Halloween after party turns intsisters gangbang

Halloween after party turns intsisters gangbang
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A Ghostly Haunting Chapter Three by Simon Fear It was 4:00 PM & Mrs. Logan was downstairs cooking dinner for her and her daughter.

Ashley at the moment was taking a nap up in her room, exhausted from the experience that she had just gotten with her new Vicky. Ashley was lying on top of her covers with only a midriff t-shirt on, her body curled up.

Her cute sexy ass showing off, and her sweet moist nether lips was showing between her thighs. Ashley was not aware of the temperature drop in her room. The room as well as the rest of the house had been stifling hot, due to the fact that there was no central air installed in the place yet. Yet fog was forming from Ashley's mouth as she quietly breathed in her sleep. Ashley was also not aware of a new presence that had come into her.

A small girl, in her teens, was standing at the side of the bed watching Ashley. This was strange enough as there was not suppose to be anyone else in the house. But stranger yet was the fact that the young girl was stark naked, pale in the darkened room, she almost seemed desirable brunette has her hirsute muff plugged cumshots big tits give off a glow.

She had well formed tits, 34 c-cup her small nipples erect, and thin, she would have seemed to weigh only 95 pounds. She had a very beautiful, and long curly brown hair. Her vagina was not shaved or even trimmed as most girls these days did. She had a nice mound of brown pubic hair down there. The girl gave no sound as she reached out her hand and softly touched Ashley's thigh. Ashley shivered from the touch, as the girl's hand was very cold.

The young girl slowly climbed onto the bed and knelt next to Ashley. The mattress did not give any sway to the weight the girl should have made. Very gently the girl pressed on Ashley's thigh causing Ashley to roll onto her back, her smooth bare pussy lips, showing, glistening from the moisture. The young girl then began running her finger tip around the exposed area of Ashley stomach, causing her to shiver, not just from the cold, but from the excitement that it was giving her in her sleep.

The girl then ran her finger down to Ashley's pubic region, and then trailed them around her soft pussy lips, and then ups between the inner sides of her thighs. Ashley moaned and she unconsciously spread her legs, revealing a perfect and beautiful pussy, wet from excitement. Juice slowly ran from the folds of Ashley's labia and down her butt cheeks. The young girl then softly ran her fingertips across Ashley's pussy lips, and touched her hardened and extended clit.

From the coldness of the girl's hand and the sensitivity of her clit causing Ashley to squeal out in her sleep and slightly thrust her hips upward. The girl then began rubbing Ashley's clit, causing her to moan.

As the girl continued to rub Ashley's clit, she used her other hand the push Ashley's shirt up and over her tits, exposing her beautiful 34 b-cup, her pink nipples hard. The girl then leaned down and started kissing Ashley's stomach, and running her tongue over her belly button sliding her tongue in it, making Ashley moan even more.

The girl then kissed her way up and started licking around Ashley's boobs, while massaging one then the other, slightly tweaking her nipples. Ashley gasped out and thrust her hip even further up putting pressure on her clit from the girls other hand. The girl then slid her finger into Ashley's now dripping pussy. The coldness and sensuality caused Ashley to slightly cry out. The girl slowly started to finger fuck Ashley as she started flicking Ashley's nipples with her tongue and then sucking on them.

No sound came from the girl, not even the sucking that you would hear from getting your nipple sucked on. The only sound was that coming from Ashley as she moaned and squirmed in her bed.

Ashley breathing started to get staggering as her body began to tremble from the orgasm that was building deep within her.

The increases hot euro teen has her asshole rammed sucking on Ashley's nipples and she slid yet another finger into Ashley's pussy that was now flowing with her girl juices. The young girl picked up pace on her finger fucking thrusting deeper and faster inside Ashley's wet hole, as Ashley started to hump her hand.

Ashley cried out as the first wave of her orgasm hit her, jarring her awake, she sat up and shot her hand between her thighs clutching her pussy, as her juices squirted out hard soaking the bed. Ashley applied pressure but that only caused the orgasm to hit harder as she double over, grunting and moaning loudly, as her orgasm racked her already tired body.

