Kannada 18 girls xxx storys

Kannada 18 girls xxx storys
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My name is John,i am 22 years old and am doing my last year in university.I am 6 feet tall and fairly well built and have had my share of relationships in the past but what happened last sunday,was my most erotic experience ever.

We were all(Doug,Mike,harry ,Steve and me) lazing around,gettin pretty bored when we thought of renting some movies and going over to Steve's place,since his parents were out of town.Steve had no sooner unlocked the door that harry told steve to cum with him ,to go get some booze.so,the rest of us went in and were lookin around and we casually happened to go into one of the bedrooms.just as we entered, the door to the connected loo opened as well and there was Steve's sister-Sarah,totally nude with towel around her head!!At first, it looked like she was really about to shout big time.thinking we had broken in or sumthin.but then she saw me.i had met her earlier,and recognized me and then she just screeched and went back in.The three of us were just left standing there with a very big hard-on!Now i must describe Sarah,who looks really hot ,she's 18 years pronehub story with school girl and jsut started college,and was home for vacations.She's bout 5'7 with a really cute,curvy butt and absolutely perferctly proportioned boobs,if not a little on the large side and nice pouty lips.she's amazing!!

Anyway,somehow we all managed to get back in the hall,none of us had said a word.We just went and sat on the couch and just thought of those boobs tipped with perfect brown nipples and that oh,so delicious pussy with just a slight brown V of pubic hair above the slit.

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We were just sitting there when v heard the key turn in the door,harry and Steve had come back.Steve went and put the booze in the fridge and we had turned on the TV in the mean time.While he was puttin the stuff in the fridge,Sarah came out of her room wearing a skin-tight cut-off T shirt and one of amateur babe bella rose finds a thrills in fucking big sized dick bouncy skirts ,u wear while playing tennis.she looked soooo hot!!We all started drooling right away.anyway steve introduced her to all of us and then asked her,if she could help him get some snacks.Sarah said yes,and acted as though nothing had happened and got busy getting stuff from the cabinets.We went back and sat down.now let me tell u the seating arrangement.there was a big couch in which harry,mike and me sat.and there is a small table right in front,on either side of the table there is a singleseater armchair.anyone siiting n these chairs has to either turn his head right to watch the TV or sit with legs on the armrest and watch.this was wat steve did and so he had his back towards us.

After a while sarah came back with some jars and stuff,she walked right in front of me and turned around and to put the things in the table.The skirt was a really short one so when she bent to put the stufff on the table,it rode up over her ass,giving us a point-blank view of her butt,with her wearing G-string panties,which covered nothing and were pretty much embedded in her crack.We cud make out her cunt lips outlined against the material of her panties,we could not believe it.Then she just straightened up and walked off,leaving us thinking that the show was over.But we were wrong,she pretty soon came with some more stuff on a tray,she came over to us and sort of bent over so that her boobs were practically resting on the tray and said,"Do u guys see anything u want?",with a wicked grin .All of us were totally dumbstruck,when she added,"help yourself to whatever u like".The nex thing i knew harry reached out and grabbed her boob and started pinching her nipples!!She just stood there smilimg for a few seconds,then moved away and went and gave something to her brother,who asked her if she could get everyone a beer,if she didn't mind, and then went back into the kitchen.

When she came back with the beers held around her chest,she walked over to doug,and asked him to help her out and in the process let him have a feel of her as well.

Then she came back and again bent to keep the beers on the table,the result was the same ,only thing it turned that she had taken of her panties and there was her glorious cunt in front of us.Not being able to resist mike and i, both reached forward the same time me slipping two fingers in her wet,juicy cunt and mike feeling her ass.There we were in steve's living room with him sitting,two feet in front of us and fingering his hot sister!!Then all of sudden sarah straightened up again,and asked loudly if we would mind ,if she watched as well.Pretty obviously,we were all for it,that said she squeezed in between Mike and me.For a while she continued to watch the movie oblivious to anything having happened,all the while, we were staring at her,thinking of the things we would like to do with her.

Mike decided to make the first move and slid his hand up her thigh and into her cunt and started playing with her.I was pretty worried coz had steve turned he would immediately seen mike fingering his sister,whose short skirt was turned up and resting on her belly.The three of us had our eyes glued to the pinkness that was sarah's pussy and pretty soon sarah started fidgeting around and it looked like she was about to cum,when she just got up and walked off.A little while later steve turned back to get some more chips and saw all of us sitting in a daze and asked what was the matter,to which we mumbled something and pretty soon we were watching the movie again but all our minds were on sarah.

We finished seeing the movie and were wondering where the hell claire james is an year old high school student had gone to,when she showed up again,talking on the phone and went back into her room.We all chatted for a nasty sluts give nasty footjobs masturbation and hardcore and then decided to split,thinking we could probably go to some club in the night.Well the first thing i did after coming back home was to shag to the memories of sarah's tits,her sweet cunt and how i had fingered her in her own living room sitting next to her brother!!

