Shameless attractive chick cant live without hardcore

Shameless attractive chick cant live without hardcore
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Chapter 4 The panties that I had worn were soaked through by the time the movie had ended. Just thinking about what we were going to do when we got back to the house. As Daniel was driving down the highway I kept thinking to myself about his nice size cock inside my pussy; I slowly reached over and started rubbing his inner thigh. I could feel his dick moving down his pants leg as I continued to rub him.

"You want mommy to suck your dick baby?" I asked him not being able to hold back 112 watch me on date4joy com tube porn longer. "Mmmmm yeah Mom; I would love for you to." He lifted his arm so I could have better access; I reached over and undid his button and very slowly unzipped him. I pulled out his already stiff pecker and sucked his head straight into my mouth. I worked my way down his shaft filling my mouth with my son's thick cock.

I bobbed my head up and down each time letting his dick tickle my the back of my throat. His dick became harder and harder as we speed down the highway; I knew that he was about shoot my mouth full of his hot cum. I lifted my up from his cock and sat back down in my seat. "Why did you stop for, I was almost there," He said sounding a little aggravated. "Not yet son, we're going to save that for later," I mocked. "Oh, I see how it is." He smiled at me and laughed.

The rest of the way home I sat in my seat and stared at my sons dick; which was still hanging out of his pants. We pulled into the drive and he said, "Hold on Mom I'll come around and open the door for you." I could remember thinking that this was a very romantic gesture. I waited as he came around and opened my door. He reached in and gave me his hand as I stepped out he closed the door behind me.

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I started to walk back toward the busty tattooed babe likes some hard shagging, but he jerked me back towards him and spun me around. He bent me over the hood of the car and hiked up my dress. I could feel him touch my legs as he ran his hand up my bottom and ripped my panties clean off of my body.

He came up be hind me and slammed his hard cock deep inside my wet pussy. "Oh my god!" Is all I coudld say. I loved the fact that he was taking advantage of his dirty whore mother. He was not gentle as he fucked my pussy harder and harder. "Ohhhhhh.mmmmmmmmm.yyyyyeeessssssss baby thats right fuck me, fuck your dirty mothers twat. Mmmmmmmmmmm!" "Ohh yeah you love your sons cock in you don't you nasty bitch!" "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.oooooohhhhhhh!" The way he talked to me just turned me on even more.

By this time I was pushing back into his thrusts making sure his dick got as deep as it could inside my hole. He started moving faster and harder pumping his dick into me like a jack rabbit. "Now turn around and let me cum on your face you fucking whore," he said had he pulled his dick out of me. I did as commanded and turned around and dropped to my knees.

Daniel reached behind me and grabbed my hair a pushed my head towards his dick. He shoved it into my mouth once again fucking my face. He started to moan and pulled my head away from him. "MMMMMM cum on my face baby." "Ohhhh My GODDDDD!" He shot the biggest load yet as he pumped his cock letting every drop splatter onto my face. Load after load came hurdling out of hid slit; by the time he had finished my entire face was cover in my son's hot jizz.

I opened my mouth and licked my lips tasting the gift he had just gave me.

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I was so wet that I lost all control. I stood up and grabbed Daniels hand. I pulled him into the house and up to my bedroom. I took off my dress as he took off the rest of his clothes. I pushed him down on to the bed and started sucking his limb dick hoping I could get it to rise again.

I sucked his dick harder this time than I ever had. It didn't take long for him to get hard. "It's mommy's turn now," I said has I straddled his dick. I moved my whole body up and down on his big cock, each movement sent shivers cute chick sucks dick in pov porn my spin.

I was euphoric; it was like having one long orgasm. "Ohhhhh, oh, oh, oh, oh, mmmmmmm. Daniel, your dick feels so good!" "Oh Jesus Mom, ohhhhh, fuck me, fuck my dick." My body just started to shake uncontrollably. I put my weight on my hands behind me and lifted off of his cock. I started rubbing my swollen clit fast and hard as I started to cum. Returning the favor from earlier I lifted my hips higher I squirted my juices from my son's chest and soaked his face. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" "Yes Mom cum for me." I collapsed; my body shaking violently; if some had walked in they would have thought I was having a seizure.

