Nasty chicks know how to tease guys

Nasty chicks know how to tease guys
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Slowly opening my eyes to the warm embrace of the morning sun. I slowly lent up moaning every moment all the while rubbing the gorgeous hottie makenna blue having a large cock from my eyes, every morning goes like that for me no matter what day it is or how much sleep I was able to get it was always a slow wake up.

Looking around the room I slowly got up from bed hearing every bone in my body crack, once up I took small steps towards the windows closing my eyes and allowing the sun to shine on my naked body I stretched my arms out wide letting a moan out.

Once done I looked out through the window gazing at my houses remote back yard, me and my husband christian lived out in the hills but not too far away from civilization we had got the house after our wedding, we got married when we were both twenty five and now two years later here I am gazing down at the lovely grass that swells out as far as the tree line will allow it.

We own a lot of land which extends past the tree that boarder the fields but Christian and me are not farmers so we really never found a reason to expand the farm beyond the point. Admiring the landscape I remembered what me and Christian got up to last night we spent a romantic evening were I found myself on all fours on the ground getting pounded up the ass by my husband remembering I was tightening up my ass as much as possible so he could moan and slap my ass and call me a bad girl I loved the way he kept me on all fours and made sure that I stayed that way, the way he showed control and asserted his dominance over me was amazing.

With those thoughts in my head I moved my index and middle finger and moved them down then deep into my pussy I began thrusting extremely fast, eventually my legs became like jelly because of the pleasure open wide and take it take it hard coast to coast I collapsed backwards onto the floor while leaning on the bed not letting that slow me down I continued invading my pussy with my right hand and moved my left hand up to my right breast I began playing with my nipple pulling and pitching it to send my body into a wave of different emotions, without any warning I let out an long and loud moan that could have been heard in the hole house.

Moving my left hand to my right breast I could feel my pussy juices run along my hand a drip to the floor I knew I was near it would only take the simplest of feeling to set me off and it came when I pitched my right breast my orgasm ripped my body in half and my moan was even louder than the last one, I don't normally squirt but if my two fingers weren't buried deep in my pussy I would wet the carpet more than I have.

Eventually I found my strength and pulled my hands from my body and took a nice look my whole hand was covered in my juices as for the carpet, it was a lost cause. Soon I got up and cleaned myself off and got ready to head down into the kitchen.

beuty girl first time sex I walked down the stairs in my blue robe to the smell of bacon and eggs.

There was my husband sitting in his work clothes at the table having his coffee. 'Amelia, finally up' he said getting up from the table. 'Hey sweetie how are you' I replied. 'Even better now that I see you' he said wrapping his arms around my waist giving each other a big long kiss. 'Ha, of course you're this horny this early in the morning' he said with a smile on his face. 'Well you know last night was a good reason to get this wet' I said nudging him a little as I head for the bacon.

Nothing really happen at the table, Christian and I just talked about what we would do today. He was an architect and spent a lot of time in the big city while I was a house wife keeping things running while he was out for the day, and really it was simple as making sure the house doesn't burn down and that's about it luckily we have no kids and planning not to for the record.

It's kind of strange that I don't work in this age of powerful woman because I have a degree in nursing but the nearest hospital is 20 miles away and I really didn't have the perseverance to go that far. As for entertainment during the long days I would usually work out or read a book, I don't xxx 2019 top 306 kareena kapoor porn enjoy TV and socializing with people they really aren't my thing.

10.00AM it said on my phone as I was lying on my purple silk couch in my cabin like living room with the fake wooden walls and purple matching carpet with the busty schoolgirl rides on a thick prick fireplace, going through what things I could do to amuse myself really became the entertainment for the day.

Work out… did it yesterday Read a book&hellip. Did it yesterday Walk in the forest&hellip. Kind alike working out 30 minutes later I found myself on my phone just searching anything that came to mind eventually an hour passed and I found myself just looking at porn it wasn't really turning me on but I had nothing better to do.

Soon I found myself looking at some really hard core and taboo porn, woman getting peed on tied up and so on, till eventually I found this one site called puppy play. Sparking my curiosity I clicked on it and brought me to a page which made me even wetter than the 7 oceans, it was a very beautiful woman on all fours she had tight latex stockings on which covered everything from her feet to the middle of her thighs, on her arms was other latex stocking which covered everything from her hands to which stopped halfway between her elbow and shoulders she had a but plug in her ass victoria rae gets drilled in hardcore fashion had a dog tail attached to it and to top it all off she had a dog collar around her neck.

Completely captured by the amazing site that had presented itself to me I clicked on the enter tab which brought me to a page full of videos of woman being trained to not act like a dog but be a dog. Without realising my right hand had found its way between my legs and began softly rubbing my lips, clicking the first video it showed a woman dressed like the woman on the last page being ordered by a man wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt that said puppy trainer on the back.

The woman was walking around the yard on all fours until the bloke called out the name fluffy and the woman came across the yard all the while shouting out WOOF! The memorizing sight continued to make me increase my speed with my right hand until I was thrusting in and out, the woman went right up to the man she looked at him waiting for his next order soon after the bloke said sit and she did she sat on her ankles and hunching ford not letting her tail touch the ground she then spread her legs out and put her arms in between, the bloke then went onto telling the woman that she was a good girl and gave her a dog treat which made be explode into an orgasm the site of this girl being treated like an animal was amazing site to see.

The video not halting for my orgasm continued on just like my hand between my legs' the bloke then undid his jeans zipper and pulled out his dick it sprung out nearly hitting the puppy girl's face. The guy then said suck fluffy at which point the camera zoomed in on her face I watched intently as she bobbed her head down the man's shaft not using her hands she was able to get her lips all the way to the base then slowly going back again the whole time sitting like a doggie and keeping her puppy eyes focused on her masters face she bobbed her head down a few more times until she let the whole thing out it flicked up and hit his stomach but the puppy girl continued to lick it like a lollipop going down to the top of his ball sack then licking right up to the head of his cock she did this a few more times then went back to putting the whole thing between her lips.

Watching the video I was thrusting my fingers in and out of my pussy, my robe was open and my legs just as wide, the sounds of my moans clashed with the sounds coming from the video. The guy in the videos was about to lose his load when he told the puppy girl to stop sucking he grabbed her hair and blew a massive load on her face after a few seconds the guy was done and the woman's face was covered in goo, right after that I had just as strong orgasm which made me scream in pleasure, little after my orgasm the puppy girl then woofed to her master then the screen changed to credits.

Luckily I didn't have the energy to get out of the video once the credits finished an AD came up with details about a puppy girl school the description said. Men do you want an obedient puppy girl, then enrol then to a puppy girl school near you. After that a list of schools came up and what shocked me was the fact that one was close to my house, and for some reason a voice in the back of my head is yelling at me to get my husband to enrol me.

Slowly I woke from my slumber finding myself still lying on the couch leaning up I saw the puddle I had made earlier, just knowing that that's going to stain, I moved so I was sitting on the couch looking down I saw my phone on the ground and picked it up.

3:48PM 'still a few hours until he gets back' I muttered to myself knowing that christian gets back at 7:00PM, switching the phone off and bringing it shy nervous first time casting my stomach I brought my legs up and wrapped my arms around so I was a ball on the couch.

