feel heavy and tender. Her breathing hasn't slowed down. Between her legs there is a slick wetness and a throbbing like she has never known. Who knew she would get turned on by this rough stuff? That led to her other feelings. She is shocked at herself for liking it and angry with me for trying it. Yet, as I continue to disrobe she can't take her eyes off me.

I had removed my undershirt and my fly is undone. My chest is broad and covered in thick dark hair that trailed down over my abs and into my waistband.

When she looks up at me she realizes I had been watching her. I smiled smugly. I knew she wanted me in spite of everything. I move towards her and Jennilain froze, caught between wanting to run and wanting to know what I will do next. I crowd her like earlier and caught her arms pulling them down to expose her upper body. " John, wait," she said softly. " NO," I replied firmly. I kiss her, softly this time.

My tongue stroking hers. I suck at her lips and didn't let up until she returns the favor. When she caught my lower lip between her own she ran her tongue over it then sucked. I groan and grind my cock against her. She strokes my chest, finds my flat nipples teasing them with her finger tips. I let her explore while kissing her neck and kneading her breasts.

Her hands dip lower over my stomach, which jerks where she touches and lower still. When she ducks her hand inside my open trousers and grasps my erection through my shorts, I hiss. I straighten yanking her hand away. " Bad girl" I said. Damn, I thought. When Jennilain's little hand wrapped around my engorged cock I feel pure fire. It is delicious but this is my show. I'm in charge and I'm going to enjoy her. " Turn around," I told her. Jennilain pauses looking up at my tense face, wondering what will happen now.

I grab her shoulders and spin her. " I said turn tiny cadence lux slammed hard on casting I snapped.

Jennilain let me turn her and plant her hands on the table top. She looks over her shoulder to see what I'm doing but I turn her head forward. I stood close rubbing her body and grinding my groin against her round ass. Next I place a hand on her back forcing her down against the table. Jennilain isn't so sure she likes this anymore. I'm getting aggressive again. The table is cold against her bare breast and tummy. I have her pinned so she waits.

She is completely submissive, bent over the table awaiting my next move. Her hair spread out across her shoulders, upper back and part of the table. I see the outline of her narrow waist and the flare of her hips and buttocks are encased in her skirt. I can't see her legs and decide to rectify that.

Keeping a hand on her back in case she got feisty again, I bent low grasping the hem of her skirt. I drag it up, yanking when it got stuck in places. When it is level with her ass I smooth it up over her hips. She tries not to moan as my rough caressing continues to excite her.

Sucking for some chap milk deepthroat blowjob feels the cool air on the backs of her thighs and on her ass. When I had her bare she tries not to feel embarrassed. She has a great body and knew she looks spectacular in her black pumps, sheer black thigh highs and black thong panties. I pause to gawk at the treasure before me. My cock is painfully hard. Slowly, gently, I run my hand over her creamy cheeks. " We really can't allow this to go on.

So I have decided to nip this in the bud now. I'm going to teach you a lesson. You will learn to behave. You will accept my authority." I pause. I grab her hips, pressing against her leaning over her back to say in her ear, " You are going to take your punishment and you are going to like it!" She starts to relax.

I stroke her hips where I held her nuzzling the crack of her ass. She starts moaning. I sat back on my hunches and stare at her mound between her cheeks. The lace of her panties is completely wet. She has streaks on her thighs where her juices have flowed. I nuzzle her there, first with my nose then with my mouth. She moans again. Curious excitement fills her. I hook my fingers into her thong pulling it aside. " God" I groan when her womanly flesh is exposed.

She is shaved. Her pussy has fleshy outer lips that are plump and covered in moisture. The scent of her sex is intoxicating. Her inner lips must be really small sense I can't see them. I took out my aching cock and stroking it.

Then I lean forward licking her wet slit. Her body jerks but she didn't try to pull away. I plant my face between her cheeks licking and sucking at her sweet wet flesh. My tongue finds its way between her lips searching out her clit.

My hands holding her hips, my face buried between her ass cheeks and my mouth firmly planted against her wet pussy. I'm naked from the waist up, my pants on and my cock out. I stroke it furiously as I licked her moist folds.

She is moaning and gasping, pushing her hips backwards against my face. Her eyes open, she stares at the bookshelf that lines the wall. Her body is on fire. My hands slip from her hips to her thighs.

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With one hand in front and the other in back I spread her open. I lick her exposed pussy groaning. Jennilain is trembling. Leaning back I said against her hot flesh, " I'm going to fill you and make you cum Jennilain. I want you to cum for me." I went back to licking her clit.

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I made furious circles over the turgid flesh. Moaning Jennilain bucks against me. She wants release. Her orgasm is building so slow. Sensing her dilemma, I take my two middle fingers of my right hand and push beautiful indian babe horny lily in black lingerie amateursex hornylily into her pussy. Latching my lips firmly around her clitoris I suck rhythmically while thrusting my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She cries out.

