Gorgeous teen gets her pussy plowed hard pornstars cumshot

Gorgeous teen gets her pussy plowed hard pornstars cumshot
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This journey began when I was away on business a month ago in the middle of farm country. I checked in to the hotel and went for supper. I sat at the table and the waitress was a very cute young woman named Janie. Janie had curly brown hair down to the middle of her back, very pert breasts and a super cute little ass. She wore tight white pants and a tight black top. She had a beautiful smile and her eyes were blue.

I ordered my food and I could tell she liked me from the way she was talking and shaking that cute little ass every time she came to my table. I knew she liked me because about every 5 minutes she came back to ask if I needed anything and each time she talked a little more. I asked her what there was to do in the area and that I was there on business.

Janie said, "Well, it's pretty dead around here, there's not much to do." I said, "I'm staying at the Best Western down the road and I am bored." Janie smiled and said, "well, what are you looking to do?" "I don't know, I'm bored and lonely!" I stammered. "What room are you staying in, I get off work at 9:00 and I like to party." Janie said with a cute devilish smile. "I'm in 213." I said. "Well, maybe I'll see you later." she said as she walked away shaking that cute little ass!

I ate and went back to the hotel and had a few drinks at the bar. I got some beer and went back to my room. I sat there drinking some beers and at 9:30, someone knocked on the door. I opened the door, and there she stood!! I smiled and she giggled and she looked around to make sure nobody saw her come in my room. I offered her a beer and we talked for quite awhile. I found out she had just turned 18 wanted to get away from where she lived.

She wanted to experience the world outside. Janie was very smart and her parents did not have the money to send her to college so she said she was just wasting two girls threesome with a big cock there. I told her about myself and my wife and ultimately I told her about our sexual experiences we have been sharing together over the last few years and she listened intently.

We were getting pretty buzzed at this point. Janie said, "Well, I've not had any of those type experiences yet, but I'd like to some day." I figured at this point, what the hell, so I stood up and walked over to her and took her beer and leaned over and kissed her softly. Janie kissed me with great passion, maybe it was the buzz, but her inhibitions were lowered at this point.

"I pulled her up to me and we began to kiss passionately and I placed my hands on her tight little ass and massaged it. Janie moaned softly as we kissed and our tongues darted in to each others mouths!

I reached up and started to unbutton her pants and she said, "Umm, when I said I haven't experienced anything like that, I meant I have not had sex with anyone yet." I smiled at her and began continued to undue her pants.

Her pants fell to the floor and she was wearing a pair of red thong panties!

I continued to kiss her while massaging her tight little ass. I began to unbutton her shirt until it was totally open, exposing her matching red bra. Janie's tits were rock hard and her nipples were fully erect, as was my throbbing cock! Janie unbuttoned my jeans and they slide down and she began to rub my swollen cock through my underwear!

I scooped her up and gently laid her on the bed and I laid on top of her kissing her and grinding my cock in to her wet little snatch! Janie moaned as my cock rubbed her clit and she said, "I have never sucked a cock, I want to suck yours!" I pulled my red swollen cock out and sat back in the chair. Janie came over and kneeled in front of me and smiled nervously as she stared at in to my eyes and then at my swollen cock! Janie leaned forward and licked the tip of my mushroom as she gently stroked my shaft.

"Is this right?", she asked timidly. "Yes Janie, now just slowly suck on it and see how far you can put it in your mouth." I stammered. Janie began to suck on my cock and I could tell she wasn't lying about never doing it before! I told her to take off her bra so I could see her beautiful tits and she did as I asked without ever taking my cock out of her mouth.

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"Janie, you are beautiful!" I moaned as she gently sucked my cock. "Suck my balls Janie." I begged her and she did just what I asked her without hesitation. "Do you want to taste my cum Janie?" I asked her. "Yes she moaned in between slurping on my cock!" Janie worked on my cock for quite awhile and I felt the tingle begin and I warned her that I would soon cum.

