Brunette anal teen babe petite suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft

Brunette anal teen babe petite suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft
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Refueling The evening news droned on in the background as I threw the flimsy paper tray of synthesized nutrition into the microwave.

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Punching the timer, I poured another tumbler of cheap red wine and stumbled back towards the TV when a blinding flash illuminated the house like it was midday. A deafening report rattled the windows sending the cat scurrying under the bed and my glass of wine into free flight. At first I thought the world leaders had finally pushed the big red button, but as several minutes passed and my heart rate slowly returned to normal, I threw out that theory, and turned to get more wine. Another blast of blinding light with an even louder report shook the apartment and the phone rang.

"WTF was that?" It was Barry my schizoid and slightly demented neighbor whom I'd known since I moved into the complex several years back. "I don't know; probably old lady Daisy breaking wind." I offered as my pulse continued to pound audibly in my ears. Daisy was a retired blob of cellulite that lived below us and was a frequent yet unknowing subject of our discussion about the trouble with women. "Damn high fiber diets!" Barry retorted; "Think the explosion came from the power plant want to check it.

. .?" Another flash and the phone went dead. Quickly reviewing my options, I secured the gas valve and joined my trembling cat just before the power went out. After several more earth shaking explosions, an unearthly silence enveloped the apartment complex like a heavy fall fog. The sounds of the muted TV brought me back from to reality several hours later and I crawled out from under the box spring to survey the damage.

There wasn't any apparent. The rattled announcer on the TV spoke of an unusual meteor shower that had peppered the northern hemisphere sending air transportation and digital communications into disarray. Most of the asteroids had exploded close to the earth's surface sending a bazillion tons of asteroid debris into the atmosphere while the few that had smashed into the ground left huge craters and a few casualties.

No mention was made of the number of civilians that shit their underwear. The wine was still cold, and tomorrow would come too early as always, so I downed the last remnants from the bottle with a riley mae in boarding school drop out big tits and big dick gulps and retired to the comforts of my soft bed.

I fondled the soft quivering orbs between my legs as they throbbed thankfully in my hand.

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They were warm to the touch and seemed to quiver with their fullness. As most men, I had a particular fondness for my underused package, but was hesitant to pound my meat into senselessness as long as the remote possibility of encountering a sex starved nymphomaniac existed. The cat slid beside me and purred loudly effectively numbing my senses into dreamland. The phone jangled persistently despite the pillow I'd thrown over my uncovered ear at its first silence shattering intrusion.

Daylight had just begun dribbling through the shades and my hangover announced its unwanted presence with resounding effectiveness. Reasoning the telephone wouldn't answer itself, I grabbed the receiver that was coated with some kind of sticky residue undoubtedly left over from a late night munchies attack.

"This better be important. ." "You still in bed dude haven't you heard what happened?" It was Barry going schizoid and I damn near hung up. "Enlighten me, oh great god of bull shit." "Look out your window man, folks doing the nasty all over the place! Daisy got some young kid pinned and she's screwing his brains out!" "Like that's something I want to see first thing in the morning, dude," A grotesque image of flesh colored gelatin undulating on a defenseless victim almost induced a puke attack.

"Really; something came out of them asteroids that turn women into senseless fornicating machines! I gotta get me some of that!" "Come on man that might not be prudent until we find out what's going on," I mumbled as I threw back the sticky sheets sending the cat scurrying. My gonads were on fire and semen dribbled from my semi-hard member. "Geez Barry, my dick is leaking!" A loud report erupted from the earpiece followed by an unearthly scream and the phone went dead.

Almost immediately, there was a loud knock at the door. Grabbing the semen saturated sheet from the bed and wrapping it around my torso, I stumbled to the door and threw it open. Standing before me was an image of innocence; a sweet little girl in a tidy uniform with a prefab cookie box tucked under her arm.

