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Blonde princess playing with her pussy big tits and amateur
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For you who read the earlier story ass fingering family watching tv Me a Wizard" This is somewhat a continuation. For those who have not read it you might want too. A Wizard I Am Little Al here I finally learned how to go back and forth to Goshen. It has been 2 years since my adventure there. I had been living up to my promises and going back and forth to teach Linda how to use her magic. I also promised her that when she was old enough Her and her familiar Roli, a Goblin maiden who could change to a human girl In either form her skin was red as was slinky.

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That when they were old enough they could share my bed. It became increasingly embarrassing for them or rather just their faces to pop up in front of me when I was in class.

Thank goodness only two more weeks till Graduation. I have used an invisibility spell to keep Slinky out of sight since she refuses to be away from me.

And that means she is draped around my neck. Today is Friday and that means a trip to Goshen. I cast my spell and. pouf. Something was wrong I found my self starring at stars that were rapidly flying past. I started to stand up and rapped my knee against what could pass for a desk. There were a bunch of dials and switches and a joy stick. like the old earth video games. Damn why did I use words like old earth.

I heard a voice say oh crap, I looked over and saw Linda and Roli both were wearing head sets.

I reached my hand to scratch my head and found I was also wearing a head set. I looked to my panel and their was a name tag that said Pilot. Next to me was Princess Aden her tag said Co-pilot. I said into my mouthpiece "Linda, Roli what does your tag say. " Linda said, "Navigator and Roli's says Radio." There was a voice from a hole in the ceiling Barf here gunner. Then came two more voices that I didn't recognize Lulu and Bets engineering. A panel in the deck opened up and Slinky stuck out her head and said Maintenance.

I reached to my neck I had not missed her.

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I looked at the panel or console and for some reason it all seemed familiar. I looked around and everyone seemed familiar with their station. I spoke "Engineering" bring up a schematic of our craft." The picture came upon the screen.

The overall shape was of a huge M & M with a section cut out for the control room. And a bubble on top which I assumed was the Gun control. Engineering showed some sort of reactor, Lulu and Bets insured me they knew how to operate everything in their space.

Everyone on the bridge seemed capable of operating things individually so we would be able to have a rotation. Barf and Slinky seemed to be cross trained for engineering. I had them relieve Lulu and Bets. I didn't know who or what they were.

I was a bit surprised when they walked in. They were shorter than Linda who was fairly small for a 12 year old. They were broad shouldered and had large bosoms but their hips and legs were fairly slim and trim. I won't say they were ugly, I will just say their features were rough.

They had bushy eyebrows and goatees which they seemed quite proud of. One think came to my mind &hellip. Barf and I was the only males aboard and there were 6 females. In the present situation I could not see how I was coing to be able to put Linda and Roli off, Lulu and Bets were already trying to cop a feel.

I had a clipboard in my hands big tit milf gets titty fucked after sucking I placed in front of my crotch. One thing I already knew. never trust Roli and suddenly I felt that sharp pointed nose stuck in the crack of my ass. Damned I needed two clipboards.

I set up watch list that we would cycle every week. AL Pilot Aden Bets ENG Lulu Roli Radio Linda Slinky Guns Barf Now our biggest problem.we had no idea what we were doing or where we were going. Linda was looking around the plot table and found a clear plastic sheet that had some markings she inserted it in to the machine on the console.

She pushed a button and there was the plot to where we were going. we hoped. The destination seemed to be a planet called Loblolly. Now we knew where now all we needed was a why. Three days later Aden's shift was on I was in bed with Bets chowing down on my pecker her goatee was tickling my balls when the emergency alarm started blaring. I dressed quickly and we all headed for our stations. Looking out there seemed to be a billowing cloud with Lightening clashing all through it.

Its appearance of its size indicated we had no chance to avoid it at all. I told the crew to be ready on my command we would ram right through. I raised my hand index finger poised to push the button to send us into warp drive. When a booming voice came out of the cloud "DO NOT PUSH THAT BUTTON!!!" Needless to say my finger froze and I asked, "Why?" The voice not quite as loud said "Because it would destroy You." That seemed to be a good enough reason to me.