Looking at the stain I had made I began to reflect on what I saw early in the day, that girl being treated like that turned me on so much but how could the sight of a woman being reduced to that turn me on so much, I admit that I like a little light dominance but that was a video of her humanity being taken from her. As I was curled up in my ball my thoughts went to war fighting to see if I should embrace what I had seen or be disgusted with myself with enjoying my fellow woman being treated like that.

While I was thinking more and more about it I found myself more and more complementing the beauty of the woman in the video being treated like that, it was like god made woman to be on all fours to be treated like dogs, as the dark side continued to win my mental war I picked up the phone and went straight back to the website spurred on by my curiosity for the training program.

Finding the part of the webpage that shows info about enrolling a woman I clicked the pdf and downloaded it. Once done I opened the pdf and started reading. Puppy girl school is a training course for you and your woman to take part in. the course will require your puppy to be trained like a dog/puppy for a 3 week programme were experienced dog/puppy trainers will train your woman to become an obedient dog/puppy.

Dont fuck me im pregnant son

Schools are located…… I skipped la blue girl episode 3 eng sub next few pages as they were about how it started and were the schools are located so I went right down to the training and requirement's section. As mention earlier your dog/puppy will be trained in a 3 week course this will follow lessons that would be taught to real dogs in a real dog obedience course (NOTE- THE COURSE FOR YOUR PUPPY GIRL WILL HAVE SEXUAL OBEDIENCE TRAINING AS WELL).

Here is a short list of things your puppy will learn; . Walking on all fours . Wearing the proper dog/puppy girl attire . Being completely obedient and obeying there human masters . Learning to use 'woof' as an appropriate form of communication .

Learning to sexually please there master . GIVING UP THERE HUMANITY TO BECOME A PUPPY GIRL The course will add on lessons every week until graduation. Puppy will sleep in kennels provided by the school and you the master will come every day to participate in daily training programs. After a few minutes of silence I knew I really wanted to do this the thought of being a puppy girl sent me happy I only knew now that there was one thing between me and getting that training and that was my husband.

I loved Christian and he loved me and I admit we had a little kink when it came to BDSM on occasion he might tie me up but that's as far as it would really go, knowing that if he said no my fantasy would come to an end. Next few minutes I sat on the couch and thought about what I was planning to ask Christian when I looked down at my phone 7:20PM WOW!

The time had gone fast getting up I walked out of the living room and headed for the stairs knowing that my robe was open and swaying like a cape I got up the stairs and headed for the shower.

I had a quick shower mainly because I wanted to greet my husband as he came in the door, got dressed in my blue track-pants and blue t-shirt and headed downstairs to see that Christian had just come in the door. 'Hi sweetie' I said with lots of enthusiasm hugging him. 'Hey baby how are you' he said with the same amount of enthusiasm. So our afternoon began like that an hour later tea was being made and christian had made plenty of russian amateur gets her ass fucked painfully full jokes about the two massive stains I left on the couch and in the bedroom even saying he would like them to stay.

Little while later tea was just cooling down as Christian was sitting watching TV I headed to the bedroom and took one more look at the PDF file having one last think to myself is this what I really want to happen, convincing myself that it was I noticed that the sign up day was 2 days away and only one more spot was left knowing this I planned to ask him after tea.

Tea had been eaten and the dishes was all cleaned up, Christian was on the couch when I sat down with him.

He was watching the rugby he liked rugby a lot he had been to a lot of games in the past including the world cup final, eventually I put off not asking him and took a good look at christian to make sure he was looking at the TV I then looked at the TV seeing that the game was becoming a smashing for one team I leant ford and grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. 'Sweetie why did you do that' looking at me with amazing brown eyes that gave away the fact that he knows something is bothering me.

'Christian I need to ask you something and I beg you not to get mad… I really want to do this' I said not being able to hide how nerves I am.

'Sweetie I promise I will not get mad, what's wrong' he said while rubbing his fore head against mine that only a true romantic couple would do. I slowly pulled out the phone with my hands shaking and opened the PDF file and gave the phone to my husband the whole time not knowing if I wanted him to say yes, or think I'm the most disgusting person in the world and leave me.

Christian slowly hunched ford resting his elbows on his knees and both hands holding up the phone he looked to be reading it. Having no idea how much time had gone he looked up from the phone put it to his side then slowly locking his eyes with mine, said yes. The puppy school was a little far away when it came to getting there you had to go through a small town drive a few more miles until you came to a road that lead you away from the main road it was very noticeable because it looked new and clean definitely more looked after then the country roads we were just on.

After about 15 minutes we finally came to a clearing as we got closer we could make out a building. It was a modern building and very wide, there was many carparks in front of the building which was all empty except from our car which was parked right up to the entrance of the building, christian and I both got out and went to the front of the car to have last minute words.

'Amelia are you sure you want to do this, no one's forcing you' I could tell he was worried but there was a tone in which it came out that told me he hopes I go through with it.

'It's just an information meeting, just to find out what's it all about everything will be fine' I tried to sound as if I was not nerves about what we were about to do but I couldn't. Few seconds we walked to the entrance just above the double doors there was a big sign saying puppy girl training school. We walked into the room it looked a lot like the main entrance to a vet, the walls were covered in a creamy white colour on both side there was 3 chairs decorated with dog bones that had a blue back ground, right at the back of the room was a desk on it was a single computer with a picture on the opposite side of a woman being walked on all fours threw the park with the caption 'how god wanted them to be' next to the picture was a bell behind the desk was a single door, all around the room there was pictures of different types of women.

White, black, Asian and Latina on all fours with the same latex stockings and butt plugs all collared in different position one sitting other on her back with her legs spread and a trainer rubbing her pussy the sights were turning me on and glancing down at my husband's crotch I could tell it was doing the same to him as well. 'Maybe someday I will be your puppy girl on all fours all the time' I said with a smirk.

'I hope so' he said with a smile. We both walked up to the desk christian pushed the bell which made be jump, hoping christian hadn't seen I looked at the door behind the desk and waited, few seconds later a young bloke came in he looked to be in his 30s he was wearing exactly what the other guy in that video I had watched was wearing the guy came to the desk with a smile and proceeded to shake our hands. 'Hey guys my names Frank you guys must be Christian and Amelia' he definitely had a lot of enthusiasm which made it kind of easier for me to be in this place.

'Hi I'm Christian and this is my wife Amelia' Christian tried to show just as much enthusiasm as frank did but it didn't work. 'Hi' is really all I could muster. Soon after a quick meet and greet frank led us out of the room and threw the doors he came out of. There was nothing special about this next area except it led two different ways the left way the area we weren't going only went for about a metre them turned right and that's all I could see the opposite hall way we were going down only went for about a metre as well but led us into what looked like a vets operating room.

In the very middle of the room was a stainless steel table which you would see in those vet shows were they operate on the animal's it only came up to about your waist probably so they could operate easier, all around the room was white glass cupboards fool of medicine that I had no clue were for, cupboards were shut so you couldn't see what was in them some had glass panelling so you could.

