Nice mom and teen suspect was taken to backroom lp police for a derobe search which

Nice mom and teen suspect was taken to backroom lp police for a derobe search which
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So, the background. Me and my cousin, when we where really young, use to experiment with each other. She was a year younger than me. We didn't really know what we where doing but we use to love it anyway.

Then, it all stopped and we didn't do anything for years. When I was about 12, I started to find her really attractive. Like really really attractive. I started to masturbate about her a lot.

She was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. We had never spoke of what we did, but we still spoke a bit. She lives just up the street from me. I remember one time when I was 16 and at hers. She was wearing jeans and a black long sleeved t-shirt. At the side of her jeans I could see her underwear. It looked like a black thong. She had been in the house all alone that day and she went into the shower.

Alexis fawx arya fae the perfect son got up to go downstairs for a drink and saw she left her underwear on the floor. That beautiful black thong. I could see that she had been servicing herself in the day from the wet on the front.

My dick growing rapidly, throbbing against my boxers. I thought, maybe I should take them, go downstairs and have a wank with them. But then my cousin started singing in the shower. She was singing The Worlds Greatest by R Kelly. By now my dick was totally hard. I had to give in. I got my dick out and started wanking whilst smelling her underwear.

Listening to her sing. It didn't take long at all for me to cum. About 40 seconds. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't for a second realise that I just came all over the wall outside the bathroom. A quick trip downstairs to get some kitchen paper sorted that out. I put her underwear back on the floor and a few minutes later she came out in a towel. She asked me if I heard her singing, blushing, and said she forgot I was in the house.

Damn right I heard her singing. Now. My cousin.

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Laura. Now 18, she is about 5ft 7. Xxxi story 8 age dow is very athletic and has a perfect stomach. She has beautifully round perky breasts. Not sure the size exactly but large, yet not too large, for her frame.

She has long dark blonde hair and vivid green eyes. Her smile is sexy enough to die for. Now, saving best till last. Her ass. She has the most perfect ass I have ever seen.

Perfectly shaped, firm, just one look at it is enough to get me hard in seconds. But to the story, and the best night of my life, which has lead to the best few months of my life.

My sister was up, so we all decided to go out. For the night Laura wore a white dress, cut at the knees with a black trim. She had her hair down and a pearl necklace on. We met the others out and had a great night out. I met up with her outside a pizza shop at 1-ish, she said my sister had already gone home and after a small chat with my other cousins me and Laura got into a taxi and headed home.

She asked where I was sleeping and I said at mine. But she said to sleep at hers so I don't wake my sister. I agreed and we both went back.

She got changed into her pyjamas. Pink boy shorts with a matching top, I was in my boxers. We brushed our teeth and shared a bed. At first I said I would sleep on the floor but she said don't, and that she gets cold and it will be nice for my body heat. We where both pretty drunk and talking a lot. Then the subject moved onto what we use to do when we where young. Then she said the unthinkable. The best words I've ever heard her say. "I wish it never stopped".

"Me too" I replied, quite nervously! Hearing that she got up and turned the light on.

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She came over and sat on the bottom of the bed and said "We could have so much fun together, we can do anything we want". The new best words to ever come out of her mouth!

I was definitely up for it. I could feel russian hot 2 tube porn dick getting bigger. I said to her "what do you want to do?". She grinned at me and said "anything you want". I was incredibly nervous. She crawled up the bed to me, she moved the covers off and started rubbing my crotch. Staring at me with those sexy green eyes. She kissed my stomach and started moving up towards my lips.

We then shared the most intense nerve racking kiss I've ever experienced. I was rock hard by now. Her hand rubbing my cock under my boxers. She moved herself up and sat with her crotch directly on mine. Slowly grinding whilst holding hands. She asked me what turned me on, what I "beated off too most" she giggled. I felt incredibly awkward, but she started moaning gently and upping the pace of her hips.

I told her I loved face sitting, especially with panties on. She leaned over me and kissed me again. She stood up and went over to her drawer. She took the bottom one out and walked over to the bed to tip the contents out.

All of her underwear. She put the draw on the floor and asked me which ones I wanted her to wear. I looked through them, wanting to find a black thong like the first time. I couldn't find one so I asked her, she said she was wearing one tonight and went to get it from the bathroom. Waiting in the bedroom, I was totally sobered up now. I remember thinking, "what the hell is happening, this is crazy". The door opened again, and in she walked. Totally naked apart from the black thong.

Her hair flowing over her shoulders. Them beautiful breasts looking straight at me. I got off the bed and walked over to her, I kissed her and after a bit of mental persuading, asked if I could play with her ass. She sat me on the bed and turned around. Wow. This was even more perfect than the ass I had been imaginarily wanking too for years.

I grabbed it, beautifully firm. I gave it a kiss and little bite. She told me to "worship that sexy ass". Horny blonde craves govibra toy sticking out pussy live cam sex loved every second of it.

She then turned around and stood me up. She looked me in the eyes and asked me, "do you mind eating my ass before I sit on your face?". I said id love too.

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She smiled. That beautiful smile. She kneeled on her dresser chair and bent over. The sight was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Wasn't exactly sure what to do, Id never licked a girls ass before. I started licking with the thong in place. Rubbing up and down on her legs. Kissing around the area. I then moved the thong to the side and licked her bare asshole.I loved the taste of her skin.

I started to suck and give her deep licks. She started to moan more and more. Just as I was getting into it she stood up and laid me down on the dirty blonde getting her ass smashed by hot masseur. She stood over me. I rubbed her legs. Waiting for that black thong to finally be on my face. She slowly lowered herself down until she was all on my face.

The scent was incredible. The whole thing was incredible. Grabbing that ass whilst being smothered by her beautiful pussy in a black thong. She reached for my dick and started stroking it slowly. She started gently blowing on it, kissing it from bottom to top, top to bottom. I knew I was ready to cum at any second, she must of known this as well so she kept everything slow and sexy. She started rubbing herself up and down on my face.

I could feel her wet through the thong. She then stood up and took it off and got right back down into the action. I stuck my tongue up her, she moaned and I felt a tense shiver throughout her whole body. She asked me to keep my tongue out and erect. She then started slowly fucking my tongue! I could feel her wet dribbling down my tongue and into my mouth. After a few minutes more (I wish it could of lasted forever) she got up and sat on my chest.

She asked me where I wanted to cum. I remember the options as clear as day, I doubt I'll ever forget them! "Where do you want to cum? On my ass, on my tits or in my mouth?" I knew exactly where I wanted to.

On that perfect ass of hers. She smiled and kissed me. She put her thong back on and bent herself over the bed whilst fingering herself. I asked if she had a condom so I could fuck her, even if only for a few seconds, and then cum on her ass. Just when this night couldn't get anymore perfect. SHE HAD A CONTRACEPTIVE IMPLANT! So I was allowed to dive right in. I started fucking her slowly. Her pussy tight and wet, gripping itself around my dick. It was about 5 thrusts in when I felt the magic happening.

I rapidly fired out a few more then pulled out and unloaded 7 years of lust and want all over her ass. I moaned, quite load, she moaned with me. I couldn't actually stand so I fell beside her on the bed. She looked at me. Those beautiful green eyes. She gave me a long kiss and went to the bathroom to clean me of her ass.

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When she came back in, she asked me if I wanted to keep doing things with her. Of course I did. We went back to bed and she slept in my arms. And that was the end to the best night of my life, but the beginning of what will definitely be the sexiest era of my life!