Cute with glasses wants some hard dick

Cute with glasses wants some hard dick
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A beautiful young nurse was asked to teach a health class at her old high school. She accepted and made plans to teach the class the following Monday. Prepared she drove to the school that Monday morning and set up the classroom for her planned topic.

Seated behind her desk as the first class came into the room she scanned each student as they entered.

Each student also looked over their new teacher. They took in her petite five foot framefit and well toned body with long shoulder length curly brunette silky hairher beautiful smiling shapely mouthher smoothtanned skin.

Her full rounded c-cup breasts and tight almost six pack abs. Many noticed her full rounded hips and long toned, shapely legs with a beautiful ass. When the class was filled and quiet she stood up and moved to the front of her desk sitting on the corner she started to tell the class what they would be doing this semester. As she explained the class observed her short skirt that rode up her legs as she sat on the desks corner. She slowly exposed her thong covered pussy as her skirt rose higher up her legs bundling up over her ass cheeks.

The class also took in the silky blouse wore showing that she obviously wasn't wearing a bra and the sleeveless blouse occasionally put her step mom therapist threesome and bondage my big black threesome boobs on display as she moved.

One of the girls in the class whispered to her posse this bitch needs to be taught a lesson and help our boyfriend relieve those hard ons she just caused. Excuse me Ms. Can my girl friends and I help you with anything. Well if you want you can come up here and help pass out these pamphlets to the class.

Rising the five girls surrounded the young teacher and cleaning off her desk they held her down spread eagled on her desk stuffing her used panties in her mouth putting a strip of duct tape across her mouth.

She whimpered as she felt them remove her blouse exposing her bare chest to the gathered students then they removed her skirt and panties leaving her naked on top of her desk. Shaking her head no the student then tied her down to the desk using duct tape. Now fully exposed to her students eyes they saw her smoothly shaved cunt as it slowly opened like a flower with her arousal and becoming wet with her juicesher nipples swelled and hardened.

She moaned as she became very turned on with her imprisonment. The girls leader leaned down and whispered to her they were going to leave her like this so all of her classes could enjoy her tiny bodies charms. Then each of her student began to take turns fucking her or stuffing their dicks down her throat while those girls in her class that wanted to forced her to lick and suck their pussies to orgasms. She spent eight hours being sexually assaulted by everyone that came by her classroom.

That night as the school day came to an end the leader and her posse returned unbinding their teacher from her desk they helped her sit up and gave her food stockings brit tastes lez lesbian and mature drink to replenish her body.

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As she ate and drank they explained her situation to her. You belong to us now you must do as we tell you without questioning our orders or this will get out videos and all. Knowing she was screwed she agreed. Good first you will come to school from now on wearing the following clothes.

A sheer white collarless sleeveless blouse that exposes a good amount of your cleavage and no brait will also show off your tight toned abdomen. Next you will wear a short silky black skirt with no panties. This skirt will rise up exposing your smooth shaven pussy whenever you sit down. Please whimpered the young teacher I can't everyone will think I'm a slutI have a young daughter to protect if I do this they will take her away from me.

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No honey they won't we have enough influence to protect you vs lex steele behind the scenes only if you become a well behaved slave. Okay I will do as you command the beautiful young nurse-teacher agreed. The next morning she showed up at school wearing the clothes they had told her to wear.

Sitting again at the front of the class she spread her legs and looked around her class roomshe started sobbing when she saw her young daughter being led into the classroom by three young women and seated at a desk where she could see her mother exposing herself to the class. The leader of the girls stepped up to the young teachers side and looking at the young daughter said she is being an excellent teacher showing her class different sexual activities and sitting down she spread the teachers legs and slid her hand into the teachers wet cunt making a fist she started violently pushing it in and out of her vagina.

Now what is this called Ms. She asked her teacher and moaning the teacher said its called fisting as she neared an orgasm. Perhaps we should all try this everyone pair up and all the girls found someone to fist their pussies. Some paired with guys and others with woman but the teacher sobbed when she watched a young man pair up with her daughter and he slid her skirt and panties down her legs and spread her legs apart then as one everyone shoved their fists into their partners vaginas.

Many of the girls showing they had been virgins including the teachers young daughter. Oh God no that is not how she should have lost her cherry.

Don't worry we are not done with her yet. Two of the better endowed boys in the class stepped up to the daughter and sandwiching her thrust their hardened dicks into her cunt and anus fucking her until she came and had her cum and theirs running down brother and sister xxxcy story legs then they led her still naked body back to her classroom through the packed hallways.

Why did you do that to her sobbed the teacher, why to show the school that like mother like daughter two true wanton sluts. From that day on wards the two of them were publically fucked whenever anyone student or faculty felt like using their bodies.