My mind was gone, I had temporarily gone insane from the most amazing orgasm I had ever had before. I laid there for what seemed like a decade in absolute bliss.

I didn't have a care in the world; I think if I had died right then and there that it would have been a perfect life without any regrets.

When I finally came to Daniel was still lying under me with a look of shock on his face. "Are you okay Mom?" He asked. "Oh baby, I am more than okay. Never has anyone been able to do that to me. What I just experienced is nothing short of a perfect full body orgasm." "Wow, I thought something was wrong." he said.

I said nothing more and just propped myself back up and laid over on his chest. I laid there for a few seconds and leaned in a gave my son a lovers kiss.

As we continued to kiss I felt Daniels cock rising again poking me on my leg. "Do you want more baby?" I asked in a shocked but sexy voice. "Mom, I want you to let me fuck you up the girlfriend cums hard and gets fucked with facial I thought about it for a second, I always loved anal from other men but Daniel was much larger in the jeans than most of them had been.

I finally decided that I would let him do it; after all he had never got to do it before so I figured the motherly thing to do would be to let him have his way with me. "Okay baby, but get the lube from my chest-of-drawers first. It should be in the top left drawer." he hopped up off the bed and ran over and got the lubrication. "Okay Mom, what do I do?" "Don't worry son I will guide you through it." I bent over letting my ass rise up to the level of his dick.

"Okay first put a little lube on your finger and put it in my ass." He did as told and slowly let his finger entire my tight asshole.

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I loved the way it felt having him do this to me. "now put the lube on your cock baby and when you go to put it in me make sure you do it very slowly." "I will Mom, don't worry." He squeezed the lube out of the tube and stroked it onto his big dock. I bent over again and relaxed my muscles. I felt him come up behind me; he had one hand on my ass and the other holding on to his dick. He rubbed the head of his cock down my ass crack until he got to my hole.

"Remember honey go slow." He didn't say anything. I felt the pressure as he started to push his dick into me; it slowly kept pushing harder and harder until I felt the head push through my ass hole.

He inched his way in until I was about half way down his dick.

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"No deeper than that baby, it's starting to hurt. "I will stop if you want to Mom, I don't want to hurt you." "It's okay honey. Now just start moving in and out of me slowly." He did as he was told again and started fucking my ass. "Ohhhh Mom it feels so good." I was thinking the same now. "Mmmmmm I know it does baby, it feels good to me too." I reached under myself and started to rub my clit.

It felt so good to rub touch myself while he step mom and son late night he fucked my asshole.

"Mom, I think I going too cummmmmmmm!" "Yes, baby cum in my ass!" "Ohhhhhhhhh. . FUCCCCCKKKKK!" He started to cum again. He filled my asshole so full that he was pouring out around his dick and running down my legs.

I love the way it felt has his dick started getting softer; he let it french arab slut desperate arab woman fucks for money inside of me until his hard on was completely gone.

We both fell over on the bed, and I wiped the cum off of my face with my blanket. We both just laid there cuddling up and kissing until fell asleep in each others arms. TWELVE YEARS LATER "Hello everyone," I said as Daniel and Amber come through the door.

"How has everyone been lately, seems like forever since I talked to you all." "We are doing fine Mom, just thought we stop by and see how you've been." "Well, I have been doing just fine baby." "That's good." Now Daniel met Amber while he served in the Army, she is a beautiful woman standing about 5'2" and 110lbs, and she has the same size chest I do.

I felt so sad though when he meet her because it meant that the time we were to share together had come to end, but I had expected to sooner or later. I made sure though that before he married her that she knew about us and the she would still accept Daniel for all that he is.

So one night I had him bring her over for dinner, as we sat around the table eating I asked Daniel if there was something he wanted to tell Amber, he said "Yes, baby I have been meaning to tell you something for a while now but haven't figured out a way to do it yet.

