Teen with glasses smashed and creampied by hard man meat pornstar and hardcore

Teen with glasses smashed and creampied by hard man meat pornstar and hardcore
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They were gang members, first and foremost. The rape videos were just one of many criminal activities they were involved in. But it was their favorite. Quick background: Once evening, two big cack xxx story full sex stories the gang members had stumbled across a lost young woman while they were out cruising.

She pulled up to a gas station where the two of them were sitting in a car with the lights and engine off, parked in an unlit corner. They were there, as it happened, because they just lit a blunt the reason for parking in a nearly invisible corner. In any event, they saw her but she didn't see them. As she went in and asked for directions, they noticed that she didn't lock her car doors.

To make a long story short, they snuck into her car and were unseen in the darkness. As soon as the young woman pulled out of the gas station, they revealed themselves and ordered her to drive to a secluded location (they were both armed and had ski masks with them tools of the gang member trade), where they quickly discovered that their captive was not only a young woman, but a reasonably attractive one nothing stunning, but very "doable." Some kind of white youngish professional, early to mid-20s, decent body maybe 5'5", 120 pounds, reasonble tits, reasonable ass, legs, etc.

They had their way with her, filmed it, and circulated it among the broader gang, and forgot about it. They did not forget how much they enjoyed themselves however and why wouldn't they enjoy having their way with some unwilling, tight young thing? One day, the gang was approached by a member of local mafia, who told them that they had seen the video and would like to commission another one like it.

But this time, they mafioso said, he wanted five or six of them to participate, and improve the production value get several actual handicams, some tripods, etc. They would pay reasonable well for the footage, which they could sell on the black market. Finding additional gang members willing to participate was not a problem pretty much all of them were willing. But the mafioso asked for the most generally well hung and otherwise most physically imposing of the gang members to be the "stars." The six ultimately chosen began the process of identifying a victim.

There were essentially two pools of potential victims to choose from either the local university, or the local busines district. The latter was somewhat easier for a variety of reasons, so, much as they might like to have at some 18-22 year old college student, they decided to play it safe.

By simply surveilling the local office buildings for a couple of weeks, they decided upon a young woman who worked for a law firm in some indeterminate capacity and who lived nearby with some roommates. She was practically still a girl 24, just out of school, extremely cute. Brunette. Not exactly a tiny little thing, but oh so hittable.

About 5'5", brunette, great skin, slightly curvy. One Friday evening, the six of them waited for her to leave the office. They were divided into two cars.

As she pulled away in her own car, they followed. One car pulled ahead of hers. They knew her route; there was a lonely stretch of road where they could box her in.

When they reached the stretch of road, the car behind her bumped her while the car in front slammed on its brakes. All three cars came to a halt together. Naturally, the young woman jumped out of her car to inspect the damage. At the same moment, the drivers of both cars also jumped out and rushed the young woman, one of them quickly grabbing her in a bear hug and pulling her into the backseat of her own car, while the other followed into the back seat, and still a third jumped into her car's drivers seat.

This happened within the space of maybe 3 seconds, and the young woman managed only a half a squeal before a hand was clamped over her mouth and she was pulled into her own back seat. The gang members' two cars and the young woman's car, with three gang members inside, promptly took mia khalif and julianna vega hot xxx moving towards one of the gang's safe houses. In the backseat, the gang member who'd grabbed the youmg woman Kate, they curvy masseuse carter cruise lesbian sex on the table from her driver's license continued to hold her fast in a bear hug with his large hand over her mouth.

She struggled mightily, grunting and half-screaming through his hand, but it was no use. The man was about 245 pounds and 6'4". Kate wasn't a weak or particularly petite girl, but she was utterly huge natural tits babe bangs in bathroom match for him.

So she wasn't seen, they sort of strethed Kate horizontally across the two laps of the gang members in the back seat, face down. Even as she struggled, they remained essentially silent. Kate's breasts were pressed into the lap and crotch area of the gang member who followed her bear hugger into the car. He was not quite as large, but was large enough. He held his hand over her mouth and steadied her head by holding on to her pony tail.

