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South africa sex mp3 download
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Luther's tale. just a snippet. Soon the potatoes were boiling and the small deer was roasting to perfection as they sat happily around the fire. Berec and Florian carved and served up, while Finbar generously shared out the last of the mead. "Now, where were you?" Cirian demanded of Luther. "Is it not Romian's turn tonight?" Luther asked tantilisingly. The group clammoured in drunken annoyance. "We need to hear what happened the following week!" Noah cried, raising his porcelain mead filled mug high in the air, encouraging the others to do the same.

"Yeah, lets hear from Luther again as there must be much more for him to tell before you get to me!" Romian laughed. "And I have more to tell! I haven't only experienced ONE woman!" Cried Iverson chuckling all the while. "Well you barley experienced her at all!" Laughed Romian, looking round for jeering support. Iverson glared at Romian for a while and he fell silent as a slight tension entered the circle.

"Well. Where was I?" Luther mused, attempting to diffuse the situation. It worked! The group turned from Romian, eagerly awaiting the next smut laden installment! So Luther began: "The Monday night I couldn't sleep.

I headed back to the place I had met her as I had done all week. I waited there. I waited all night, not sleeping a wink.

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I knew I should build up my strength for Tuseday night's exersions and the strain of work all day, but I could not sleep. For tomorrow night I would be here again. She would be here again. What would we do this time? I couldn't wait! Several times I almost began to walk toward her settlement, in the hope of spying her. But fortunately common sense prevailed. That day I was a mess. My uncle sent me home at midday after the roof I was tiling collapsed twice, telling me not to come back!

At that point in I didn't care!

I didn't need his job. I had a house with my parents. I didn't need or want payment from him. All I wanted wanted was her! Luckily I slept that afternoon, awaking at six and stealing some bread (my mother refused to give me tea for losing my job!), I made for the woods again.

I was carfeul no one saw me leave. Within the hour I was there. At the top of the hill, looking down on the town, waiting for the gypsy stranger.

Almost and hour I waited. It seemed longer, an age! She was late. I began to give up hope, anger flooded my body. She had tricked me! She was probably laughing at me, sucking upon 'Her Wayne'!

But then I saw her. Heading up the slope, I could make out that she was wearing another tiny denim skirt and a tight short sleeved top. I hid for a moment to be sure no one was with her.

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She was alone. She stood, looking about, I waited a moment, half tempted to repay her for the wait she had given me!

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But it was too much, I couldn't hold out for long and out I leapt! She jumped slightly. "Oh there you are! I thought you were gonna stand me up!" She fluttered her eyelids playfully. "No N-never!" I almost gasped. She was more beautiful than I had remembered! Her cute amateur girl gets fucked hard by two cocks was in a high pony tail.

Her earrings were hooped and thicker than the last pair she had worn last week. They were huge, reaching her shoulders like the last pair. Her lips were ruby red, her eyeshadow was dark as were her long curved lashes.

She had lots more gold jewllery about her neck and hands and upon her wrists. I desperately wanted to see her bulging breasts this time around.

Her tight white top was showing off her cute middriff. Her belly button was peirced with a shing blue stone. I stepped forth. Automatically I leaned in to kiss those volutuptous lips that, last week had been wrapped around my pulsating manhood. Of course she pulled away. "Hey! What did I tell you?!" I mumbled apologies over and over, awkwardly looking at my boots.

"Never mind that! What did you want me for this time?" She enquired, in a matter-of-fact tone. "We-Well-I-I" I must admit she had taken me aback!

So forward, unlike the girls I had grown up with, not allowing men near them! "Another dance?" She asked, cocking her head to one side as if I were a bit simple. Like a simpleton I nodded eagerly! Again, with only the sound of leaves rustling under foot and the jingle jangle of her garish jewellery, this stunning young gypsy began to shake her hips as though they were a pendulum hanging from her tight middriff.

And again I was in seventh heaven! She turned so i could see her bucking botty and every now and then I caught a flashe of bare butt cheek as her tiny blue skirt rode up her perfect rear. I approached her. I wanted to see those big busty breasts out in the cool night air this time!

She began to gyrate against my thigh, meanwhile she started worked on unfastening my trousers. I took my chance and clumsily pawed at her tight firm tits. She allowed my trousers to fall to the floor with a slump upon the leaf litter. My cotton boxer shorts were again pitched in a pointed black tent. She gently teased it with a soft palm.

I was now sliding my hands about her smooth tanned waist and pulled up her top over her head. "Ooooh you've got rough hands!" She exclaimed as the top rode over her blonde head. And there they were. No bra. In all their firm and perfect glory. The first breast of woman that I had ever seen. They were fabulous! She continued to dance, now topless for me. Her firm fun globes barely bounced, such was their firmness, instead they just wobbled slightly, making teens drill boyfriends anus with oversized strap ons and squirt cum ever more aroused.

I leaned in. I took a nice pink nipple in between my lips and sucked it through my teeth and then, using my tongue I rolled it around. The gypsy seemed to enjoy this, so I carried on, alternating betweeen the two hardening nipples.