Anyway here it goes. Back when I was twenty my mother and I started a relationship with each other. What I mean by that is that we used to have sex and go out.

We did this from the time I was twenty until I met you. I just thought it best that you know that about me before we get married." Amber said nothing for at least ten minutes as she swirled the thought around in her head.

She finally said something when she told us "Daniel, I love you with all of my heart and soul. As weird as it is that you had sex with your mother I am willing to forget about it on one condition." "Okay, what's that baby?" "I want to watch you have sex with her," she said with a faint smile across her face. "Are you serious right now Amber?" Daniel asked. "Yes, I want to watch you make love to your mother." "Well if you're sure." Daniel stood from the table and took me by the hand leading me to his old bedroom.

He pushed me down onto the mattress and started to undo my pants. Amber sat down in the chair in the corner nearest the bed. I leaned up and took off Daniels pants and pulled them and his underwear down all at once.

When I saw his hard dick flop out of those pants it took me back to the old times and I just had to have it. I immediately sucked it into my mouth and started to blow my son for the first time in years. Back and forth I moved as I slid his dick in and out of my mouth.

I could see out of the corner of my eye Amber had taken off her clothes and was standing next. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her down next to me. Daniel pulled his dick out of my mouth and wipped it in Amber's lips.

She then took it in her mouth and started to suck it. I stood up and gave my son a kiss and laid on the bed to watch my son get head from his soon to be wife.

She had defiantly sucked cock before; she could work it like a pro. This got me very sailor luna in fucking the holy spirit slutty cousin so I reached down and started rubbing my clit.

Daniel stared at me doing this while he continued to get his dick sucked by Amber. "Amber baby, get up there and eat out my mom for me." "Mmmmmm baby, sure I would love too." Amber stood up and climbed onto the bed with me. She came up in between my legs and started to kiss me on the lips. She soon worked her way down to my tits making sure to suck each nipple until it was good and hard. She finally pal bangs his gorgeous girlfriend smalltits hardcore her way to to my sweet, wet pussy and started to suck and lick my clit.

"Ohh my gosh that feels so good," I kinky interracial action with an ebony cutie brunette black. "Do you like the way my girlfriends licks your pussy Mom?" "Oh yesss I do baby, mmmmmm." Daniel then climbed in bed with us. He came up behind Amber and started fucking her doggy style while she ate my pussy. Her moans were muffled due to her face being buried in my wet cunt. "Ohhh Amber honey you making me cum!" I said.

It just came out of nowhere; it was like an instant orgasm. She kept on licking and sucking as I squirted on her face on in her mouth. Then it was her turn, she start bucking back against my son as he shoved faster and faster into her pussy. "Ohhh my GODDD Dan (That's what she called him) MMMMMM yeah baby yeah, fuck me harder baby make me cum!" "Mmmmmm cum for me baby." I just sat back and watched as my son sent Amber into a screaming orgasm. She couldn't squirt like I could but I could tell that she just had a great orgasm by the she fell to bed.

Daniel grabbed her back up and started fucking her from behind again.

It didn't take him long to reach the point of explosion. "Ohhhhhhhh, yawl get on the floor, hurry." We did as he said and knelt on the floor below him. "Now open your mouths." We did and just in time too; he started with me; filling my mouth with his cum. He gave me enough to swallow and then filled Amber's mouth. He kept going between the two of us until his balls were completely emptied of cum. Then to my surprise Amber turned to me and started kissing me; we kissed for a long time with the taste of my son on our tongues.

After we were through kissing we each took turns sucking what was left of Daniel's cum out of his limp dick. That's how it has been now for the last six years since they got married. Whenever Amber and Daniel come over; we will all go up to my room and have an amazing night; all of us pleasing the other.

They haven't been around as much in the last year since that had a baby together, but every now and then the pop in for some fun. I am happy with the muscular chick posed naked and pounded by pawnkeeper things turned out, I had never been with a woman before Amber and I now have some of my friends come over and we have just a lady's night out.or in depending, but that's a story for another time.

The End