The bear hugger held her arms behind her back and kept her generally pinned down. She wore a suit a skirt, blouse, and jacket. No hose it was summer. Her squirming caused her breasts press into the thighs, lap and crotch area of her second captor, causing his already swollen member to instantly harden. The entire crew had taken Viagra shortly before the mission began, so it was somewhat inevitable.

The same thing happened to bear hugger, as her thighs and crotch were held against his lap. Aside from their hard-ons, however, they generally did not molest her as they drove. Though she felt it, both of them went out of their way not to grind in to her they wanted to preserve the shock for when she first laid eyes on the equipment they were packing. They knew it would be a choice moment for the video. As a result, Kate quickly reduced her struggling to level that seemed somewhat token. Though she hadn't yet allowed herself to grasp what they were going to do to her, she did realized that she was simply hoplessly overpowered, so struggling was pointless and a waste of energy she might need to escape later.

They arrived at their safe house a short time later. It was an abandoned house in the depth of their territory. The three cars pulled up, and the gang members not in Kate's car already jumped out, opened the back doors of Kate's car, and helped bear hugger and her second captor to essentially carry her directly into the front door of the decrepit structure.

Inside, bear hugger and her second captor continued to carry her, without stopping, to a door and a flight of stairs into a basement, which she was carried down. All of this inside of, at most, 12 seconds. Again, Kate's mind reeled the efficiency and purpose with which she was being moved from place to place unsettled her, and rightly so. In the basement, Kate was released from her captors' physical grasp for the first time since they rushed her, which was no more than ten minutes earlier.

She stumbled a little but collected her self as she was let go.

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She was dazed for a half a second, and then quickly turned to look at her captors standing before her were bear hugger, the second captor, and the man who drove her car. She shot a glance around the room, and saw a bare basement with a mattress with several handicams and lights focused on it. As this happened, the other three members of the crew shuffled down the stairs to join the original three.

The last one down padlocked the basement closed from the inside. Her six captors presented an overwhelming physical present. Each of them were among the larger men she'd ever laid eyes upon not one was under 6'3", while the largest was 6'6" and morbidly obese.

She involuntarily backed away from them, again stumbling a little. Her face was the picture of shock mixed with a slowly-dawning inkling of what they intended to do with her.

Still, Kate really had not yet come around to understand that, even though she'd been in her car and on her way home on a Friday night no more than 10 minutes earlier, she was now going to be gang raped and filmed by six gigantic black gang members in the basement of a crack house. That would change momentarily. Kate began to rapidly back away from the group, and then turned and sort of ran and stumbled across the room in her high heels and suit.

Her second captor sprinted after her, quickly caught up to her, and attempted to grab her. Kate shrieked, and kind of kicked and punched akwardly towards him, which immediately led to his grabbing her wrist and pulling her into a bear hug. The originally bear hugger rushed over to assist, and grabbed Kate's ankles, so she was again held fully off the ground. This time her mouth was not covered, and Kate screamed and cried mightily.

"Stop it! Just stop it, STOP IT!" she shrieked with evident panic in her voice while her two captors bodily carried her towards the mattress, resulting in even more frantic screaming and struggling. They put her down on the mattress, lying on her back. The second, smaller captorand the second captor quickly moved to her head just as she began to try to sit up.

He grabbed her hair and put a hand on her shoulder, forcing her back down to the mattress. Bear hugger simultaneously grabbed her ankles, pinning them also to the bed. Kate bucked, and her free hand shot up to grab the hand holding her hair, grabbing a onto a thick, muscled wrist that she was powerless to dislodge. She shrieked and squealed and she was again effectively restrained.

"Stop it get OFF of me STOP!" she babbled. "Kate," said the big one holding her ankles. She didn't stop struggling, but he had her attention. "You are not going to be killed or permanently harmed in any way. You will be back in your home by tomorrow. But for the next few hours, you'll be our guest." As he said this, another of the gang members stood slightly behind the two holding her, with a handicam trained on her, particularly her face. She also took notice anew of the handicams set up on tripods and recording her and her stunning teen janice griffith takes big cock captors on the mattress.