" Ah! Oh, oh, oh," She hovers for the briefest of moment then wave after wave crashes over her. The spasms start from her core causing the inner walls to clamp down and clench at my fingers stroking her.

Her clit pulsing with the same rhythm. Her body bucking and shaking. I groan against her, reveling in her excitement. When her orgasm ends Jennilain collapses against the table. I slowly remove my fingers but continue to lick her, gently and softly, the tip of my tongue making light butterfly contact with her sensitive flesh. She whimpers quietly her eyes shut. I got to my feet behind her letting my pants fall to the floor.

Jennilain wants to turn, say something to me. She feels limp as over cooked spaghetti and just lays on the table. I again take her by the hips. I lean forward brushing her hair aside kissing her cheek. I whisper, " It's not over yet," and straighten. Her eyes flew open. She is excited and nervous. This is it. I'm going to fuck her. Would I be rough? Gentle? A little of both?

She holds her breath. I grab my hard cock rubbing the huge purple mushroom head against her wetness. I make a growling sound then I find her opening pushing all the way in with one stroke.

" Aaaaaaa," Jennilain cries. My entry is so forceful. I give her no time to adjust. My thrusts forcing her open. Her pussy is still clenching from her first orgasm. God it is so big! Thank God, she is so wet and aroused. I hold her hips tight, moaning as I slam in and out of her. She feels so good, so right. Then she starts pushing back at me, I can't remain stoic. " Ah! Oh, oh fuck," I exclaim in a gravely voice.

" Oh Jennilain, your so tight.you feel so good." I grunted, thrusting. " So.damn.good. Jennilain moans too. Her body is adjusting to my length and thickness. It feels so good the way I spread her open, the way I filled her. She is wetter now than before and moisture running down her legs. She arches her back causing her shoulders and butt to lift while her stomach stays in contact with the table, pushing into my thrusts. I lean over her back whispering to her.

" You are so good Jennilain. Your pussy is so fucking hot and tight." I gasp feeling her inner walls sucking at me. " And so so tight!" I lift her up a little angling her hips for deeper penetration.

My entire length plunging in and out of her. My balls slapping against her clit. She feels herself getting close and tells me. " Oh, oh Jo-John. Keep fucking me. It's sooo gooood. Your hard cock is so good." I grunted in response.

Jennilain is moaning, louder and louder. I see, she is close to reaching her climax, giving her encouragement.

" You gonna cum for me baby," I gasp. " Jennilain.Jennilain.cum for me. Cum all over my dick." Jennilain shudders as wave after wave crashes over her. Her pussy squeezing down on my cock like a vise, sheathing and unsheathing spastically. Her body shaking. She is out of control, she can't meet my thrusts anymore. She lays beneath me groaning while I slam her orgasming pussy. Watching her climax for the first time is too much. She is so hot and wet and tight. She seems to fit me perfectly.

As she cums her womanly core grabbing at me like a wet fist I lose it. I slam into her furiously groaning and gasping.

Soon I feel myself hovering on the brink. I call out to her. " Jennilain! Oh.ah, ah, ah.Jennilain." My cock swelling, twitching and then explodes deep inside her. I suck in my breath between my teeth and release it with a gasp over and over as my orgasm shook me. I continue to pump seed into her until it is running out and down her thighs, mingling with her own juices. When I'm spent I collapse on top of her. If I tried to stand I'm sure my legs would give out. When I can breathe again I stood, grabbing a chair and plop down into it.

I grab Jennilain about the waist pulling her onto my lap. I cuddle her there and she curls up against me. They both thought about what has happened and how it happened. For sometime now they wanted each other. It did end well. During the latter half both had forgotten their hurt feelings and focused solely on the pleasure. Jennilain spoke first. " John?" " Hmm?" " What happens now?" I was stroking her back.

Her head resting on my shoulder. She sat up looking at me. What can I tell her? Searching for the right words, I spoke carefully. " Well, I guess it depends on what you want to happen." When she just stared at me I continued. " I like you Jennilain. I want to keep seeing you." She smiles a little and nods. " But.," I pause, a loss for words. Jennilain chimes in, " But it wasn't supposed to happen like this?" She didn't seem angry so I kiss her. " I got so angry." I wrap my arms around her.

" I didn't hurt you too bad did I?" " Well," Jennilain answers glibly, " I'm fine." She shifts in my lap to rub south africa sex mp3 download ass.

Now that the sex is over the soreness is returning. I squeeze her close. I smile. I'm anticipating the next time. I wonder what she would look like tied to my bed, spread eagle, helpless and at my mercy.

Jennilain eyes me suspiciously. " I don't think I like that look in your eye." I stood scooping her up as I went. I nuzzle her neck. " Don't you?" She giggles and I laugh.

I put her down on the floor and we searched for our clothes and got dressed. " Call me." I said.