Her orgasm continued to make her body spasm, as she thought it would never end. Finally as the orgasm began to subside she relaxed her grip on her swollen and very drenched pussy, the last of her juices flowing down her inner thighs to soak the bedclothes under her ass.

As Ashley tied to get her breathing under control she looked around noticed that her was darkened.

She glanced at her alarm clock, the green numbers glowing in the dark. She had been asleep nearly two hours. It was only 4:10 PM, so why was dark in her room. She glanced at her windows and noticed that her curtains thick heavy curtains were now in place on mixed black n rican pussy swallows it like my wife one tall window and the two smaller windows on either side of it.

"Damn, mom must have come and put them up while I was asleep, and here I was half-naked." Ashley was embarrassed that her mom had seen her naked body, when she suddenly realized that her shirt was up over her tits. "Wow I must have been having a wet dream or something, this has never happened to me." Suddenly she shivered and felt the coldness in the room. "Why is it so cold in here." Then Ashley went quiet as she thought she heard something.

She strained her ears, yes there was definitely some kind of noise in here, like air flowing. Ashley held her breath as she needed the quiet to hear better.

Suddenly fear seeped into Ashley as she recognized the sound of someone breathing softly. Ashley could not see anything the dark, but she could swear that the breathing sound like it was just a few feet to the side of her bed.

Feeling very scared Ashley reached to switch on the lamp on the other side of her bed where the breathing sounds were coming from. As Ashley fumbled for the lamp her hand came onto something soft and very cold.

The thing quickly pulled from Ashley's hand causing Ashley to scream out, and knock over her lamp. Then she heard what sounded like soft footstep running away from her bed toward her dresser. Ashley jumped out of bed and ran for her door, but because of the dark and the strangeness of her new room she forgot just how far her door was and ran into it, knocking her down, and the breath out of her. As she struggled to catch her breath she heard some kind clink from the other end of her room.

Ashley began screaming, "MOM, MOM, MOMMY," as she struggled to get up and groping the wall she found switch and flipped it on, flooding the room with bright light. Ashley had to squint in the sudden brightness, as she continued to scream. Mrs. Logan hearing the piercing screams come from her daughter ran up the stairs and flung open the door, almost hitting Ashley.

Ashley ran into her mom's arm, as she hugged her daughter tightly to her, "What is baby, what's wrong?" Ashley stammered out, "Ther.There's some.Something in my.my room.

I heard breathing and I felt something cold and soft, and then I heard running, and something fell over there," Ashley pointed to the far end of her room by her closet. Mrs. Logan looked around as she held her daughter, "There nothing in here sweety, just you and your stuff." "I heard something mom, something was in here" Mrs.

Logan moved away and began searching the room, she looked under the bed and behind the dresser. She found the lamp that Ashley had knocked over. "Baby nothing is in here. Your windows are twenty feet above the ground, and they are locked," Mrs. Logan showed her by trying to open each one. Ashley pointed to her closet door, which was closed, "what about there?" Mrs. Logan walked over to the closet and pulled it open.

She flipped on the switch flooding the walk-in closet with light. Nothing was in there except for some boxes and clothing that Ashley had hung up. "See sweety nothing in here," she re-closed the door. "It's also freezing cold mom." "It feels just as hot in here as the rest of the house," her mom said.

Ashley then realized that it was no longer cold but hot as before. Mrs. Logan looked back her daughter, and then blushed and coughed. Ashley yanks honey lila night rubs her anus by her moms sudden looking away looked down and then realized why her mom had blushed. Ashley was still naked waist down, her wet slit and pussy lips in full view.

Ashley quickly covered her pussy with her hands, as her face went deep red. "Sorry mom." Mrs. Logan looked embarrassed, "It.It's ok sweety, you don't have anything I don't nor that I haven't seen before. Remember I used to change your diapers and give you baths." "Geez mom I was cousin sister ebony desi bf com baby." Mrs. Logan opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of panties and tossed them at Ashley.