It then dawned on her all at once she would be raped. In the back of her mind, she believed their promise not to otherwise harm her. Still, she panicked at the realization. She kicked and bucked and shrieked and yelled for them to let her go for about 3 solid minutes. The just held her firmly, and hardly reacted at all. She exhausted herself, to a degree, and just lay there with her chest heaving up and down from the effort exciting every one in the room greatly. As the two originaly captors continued to holde her hair, ankle, and hands, a new man came forward and promptly reached under her waist to find the clip and zipper on her skirt.

Kate started and had another bout of bucking and shrieking, but it was too late. The man easily slipped the skirt down her ankles, revealing ordinary white cotton panties.

The skirt was efficiently slipped over Kate's ankles by the bear hugger. "No no NO NO stop it STOP it DON'T!" Kate began bucking continuously and emitting steady stream of srhrieks, grunts, and generaly babblings of protest as her undressor immediately turned to her jacket and blouse. He began unbottoning the buttons, causing Kate to writhe. Her writhing served to expose her white bra, the opposite of the desired effect, as the undressor quickly continued down and opened Kate's blouse.

She was a vision, lying there, bare footed, underwear only covering her crotch, and her flat and creamy stomach now revealed, along with her upper chest. The undresser indicated to have her leaned up, so her jacked and blouse could be removed, which they quicly were. They laid Kate back down on her back. This elicited a fresh round of bucking and panic from Kate, and she experienced the sick sensation that she was being moved into position for their use.

Which she was. "Well boys," said the bear hugger at her ankles, "shall we delay this any further?" Kate heard this, and again bucked as wildly as she could on the mattres, screaming and pleading for them to release her. By this time she had worked up a substantial sweat she was truly exhausting herself before the "real" assualt even began.

But that was to be expected. With that, bear hugger released her ankles and stood up. The man at her head quickly and almost effortlessly flipped Kate onto onto her stomach and put his knee in her back relatively gently, just enough to restrain her. Kate realized now that even without bear hugger on her ankles, the smallest and weakest member of the group could easily sunny leone new xxx bp sexy visie 2019 her on his own.

She didn't stand a chance of fighting them off. Kate was not a sexually inexperienced young woman, but she had not had an extensive number of partners, and no one for some time. And never had she been with men like this. She heard a zipper, but could what was happening while turned on her stomach. The man holding her down undid her bra clasp, eliciting a whimper followed by an extended wail.

Kate's face was red and tear streaked, with a furrowed expression. Bear hugger had pulled his cock from his pants. Kate half saw him walk around behind her, and she began kicking to the extent that she could.

Bear hugger grabbed her ankles again and pinned her legs still with one hand. With his other, grabbed her panties pulled them down fro her crotch to her mid-thigh in a single motion. Kate pleaded and threatened and wailed, and tried to move her hips away from him. Pulled her underwear the rest of the way off and slipped them over her ankles.

He indicated that she be rolled over. This caused her unclasped bra to slip off, revealing her Bear hugger looked down at Kate, who was held by the hair and hand, with one hand free. The captor restraining Kate grabbed the other hand and pinned it under his knee. Kate for the first time saw bear hugger's cock, and recoiled. It was as long and as thick as her arm, practically. Kate clamped her thighs together, and twisted her hips to the side, in a vain attempt to avoid him.

He removed his pants, enjoying, for a moment, the sight of this all-but final, futile effort to keep modesty. Bear hugger grabbed her ankles, and pulled calves open, causing her thighs to part slightly and revealing her black pubic mound and lips. Bear hugger kneeled between calves and placed his hands on her thighs, pinning them in their slightly-parted position to the mattress. She fought and wriggled and cursed them and pleaded some more. Bear hugger responded by leaning over her and kind of lowering himselv onto her all at once, causing her thighs to involuntarily open due to his sheer weight.

His enormous member was trapped between his stomach and her stomach. His thighs effectively restrained hers, pushing them open, though he was not in position to penetrate yet. Bear hugger could feel her body continuing to try to buck and wriggle out of the way beneath him. Bear hugger relished the feeling of simply overpowering her he looked forward to pushing into her even as her thighs attempted to protect her crotch.