We met up again at steve's place around 10',doug couldn't cum coz he had made plans with his girl and mike had some other work to do.The three of us were figurin out exactly where to go,when sarah came in and asked if she cud tag along since none of her friends were free that night and she was getting pretty bored.Steve wasn't to keen,and said that we had planned on getting sloshed and didn't really have any plan;sarah said she didn't mind and would probably cum back later by herself and that she just wanted to get out.So sarah went to get dressed and me and harry were lookin at each other,as though christmas had cum early!!

When sarah finally came back,she looked ravishing.she had worn a summer dress, kind of a thing, which came only upto about 6 inches below her ass and consisted of two threads as straps and had a fairly low neck line with which u cud see about a third of her breasts which jiggled everytime she walked.

When we got into the car me and her ended up in the back seat with harry driving.While we were in the car i felt her move up closer to me and then felt her hand on my dick,which immediately became hard.She then slowly started rubbing my dick through my pants,driving me nuts!So i decided to return the favour and slowly reached up her thigh and started rubbing her sex mound through her panties.After some time ,she took her hand off my dick and then lifted her ass of the seat and thumbed her panties down till her knees.Then i really went at her and cud smell her scent in the car,she had started rubbing her own nipples,pinching and tweaking them.Then all of a sudden the car stopped ,realizing that we had reached the place and her brother was about to turn back to ask her something she let her panties fall to floor and kicked them under the seat.

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We all got out and and went into the club and got a booth in the corner with me and her sitting on one side and harry opposite her.Pretty soon v were all getting drunk and talking about this and that, when she asked harry to dance with her and they both went off.Steve said that he had seen a cute chick by the counter and was going to try his luck.Being alone i thought i wud go and check out the dance floor myself.I could see harry having a ball,he was dancing real close ,not missing an oppurtunity to feel her up,every now and then he brought up his from behind her and cupped her boobs so that they almost spilled out of her dress.Well obviously the guys around did not miss the show and pretty soon they had quite an audience.

They were all treated to her beutiful jiggling breasts that actually popped out a couple of times since harry was turning her around so wildly and also u cud make out her pussy every now and then when she was being twirled.When the DJ finally stoppedsarah and harry came back up ,with a lot of guys looking enviously at harry.Sarah had a very lusty look on her face and as soon as we had sat down, she said that she was so horny that she could have fucked a horse!We could even make out her juices glistening on her thighs.She said that she wanted to go back home and have her brains fucked out!So we caught up with steve who was pretty busy himself (not to mention drunk) and told him we were going back and would drop sarah off.

As sarah was getting in,harry pulled up her dress and fingered her so that she was kneeling on the back seat with her ass jutting outside,sarah came like a waterfall and harry made her lick all juices up.While i was driving harry made her give him blowjob and swallow his cum.By the time we finally pulled into her driveway, he had taken her dress of and then told her to finger herself and go open the door.She again did as told making us realize what a big slut she really was,not caring whether the neighbours saw her or not.Having got inside harry and me undressed and while harry came up behind her and pusher her onto her knees,he then fucked her doggy style.I put my prick in her mouth and palmed her breasts.Pretty sooon we both got a rhythm going tied up big tits blonde anal fucked harry was mumbling ,"You slut,you fucking juicy cunt" with me just moaning and enjoying her tongue on my cock.i came all of sudden,filling her mouth with my jism,which she swirled around her mouth before swallowing it.Harry in the meanwhile continued to bang her hard,while she continued to suck my cock until it was hard again.The harry pulled his dick out of her pussy and came forward and aimed his prick at her face and then let go.caoting her face with his seed.She herself had cum twice during this time,she would tense up and then go limp as she orgasmed.I then had her sit in a chair with her legs on both the armrests,leaving her pussy wide open and went down on her.She smelled and tasted great, and pretty soon she was moanin ang gronaing, and had put her hands on my head,so as to keep me there.I sucked her till she came again,leaving her totally out of it and dazed.But harry was ready for some more by that time and pulled her down and put some cushions underneath her belly,to leave her ass perched high in the air and before she even realized what was going on,her thrust his shaft up her ass.Sarah jerked out of her dreamy state and cried out in pain,but harry was not bothered and continued to ram her,till she started telling him to push it in harder and faster.He went at her for some time then pulled out leaving her shouting 4 more,he then turned her over and rammed into her cunt, making her shout in ecstasy.

She was there lying on the floor, her body glistening with sweat and her boobs bobbing all over the place. Seeing her like that, i straddled her and put my cock between her breasts and started tit-fucking her. We were all totally out of it, fucking like mad on the living room floor and sarah seemed beyond speech,she just lay there making grunting ebony film avinatri porn movie whimpering noises.Both harry and me came at the same time, leaving sarah coated with cum on her face,chin,chest and dribbling out of her pussy.

We lay there for a little while,totally exhausted to do anything, finally me and harry got dresssed coz v were worried bout steve turning up,thanked sarah and told her wat a good fuck she was and left.