Not noticing that frank and Christian was already sitting down at the end of the room I hurried around the table and headed to them, frank was sitting on a wheelie chair facing his computer which was against the wall, so was Christian and mine seats so frank could easily see us.

Frank leant back in his chair and rested his hands on the desk and began to talk. 'So Christian Amelia I bet you have a good idea of what this place is. what I will do is go through the basics brunette slots engulfing hard one eyed monster striptease hardcore what this place is you can ask questions and after that we can talk about enrolling Amelia into the programme' frank stopped and waited for our reply Christian just nodded and I said ok then frank continued to talk.

'So what we do is we take women and turn them into obedient puppy girls, puppy girls are human female versions of puppy and serve there master any way they are ordered to be. The programme will take place over 3 weeks starting on the 1st of November and finishing on 22nd of the same month.

As the master of Amelia Christian you are required to attend all training between Monday to Friday breathtaking bombshell flashes oversized butt and gets butthole rode on the weekends you get the choice to come by.

So is there any questions?' Frank finished by putting his hand on his chin and waiting for a reply. Obviously he has done this many times because he doesn't seem to be affected with the hot and sexy nokarani desi porn with kamwali hardcore we are having.

Eventually with what felt like a million years I broke the silence. 'Will men except my husband have sex with me' I tried to keep my voice from cracking under pressure but I was unable to. 'Yes. Your husband will not be the only man to shoot a load in you mia khalif and julianna vega hot xxx moving on you. Sometimes training will require more than just one cock and on occasion we will take some of the puppies out for a bit of entertainment' he said this while looking me dead in the eyes and on top of that this conversation was making my crotch an inferno.

I was dripping so much, lucky I didn't wear white pants. 'So how will my wife be trained to be a puppy girl' Christian surprized me with how he said it, it was like he was totally sold on the idea of my humanity being taken from me. 'The very first week is all about taking away the woman's belief that they are human and to get them to except there role as a puppy girl and to use more dog like characteristics like using woof as a way for communication walking on all fours wearing the proper attire and learning to eat, sit, sleep and go to the toilet like a dog, we do touch on how to sexually please their master but the first week is really about taking there humanity and cementing the idea that they are sex toys.

Second week is about continuing to train them with what they did last week but adding on even more lessons about sexually pleasing there master. The last week is about teaching them about more ways to sexually please there master more complicated things will be added to the curriculum for the puppies that made it that far' frank finished his explanation by relaxing in his chair.

Puzzled when he said 'for the puppies that made it that far' I then asked him about it. 'What do you mean when you say for puppies that made it that far' I said with a little more bravery, mostly because of how horny I am. 'Sorry I forgot to mention that any woman who can't continue her training is free to get up and leave we are not going to force you to stay, that's why only about 5 or 6 puppies make it to graduation out of the 15 that start, if there is no more questions we will begin the enrolment section and check out the health of your puppy christian' he looked at us both for a few seconds then got up to stretch.

'So Christian do you want to enrol Amelia here?' Frank said with an amazing smile that made me blush. Christian looked at me and I said yes with the most enthusiasm I had the whole day, then Christian looked at frank and said yes. 'Well then Amelia I'm going to need you to get undressed and get on the table on all fours ok, I need to measure you for the stockings, the collar and butt plug ok' he said.

Looking at my husband who nodded his head as a sign that I can begin I started by removing my shoes knowing that the only 2 eyes in the room were looking at me, I clumsily got them both off next and more gracefully came my socks knowing in my mind that those were the 2 easiest pieces of clothing to take off I went to the bottom of my t-shirt and grabbed the bottom of it and began slowly bringing it up uncovering my stomach and soon after my breasts, eventually I got it over my head and put it down with my shoes and socks.

With my breasts only being covered by my bra I went down to my jeans full well knowing that the white panties were covered in my pussy juice's, unzipping my jeans I wriggled out of them by this point both christian and frank was noticing by wetness. 'Man there's a flood down there' frank said smiling at Christian who then laughed back.

Putting my jeans with my growing clothes pile I kept my head down and went to unzip my bra slowly reaching over back and taking a big breath of air I reached over and undid the clip, pausing for a few seconds I let it full to the ground the only sound that was made was the whistle of appreciation from frank which in some way gave me small bit of confidence. Looking down at my wet panties I grabbed both sides of them and at the same pace I moved them down my legs stepping over them then putting them with the rest of the clothes.

Standing in full nakedness in front of a stranger and my husband. Frank walked up to me and cupped my chin forcing me to look at him. 'This is no lie but you are going to be the most beautiful puppy girl I will ever train' he said with eyes that only a lover could use on someone.

Walking to the steel table in the oldnanny extreme fisting teen and mature extreme fist pussy fisting tube porn of the room he told me to get on all fours on the table doing as I was told I got on the cold steel and kept my eyes fixed ford not wanting to look at my husband or frank I could only hear them talk.

'Ok Christian so what we need you to do is feel out the info that the sheet is requesting sign where it saes to. While you do that I will measure Amelia' frank explained to Christian. 'Ok then' Christian replied Frank walked back in front of me and started speaking. 'Ok Amelia before I begin I just need to clean up that mess between your legs so I'm just going to get some wet wipes' frank said with a relaxing tone.

For some reason I couldn't find the words to reply so I just kept quiet while he got the wet wipes at first I was wondering when he saucy blonde bounces on a hard member about to start and just before I decided to move my head back to look I felt a cold wet cloth on my pussy which made me let out a yelp.

As he continued to clean my pussy and legs I couldn't help but moan every time he ran the cloth down my pussy, I could tell he was starting to do it a mature gets fucked ass by a fake agent french interracial amateursex he enjoyed my humiliation but I couldn't do anything so I just embraced it until an orgasm swept through my body and came out.

Not knowing what he would do now I just waited on my hands and knees with my head down holding back tears. What a stupid idea this was I can't survive this, how in hells name am I going to make 3 weeks of this work.

'listen that hole of hers is only going to stop leaking by getting a good fucking so you don't mind if I take your wife for a ride' oh my god did frank just ask my husband that.

'Yeah sure' Christian replied Before I could protest what was not the best day for sultry teen thief to happen frank grabbed my hips and put my feet on the ground bending me over the cold table the next minute I hear the sound of a zipper being unzipped and the feeling of a strong hand on my back holding me down.

Without warning frank entered my well lubricated pussy and thrusted with unbelievable speed using his right hand to hold me down and his left hand to hold my hips in place I couldn't break free and for some strange reason I didn't try, the feeling of being made into a piece of meat was amazing and he knew that I loved my fucking when I let out a scream that told frank and christian that I was unloading an orgasm. Not stopping for my sake frank continued to thrust with the same speed as he started I could hear him moaning until it was covered up by the sound of my ass chic's getting slapped, every few thrust he would slap my ass and tell me that I'm a good puppy.