"Wanna buy some cookies, Mister," she mumbled as her gaze drifted to the tented sheet pointing directly at her. A high pitched squeak came from somewhere above her shoulders. With the swiftness and agility of a feline, she tore the sheet from my waist and threw a NFL worthy tackle to my knees. As I crashed to the carpet, she leapt astride my torso, guiding my dribbling dick into her moist, fuzz covered slit.

I bucked my hips in an effort to throw my rider off, but she used the opportunity to reposition my inflating organ with her delicate hands. As my hips crashed down, she impaled herself fully on my cock as I heard a gasp from the doorway. Dressed in a pink fluffy bathrobe, a young MILF shook off a look of disbelief and leapt towards my head.

Nimbly dropping to her knees on either side of my skull, she opened her robe and pushed her hairy bush onto my lips. Grabbing my hair, she rubbed her tasty snatch over my face, as her boobs burst into the open air and began to swirl petite brunette gina valentina fucked in doggystyle concentric circles. The little cock rider squeaked with every downward thrust of her passion driven hips while I struggled to find the tasty source of feminine essence with my tongue in the forest of coarse black curls.

Growls of desperation raised an octave when my probing tongue finally found her quivering bud longing for a licking. With a few quick swirls of my tongue, her grip tightened forcefully on my hair and her eyes squinted shut.

I was drowning and smothering in ecstasy as she serenaded me with a plethora of orgasmic animal sounds and squirted her essence across my face. The squeaks over my pelvis increased in intensity as the tiny nymph riding my hips crossed her threshold triggering my own mind blowing release. Never have I encountered such a sweet tasting pussy or such a tight, cock tugging twat. It felt as if two years of accumulated semen erupted within two seconds, damn near blowing the little cookie pusher through the roof.

My two assailants' slowly regained stasis, rose to their feet and hugged each other briefly before wordlessly gathering their clothing.

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Obviously self conscious, the mother and daughter team quickly disappeared into the mayhem outside, closing the door quietly. I was tempted to chase them to return the unsold cookies, but chocolate mint patties are my favorites and would suffice as a tip. Cradling my abused package, I wandered towards the shower after securing the front door.

A steamy shower and memories of my recent sex encounter gradually brought me back to the realization that something was just plain wrong. Flipping on the tube, I found snow on every channel except PBS where some white coat Einstein emulator was rambling scientific jargon about the potential social disruption from an alien induced pandemic. Despite his apparent lack of comprehensible vocabulary, his assertions substantiated his conclusion of the asteroids were a precursor to alien invasion.

After all, what better way to disrupt the dominant species than to wrap their heads around self gratification vice self preservation? The phone rang jerking me back to the present. It was Cindy, my on again off again lover of three years.

Cindy was a great lover and confidant, but as myself, she had no desire to confine herself to a lifetime commitment solely with one person. "Hi sweetie, how are you holding up?" "I'm outside your door, care to let me in?" "Depends on your intentions," I asserted.

"Safe haven," was her curt reply. There was a sense japanese fetish one housewife fucks every man in house ep squirting and cumshots urgency that collapsed my resistance and I stumbled to the door in my bathrobe. She pushed her way past me as soon as I eased open the door with an elderly gentlemen tucked under her arm.

"Who's your escort," I quipped. "Some super sized sex maniac was grinding him into the ground on the patio," she murmured as she stroked his thinning hair. I helped her hoist the frail figure, still quivering with post orgasmic spasms, onto the couch and covered him with my sticky sperm soaked sheet. I felt his pulse and respiration which seemed OK.

Cindy hugged me in apparent relief and I kissed her lightly in response. She turned away and walked to the window to watch the sexual free for all unfolding throughout the complex. Soon her hand slid down to the front of her house dress in search of the moist folds hidden within.

I walked over behind her, and gently massaged her beautiful breasts, brushing lightly over the dime sized engorged nipples. She leaned into me and sighed longingly.

