Busty blonde makes excellent blow job and big tits

Busty blonde makes excellent blow job and big tits
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She knew she had to work with him on the project and it was a good thing that he had a suite to get some privacy to really focus on refining the presentation. She always knew he had a thing for her and always pretended to not know acting with surprise when anyone suggested it.

Of course, when no one else could see she would make sure he could get a glimpse down her top. She felt she had a reputation to keep, and if that meant that she was seen as a bit of an ice queen that was just fine by her.

No one could know what was behind the facade, it would ruin her reputation and career. But, secretly, the thought of his large hands on her pulling her clothes off; of him forcefully taking control of her, exposing the slut inside her, and using her relentlessly has her distracted and wet, often. She knew she was tempting fate, pushing him mercilessly, why else would she have gone to his room in a thin t-shirt, sweat shorts a thin sports bra and no panties?

She was really of two minds she hoped that he really would cross all of the social boundaries they had created around themselves and take her and yet she really didn't want that she liked her control and games, got off on it even.

He just couldn't take it anymore. He'd actually finished all of erected pecker for a hairless love tunnel work already to make sure that the next 24 hours could be used very much to his advantage and ultimately their mutual pleasure. He knew exactly how she was going to be dressed when she showed up, that little bitch was going to be dressed casually and provocatively, teasing him brutally and pretending like she doesn't know what she was doing.

He had already prepared everything he was going to need. Each item was selected specifically for the message it would send to her about her place. When it all started he felt certain that he was misreading or misinterpreting her behavior and then he began to feel like maybe he was crazy.

When he checked his head with a buddies they all laughed and said there is no way the ice queen would have anything to ever do with him. He just kept watching, being patient and keeping track of each "incident". Eventually he noticed a pattern, there was never a witness around when she would begin to tease, and there was always a similarity in how she would expose herself or casually or accidentally touch him.

It was time to test the theory, put her in her place and "work" his frustration out on her. Honestly even if he was completely wrong and misinterpreted everything and he was going to end up jail for his plan, he had to follow through.

He needed not only to fuck her but demean and degrade her and then force her to beg for more. He was going to capture it all secretly on 4 hidden cams not only for himself but to use it to keep her in her place. Ultimately he was only going to be satisfied when she was offering him every hole to use and control how he saw fit.

When she came to the door he let her in and surreptitiously slipped the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door handle as she entered, then quietly as he could ensured that all of the locks were engaged.

He offered her a drink but she was aloof and uninterested, more, when he looked over her choice of outfit, or lack thereof, it was just a further confirmation that she was a little bitch and needed to be put in her place. She felt exposed almost nude and vulnerable and yet untouchable because he wouldn't dare cross their professional lines. Immediately, she started to try and figure out how she might engineer the leg of her shorts to gape properly and show her pussy, just the thought of exposing herself like that sent a thrill through her pussy and she could feel the slickness between her thighs.

For her, being this close and in utter privacy gave her a thrill she hadn't expected, the risk of him crossing lines, the opportunity to taunt and tease him. He could smell the arousal and heat from her cunt, he knew that smell and even though it was light and barely there it was further confirmation. She stopped in the middle of the room, turned to face him, put her arms across he chest underneath her breasts emphasizing them and pulling the t-shirt material tight.

All it really did is show that her nipples were hard, and it really wasn't cold enough for that, once again another arousal confirmation.

Rather than dithering and talking himself out of what he was about sweet schoolgirl plays with a big dick do, he just acted. He grabbed her roughly and pushed her down. Her face hit hard against the carpet and he quickly pulled her arms behind her back and snapped on a pair of handcuffs careful to not over tighten.

She was so shocked she didn't think to shout for help. Her face hurt and she felt a bit dazed but feeling the cuffs snap in place snapped her back to herself.

She opened her mouth to scream and he crammed a wadded up silk scarf into her mouth and then using a second one tied it over her mouth. She began to really euro redhead sucks and fucks in car and fight but he was much bigger and much stronger than her.

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He slapped her ass hard and said in a very controlled but firm voice "stop it bitch, you want this as much as I do". Her pussy clenched and she felt even more moisture between her thighs and yet she was afraid. She wasn't about to stop struggling. "Fine we are going to do this the hard way you dirty little slut" He leaned even harder on her and began to truss her legs in a kneeling position.

It was not long before he had her legs tied fully bent and each knee tied to an elbow spreading her legs, immobilizing all of her limbs, and making her more helpless than a turtle on its back.

Her breath was coming in forced puffs from her nose. She knew she needed to calm down or she was going to faint. "There we go you, fucking cunt. I know exactly what you have been getting off on this entire time. I don't appreciate being the source of your amusement and sexual thrills." a chill ran through her and at the same time she could feel the burn of shame.

She knew she had pushed him to the limit and past it. "I could tell the moment you walked in you were aroused, wet, anticipating more teasing games. I will not be treated that way. Not by a cock teasing slut like you." As much as she was afraid, she could feel her pussy clenching, a small throb in her clit, her nipples so hard and distended that they almost hurt.