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Janie moaned and looked up at me and said, "Cum in my mouth, I want to taste it!" I grabbed her head and she kept sucking and I began to shoot cum in to her mouth and throat.

She gagged when my cum first spurted in her mouth but she kept sucking my cock and I kept pumping cum in to her! "Wow, you beauty big ass brazzeers story a lot. That was good, I like sucking cock, especially when you cum!" she moaned. I sat there and noticed some of my cum dropped on to her perky little tits and I began to rub it in as I play with her rock hard nipples.

I stood up and picked her up and laid her on the bed. I peeled her thing off and she had just a small tuft of hair on her pubic mound, but her pussy was totally soaked! I began to suck her tits as my cock ground in to her wetness as it began to harden. Janie moaned as I sucked her perfect titsbut I wanted to taste her wet little pussy so bad!

I slid down as I kissed her and as I reached her pussy she moaned softly. "That's feels so good!" she cooed! I finally kissed my way to her steamy little pussy. She was so wet that her thighs glistened with her juices! I began to nibble at her pussy and she squirmed as my tongue found her little erect button. As muscular chick posed naked and pounded by pawnkeeper as my tongue touched her clit she writhed and squirmed and began to moan louder.

Her pussy was so sweet and I licked and sucked every inch of it. As I ate her pussy, I would put my tongue down and stimulate her tight little asshole and this really caused her to squirm and moan. As I ate her pussy I slowly spread her lips apart, revealing that her hymen was still intact! My cock sprung back to full staff in anticipation of that tight little pussy! I licked and sucked her pussy until she began to moan louder and louder and I could feel her pussy convulse as she had a very strong orgasm!

I stopped until her shaking had subsided and then I slid back up to her tits and sucked them. Her tits were just absolutely awesome! I slid closer and began kissing her, my face was smeared in her juices, but she didn't seem to mind at all at this point. I took a pillow and put it under her hips so her pussy was just where I needed it! I wanted to see my cock slid in to her pussy so I positioned her so I could see as the head of my cock slid up and down her slippery little crack!

I grabbed her thighs and began to put my cock in to her incredibly tight little pussy. Janie squirmed trying to avoid the discomfort she was beginning to feel.

I watched as the swollen head of my cock began to enter her pussy and she gasped as it spread her pussy apart. I slowly pushed myself in to her soaked little pussy until I felt her hymen! I grabbed her thighs firmly and began to push in to her.

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Janie squealed in pain as my cock began to tear her hymen and I noticed tears forming in her eyes. I stopped and asked if she was OK and if she wanted me to stop. "No, I want you to fuck me and cum in my pussy!" She said as she looked me straight in the eyes! I re-positioned her and began to push my cock in to her pussy and she gasped again and I pushed until my cock finally broke through her hymen!

When my cock was fully inside her, I leaned forward and began to kiss her as her tight little pussy clenched around my cock! I slowly began to thrust in and out of her as Janie moaned and the slurping of her juices grew louder and the warmth of her juices began to lubricate her tight pussy! I picked up the pace of my thrusting and soon Janie was screaming softly as my cock made her a woman! I fucked her little pussy for as long as I could until her tightness caused me to feel my second load of cum begin to flow!

I whispered to her, "I am going to cum in your tight pussy Janie!" "Cum in me, please cum in my pussy!" she moaned.

I began to unload a huge load deep inside of busty teen candi kayne fucks driving examiner little pussy and as the warmth of my cum filled her, she began to cum and her pussy clenched around my cock so hard, I thought she'd rip it off! Janie moaned louder until the moans became screams as my cock pounded away at her tight pussy! I laid on top of her with my cock all the way up her tight gooey pussy and her perky nipples rubbed against my chest.

Janie opened her eyes and smiled, "That felt so fucking good, fuck me again she begged!" I withdrew my cock and my cum oozed from her crimson stained pussy. I led her to the shower where we cleaned each other off and I fucked her again in the shower, this time from behind!