I was very close to my second orgasm when I noticed a second cock come up in front of me this one more familiar, Christian had taken out his man hood and started poking my face for the entrance to my mouth. Helping him out I grabbed onto it and guided it in and started sucking away. Few seconds had past and now both Christian and Frank was in rhythm every time they thrust ford they did it at the same time, eventually even Christian called me a good puppy and that's what it took to push me over the edge to another orgasm, I moaned all over Christian's dick which was soon followed by franks orgasm and a slap on the ass from him, only christian was left but his time soon came he gripped my head between his hands and thrusted his dick down my mouth he let out a long moan blowing load after load of hot cum into my mouth knowing what to do I swallowed it all loving the taste of it.

Both men hunch over the table with their cocks still in me there puffing was filling the room with noise until frank began to speak. 'Well (puff) let's (puff) measure (puff) this puppy' frank said with a laugh in his voice. After I was measured up for the puppy girl attire I put my clothes back on and me Christian and frank went to the exit of the school frank shook both our hands and thanked us for coming just as me and christian went to head to the car frank stopped me and said I was the tightness piece of meat that he had ever fucked and for some reason instead being disgusted by what he said I was kind of happy with his compliment.

As me and Christian got into the car we sat there for a moment not doing anything not saying anything. Eventually Christian looked at me and started to speak. 'Are you ok' he said with the softest of voices.

'I'm not angry. I'm just trying to get used to what my life is about to become I love you and nothing will change that, I will try my very best to get through the 3 weeks of training madam teacher hot sex story I just have a feeling that I can't do it' I said trying to fight back tears.

Christian softly put his hand behind my head and leant in to kiss me on the head and replied. 'I love you to and I will love you even if you can't graduate. So just rest and gather your thoughts sweetie and oh I nearly forgot when you were getting measured frank gave me this' handing me 2 pamphlets he then turned on the car and Began heading stepdad bangs ebony step daughter ivory logan. While we were heading home I decided to turn on the interior big booty bbw mazzaratie monica will be at bbwcon lights and begin reading the very first pamphlet, was a copy of the payment slip and do we understand the risk of the training course stuff.

So having a look if christian paid it which he did and how much it cost which was not cheap I went to the next one the second pamphlet it had lots of details on it, with my nerves back I opened the pamphlet up and had a close look.

This is the list of lessons group of horny college girls start an orgy we will teach your puppy This first list does not include sexual training - To learn to except there not human - To learn to sit like a puppy - To learn to roll over like a puppy - To learn to use woof as a way for communications like a puppy - To learn to fetch like a puppy - To learn to walk on all fours like a puppy - To learn to eat like a puppy - To learn to go to the toilet like a puppy - To learn to beg like a puppy - To learn to be walked on a collar like a puppy - To learn to not use their hands This second list includes sexual training - To learn to give blowjobs - To learn to not swallow cum until told so - To learn to take up proper mounting positions - To learn to lubricate there pussy when master orders to - To learn to tighten up ass and pussy for master Reading this pamphlet was making me scared and also very horny and my gut was telling me to not do this but my brain and pussy was telling me to do it.

Eventually we arrived home and decided to talk about it one more time we both agreed that if I couldn't do it I was allowed to leave and no hard feeling from both of us we both agreed if I liked it we would continue my puppy transformation at home as we continued to talk christian told me that he would rent out one of the fancy hotel rooms in the town close to the puppy school and that he would use some of his vacation time up so he can be there for me which wasn't an inconvenience to him, because his job was offering him a 3 month vacation time anyway, after a few more minutes we finished talking and went to bed now all I had to do was wait until November the first.

November the 1st finally came after an agonizing wait I found myself getting out of bed at 7AM I slowly made my way to the window that I looked out of on that fateful day when I found that website that soon brought me to this moment.

Slowly I made my way to the shower trying to keep myself steady knowing full well it was my nerves that was making it difficult to walk, I went into the shower having what felt like the best warm shower in my life enjoying every moment of it I found myself thinking of what was really going to happen to me.

It probably isn't going to be that bad maybe for a few hours I will be on my hands and knees in that puppy attire and maybe a few guys will fuck me but that will be about it. They most likely have nice beds at the end of the day waiting for me, whatever was waiting son forcely rape mom without her permision me had to wait as I was knocked out of my trance by a knock on the shower door by my husband.

'Sweetie you need to hurry up, all we can't make it on time!!!' he shouted 'Ok!' I shouted back Soon I found myself in the nice cool car the air conditioner stopped any idea that it might be summer outside unfortunately it did nothing to calm my nerves down and I constantly found myself trying to amuse myself with any little thing, god it was an agonizing drive. Soon we found our self's turning down the road that would in 5 minutes take us to the puppy school it was about 9:45AM so we would have a few minutes time to spare, soon the clearing soon appeared and the puppy school was slowly coming into view.

We finally arrived into the carpark were we saw about 20 cars parked next to the opening of the school there was about 15 couples waiting outside.

I slowly got out the car and found myself walking behind christian to the group of people, there wasn't no noise but the low whispers of some men telling there wife's, girlfriends and so on that they didn't have to do it if they didn't wanted to and the even lower reply of the women saying they will.

As we got closer we decided to just wait behind the pack of people and with just 5 minutes left until they open the doors my nerves was killing me. 'Christian is that you' coming from a woman in the pack of people. 'Hey Sofia, hey Ainsley' Christian said waving awkwardly to them. I didn't know much about Sofia and Ainsley except they worked with Christian on some projects, they were a gay couple and from what Christian had told me they had been married for 2 years as well.

To tell you the truth the times I did meet them I did think of trying to be friends with them but I didn't bother for some reason, looking at the girls I was surprized they were here at the puppy school because they didn't seem to have a male companion.

'Hey girls… well this is a bit awkward' Christian said with his face going red. 'It's ok we will not tell… So Amelia You and christian are into this puppy thing' I knew she said it as a question so I replied.

'Yeah I guess… Worth a try' I replied 'Yeah it is worth a try… Ainsley has wanted me to sign her up for this for ever' Sofia looked at me and Christian while speaking. The four of us talked for a few minutes just explaining how they found this place and so on. While talking thoughts of seeing Ainsley on all fours dressed up in the puppy attire started to turn me on, damn it can't I keep myself under control for once soon we were interrupted by the two front doors opening everyone went dead silent and looked at who was coming out.

It was frank dressed up in the same jeans he was wearing last time I saw him and that t-shirt that has puppy trainer written on the back. 'Ok everybody good to see your all here. So what will happen is everyone follow me, ill lead you out back and introduce to the rest of the team and our main trainer' Frank spoke with the same enthusiasm when we met him, obviously he has done this many times before.

Every one followed him into the entrance and went around the desk and threw the doors. This time we didn't turn right and go into the inspection room where I was gangbang by Christian and Frank but went left and then right, we walked down a hall way.

Where there was 3 doors at the end of the hall way one leading right the other left and the other one leading strait to what looked to be an outside area.

As we were walking there was a massive window that you would get in a police interrogation room it was pretty long stretching from the door on the left about 5 metres to where I was, everyone looked in and not saying a topless busty japanese teen schoolgirl pussy massage looked at the 15 kennels in the room the one way glass would stop any in that room from seeing out into the hall way.

There was five kennels against the end wall and 5 more against the wall we were standing on the other side of, and 5 more against the wall on the left of the those kennels, the sight of the 15 kennels definitely made it more clear in my mind what this next 3 weeks of training are going to be like.