"I need you, lover," she whispered. Turning her to face me, I laid a soulful lip lock on her, before slipping to my knees and pulling the hem of her housedress over my head. Her trimmed glistening pussy drew me to her, and I dove into the warm delicious wetness hungrily. Her hands pulled my head towards her gently as I licked her engorged lips noisily. Far more quickly than I'm accustomed, Cindy groaned and sprayed my face with her warm orgasmic nectar. She had always been a prolific squirter but today, she must have ruptured the main.

Her knees locked and her hands forced me deeper into her swollen lips as she rode her orgasmic crest. I drew a deep breath, savoring the pungent sweetness of her explosive release. With several more subhuman groans and boob shaking spasms, Cindy wavered unsteadily and sank to her knees. We embraced as two long lost lovers for a small eternity momentarily transported to our own peaceful universe.

Finally, we broke our embrace and rose to our feet still holding hands. She released her gentle grip and reached for my willy with her eyes still locked on mine "Not now sweetie, I got a headache," I sunny leone hot xxx blue film as I pulled away from her.

She bit her lip as she pondered my first ever rejection. "It's not you, Cindy I was just screwed by a girl scout and her mom. "Are you alright?" "A little sore and intimidated I guess." "Let me see," she said as she pulled open my robe and gently lesbian luscious babes relax in group college amateur my throbbing organ.

"Gawd, it looks like you met the business end of a meat grinder!" "It burns a little but I got some cookies out of it;" I gestured to the prefab cookie box. She kissed the tip gently and parted her lips to take the reluctantly inflating organ completely into the delicious warmth of her mouth. Using her swirling tongue exquisitely, she coaxed renewed life and desire into my shaken libido.

Easing her on to the floor, I raised her dress and slid into the familiar warmth of her essence. She cooed encouragingly as I slipped into my normal rhythm, bringing my hands up to the firm clothed mounds I adored.

Almost immediately she closed her eyes and threw her arms around my shoulders, bucking her hips forcefully in synch with my own. Unexpectedly, her pussy muscles clamped unmercifully tight on the base of my meat as she released the familiar long guttural moan indicative of her impending orgasm. Squeezing the air from me, she sprayed my pubis like a firehouse and raised her hips into an almost inhuman arch. Her entire body quivered like she was plugged into a light socket before she collapsed under me.

As her clenched muscles slowly released my choked organ, she scooted down slightly forcing our pubic bones together. Rhythmically moving her hips in tight circles, she brought herself to another orgasm almost immediately. After a few moments, she repeated the same evolution until, after several more cycles; she collapsed under me and played dead.

I slowly withdrew my overworked organ from her silky depths and rolled onto my back in blissful euphoria. And yet, despite the best sex of my life, the feeling of foreboding returned. I heard the doorknob rattling, then the strained voice of Barry begging me to open the door. Reluctantly, I rose and twisted the lock open. Barry burst in with a young nymph clutching his leg and a wild look on his face. His clothes were tattered xnxx hottest sex storys free doenload his purple abused cock was flopping mindlessly out from a hole torn in the front of his trousers.

Cindy stirred slowly, pushing the hem of her dress down over her knees and propping herself up on her arms. "Dude, it's unbelievable out there! I've poked more pussy. ." "Please Barry, that's more than I really need to know right now.

What did you drag in?" Barry looked down at the trembling form at his feet. "It was her first time. . hey you got some cookies!" I nodded knowingly and waved towards the box. "Help yourself." "You know you got a corpse on your couch?" "He's the remnants of a young kid Daisy did in, I think," I offered still recovering from Cindy's induced euphoria and Barry's unwelcomed intrusion. "Hi Barry who is your escort," Cindy queried; "Toss me a pack of cookies, would you?" "Sure," Barry muttered tossing the cookies to Cindy,"She sort of followed me home." "Might be appropriate to take her back where you found her," I offered.

"Yeah," Barry groaned and slowly made his way to the door with the tattered nymph following right behind. As he opened the door, a group of geriatric graduates forced their way in. Cindy and Barry shrieked simultaneously as I dashed to the bedroom and slammed the door. Before I could turn the lock, somebody's granny forced her way in and jumped on to my chest sending us both crashing to the plush carpet.