She roughly yanked down my underwear, freeing my aching bone and once again it slapped my belly again with a loud wet splat as it had done last week. She started tugging me roughly, gripping my manhood tight. I loved it when I was grasped with a good firm grip! She was whispering dirty fantasies into my ear through gritted teeth as she yanked me harder and faster, making me leaked all over those jewel encrusted hands.

I sucked her nips harder, shaking my head about as I did so, rather like a rabid dog plays with it's prey. She loved the rough aspect of our foreplay and continued telling me how hard I was gonna be ridden in a few moments.

My juice filled family jewels slapped noisily against my bare thighs as she pounded my pork sword faster and faster. Then she finally pushed me to the soft floor of the woodland and stood over me for a moment.

I stared up public beach cap agde by naomi slut her. She gently began to gyrate her hips in a slow, sexy dance for me and only me.

Her hands reached beneath the tiny denim skirt and her ring clad fingers wrapped around the white and pink cotton crotch. She pulled her panties down, down her slender tanned brown legs. I was straining for her, craning my thick neck to get a sniff of her sweet honeypot once more. My big fat love stick was also straining at the bit to get a taste of warm gash, standing proud and tall yet again for her. Her panties fell into the leaves.

Immediately I took them in my hands and put them to my horny nose and inhaled strongly. It was ecsatsy, I could feel her dampness upon my face, her scent deep in my nostrils. The gypsy giggled histerically. Looking back it must have been a most comical site! Me, sitting there in the darkness, a huge stiff phallus proturding through my legs, my head buried in her sweet cotton knickers.

She partially squatted in front of my face, offering her puss puss for another nibble. Obviously I obliged once more. After such a long wait it tasted even better than I remembered! My eager tongue tickled and teased and tantilised that tasty twat! "uhhhhhh Uhhhhhhh!" She gasped. Her voice was breaking as if she was riding upon wheels over bumpy ground, her nails digging into my scalp like before.

My own hands were fiercly kneading her perfect buttocks, parting them and baring her pink wrinkled star to the cool night air, then pushing them roughly together.

She slid down me. My chin was covered in love juice, she left a damp, sweet smelling trail down my chin, neck, chest, belly and then. Oh Great GOD! She had reached my aching longing bone.

Our desperate genitals finally met, my bud met her moist lips. She sank down wife gang raped cum dump by gang of black thugs I was in heaven. Absolute heaven! Her tight hole swallowed me up. My entire length. I was balls deep. My virginity was taken at long last! Then off we went. She straddled me, her legs around my back. She was grinding her hips into me, pleasuring my penis with every movement.

I was grabbing her buttocks once again, using them as an anchor to mount my own thrusts into her glory hole. Her muscular walls gripped me tightly, milking my shaft of pre cum. By now I was groaning so loudly the birds roosting in the trees were beginning to stir and take flight. Soon my groans turned into angry grunts as I felt my fat full testes drain into my shaft, up my stiff rod and through my gaping eye.

"UuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuHUHUHUHUHUH!!!" I bellowed, scaring creatures from the woods as I filled that pretty little pussy with my thick sticky pearls. We sank back into the dead leaves, the smell of the forest litter filling our senses now. Our heavy breathing was now the only sound as we rested.

Her covering my body. I was still deep inside her. Although I was softening I was still filling her tight hole. Her nipples were pressed hard against mine. Those utterly fabulous breast felt so good resting on my chest. I was desperate black doll heated by the hard stick kiss her, but I knew better, I did not want to spoil this.

She got up to leave, making herself decent. "I shouldn't have let you cum inside me." She said thoughtfully. I was suprised I'd never heard her serious, concerned before. She had always been so playful and fancy free in my eyes. "Don't worry yourself! He's not a dog he won't smell me out!" I grinned cockily, pulling on my trousers. "I wouldn't be so sure. He's suspicious. He'll be drinking tonight. He'll be back soon, wanting a piece of me." I felt a pang of jealousy and anger towards her man and to some extent, her.

"Come away with me! Come to my town! We can start again, get away from him! We can make our own settlement, he'll never find us!" I couldn't help myself.

The words just came spilling out! She obviously looked shocked and taken aback. "Woah! Slow down Romeo! I don't even know you, you know nothing about me! We've had sex. We've been hiding up here like the dirty cheats we are! We've had a ball, but I can't leave my Wayne. Were meant for each other, since we were born! I'm his, he's mine. Obviously I'm no angel, but it's my release, some excitement in a life full of cleaning and caring for him. "It doesn't have to be like that! I'll take you away from it all!

I'll treat you like a queen!" I was nearly begging now. "I love you're optimism!" She laughed, becoming playful again, trying to lighten the mood. "C'mon you're obviously unhappy with him!" I pleaded. I couldn't get enough of her. "Do not tell me how I'm feeling. You know absolutely nothing about me and my life." She suddenly sounded angry. She turned her heel and started down toward the forest.

I dashed after her, grabbing her arm in desperation. "Kiss me! Please!" "No. I've told you only my Wayne can kiss me, why can you not accept that I love him and we're just a bit of fun, I'm giving you so much pleasure and excitement, why can't you be happy with that?!" She demanded, shaking me off. I realised how ridiculous I must sound. "Uh- I-Ok. Can I S- see you next week? Same time? same place? Please?!" "We'll see." She turned smiling to me as she made her way down toward her home.