Walking on we got to the end of the hall way the left door was the entrance to the area with the kennels while the right door looked to lead into a shower room but I didn't get time to inspect it because we went through the third door which brought us outside to a big field. Looking around the size of the field it looked to be as big as a school soccer pitch, at the far end was a big black brick shed which had double doors and a sign over it with machines written on it.

Surrounding the area was what looked to be a 4 or 5 metre steel fence. Inspecting what I saw a bit more I saw there where a lot of cones and hoops dotted around the field, a lot of the stuff is something you would find at a real dog training school. Looking ahead there was 7 trainers standing side by side each other.

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the guy in the middle looked to be the boss mostly because he was older and didn't look to be in good shape on his left side was frank and next to him was 2 black guys while on the right side of the middle guy was 3 holly halston in yellow bra tj cummings guys who looked to be as old as frank.

Two cute girls having sex with nasty dude on the bed older guy in the middle began to talk with a deep and commanding voice and without the enthusiasm frank had. 'Hi my name is derrick I am the head trainer to my left and right are the other trainers who will be helping in the training of your wife, partner or girlfriend I will go through the very key points once done and if there are no question then we will begin the very first step to becoming a puppy girl will begin… so are there any questions&hellip.

Good' he kept his eyes fixed on the group, I looked around and saw that all the 15 women were all scared. 'First and foremost our training method revolves around taking the humanity from your puppy and reducing them to a piece of meat. Second you will be fucked constantly threw out the 3 weeks by our trainers, your husband (looking at Sofia and Ainsley) or wife will not be the only one to use your body.

Thirdly if you do anything that is considered human behaviour you will be severely punished. And finally if this training programme becomes too much for you, you can leave at any time but let me make this clear… once you give up you CAN NOT COME BACK Now that's out the way all women follow these five trainers, future puppy owners come here' after derrick had finished talking I said my good bye to Christian and gave him a big kiss.

Walking next to Ainsley who looked happy that I was walking with her we followed the five trainers as the led us through the door we came out from. They led us to the door that was opposite to the door that led us to the kennels as we walked in it I took a close inspection of the room.

It was a shower room with white tiles which had drains that you got in a shower evenly placed into the floor, looking up towards the roof I saw the shower heads were for some strange reason connected to the roof like sprinklers. Once we were all in we were told to stand in the middle of the room and to wait while 2 of the trainers followed a red line on the right side of the room that had water will not reach this area written in black over it to a door which said Food and shaver storage.

Soon the trainers came back rolling out a steel table and a yellow plastic tool box on it they rolled it a few metres in front of us and opened the tool box, first they pulled out different types of shavers and put them side by side on the side of the table.

'Ok ladies lets gets those clothes off 'the trainer said As I looked at Ainsley and then towards the other women I then began to gather up the courage to start taking my clothes off but only 15 minutes in 1 woman walked out only saying that she will not degrade herself down to this which was followed by 2 more women leaving.

With 12 women left we just stood there until suddenly one of the trainers came and grabbed one of the girls and pulled her to the front for everyone to watch, soon after he pulled out a pair of scissors and started cutting away at the 20 year old woman's flower tank top and then dress, with the rest of us just watching scared to the bone.

Soon the trainer cut away everything except her bra and panties by this time she was in tears. The trainer then moved her towards the other trainers and began to speak. 'Listen I know you're all nerves and I'm not going to lie but this is what it will be like for the 3 weeks, it will be degrading and it will be hard but you just got to try' the trainer said in a nice calm voice.

By this time the girl stopped crying and to my surprize undid her bra and panties exposing her breast and hair less pussy 2 of the trainers went up to her and began to inspect her they moved her ass chicks up so they could see if there was any hair, while this was going on I decided what the hell might as well start taking my clothes of so I grabbed the bottom of my black t-shirt and pulled it up and over my head soon realizing the other women were following suit.

While I was putting my shirt down I realized the first girl was given the puppy attire that I saw in the video, but there was no butt plug with the tail on the end. Which made me think maybe they give it to us in week 3 or something, finally I was fully naked. Taking a step ford, I looked at the women behind me to see how they were going, which turned me on to the max but what really took my eye was Ainsley she was a goddess with no clothes on. Looking ford I walked towards the 2 trainers who inspected the 20 year old the first trainer went behind me and grabbed my hands and pulled them behind me holding them together tight while the other trainer began inspecting my body for hair.

As the trainer pushed my legs apart and looked closely at my body I knew he saw my pubic hair, moving his hand along my thighs and over my pussy he slowly ran his hand down to my ass were he slipped a finger in me which forced a yelp from my mouth.

Looking hot spring orgy brave femmes with hijab try foursome the guy with the shaver he said 'this one needs a shave' so the guy behind me led me to the table not letting my hands go he forced me to lean over the steel table while 2 guys held my legs spread the guy with the shaver began to shave me clean, as the guy shaved me I found I was becoming more and more excited between the legs it was because I was being made to feel like a piece of meat which in turn forced my dark sexual side to come out in a wave which would of showed the trainers how horny I was, after I was done I was told to go to the trainer to the right.

Walking towards the trainer I looked behind and saw a line of naked women which was an amazing sight, but what caught my eye was how wet each of them were it surprized me how all the women in the room enjoyed being treated like animals. Walking to the trainer he handed me the puppy girl attire, 4 stockings and a collar he then told me to put it on and get on all fours behind him doing what he said I went behind him to put them on.

When I went behind him I saw the first girl in the attire on all fours god the sight was amazing. Getting on the floor I sat on my bottom, out of curiosity I looked at the name tag hanging off her collar it said Chelsie. What a nice name I thought to myself then proceeded to put on the attire, beginning with the stocking for my legs I pulled the red latex stocking up my right leg with both my hands with a lot of difficulty I managed to pull it up it only went up to the middle of my thighs, I then mom is fucking a nigger tumblr to pull the other red latex stocking up my left leg pulling with all my might I wiggled it on.

I had a close look at the red latex stocking it was very tight and would be definitely harder to take off then put on. I then picked up the red collar it was like every other collar I guess.

It had a name tag with my name written on it under my name it had owner written on with Christian's name next to it. Behind the name tag was a metal circle which was obviously there so they could connect the leashes once done inspecting it I put it around my neck. Next I went to the 2 red arm stockings which I knew was going to be the hardest to get on, I picked the right arm stocking up and brought my right hand to the opening, putting my hand in first and with some difficulty managed to get my hand all the way down, having a look it definitely was the same stocking I had seen in the video but what was strange was the black band that went around my wrist and how there was a lot of space for me to move my fingers and hand around.

Moving to the next stocking I was able to get it on just as easy mostly because the stocking on my right arm still allowed me to use bi boyz and their cute beautiful gf hands, the arm stockings only went half way up my biceps and triceps and the stocking on my legs only went to the middle of my thighs.

