Xnxx first time story sex stories 2019

Xnxx first time story sex stories 2019
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HOT AND KINKY PARADISE This story is dedicated to my good friend Erotical, whose stories inspired me. This isn't my usual style and the content is more hard-core, so if you're not into this, find another story. Once again, thanks to Erotical, who has broadened my outlook as regards stories. Please leave a comment once you've read this.

It is so useful to know what people think. I had never thought that I would experience sex like I had in Jamaica. It was sex at its hardest, and it was diverse. It was something that just happened as a result of a few drinks too many. Oh, and a couple of spliffs. I now look back upon that holiday with such fondness that I get an erection within seconds. I had just split with my girlfriend, who I'd been with for five years. I was twenty-seven at the time.

I'd booked myself an all-inclusive package, in a complex of apartments, which had its own private beach, which was also used by more affluent people who hired beach homes. It all began on my first morning there, when I was walking along the beach and noticed a pretty local girl.

She had lustrous ebony skin that was glistening in the sun, and was wearing a skimpy orange and yellow bikini. Her breasts weren't large, yet they were pert. She had wide hips and a small tummy that I thought was cute. I settled down about twenty yards from her and lay my beach towel down.

After taking a swig of the drink I'd taken with me, I lay down and opened my book. With the sun beating down upon me, I felt in need of a swim. Placing my book down I noticed that the girl was sitting up, rubbing sun oil onto her legs. I felt a stirring in my trunks and looked away. The last thing I needed was an erection. I quickly stood up and walked towards that turquoise water that looked so refreshing. After a quarter of an hour I felt that I virgin sister and brother sex vfo cooled down sufficiently, and made back for the shore.

As I made my way, I saw the girl stand up and begin to walk towards me. I was mesmerised by her. When I was closer, I could see that she had beautiful full lips, and eyes that drew me in.

Her long black hair had been tied back, allowing the majesty of her face to be seen, unobstructed. As she entered the water I noticed her bottom, which was prominent and firm looking. Pop stars pay a fortune for implants to obtain such a form, but this girl had been blessed by Mother Nature. As I passed her, she smiled. I smiled back and continued back to my belongings, taking out a towel and drying myself, glancing back at the sea, where the girl was swimming around, totally carefree.

Once dry, I lay down again and picked up my book. Ten minutes later I looked up to see the girl approaching. I tried not to stare, but couldn't take my eyes away from her. She looked across and smiled, wider this time. She gave me a surreptitious nod of her head. I returned the gesture, and to my utter amazement, she changed course and began walking towards me. My heart began to race. "Hi," she said, smiling. "You from the complex?" "Yes.

I got here last night." "Like it?" "Yes. It's nice. The food is oily eve lawrence get fucked hard on bed She laughed. "Dat ain't excellent! You wanna try some 'real' food. Hey I'm Nicki." I held out my hand. "Tony." She shook my hand. "Good to meet ya, Tony. So, you wanna try some 'real' food?" I wasn't sure what to say. "Er, okay. That would be nice. Thanks." "Come on over." I followed Nicki over to her spot, whereupon she pulled out a bottle from a cool-box and handed it to me.

She told me to drink from the bottle, which I did. "Wow," I said, looking at the red colour. "What is this?" "Rum and fruit," Nicki said, smiling. "Like it?" "Yeah. It's tasty, but strong." "Hey, try this." Nicki handed me a chicken leg. "You're gonna aliya full sex stories x story this. Ma special jerk." I took it from her and took a bite.

Flavour exploded within my mouth. I'd tasted jerk chicken back home, but it had never been like this. It was fiery, yet there was still the subtle taste of the spices, which caressed my taste buds. "This is amazing!" Nicki leaned forward, grabbing a piece for herself. I tried to not look at her boobs, which were almost falling out of the skimpy top, but I failed.