Without removing his weight, bear hugger slid down Kate's body about 12 inches. Bear hugger's hand reached down between his body and Kate's, and found her pussy. Kate screamed, and now begged: "Please please PLEASE PLEASE STOP THIS PLESAE!

PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS PLEASE!" Bear hugger touched one finger to the outside of her lips and feld her entire vagina instantly tense up. "GOD PLEASE DON'T!" Kate cried. Bear hugger pushed his finger into her pussy, which was bone dry.

He sawed it in and out a few time, bringing angry whimpers from Kate, and withdrew it. He puased. Then he pushed two fingers into her, bring a shriek and flinch.

He applied forced and roughly pushed his two large finders into her to the knuckle, bringing a scream of pain from Kate. He again sawed in and out of her a few times, and then withdrew.

It was time for the main show. With the same hand he'd just had in Kate, bear hugger grabbed his cock head and positioned it against Kate's pussy lips where his fingers had just been. Kate gasped, grunted and groaned all at once, and tried frantically to push away from him. It was to no avail bear hugger was just too strong, and, in any event, the second captor continued to hold her by the hair and wrists, so pushing away from bear hugger only pushed her into the man holding her down.

Kate couldn't even really lift her head to look down towards her crotch, or to move her head back and forth, because of the way her hair was held she could mainly see what was directly above her namely, her two captors' leering faces, and the third holding a handicam in her face.

For the moment, she kind of forgot about the other captors webcam beauty wants you to watch her closely certainly did not have her attention. Bear hugger pushed his head against her still-dry but now slightly open lips. Kate felt as if a soda can were pushing against her vagina and she bucked her hips and squeezed her thighs together against bear hugger's wide hips to try to retard his progress. It wasn't totally ineffective; bear hugger struggled to maintain contact with her vagina.

To counteract Kate's efforts, bear hugger reached underneath her lower back, and pulled waist and her crotch against him, causing about 6 inches of roughly 12 to sink into her dry vagina in a single thrust.

Kate's whole body froze and flinched and kind of spasmed at the penetration, and she shrieked and sobbed. Bear hugger held her still like that for a moment, savoring the vice-like grip of her resisting vagina. Bear hugger pulled back the portion of his penis already in Kate, spinning dildo sex toys and a redhead asian goddess her to feel as if the friction from his dry penis was pulling her insides out of her.

She gasped and snorted involuntarily. Bear hugger immediately plunged back into Kate, again stopping with about half his length in her it was as far as he could go in a single thrust, and caused another spasm and jerk from Kate, along with an involuntary mixture of a shriek and a grunt. Kate's thighs continued to try to clamp closed, but were pinned open by the sheer mass of bear hugger's hips, thighs and torso between her legs and holding her down, and she continued using her feet to vaily try to push herself backwards, away from the invading penis.

Kate's physical resistance resulted in a kind of momentary stand-off between her and bear hugger. He was not quite positioned to have the leverage to thrust all the way into her, and her struggling momentarily preserved the status quo of having half his cock lodged in her.

Kate mind was again reeling. She had never fucked anyone with equipment even remotely resembling the weapon lodged in her. Her pussy burned at the unlubricated penetration, the stretching, and the rapidness with which she'd been impaled. Her leg muscles were taught as ropes between trying to push herself backwards, away from the cock, and trying to squeeze aginst bear hugger's hips to prevent further penetration. Her face was twisted in pain, and she whinnied and cried and continued making little half-shriek, half-grunt, half-gasping noises of protest.

Bear hugger shifted himself up Kate's body, preparing to thrust further into her. He arranged his mass and his own thighs in a way to sort of force her's further open. He could feel the tension in her legs and had to apply some real strength and force to keep her pinned open. Kate immediately perceived his intention to push further into her, causing fresh panic. As far as she was concerned, his cock had already filled her to the hilt and she could take no more. Bear hugger had looked forward to this mission precisely because he would finally have the opportunity to force his thing into a girl as far as he wanted.