Inspecting myself I knew I looked close to one of those pet girls. Eventually everyone was on all fours and had their puppy attire on, me and Ainsley managed to talk to Chelsie before they told us to be quiet. The three of us agreed we would stay as close as possible to each other so we could comfort each other. Next the 5 trainer started to do something to the black wrist band on the stocking's, I couldn't realize what they were doing until they started on mine, they pushed on it a bit and did a few other things which I couldn't see because the trainer got in the way all I could feel was the latex around my hand getting incredibly tight unfaithful british milf lady sonia exposes her big melons amateur and babe up until the point where my hands were forced into a fist.

After everything was done the 5 trainers went into the storage room and brought back leashes each of the trainers gathered some girls and connected the women to the leashes, one Trainer came up to Me, Ainsley and Chelsie he connected us all to separate leashes then began to walk us out on all fours.

The next second we are being brought out side to our future masters they all turned around and the looks on their face wasn't of disgust or sorrow it was looks of excitement, the trainers handed us to our respected masters and then all the trainers walked over to derrick.

'Ok I'm going to tell all you puppies what I told your masters and listen carefully' while derrick began speaking I looked up at Christian which I just noticed was holding the Butt plug tail in his hands after seeing that I quickly focused on what derrick was saying. 'Now here are some rules I'm going to lay down for you, if you break any of these rules it will result in the mom and daughter show of their hotbods punishment.

Rule one no talking the only acceptable communication from a puppy is Woof now listen closely. 1 woof means yes, 2 woofs means no and 3 woofs mean you need to go to the toilet.

Rule two do not walk anywhere the only way you move around this place is on all fours. Rule three you do not use your hands you only use your mouth, anything that you can't accomplish with your mouth means that puppies shouldn't interact with it.

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Rule four the butt plug only gets removed by your human masters And rule five puppies cannot push them self's to an orgasm' derrick spoke with the most controlling voice. 'ARE THE RULES CLEAR' derrick said in a much deeper and louder voice.

Only one puppy was able to answer she let out a yes which was the biggest mistake of her life. 'DO DOGS SPEAK' derrick said heading over to the Woman. Derrick grabbed the woman's collar and pulled her so she was in front of every one. 2 other trainers came up to derrick and the poor girl who was in tears had her head forced down so her bare ass was up.

Her partner was in shock until derrick pulled out a Cain and gave it to her master and began to speak. 'When I said that breaking any of these rules will result in severe punishment I meant it. (Pointing at the poor woman's master) give her nice ten whacks across her ass' derrick said with a strong voice.

By this time the girl had been gagged and the rest of us girls knew that we better start following the rules. The woman's master took a deep breath and looked at derrick who just looked at him the woman's master took one more deep breath and brought the stick up above his head by this time the girl was crying uncontrollably on her gag. The master then brought it down with a loud WHACK making me and including everyone else jump even the trainers who most likely seen and had punished a puppy before jumped back.

WHACK came down the second and then the third came down in a loud WHACK by this time the poor girl was wailing on her gag not being able to say stop. The girls master looked at derrick who just looked at him and the bloke continued with the other seven. When it was finally done the trainer let go of the poor woman who didn't move at first, derrick took the stick back and said nothing until the woman had got back on all fours and the gag was removed it was only until they were told to go back to where they were standing before you could see the drool and tears on her face, once they were back where they were supposed to be derrick spoke again.

'I hope I have made this very clear how important it is for you to follow the rules. Now before we start training officially your tails must be put in, go ahead' derrick nodded towards us and the noise of movement started to fill the air.

I looked at Christian who had the but plug in his hand, I then looked under my body to get the best view of how he was going to insert it. Christian got on one knee and put the plug in his right hand dropping the leash on my left side, my guess was he was going to use his left hand to move my ass chic's apart but he didn't, he dipped his index and middle finger deep into my incredibly moist pussy the hottest arab porn in the world xc thrusted in and out of me so his finger was wet he then moved his two moist fingers in my ass and began moistening up my ass with my own juices.

Once my ass had been wet enough he spread my ass chicks and press the point of the large dildo against the opening of my tight ass hole, he began to push and I let out a long moan which didn't draw any attention as every other woman here was moaning like they were on heat. After what felt like a thousand years my ass had nearly swallowed the widest part of the but plug, looking over towards Sofia and Ainsley to see how far they had got there but plug in I saw they had nearly got them in.

soon after I felt one last push from christian who got it all the way in. as Christian was getting up he leant ford and gave me a kiss on the chic, few seconds later when everyone had settled down derrick announced that training has just began. Later we were put into 3 groups of 4. luckily Me, Ainsley and Chelsie were put into the same group which made the experience easy to be in, the other girl was called betty she was about late thirties she seemed to hate being here so I didn't think she will last that long.

As the four of us was being walked by our masters on all fours to our first training program I looked up towards christian who was behind me he smiled at me and gave me a winked I looked ford and smiled myself the thought that he was happy kind of made me enjoy this even though I got to admit I was kind of enjoying it any way.

When we finally got to our destination the 2 trainers smiled and one began asian teen hottie jade kush blows hung landlord talk. 'So the first lesson will revolved around getting the puppy to sit properly and learn to use their mouth instead of their hands, so mark can you hand those to the masters (the second trainer picked up a bag and handed things to Christian and the other masters) what we are giving you are a stick and a dog treat you will throw the stick and your puppy will go and pick it up with their mouth they will bring it necesito esto mas seguido mi amor video completo download link to you and you will tell them to sit at which full story virgin german ist blood i you will take the stick, then give an a treat and then repeat.

(Looking at us puppies) now you 4 listen properly the way you pick up an object off the ground is by putting both your paws on both sides of the object then you stick your ass up in the air so your tail is pointing up and then you pick it up and bring it to your master, the way you properly sit is you rest your bottom on your ankles then spread your legs so it makes a V then you hunch ford and put your arms in the middle making sure they are straight, and you can't let your tail touch the floor if you fail you will be spanked once.

Do you understand' the trainer said looking at us trying to catch us off guard with the talking rule, so I answered like they told me to.

'WOOF (yes)' everyone in the group looked at me as the trainer came up to me he patted my head and said I was a good girl.

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He then went to the side with the other trainer and said we could begin. Seconds after Chelsie's master undid her collar from the leash and threw the stick about 10 metres away he looked at Chelsie who looked at him and then she ran on all fours to were the stick landed on the grass it took her a few moments to get to the stick. As she got there the trainers instructions obviously sunk in because she put her paws on both sides of the stick and then put her head down and stuck her ass up as far as possible so her tail could get really high up.

The sun reflected down on her beautiful skin as she bent down her pussy glistened in the sun light because of how moist she was. she then leant up and ran towards her masters, seeing her like that was amazing she got over to her master and waited for him to tell her to sit he soon did and Chelsie sat.

The trainer inspected her position very carefully until nodding his head and smiling towards her master. Chelsie's master then took the stick and gave her a treat while rubbing her head and telling her she was a good girl Chelsie happily ate it. Soon Christian along with the other masters let me off the leash and threw the stick, I took a deep breath and then ran like a puppy towards it, when I got to it I did exactly what I was told I put my paws on both sides of it lifted my ass as high as I could and used my mouth to pick it up I crawled like a puppy as fast as I could feeling my breast's go side to side it didn't feel too comfortable at speed, and what made it even worst was the fact that the big but plug was wedged in my ass it was making it really uncomfortable for me to move my back legs ford and even worst it made me really want to go to the toilet, trying to forget that I approached christian with the stick in my mouth and sat like a puppy I hunched ford but my bottom on my ankles and spread my legs like a V.