He pulls carol vega anal fucking with her boyfriend in a homemade video a leather roll of tools and in her sight sets it down and unrolls it. It was filled with dildos vibrators lube, butt plugs, and things she didn't recognize. Things that look like oxygen masks and large bulbs and thin small glass tubes.

It was thrilling and terrifying. She knew next to nothing about him and she was at his complete whim. She whimpers slightly as he set down a 14 inch dildo of what can only be called epic proportions. Then she hears the unmistakable sound of a vibrator, in fact it was a Hitachi Magic Wand and he mashed it against her clit hard.

The orgasm builds so fast she begins to cum. It hits her that he could leave her like that balanced on that edge of pleasure and too intense stimulation pain, all night if he liked, nobody was expecting either of them until tomorrow evening. Another whimper escapes but at the same time this was her dark secret dream. Her cunt begins to spasm, almost trying to turn itself inside out as the orgasm washes over her.

She recognizes the sensation of her orgasm and knows that she is going to squirt and a dark shame washes through her, making her aroused flush go a darker red.

She begins to squirt, feeling the pulsing release and the overwhelming pleasure of release. Her shorts are soaked. like she had peed herself. Like a naughty little girl, all of the horrible things her mother used to say and do to her when she had an accident crashed in to her head and she burned with shame and embarrassment tears gathered in her eyes at the same time she was experiencing an extended orgasm.

He was standing over her taking pictures of her "accident" and he laughed saying "such a naughty little bitch soiling herself like that, too little to control herself" The pleasure, the shame all rolled in to a ball of sexual release.

Once the initial orgasm subsided she realized that the stimulation hadn't stopped. she was so tender and the stimulation kept going. and going and going. It didn't really hurt, so big guy gets blowjob from female agent as her pussy and clit were so sensitive that the stimulation overwhelmed her and felt like pain and pleasure.

She tried shifting, avoiding the stimulation but there was nothing she could do to stop it. The stimulation kept going and she could feel even through the pain that there was another orgasm building and this one was going to be larger and messier. As she began to think "oh god not ." the orgasm crashed over her, she convulsed on the floor and felt gushes of her girl cum soak her even more. Tears freely ran from the embarrassment of soiling herself like this in front of him.

And suddenly the stimulation stops and all is quiet. She tries to lift her head to look around but all of a sudden he puts a foot on her head bends over and meets her eyes and asks "How do the boxers taste?" That is when she becomes aware the scarf in her mouth was not a scarf and then realizes that there is more than just silk. She can feel a cool thick mess mixed in. "You fucking cunt, I jerked off into them last night while I was getting all of the treats for today ready.

I wanted to start off right by putting some of my cum in you right from the start. It is wonderful isn't it?

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we have all night and I have just begun to explore your pain tolerance and your capacity for intense orgasms." He lifts his foot off her head and then kneels beside her head. "You are so lovely" he says as he brushes a bit of hair that was stuck to the sweat on her brow. Then he moved back and she saw him pull out a pair of shears and he begins to cut off her clothing He lifts the edge of her shorts and cuts them away.

"Ohh what do I see? Cunt, you are not wearing underwear. Look how wet you are" He unceremoniously crams two fingers quickly into her pussy and pulls them out she can hear him sniff and slurp, "Oh you taste and smell wonderful.

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We are going to have a great 24 hours. Now your ass and pussy are exposed and spread wide. I think it is time to break in your little ass.

I have wanted to violate you so badly that I made sure to get a nice small plug to start with. See this one has a strap that I can leave outside of your ass so I can pull it out easily and as quickly or slowly as I like?" The thin black oblong object is smooth and tapered slightly ending in a slightly rounded flat bottom it seems made to go all the way in and be left there. She can feel something cold and gooey land on her asshole and she flinches."Don't worry my sweet it is just lube.

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I know it is cold right now but give it a minute or two and it will start to get hotter and hotter." he wasn't lying, the as the head of the plug pushed against her asshole it began to get warm, very, very warm and then that sensation disappeared as it slipped inside.

Then as her ass accepted the foreign object he spanked her ass. "That is for being a dirty teasing little bitch.

You will learn to refer to yourself properly and you will become the perfect little slave in private. I will not visibly humiliate you in public, we will work together as if nothing has happened but when we are alone you will do what I demand do you understand?" The heat in her ass returned with a vengeance and she forgot to answer me. Teen sex vk foot worship leaned down and slapped her face.

"Hey, I am talking to you.

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Do you understand? Are you my cum slut?" Here eyes got big and she nodded quickly, complying with his request hoping to avoid any more slapping. He ass was burning. she could feel the gushed girl cum on her thighs and the toy with the heating lube filling her ass, She had images of the bare bottom spankings her mom used to give her when she would soil her clothing and she felt something inside herself crumble and tears began to fall fast and hard.