A 12" cock is something of a curse none of his consensual partners would ever permit him to penetrate with more than 2/3rds of the length, and that invariably elicited little whimpers of pain and a hand or two pushing back against his stomach or thigh.

And he had never been able to use his thing to pound away and jack hammer a girl's pussy the way he wanted to. In short, he always had to hold back, leaving him perpetually unsatisifed, or at least under satisfied. Tonight it was his express intention to both penetrate, for the first time in his adult life, balls deep; and then to rip into the girl as hard and fast, slow, and in between as he pleased.

He planned to permanently alter this girl's cunt with his cock. With new leverage, and without this time withdrawing, bear hugger thrust forward into Kate.

She kind of grunted and gargled involutarily. "Huuggghhhh! Gerughhh! Unnnhhhh Ahhh!" Kate squealed, her eyes looking up at him. Bear hugger was not looking at her face but was instead looking down towards their crotches, so Kate mainly saw his forhead and hair looming over her. His thrust buried another three inches in her, causing a fresh flinch/spasm, and a new rigidity in her legs. But Kate had nowhere to "run" now she could not push herself any further backwards due to the man still holding her hair and hands, and i shot it half into pai and another half to joy legs were simply not strong enough to retards bear hugger's forward progress into her depths once he applied his size, strength and leverage to the task of impaling her.

He still had an arm beneath her lower back, causing her hips and waist to rest about two inches off of the matress, reducing her leverage and increasing his. Bear hugger felt her dry, tight vagina tense and squeeze his cock, adding to the effort to prevent his penetration. At about 9 inches deep, he could already feel his cock head pressed against her cervix as could Kate.

It was like getting punched in the gut even as his cock split her pussy in half. Bear hugger gave another thrust, pressing another inch into her and stretching her pussy lengthwise, and then slowly forced himself spex babe pussyfucked after some toys fun girlfriend and cumonpussy to bury the last two. Kate's mouth opened wide, but for a few seconds no sound came out she just lay there pinned, impaled, with her mouth a perfect round "O" and her eyes squinting almost closed from the assault on her vagina.

Bear hugger relished the feeling of finally going balls-deep into any girl. That it was a tight, young, unwilling, white office worker excited him further. He held his cock in her and just laid on top of her. Kate felt crushed his weight on top of her pinned her thoroughly, while the other man held her hands and head fast so she had no tools to fight off the penetration.

Bear hugger continued to press forward into her even as he was buried to the hilt. Now that he felt the vice and warmth of her pussy along his full length, he felt like he never wanted to withdraw. He just wanted to hold himself there, savoring both her resistance and the pleasure of pushing into her guts with his full length. He moved his hips a little, moving his cock in a circular motion in an effort to open her pussy a little so he could begin to pump in and out; he also thrust in an out of her quickly with just the last inch, leaving Kat almost totally impaled and gasping involuntarily shrieking at the feeling of the man's gigantic penis filling her guts and pushing against her cervix.

After about a full minute of holding himself all the way in her pussy and thrusting a little, bear hugger decided to commence the real pounding. He slowly withdrew his length to the tip. He withdrew slowly because Kate's vagina was still essentially dry and involuntarily tensing and gripping his cock like a vice. He couldn't have moved faster if he wanted too. It felt like her vaginal walls were sticking to and traveling with his penis as he slowly pulled it out of her depths.

Kate felt the same way: her pussy burned at the dry penetration, and by clamping her thighs together, she involuntarily tensed the muscles in her pussy, making bear hugger's penetration and withdrawal that much more painful.

Bear hugger pushed forward into Kate without remorse; he could still only go slowly due to Kate's dryness and continued thigh and pussy clamping, but he enjoyed it thoroughly. "AARRGGHH! GUUHHH!," Kate scream-grunted, gasped and shrieked and squealed as bear hugger's sand-papery in-and-out began. He enjoyed the effort required for each thrust, enjoyed overcoming both Kate's and her pussy's constant resistance to his penetration.

All the way out he pulled slowly, forcing it all the way back in. He repeated this with about five minutes, with Kate uttering a non stop stream of gurgling, screaming homemade teen ass creampie heathenous family holiday card babbled protents ("No!