After that we returned to the bed and I introduced her to 69! Janie loved that! After we rested awhile and drank a few more beers I told her that it was time for her to experience anal as well!

I figured, since I broke this girls hymen, I was going to take her ass cherry too! I put the covers and pillows on the floor in front of the chair so she would be comfortable and I had her get on her knees in front of the chair and I began to finger her pussy and play with it until she was soaked again.

I stimulated her little g-spot as I finger fucked her tight pussy with one hand and slowly stretched and explored her super tight little ass with the other. Soon Janie was meeting the thrusts of my fingers in her pussy and moaning in to the chair. "That feels so fucking good!" she purred.

I didn't have any lube so, between her juices and a little saliva her tight little ass began to accept my fingers slowly! The sight of her incredible little ass swaying back and forth had my cock hard and swollen in no time! I rubbed her pussy until she was moaning and I could feel her pussy quivering x art sex with a super model each thrust.

I knew that she was not hot enough to accept my cock and enjoy it! I told her that I was going to stick my cock in her ass slowly and to tell me when to stop so she could adjust to the size!

Janie cooed, "Ok, fuck my ass please!" I grabbed her ass cheeks and began to spread them apart as I did Janie reached under herself and began to rub her pussy. I put the swollen head of my cock at her tight little entrance and lubed it with a little more spit and began to slowly feed my cock into her. "OK, stop." Janie begged and I stopped and allowed her ass to stretch around the head of my cock!

After a minute, she said ok and I began to slowly push into her ass! Her pussy was super tight, but this tight little ass was incredibly tight and it felt great as I pushed further in to her tight hole! Janie was moaning and I think it was a little pain and a lot of pleasure and she begged me not to stop! I pushed all the way in to her and she moaned as my balls rested against her pussy. She was still rubbing her clit at this point and rubbing my balls at the same time.

I began to slide in and out of her, I wish I had had some good lube at this point but my saliva worked well enough. It didn't take long until Janie was meeting my thrusts and screaming in to the cushion! I had a great view of her sexy little ass as I fucked it. "Cum in me, please I wanna feel you cum in my ass!" Janie begged.

Now that I had her ass stretched, I pulled out and told her to sit on me facing me. I wanted to suck redhead badly owned filmed by security cam perfect little titties while I ass fucked her! Janie did as I told her and my cock slide back up her ass easily as she rock back and forth on my cock I sucked her perky tits.

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Janie began to bounce on my pole harder and amateur cfnm stripper gets sucked at party as my cock stretched her tight little ass and I pinched her nipples and rubbed her clit as she rocked back and forth! Janie looked me in the eyes as my cock was in her and she kissed me with such passion it was truly hot! "I'm going to cum!" Janie cried as she impaled her ass on my hard cock!

Janie began to shake as she locked her eyes on mine and she begged me to filled her with my cum. I told her that I was about to fill her ass with hot cum and she went crazy as my cock began to pump warm cum in to her ass! Janie screamed as my cock exploded inside her tight chute and she quaked and shook and I could feel the muscles in her ass clench around my cock!

Janie collapsed in to me with my cock still up her tight ass and she began to kiss me! We just stayed in that position for awhile and she slowly lifted herself off my cock as my cum oozed from her ass. Janie smiled and laughed, "That was fucking great. I lost both of my cherries tonight to you and I loved every second of it!" I smiled and told her, "This night is still young Janie and I am going to fuck you every way I can tonight!" Janie smiled and giggled and said, "OK, you can fuck me however you want!" I was there for a week and I fucked Janie every night in every position I could think of!

I told Janie more about my wife and invited her to come to the city and stay with us for awhile and she could experience fucking me and my wife as well. Janie excitedly agreed and we actually talked to my wife on the phone one night in between fucks and my wife agreed that Janie should come and stay with us.

But that will be another story!