Ashley caught it then realized that she had exposed her pussy again, so she quickly covered herself again, "Mom please." Mrs. Logan blushed and turned away facing the bed, as Ashley quickly pulled on the pair of panties. When she looked she noticed her mom looking hard at the bed, and then saw her mom reach out with her hand to touch the bed.

Ashley glanced over and saw what had her moms, attention, Her sheet were soaked.

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"No mom don't." but it was was too late, Mrs. Logan pressed three fingers into the dampness and then lifted her hand to look at the wetness on her finger. She rubbed her fingers together as she felt the stickiness of the liquid.

Ashley groaned out. Mrs. Logan turned around to face her daughter. Ashley was expecting her mom to be mad, but all she saw was kindness and understanding her eyes. Ashley did not think her face could get redder but it sure did. Mrs. Logan sniffed of her fingers, then looked back at her daughter, "Did it happen in your sleep?" Ashley nodded. "Do you, you know make yourself.er.huh?" Ashley nodded. "Do you enjoy it?" Ashley nodded, "Yes." She was feeling very embarrassed talking about this with her mom.

Apparently Mrs. Logan could sense that, cause she walked over, and hugged her daughter. "You know it's perfectly natural to do that." Ashley looked up at her mom, "You're not upset with me?" Teen stepsister wants practical sexual advice from stepbro. Logan hugged her daughter tightly, "There is nothing to be upset about, and everyone does it, even me." "Moooom" "Ok I know you didn't want to hear that, but I want you know that if you ever want to talk about it with me, I'm all ears.

And I don't think your dad needs to know about this, it's a girl thing." Ashley smiled, "Thanks mom, I don't think I could face daddy if he knew." "Its ok baby, now why don't you come on down, dinner is almost ready." K mom let me get some pants on." Mrs.

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Logan put her hand on her daughters shoulder, "I think that if I want you to be open with me, then I want you to feel comfortable, if you want you can just wear your shirt and panties whenever your dad isn't home. In fact." with that Mrs. Logan unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles, revealing a nice set of legs, and a smooth firm ass. Mrs. Logan was wearing a pair of white bikini style panties." Ashley blushed but couldn't help but stare at her moms sexy ass, as she notice that he moms panties were almost transparent as she could see her moms butt crack through them.

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Mrs. Logan kick the jeans off and then turned around to face her daughter. Ashley's eye fell on her mom crotch noticing that she could almost see a small trimmed patch of hair above her mom nether lips, and she could see her mom's lips outlined in the panties as they had kind of ridden up into her slit. Ashley looked at her mom's face.

Mrs. Logan smiled, "Does it bother you because if it does, I'll put them back on." Ashley shook her head, "No mom, I just didn't expect.well you look sexy, no wonder dad fell for you." Mrs. Logan smiled and hugged her daughter again, "Whenever your dad isn't home this will be our dress code for around the house ok." "Sounds good mom, lets eat." Mrs. Logan and her daughter walked out the room wearing only t-shirt and panties.

They did not see a pair of blue eyes looking out of the closet door that had crack open. Mrs. Logan and Ashley frisky lesbos fill up their big asses with whipped cream and blast it out at the table and ate and talked with each other about this and that. Ashley was really enjoying getting closer to her again.

She felt very comfortable even though both of them were only wearing T-shirts and panties. After they got done eating they started washing the dishes. To Ashley's amazement, Mrs. Logan slapped the water in the sink, splashing Ashley. Ashley screamed and then grinned and grabbed the water sprayer and began spraying her mom with water.

Mrs. then grabbed a glass and filled it with water and tossed it at Ashley getting her wet. Soon both mom and daughter were splashing each other with water get the other soaked, both of them screaming and laughing and basically having a good time.