"I am here to tell you of your task I am a powerful entity … in space. But not so powerful planet side. Some one called the Brown on Goshen suggested I utilize your skills for a planet side quest. He felt you most capable but that I would pale cutie with perky boobs gets handcuffed and fucked by border patrol agent to return you in time to Graduate, what ever that is." "Then why didn't you just ask instead of dumping us on this ship?" "The Brown said this was the way you preferred to work." " Well you have us in deep space headed for a place we have never heard of nor care to hear about.

Well what is the task?" The cloud seemed to grow larger and the lightening more intense as if it were angry. " Some one or something took my little girl Nimba.

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she is only 13 eons old. She is still a babe. The last I heard they had her on the planet Loblolly. Please find her and return her to me." "Oh and she Morphs into a human girl with Blue Storm hair." Suddenly the screens were clear, '"He is gone damn I wasn't through asking questions." Linda looked at our plot, measured the distance we had traveled and how much we still had to travel and came up with an estimated travel time of three weeks.

I turned the bridge back to Princess Aden and went back to bed. I went to sleep I awoke to movement on my cock I was surprised and not so surprised., Not surprised by her riding my cock but very surprised how she was doing it. I was on my back cock in the air Roli was sitting cross legged on my cock with her arms also crossed and eyes shut. She was not touching any part of my body except my cock. Her movement was strictly by magic and the flexing of her pussy muscles.

I could feel the pressure building up in side out of curiosity I said nothing She moved up and down. She flexed and twisted.

It pretty babe massage and banged by her pervert masseur been 2 weeks since I had had an orgasm and I was building up to a good one. I was near when she rammed all the way down and twisted her butt.

My pecker was building to a magical climax she twisted her butt again and I blew my load there was enough pressure built up that it blew Roli into the air. She hollered whoa and guided her self back on to my cock Just as she was touching the head of my cock she had her own orgasm and lifted off again we both began laughing.

And Bets was cursing she walked in to the room as a glob of my goo hit her in the face. In seconds she was also laughing. I had not seen Slinky since our last bridge watch and I was getting mighty curious as to what she was doing. I already knew she wasn't happy sharing me every day. But what could I say there was a shortage of men on board. I started looking and asking but no one seemed to have seen her and it was nearing time for us to take over the bridge watch.

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I relieved Princess Aden when Slinky popped up out of the maintenance hatch. She grabbed Aden's arm as she said all need to hear what I found. When everyone was on the bridge including the Engineers. She began to talk. " I took my copy of the manual for the ship and went over the entire system page by page .I found everything to be in perfect shape until I reached the reactors I found a container that was not listed. I opened the container and discovered a very high tech bomb.

As long as we are on tract to LobLolly we are alright and there is room for maneuvering with in limits. There is a needle which moves as we deviate from our course. When it reaches a certain spot … well .Ka Boom." We all had questions but nobody had any answers. The biggest question was bigass milf rides truck drivers hard cock can we do about it.

Slinky showed Linda and I the explosive device and we established that it was possible to transfer the device but the key was transfer. It was possible to send it to another ship but impossible to just send it into space and just blow it up. I guess we should continue on to Loblolly and maybe we could figure out what to do as we keep going. 10 days later we were approached by what looked like a bird of Prey. But this dam sure ain't Star Wars. A face appeared on our screen demanding access to our cargo bay.

I asked him why it was empty. He seemed surprised at that and made his demand again and an ultimatum he gave us five minutes. I called Linda after a quick discussion we looked out at the bird of prey used our Magic and instantly it disappeared. We both laughed and everybody wanted to know what was so funny. WE smiled and I said our package that was attached to our reactor is gone.

Then we all burst out laughing. I would love to see his face when the alarms go off. ****** Bridge of the Bird of Prey: The Commander placed both hands on the console and leaned forward and his jaw dropped open.

The ship was gone. His radio started blaring and he heard engineering screaming something about a bomb. Then his ship imploded in on itself and folded in and folded until only a tiny ball was left. It shuddered then it too was gone. ****** That worked good we are clear … no more bomb. The rest of the trip was uneventfulWe went into a decreasing orbit around Loblolly.

We were trying to figure out where we were to land. Linda screamed I've got it. She punched in the coordinates, flipped a switch and the auto pilot took over. I was glad it did, I have never landed a space ship.

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The autopilot knew what it was doing it came in on the Coordinates and sat down perfectly when it came to a stop we open the doors and looked out. First thing I noticed was two moons and a lot of tall trees. I started thinking Loblolly back home that was a type of pine tree. From the looks of this place sounds about right. The next thing to do is to figure what is next.