After the trainer checked if I was sitting properly he gave the signal to Christian who took the stick and gave me the dog biscuit though to my surprize it didn't taste like a dog biscuit it was extremely nice and melted in my mouth like chocolate. Really wanting to have another one I waited for Christian to throw the stick and when he did I retrieved it like a real enthusiastic dog. Eventually Me, Ainsley, Chelsie and longhaired babe likes wild pounding with hugecocked dude got pretty tired so the trainers stopped us and got our masters to put us back on the leash and sit kannada sari vilege anty sex storys to them while he explained a game we would play.

'The game you puppies are going to play is last come last serve what you will do is you're going to suck off not your master but someone else's (the 4 of us looked at each other in shock) master.

You must get them to cum because the person who get the master to cum last will then need to drink it from your mouth (as soon as he said that betty got up and stormed away saying that she wouldn't degrade herself to that, her partner frantically followed suit) so are you three puppies ready to begin' saying as if betty hadn't left.

Being told who we had we crawled in front of them, I had to make Ainsley's master cum while Ainsley got Chelsie's master and Chelsie got Christian. Christian was the first to start unzipping his pants which made me angry but I soon seen Sofia pulling her pants down exposing her beautiful soaking wet pussy it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen no wander Ainsley would fuck this looking between my legs I started to drip you could see the wet grass as I sat there like a puppy, then the trainer began to speak.

'Ok Puppies ready set go' he said. And I instantly buried my face in Sofia's cunt licking away like a cat cleaning herself, I had been with a woman before but that was way back when I was getting my nursing degree so I really had no idea how to do this. Looking at Chelsie in the corner of my eye I watched as she swallowed my husband's cock deep in her mouth I could see my husband's head tilted back as he pattered her head calling her a good girl&hellip. She must have been doing a good job, I then looked at Ainsley who for a lesbian looked to be doing a great job at sucking Chelsie's master's cock once having a look at them I went back to concentrating on my job unfortunately it wasn't a cock it was a pussy and if you're a woman you know that it takes more than applying pressure with your mouth to get you off you had to deal with more than just a meat stick and a head.

Soon Sofia realized I was struggling so she looked down at me and cupped my face. 'Sweetie your struggling aren't you?' she asked in a nice smooth voice. 'Woof (yes)' I replied with puppy eyes. 'Listen your just nerves go slow amateur teen girlfriend homemade handjob with cumshot don't panic, only a woman really knows how to make another woman cum' she said Listening to her bids of confidence I leant ford and slowly pressed my lips against her entrance, I then slowly brought my tongue out licked her pussy lips.

Keeping my lips on her pussy I licked again but this time I invaded her wet hole I knew I was getting to her because she grabbed the back of my head and gently pushed my head into her crotch trying to get my tongue deeper and deeper.

My mind was in array of emotions because I was trying so hard so I didn't have to drink cum out of the 2 woman's mouths but I really was enjoying Sofia's pussy, it tasted amazing and to tell you the truth I would prefer it then any cock. I was licking her incredible wet insides when christian made a loud moan announcing that he had just unleashed his load in Chelsie's mouth the trainer came up to her and told her not to swallow. Knowing that Chelsie's master would not be able to hold on much longer with Ainsley being the sucker I put my tongue deeper in Sofia knowing fool well that she was close licking her insides frantically I tried my best but unfortunately the sounds from my left told me that Ainsley had a load shot into her mouth and the irony was that Sofia came just seconds later putting a decent amount of cum for me to drink.

The trainer teen babe loves pumping big hung guys handjob and young came up to Sofia who gave my leash to the trainer he then walked me to were Ainsley was she had her mouth open and full of cum, without hesitation I went in licking the insides of her mouth trying to get the cum out. I put my tongue deep into her mouth so I could get as deep as possible luckily I had some practice with Sofia so I really knew how to get in deep eventually I had got all the cum out of her mouth and pulled out with a string of cum being the only thing connecting us.

Once I was finally disconnected to her I was surprized by a kiss on the lips from her and a smile which told me that she was ok with me eating out her wife and drinking the cum out of her mouth smiling back I could feel the trainer tug my leash as he walked me over to were Chelsie was.

Looking at Chelsie I could see there was a large amount of cum so much that she had to tilt her head up to keep it in, which didn't help because it was dripping down her chin. So I came to her rescue and began by licking the cum away that had managed to get out of her mouth taking a couple of strokes I then went on to the main course I put my lips on hers and darted my tongue in lapping up the cum in her mouth we both had our eyes close as I drank my husband's cum from her mouth after a few more strokes I could feel her tongue play around with mine and soon we were play fighting for the most cum but unfortunately it didn't last long because her mouth was soon emptied but it was a lot of fun when I pulled away Chelsie Woofed at me and smiled I was very happy with myself considering what I had to just do I looked up at christian who look very pleased with me, happy with myself our group then went back to training.

As the day went by we did a lot of drills learning to sit, fetch and how to use our mouths appropriately it was really learning the same thing but different ways to do it. When the sun started to go down all 3 groups had been brought back to the front of the yard were we were let off our leashes and allowed to play and have fun like puppies while our masters talked to the trainers.

As I crawled over to were Chelsie and Ainsley was I realized I had been on my hands and knees on the grass the whole day and I wasn't itchy at all it made me realise why us puppies needed the latex stocking around our legs, I even got used to the collar around my neck it didn't really bother me at all and it was kind of important how else was Christian going to walk me like a puppy, but the but plug was the hardest part.

having it inside my ass sinful pigtailed girl fucked on the couch whole day made the friction in my hole unbearable and at the same time it kept me horny and it wasn't much fun when your been horny the whole day and wasn't allowed to have an orgasm, it was so frustrating but the worst thing was the fact that every time I moved my back legs ford it made me want to go to the toilet, it got so bad I stopped one of the trainers who was walking past.

'Woof' I said to get his attention. 'What's wrong girl is everything ok?' he said kneeling down and patting my head while talking to me like I was a real dog. 'Woof Woof Woof (I need to go to the toilet)' I said remembering the way to communicate. 'Number one?' he said rubbing my chin, which felt nice. 'Woof Woof (NO)' I said. 'Ok come with me' he replied connecting my collar to a leash he had.

The trainer led me away from the group and walked me new cummer cute kissy with triple ds sologirlcontent the yard towards the Building at the far end of the field as we got closer to it we began heading towards the right corner of it as we got closer I noticed a cement path that went through a type of alley way.

The trainer walked me through the alley way, he walked me into an pretty molly manson wanted to get banged by hard meat which was surrounded by the same fence that enclosed the field, the fence hid from the world a square path witch in the middle had an area of about 5 metres in the middle of that area was a sand pit, I only had to look at It for a few moments to realize what it really was and what it xxx hot vip boom mal really for.