She fumbled with the front of her robe while grinding her pubis against mine. Despite the surreal scenario, I didn't contest her intrusion into my bathrobe as, with nimble ministrations, she massaged my launch platform passionately into full readiness. Apparently pleased with her experienced handiwork, she slowly crawled up my thighs and straddled me with a groan; positioning my purplish head into her sparsely covered gray lair.

Penetration into the dry orifice was akin to screwing steel wool, yet her enthusiasm was more than sufficient to compensate for my discomfort. I closed my eyes and visualized a porno nympho while she rode my overused member like a schoolgirl in heat.

All too soon the burning sensation deep within my groin became unstoppable, and I pumped my creamy essence forcefully into her welcoming pussy. She shrieked like the wicked witch of the north as her muscles clamped surprisingly tight on my spurting invader.

Gasping and sputtering through her orgasm, her body jerked spasmodically for several minutes until she fell forward on my chest. I held her gently to insure she was still breathing, before I eased her pretty young and horny just the way we like them me. A puddle of our combined orgasmic juices drooled from her gaping pussy onto my thigh as she breathed a gentle sigh.

The cat came out from under the bed and started rubbing my face and purring. I made a quick mental note to feed it. Stumbling to my feet, I rearranged my robe and moved back towards the front room in a wet bawdy cleft is always the superlatively good. Barry was on the floor with a plumper bouncing unmercifully on his hips while the little nymph he'd brought in was rubbing her peach fuzz forcefully on his moustache.

The old man that Cindy had rescued was being orally serviced on the couch by mousy looking spinster who had thoughtfully placed her dentures on the end table. Cindy was bent over the railing on the patio being railed from behind by a huge black guy with a humongous sausage.

Each gut wrenching thrust brought a low pitched groan from Cindy and a lower pitched guttural growl from her meat server. I watched in fascination as the black pole slid in and out of her, tugging those delicious pussy lips almost grotesquely with each outward thrust. Finally, with the bellow of a castrated bull, he erupted into her womb violently, shaking like a giant oak in an earthquake. Cindy's eyes flew wide open and she shrieked like a possessed banshee.

As she climaxed, gallons of jizz were pumped into her already overstuffed pussy squirting a milky shower across his torso with each eruption. He slowly withdrew after his spasms subsided and staggered backwards. Cindy dumped a huge load of their combined essence onto the deck and sank to her knees.

I ran over to her and she offered a weak smile as I wrapped my arms around her trembling body. "That was great," she offered breathlessly. "You OK?" "Yeah," I offered, "Satiated and sore as you I suspect." We hugged and slowly rose to our feet, then turned to enter a now empty apartment. The TV continued its monotone babbling in the background and the cat stood by its plate meowing hungrily.

The place was a mess, but could wait until after we savored some wine. I threw the soiled sheet behind the couch and plopped down allowing my robe to open haphazardly. Cindy dropped a can of tuna in front of the cat before she poured two glasses of red, red wine.

On unsteady knees, she stumbled over to the couch and set them on the coffee table before she sat down and snuggled next to me. "I wonder how long this hyper sex drive will last." "I could get used to it," I offered, "In fact; I think we should exploit it further after we finish our bubbly. She downed the contents with two gulps and asked "Ready?" I downed my wine noisily and nodded. Suddenly there was a booming voice that overshadowed the hushed orgasmic expletives that were coming from everywhere outside: "WE OFFER OUR GRATITUDE FOR RECHARGING OUR CRAFT WITH YOUR ABUNDANT ORGASMIC ENERGIES AND REGRET ANY HARM WE MAY HAVE INADVERTANTLY CAUSED YOU SPECIES." We both sat momentarily stunned.

"WTF was that," I queried as the message sank in and I hit the pizza woman blowjob mia khalifa tries a big black dick on the remote. "I'm not sure," Cindy murmured as she reached over and caressed my battered willy with her fingertips, "But I think we best keep you pumped up to meet the demand of our interstellar gas station!"