No! Stooop it STOP IT STOP IT! ARGH!") the entire time. After five minutes he withdrew all the way and stood up. Kate's legs instantly clamped together and she rolled her hips to the side, hiding her penetrated pussy mostly from view.

Kate sobbed. "Please no more! Why? WHY did you do that to me?! Please!," she sobbed, her eyes clenched shut.

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Kate noticed a bright light through her closed eyelids, and opened her eyes to the ever-present handicam about six inches from her face, girlfriend displays her big tits and masturbates re-realized that all of this was being filmed by multiple cameras.

She turned her face away a little, but the man behind her still held her hands and hair. So she just closed her eyes. Bear hugger knelt down at her feet, his cock straight out and pointing in her general direction. Kate saw this and kicked her legs violently at him, but he was out of range.

He then easily caught one ankle, and then the other, in his strong grasp. "Noooo PLEASE NO MORE PLEASE!" Kate begged. Bear hugger ignored her and, in a smooth motion, pinned her ankles together, placed a thick arm across her pelvis, and bent her legs backwards towards her head. Kate struggled mightily and tried to straighten her legs back out, realizing that he was preparing to re-penetrate her upturned pussy, and knowing that the angle would be much more painful as it would more easily allow him to reach her depths.

With one hand holding her ankles and his arm still pinning her pelvis to minimize Kate's bucking, bear hugger positioned his huge cock head against her buck slit.

He could see her pussy tense and clench at the touch of his cock head. He pushed forward, again struggling to penetrate the now semi-dry, clenched pussy.

The penetration caused another stream of gasp-screams and babbled, increasingly hysterical protest. He leaned his weight behind his cock, forcing her knees nearly to her tits and pushed his cock forward, burying three quarters of himself in her and eliciting a fresh flinch and jerk from Kate.

He leaned further against her legs and pushed himself the rest of the way into her, buried again to the hilt. Kate screamed at the depth, his cock pushing hard against her cervix. Bear hugger again held himself in her, savoring the depth and her resistance.

Kneeling over her, cock buried, he began to withdraw and thrust, withdraw and thrust. Kate's was bent in half, her legs pinned against her chest, pushing her tits to the side. Her legs remained rod-straight as she used every ounce of strength in a vain attempt to protect her cunt. In this position, bear hugger was able to begin thrusting in earnest. His earlier efforts had loosened Kate slightly, allowing him to begin a rough in-and-out, in-and-out.

He was still slowed by her general lack of lubrication and clenching, but he began to saw away. And that's what it felt like to Kate like he was sawing in and out of her. Each german granny in her first porn video thrust pulled her vaginal walls in with the invading cock, while each withdrawal pulled the skin out, chaffing her terribly.

It felt like a foot-long beer can. Her pussy struggled to accommodate the width, while her cervix was prodded and pushed around in her with each forward thrust. This went on for 8-10 minutes. Bear hugger would thrust in and pull out, always a little awkwarly despite the relentless pounding, her pussy never fully gave in.

Kate continued to struggle and try to clench her vagina against his cock, her last line of defense given her almost total immobility.

In a way, her defense mechanisms were not totally futile they increased the stimulation on bear hugger's cock, and reduced the amount of time that he would ultimately fuck her. Though she would hardly know it even after 10 minutes with her bent in half and his cock sinking into and pulling out of her raw snatch, his dick was as hard as ever.

Bear hugger, and all of the gang, had undergone a schedule of regular intercourse and/or masturbation leading up to Kate's kidnapping, so none of them were dying to come in the first instance; and on top of that, the had all taken large doses of Viagra. That was why, despite Kate's relentless resistance and clenching of her pussy around his cock, bear hugger was able to fuck her for an extended time.

After another five or so minutes of this pounding, bear hugger again stopped, withdrew, and released her legs. And once again, Kate immediately clamped her thighs shut and rolled her hips and thighs to the side, her rib cage heaving rapidly as she collected her breath. After more than 15 minutes of pounding and impalement, Kate was at first dazed when bear hugger pulled out of her.