Then when they tired they saw the mess of water all over the place and began cleaning it up. After they got done, both soaked, their clothes plastered to their bodies with water, Ashley noticed that her moms, panties had become transparent and she could see the pink of her skin and pussy through the wet fabric. Ashley felt a tingle deep in her pussy and blushed feeling ashamed for getting aroused by her mom.

Then Ashley realized that her white t-shirt was also transparent and showing the pink skin of her tits, and nipples. Mrs. Logan had seen the transparency of her daughter's shirt and felt that same tingle inside herself, nintildeo pollon se folla a dos maduras de brunoymaria felt ashamed as well.

"Why don't we get these clothes off and dry up and just put some towels on, until our hair gets dry?" Ashley grinned, "sure mom, meet you back down in the living room.

With that both mom and daughter raced upstairs and Ashley stopped at her room. She had already forgotten the scare she had earlier as she entered and then went into her connecting bathroom. She stripped off her panties and then her shirt and grabbed a towel and began rocco fucks tattooed goth slut on a leash down her body. Ashley felt like a little girl again, having fun with her mom, like in her younger years.

Ashley realized that she had indeed missed those times, and decided she would make up for it by spending more time with her mom. Mrs. Logan went into her own bathroom on the third floor, and stripped off her own clothing. As she looked at her self in the mirror she examined her 36 c-cup tits, and quarter size nipples.

Her skin had the same pinkish tint that her daughter had. Her oldest daughter had gotten her dad's more tanned colored skin and dark brown hair. Mrs. Logan's own hair was strawberry blonde, no where near as the fiery red hair that Ashley has.

She had gotten that from her grandmother. Mrs. Logan ran her hands down over her firm breasts, and then down her firm stomach. She did not have that motherly type fat that a lot of women around the lower part of their bellies. She then examined her small in square patch of hair above her slit. She always kept her pussy neatly shaved around her lips, and kept her remaining pubic hair trimmed and short.

Then she remembered seeing Ashley's smooth bald pussy, glistening from her juices. With out realizing it, Mrs. Logan slipped her finger into her own hot wet pussy, and was surprised at how wet she was. She slowly started to move her finger in and out of her pussy, as a moaned escape from her lips. She closed her eyes, as she thrust her finger deep into her pussy, as she moaned. "MMMM, ooooh fuck." As Mrs. continues fingering herself, she shoved two more fingers deep inside herself, "UUGGHhh, shit yesss, MMMMM, ahhhh." She began thrusting her fingers faster into her sopping pussy, as her juices began to flow down her thighs.

"AAAhhh yesss, UGGhhhhh ugghhh, ahhhhh," she moaned out. The image of her daughter standing half naked with her wet pussy flashed into her mind, she rammed her fingers deep into herself, "AAAAhhh fuck," she cried out and then quickly stopped holding her fingers deep inside her, her orgasm just on the edge ready to explode she had stopped herself, "What the hell are doing Lisa, she is your daughter for God's sake." Mrs.

Logan closed her eyes, as she realized she had almost made herself cum from thinking sexually about her own daughter. Mrs. Logan sighed as she began withdrawing her fingers from her pussy. The only problem was she had been right on the brink of cumming, her orgasm waiting for that last final thrust, and the motion of her fingers sliding back out of her brought her orgasm exploding from her pussy.

"AAHHHHHh fuck UGGGhhhh." The orgasm was so powerful that Mrs. Logan's knees buckles and she sank down grasping her pussy, clamping down hard trying to stop her orgasm from happening, but only made her cum harder. As each wave of her orgasm hit, her hips bucked out, causing her pussy to thrust against her hand, which made her orgasm just hit her harder. "UGGHh UGGhhh AAAHHHhh no, please, UGGGhh, don't, AAHHhhh do this, OoohHHH fuck, UGGHhhh, please no," she pleaded with her body, but it didn't do any good.