She simpered. "I think you like more than just the chicken." "Sorry," I said, feeling embarrassed. Nicki laughed out loud. "Hey why you sorry? You're a man, and men like boobs." "Er, yes." I took another bite of the chicken, smiling at her as I chewed. "Tell ya what," Nicki said, taking a bite of her delicacy, "we'll chill out 'real' good after we've had this. You up for chillin'?" I had no idea what she had in mind, but I was on holiday, and I was there to chill. "Okay." Nicky asked me about my life back home, taking a genuine interest in my life.

I felt so happy talking to her that I forgot all about my former girlfriend and the heartache she'd caused. Nicki had such a sweet smile. I then began to wonder if she had a boyfriend. Nicki tossed the final chicken bone into a bag. "Mmmmmmm. Dat was good. Now, babe, we can chill, 'real' good." She turned around, getting onto all fours and delved into a bag, although it wasn't the bag I was looking at.

Her bottom was so perfect looking, and the bulge of her vulva was pointing straight at me. I could see the contours of her outer lips, and the slit between. Feeling movement in my trunks, I quickly looked away. This really was one seriously sexy girl.

She turned back around, holding a giant spliff. "Here we go. It's chill time." I had smoked a spliff before, but that was back in my teens.

I felt a pang of excitement filter through me. "Wow, that's a big one." Nicki lit it, inhaled deeply, closed her eyes and leaned back. "Mmmmmmm, babe. Dat shit is gooooood!" Smiling, she handed it to me. I took a drag, inhaling and almost choking.

God, it was strong. My head instantly spun. "Bloody hell, Nicki. That's good." "Lay down, man. Chill." I took another puff and lay beside her, handing the spliff back. "That's cool." "It is. So, you like ma ass?" "Eh?" bangbros redhead pawg lily sincere gets her big ass fucked mc Nicki took another drag and laughed.

"You was looking at my ass, babe. You like it?" With the spliff taking its toll on me, I said, "Fucking yeah!" "Good. Maybe I'll take ya back to a room later." "What room?" Feeling docile, I dreamily smiled at her.

"Any one you like, babe as long as it's empty. I'm the head housekeeper for the private apartments." I lay there, looking up at the sky. "Sounds good." "It will be. I ain't had a white guy before, and you are soooooo cute." "Thanks. So are you." We continued passing the spliff back and forth, becoming lost in our own world, talking nonsense and laughing like fools. Nicki explained that she had worked for the complex since leaving school.

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Her mother's friend was a senior manager, and promised Nicki the job for as long as she wanted it. Nicki was also studying management at the college. Once we'd finished our smoke, Nicki handed me the rum drink, which I swigged and handed back to her, my eyes drifting towards her pussy.

She looked so sexy as she lay there. I quickly averted my eyes and looked at her face. I was shocked to see that she was looking at my trunks. "I can see your cock," Nicki said, slurring a little. "It don't look bad." Shocked, I said, "Thanks." "I wanna see it grow, babe." Without another word, she opened her legs and pulled her gusset aside, revealing a pussy covered in tiny, tightly curled hairs.

She put her fingers either side of her outer lips and pulled them apart, providing me with a flash of pink as her dark brown inner lips parted. She then let go and put her bikini bottoms back into place. "Cor, Nicki. That was hot." "So is dat." She was pointing at my trunks, where my cock had begun to rise.

"Show me." Feeling turned on, I checked around us, ensuring that nobody could see. I turned onto my side, facing away from the other beach dwellers and pulled my trunks down.

My semi-erect penis sprang out, growing as each second passed. "Okay?" "Mmmmmmmm. It's a cut cock.

I hate dem filthy foreskins. It's a nice size as well." "It's only average," I admitted. Nicki laughed. "Dem big fuckers hurt. Dat there will be fun, babe." "Thanks," I said, shocked. "Come on. I'm gonna take you somewhere quiet." Nicki reached into her bag and pulled out another spliff.

Standing up, she felt her groin and winked at me. I pulled my trunks back into place and stood up, grinning at her. I couldn't help looking at her boobs again.

Nicki noticed, and cupped them, squeezing them together. She then began walking towards the far end of the beach, where I could see some kind of large chalet. We shared the spliff as we walked, both slurring our words and giggling.