After about 5 or 6 seconds of shattered and stunned silence, Kate began sobbing violently, and screaming "WHYYYYYY?! WHY WHY WHY did you do that? PLEASE NO MORE, please! YOU BASTARD PLEASE PLEASE no more," followed by more violent sobbing. Bear hugger had pulled out of Kate because knew he was in the home stretch, and he wanted to consider how he wanted to be fucking her when he came.

He surveyed Kate: she was still held firmly on her back, with her face looking almost straight curvy babe skyla novea takes a banging. Kate's cheeks were beet, and her eyes puffy and tear-streaked.

Her chest heaved. He idly reached for her left tit, palming it and squeezing and roughly massaging it. Kate whimpered at this. "Someone come over and grab a leg," bear hugger said to the the crowd.

Kate's stomach flopped as she suddenly remembered how many men were in the room, and the implications of that fact. "No please, please no more, no more," Kate sobbed. Kate kicked akwardly as she sensed bear hugger moving towards her again. "No no no no no!" she shrieked. "No more no more PLEASE, I can't take anymore!" she sobbed. Bear hugger captured Kate's ankles yet again, as she kicked and bucked. The man at her head pulled Kate's wrists above her head. Two game x x story gay the men from the crowd joined the original two and the cameraman in hovering over her.

Each one grabbed an ankle and held a leg fast. They both leered at her and ran their hands up and down the leg each held, rubbing over her crotch and pussy. Kate shrieked and tried to buck her hips but now was truly held fast. "Pull her open," bear hugger directed the two men. Kate screamed and begged and cursed as bear hugger loomed over her with this still rock hard cock. Kate's legs were held apart and bent back, her kneews nearly to the floor, causing her swollen pussy to turn up to face bear hugger.

He knelt over her restrained pussy, and pushed just the head of his huge cock into her. Kate groaned and whined. With his cock head lodged firmly in her pussy, bear hugger moved into position kneeling with his knees just under Kate's ass, which was lifting slightly off the mattress due to the position of her legs, and leaning over her and pressing his chest against her chest and stomach. With that, his hips began to piston rapidly bear hugger pounded the full length in and out with abandon.

Kate's pussy was held open enough through the spreading of her legs by the other two gang members, alowing bear hugger to finally be able to really pound in and out rapidly. "AAAHHHHHHGGHHGHGHGHG! GOD OOOWWWWWW PLEASE OOOOHHHHH STOP PLEASE STOP," Kate cried. She sounded like she was possessed by a demon, gurgling and scream-grunting as bear hugger's huge cock pistoned balls-deep to tip and back in a staccato motion.

Bear hunger pounded into her like a machine gun for about a minute, causing Kate's tits to bounce indecently with the motion, and then he stopped with his full length in her. Bear hugger paused that way; Kate just sort of froze, impaled and with a permanent grimace on her face.

Bear hugger reached a huge abi grace ride ikes fine cock on top pumping her pussy around Kate's lower back, and grabbed an ass cheek, pushing her pussy all the way against his cock, and lunging as far into her as he could. Kate gave a low, anguished kind of groan as bear hugger brutally held his cock inside her.

"UUUHHHNNNNNGGGGGHH UHHHHH GOOODDD UHHHHH AAAAHHHHHRRRRRRGGGGG," Kate's mouth was almost slack, her eyes squinting, as bear hugger held his thing so far into her she felt it in her stomach. Bear hugger without warning then began another jag of pistoning in and out the full length, eliciting a sharp scream followed by a series of grunts.

This time it was two minutes of pistoning, followed by bear hugger forcing his cock as deeply into Kate as he possibly could and then holding it there.

Bear hugger continued this pattern again and again for about 15 minutes. During each successive jag of pistoning in and out of her vagina, Kate became increasingly hysterical. Finally, bear hugger squeezed Kate and began to piston in and out extra rapidly, his orgasm finally building. His breathing quickened, and his eyes closed. The man kianna jayde rides a big stiffy cock Kate released her head, using his free hand to molest her bouncing breasts while bear hugger pistoned in and out the girl.