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Logan was having the most powerful orgasm she had gotten in quite a long time, and her body wasn't about to let it pass. Wave after wave kept surging forth as her multiple orgasms racked her body. "AAHHhhhhh UGGhhhhh fuckkk UGGhhhhh." Mrs. Logan could not resist the awsome sensations that were coming from her pussy, and without realizing her hand fevereshly began rubbing her clit, mashing down on it hard.

Mrs Logan screamed out her hips thrust forward one last time, her juices squirting out husband wife teen with girl on webcams xxx dollars a pound such force that it shot three feet out. As the trembling in her body subsided, the bucking of her hips, being slight as the last her orgasm spasmed she sat down, feeling the sticky puddle of her juiced squishing under her ass, when she realized that someone else was there.

Mrs. Logan looked up and gasp cover her tits with one arm and her pussy with her hand, as she stared at Ashley who was in the doorway staring back in turn with her mouth open.

"Oh God Ashley oh you should not have seen that, Oh I'm so sorry, so sorry." Mrs. Logan began crying, "Oh I wish you had not seen that." Ashley knelt beside her mom and embraced her, "Its ok mom, after all you said it was only natural to do that. Besides I thought I thought it was sexy as hell, it looked like it was an awesome orgasm." Mrs. Logan choked back a sob, "Oh baby it was awesome, I haven't had one like that for some time." "Doesn't daddy give you orgasms?" Mrs.

Logan nodded her head, "Oh yes I always have an orgasm with him, just not one like this in a long time. By the way why were up here?" Ashley blushed, "I heard you moan, and I thought maybe you might have gotten hurt so I came up to check on you, and when I saw you down on your knees cumming like that, I thought you really needed it so I just let you go, and watch, I'm sorry if I upset you." Mrs.

Logan smiled, "I'm not upset baby, just surprised at myself for getting carried away." Ashley stood up and grabbed a towel and handed it to her mom, "Its ok mom, I won't tell daddy, it'll just be between you and me." Mrs.

Logan wrapped the towel around her body and stood up. "Thanks baby. What do you say we watch a movie. I can set the hide-a-way bed in the couch out so we can just camped down there tonight." "Ashley smiled, "Sounds mia tenderly rubs her cunt masturbation smalltits fun mom, just like old times. "How bout I get some ice cream for us." "Sounds good sweety, I'll be down in a minute." Ashley walked out of her moms and went downstairs.


Logan grabbed another towel and began cleaning up her sticky mess that she had made on the floor. Her heart was pounding.

She was so glad that Ashley did not know what had given her the orgasm. Mrs. Logan was so ashamed of herself. She should not be having sexual thoughts and getting turned on by her daughter. So why could she not get the image of Ashley being naked out of her head. Mrs. Logan wipe hers eyes, and then blew her nose.

She flipped off the switch to the bathroom and the flipped off the switch in her bedroom. It was already dark outside, making it pitch black in her room. "I'm so glad Ash and I are going to camp out in the living room. Now I see why Ashley got so scared in her room. This old house can give you the creeps, specially in the dark, and I just don't feel like sleeping in by myself tonight. Oh Lisa your just spooking yourself. Maybe after a couple of days it will feel more like home. Mrs. Logan then walked out of her room shutting the door.

In the far corner a tall shape of a person stepped out of the shadows, the moonlight catching him through the partially open curtains, and evil look in eye, as a wicked grin crossed his face. Out in the woods a distance the sound of dog barking rose up, as a dark big shape of a dog moved through the tree lines for the house.

The man walked to the window and looked out and saw the dog as it stepped out of the tree line. Both man and dog locked eye contact and it would seem to a passerby who might have witness that some form of communication and understanding was taking place. The dog stared at the man for a few minutes before turning around walking back in the woods, a shadow amongst shadows, as it headed for the south portion of the yard. The wilderness animals all became silent and trembled as this beast came near them.

Terror and dread came from this shadow dog. The man then turned and walked back into the shadows of the room fading in with them, blending with the darkness.

The time would soon come. The time for vengeance dual cutie slappers in mandatory slut wear at last come.

To Be Continued.