I looked at the trainer who smiled and lent down to undo the leash he put it to his side then grabbed my tail pulling it so the but plug would come out, As he pulled I moaned until the plug came out making a pop sound. It was only when the plug came out that I felt how bad I really had to go and do my business so without even thinking I crawled into the sand box seeing the waste from other girls was darted around this big sand box, I crawled into the very middle of the sand box making sure I didn't hit any of the other girls waste on me I positioned myself so my legs were far apart and tilting my head up I closed my eyes knowing that the trainer was watching and was enjoying the very fact that I was being degraded to the fullest.

I squatted low and relaxed my sphincter, gritting my teeth as I defecated onto the sand. I didn't dare look back, the stench in the air and the quiet thump of my droppings hitting the ground was all I could bear then I focused on emptying my other bow I blinked back tears as I felt the warm stream of liquid babe in glasses is a cock teaser down my leg and under my knee.

I clenched down, spraying back forcefully as my bladder rapidly emptied. I sighed with never leave your girlfriend with such a bitch! once I felt the stream start to dissipate, dripping off the inside of my leg and down into the sand box. Not even looking back I made my way back to the trainer, I saw behind him that there was a shelf saying utilities and next to it a hole that said bin.

the trainer had a bunch of wet wipes as I got fully on the path surrounding the sand box he started wiping away the urine on my latex stocking and wiped my bottom for me, for some strange reason I felt compelled to Woof in gratitude to him which I did. 'I could tell it was your first time doing that (he said wiping my ass). You know if it makes you feel any better me and the other trainers agree that you're one of the best fuck toys here' he said slapping my ass before putting my tail back in.

I was back with Christian Sitting like a good puppy girl by his side every other puppy girl was doing the same. Derrick began to talk to our masters and because I knew that it didn't concern me I started counting how many woman were left after the first day my tr.

Eleven out of the fifteen was left and that was only after the first day and we still had 3 weeks left, I was soon taken from my train of thought when derrick started to speak again. 'Ok we will do a quick practice on 2 more types of position for the puppy girl before you all leave.

If you have a look at your puppy's pussy it is most likely wet as a hose (when he said this Christian and all the other master looked at their puppy's pussy). Rare story french lesbian nipple torture fuck off if a puppy wants to have an orgasm they need to learn to beg, what your puppies will need to do (he said looking at us) get up on your knees keeping your legs together and bring your paws up to you boobs and give your master a look that would get them to fuck you, if your masters agree to make you cum you must role on your backs but make sure that your legs are spread and you paws are brought to the side of your boobs failure to do this will result in punishment.

Now go and practice' he said. Being really tired from the day and wanting to get it over with I turned around and got into position kneeling up and putting my hands up to my breasts while keeping my legs together I looked at him and smiled, he told me to role unto my back I then spread my legs.

He put his finger in between my legs and started fingering me with his right hand using his left to undo his zipper. My moans were loud but blended in with every other puppy girls moans like me we all have been wanting this just to have the time to release ourselves, I was getting closer and closer until christian stopped and pulled his finger mom and soon chuda chude story I looked up to see what he was doing and he was using it to hold himself over me so he could position his dick at my entrance, He didn't even bother to remove the but plug as he rammed into my pussy.

I moaned like a bitch on heat&hellip. Well I was a bitch on heat and I was moaning god was it amazing he thrust and thrust deep into me and soon I was already losing my first orgasm I exploded around his shaft moaning out loud as I did but right after I could feel another orgasm coming. Christian soon slowed down and began taking slow but power full thrusts into me I stretched my arms out so I could grab on to the grass but I couldn't because of the latex soon christian started getting fast so fast my moans turned into a continues scream of pleasure and without warning I had an earth shattering orgasm nearly making me black out because it was so god damn powerful seconds later christian began to speed up getting so fast he grabbed my boobs and used them to help go as deep as possible in me unloading all his creamy goo deep inside of me, and I can't lie it was the best sex we had ever had.

Laying on my back and keeping my legs wide open I puffed until I got my breath back feeling the cum drip out of my pussy and down onto my tail that's stuck in my ass, eventually Christian gave me permission to get off my back and sit. Few minutes later Derrick explained that was the end of the first day of training our masters were told to say goodbye and leave which kind of scared me because this will be my first night sleeping like a puppy. Once our masters had left we were brought back into the main building and taken into the shower room were told to go right under where the sprinklers faced down while the 2 trainers stood away so they wouldn't get wet.

To my sides was Ainsley and Chelsie who in only a day became very close friends. We waited next to each other for the sprinklers to turn on, in a heartbeat they sprung to life shooting down at us the water wasn't cold and to tell you the truth was very nice after a few seconds I lifted my head so I could enjoy the water more, but the shower only lasted about a minute and as soon as it stopped a gush of warm air came shooting from the sprinklers drying us off.

After that the trainers walked us to the room with the kennels. I got into mine and the trainer closed the plastic square door as I got in.

looking back at the plastic door I then began to inspect my bed for the next 3 weeks I found that the kennel was wide enough for me to move around in circles I tried to stretch my legs to the fullest but it was just not that large and the height let me put my tail as high as I could get it but stopped me from standing. I then looked down on the floor of the kennel a nice white cotton pillow was laid down it covered the whole surface of the kennel, unfortunately because of the latex stocking on my arm and legs I couldn't feel how nice it was but I could tell when I lay down it would be soft and comfortable.

What I didn't notice was the 2 bowls with my name written on them one was full of water and the other had food in it, I was very thirsty so I immediately crawled to the water and began drinking the training on how to use our mouths properly came in handy with being able to drink the water comfortably so it wasn't too hard once I got into the proper position. Once I was done rehydrating I leant back up and looked at the other bowl with food in it well dog food for that matter.

It was dog biscuits that were mixed with the stuff you get out of the cans I was very sceptical at first but the only thing I had this whole day was lots of cum so without any respect I went in taking a big bite, the very first thing I tasted wasn't the foul taste of dog food but the sweet taste of a gore made meal, it was the best thing I ever had sweet hot babe india summers getting horny soon enough I had cleaned out the bowl even licking the sides because it was that nice.

After I asian squirting oh so much pornstars fingering done eating I looked around and saw there was nothing to do so I decided to get some sleep, I curled up into a ball on the soft pillow covering the bottom of the bed and fell to sleep. Enjoying my sleep I was soon waken by my cage door being opened I looked out seeing frank looking inside calling to me to get up and come out I did as I was told were I was immediately connected to the leash.

Frank walked me out of the room I was taken out side were we walked to the left side of the building towards a door that I hadn't seen before, I was taken in to what looked like a break room there was six trainers including frank, derrick wasn't among them, taking a closer look I realized the only thing in the room was 6 chairs put together to make a circle.

Frank led me into the middle of the room and undid my leash by this time all the trainers had gathered around me and was groping and running their hands along me even slipping a finger in my pussy and tugging on my tail so my but plug would force me to moan. Eventually the trainers got bored of the idle foreplay and told me to roll over. I did just that and remembering my training I spread my legs wide like a butter fly and brought my hands up to my breasts. The first trainer was black and knelt down with his cock out and to popular belief he was massive even scaring me a bit.

He grabbed my sides and told me to woof, I did and when I did he thrust in deep and I let out a moan that told everyone in the room that I was one very happy puppy.