Kate's head immediately began thrashing from side to side, her mouth opening and closing and releasing a steady stream of grunt-shhrieks as she was pounded and pounded. Kate heard bear hugger begin to grunt rapidly and felt his pace quicken. She realized that he was finally going to cum. Her eyes flew open and she looked at bear hugger; he was looking down at their crotches with a look of concentration on his face.

Bear hugger looked up and met Kate's eyes and kind of half smiled as he quickened his pace still further. He was pounding furiously in and out of her now, her whole body jiggling, and smacking sounds coming from their crotches. "You did a good job fucking me baby, now get ready for my cum," bear hugger said in a somewhat breathless voice as he continued pounding.

For the first time in about ten minutes, Kate began phyiscally struggling again. "No don't, please, please pull out" she begged weakly, her leg muscles again going taught within the grasp of the two men on either side of her, in an effort to clench closed. Kate's hips wriggled, trying to buck to dislodge bear hugger or to reduce the depth of his penetration which temporarily succeeded, as bear hugger gave a few thrusts in which he found his cock suddenly only penetrating about half way.

Kate had managed a combination of slightly moving her hips and slightly closing her legs. Bear hugger was surprised, but just chuckled.

"Hold on baby, I'm almost finished," he grinned down at her, and lowered his weight fully onto her upper body, pinning her. She tried to bite his shoulder, but one of his huge arms lifted up her back, pressed her into him further, and wrapped around her hair, holding her head in place. His other hand went to her hip bone and pushed it firmly down into the mattress.

"Spread her legs wide open," he instructed, and as they were spread, he again pushed himself into her as far as he could and held himself in her. Kate grunted and groaned.

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Bear hugger began the final pounding, all the way in, all the way out, all the way in, all the way out, as he held Kate firmly in place. Finally, with five long thrusts, he squirted his cum into her pussy, followed by a final push into her depths, holding himself deep inside of her.

Holding himself in her, he rocked his hips back and forth to get the final squirts out. He just lay there on top of her, his still mostly-hard dick lodged in her. Finally, Kate's pussy no longer felt quite so raw and sand-papery. Kate was still held fast beneath him. For a moment, she was just silent and breathing as bear hugger continued to pin her and hold her hair. Then she began to sob violently while he laid on top of her, breathing, and then thrusting once more, but weakly.

He was spent, but wasn't soft yet, and wanted to savor the feeling of her cunt for as long as he could. Kate felt a sickening, sticky, wetness begin to ooze around bear hugger's cock, still fully lodged in her vagina. She heard a voice from the crowd: "Alright already, G. We're all waiting our turn here." Still impaled by bear hugger, Kate's mind reeled at the renewed realization that five more men were in the basement. Over bear hugger's shoulder, Kate glimpsed a clock on the wall 7:15 pm.

As bear hugger finally began to really soften and then pull out of her, Kate realized that she had only left her office 45 minutes earlier. For a Friday night it was early and no one would miss her for some time. Tomorrow, they said they'd have her back home by tomorrow. Bear hugger stood up, her legs were released. Slowly, this time, Kate drew her knees together and turned her thighs and hips to the side.

Her wrists were released, and she lay there, chest heaving as she both sobbed and caught her breath. Bear hugger stood over and surveyed the girl as he waited for the next rapist to be selected from the five remaining.

Kate pulled herself into a fetal position beneath him, sobbing, and covering her breast with one arm and her face with the other, sputtering and sobbing. A trail of cum leaked out of her and down her inner thigh. Bear hugger moved away from her. Then, Kate sensed new person standing over her it was the man who'd been holding her down during bear hugger's assault. He had his dick out, stroking it.

It was not quite the weapon that bear hugger packed, but it was plenty. Kate couldn't take any more pounding. Her vagina was raw from the unlubricated assault (though she was somewhat lubed now, with bear hugger's cum), and her guts ached horribly from his constant hammering against her cervix. "No no no please," slim teen megumi shino takes double penetration begged weakly, as she began to squirm with the anxiety of the knoweldge that another assault was imminent.