There were trees that lined the edge of the beach, which provided us with shade. It was early afternoon and the sun was close to its strongest. "Dem little fuckers had better be finished," Nicki said to me. "What little fuckers?" "Just a couple of kids I get to work for me. They're cheap, so what the fuck?" We both laughed and carried on our way, arriving at the chalet five minutes later.

Nicki frowned. "They're still here." "We can come back later." "Fuck dat! We're going in. I wanna fuck from the sweet white man." Feeling confident with this sexy girl, who was the most sexually outgoing one I'd ever known, I placed my hand on her firm buttock and squeezed. "Okay, but won't they say something?" "Will they, fuck! Ma big bro is the toughest guy in town, so I do what I want, and what I say, goes." All for equality, she squeezed my cock.

"Come on, sex boy." Both laughing like fools, we walked up to the door, which Nicki opened. We walked into a luxurious and spacious lounge, where Nicki stood and took a drag of the spliff, handing it to me. "Where are ya little fuckers?" A boy and girl appeared from the bedroom. I assumed them to be twelve or thirteen. The girl, who looked to be the older of the two, said, "Sorry, Miss Nicki. We're almost done." "Almost done? I've arab whore and teen amateur bj lespatrons sons with mia khalifa here to fuck.

Ya fucking my friends smoking hot mom tyler faith be fucking gone!" "We'll go now," she quickly said. "No ya won't! Ya can watch!" Stoned as I was, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She wasn't serious, surely. "Er, it's okay, Nicki. It'll be more romantic with just the two of us." Nicki burst out laughing. "Romantic? I want fucking!" With the three of us looking at her, Nicki pulled her top off, revealing the most beautiful breasts I'd ever seen.

Her virtually black areolas were wide, and when she tweaked her nipples, they grew to an enormous size, both in length and width. I placed my hands upon them as she slipped her bikini bottoms off.

"Right, Mister Englishman, you're gonna have wild fucking sex." She ripped my trunks down, knelt and put my semi-erect cock into her mouth, engulfing the entire length, which I'd never had done before. Suddenly, she broke away, tugged it a few times and said, "Right. Spit on ma cunt and shove that cock in me!" "Er, okay." I watched her spread her legs and bend over, opening her pussy, which looked so inviting I forgot the other two were there.

I moved forward, bent down and spat on her pink opening. I then put my glans on the edge, moved it around to pick up some of the saliva, and pushed.

My cock went straight up. Jesus, it felt good. "Ooooooh, yeah." Nicki put her fingers between her legs and placed a finger on her clit. "You two dumb ass motherfuckers get undressed! You, Englishman, slap my ass hard. Beginning to move in and out of her, I did as instructed. "Harder! I've been bad, so fucking slap me!" I slapped her again, harder this time. "Again! Don't stop till I tell ya to!" Pumping in and out of her pussy, I continually slapped the cheeks of her arse, wondering if I was dreaming.

I'd assumed her to be a sweet girl, but she was wild. I pushed in and out as hard as I could, and my balls were slapping against her pussy. I glanced across to see that the two hired workers were naked. The girl, who had pointed little boobs, stood watching with her hand covering her young pussy, while the boy stood with a good sized erection. "Fuck," I said as I slapped her buttock for the umpteenth time, "you're fucking hot!" Nicki was breathing heavily, her pussy oozing juice.

"Fuck me hard, boy!

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I'm gonna cum!" Suddenly, she let out a long, low pitched groan and pushed back on me, saying, "Fuck, fuck, fuck! Cum, you fucking bastard!" Still slapping her, I could feel my balls beginning to tighten, and that familiar urge gaining in intensity. "Take this," I said, and thrust into her, shooting my semen deep inside her hole.

"Aaaaaaaaaah!" I shot again and again, the intensity of my orgasm heightened due to the spliffs we'd smoked. I continued pounding her until I was out of juice, sighing heavily as Son fucks mom after dad stood there with my length buried deep inside her. "Fuck, dat was good," Nicky said. She moved forward and my cock slipped out. She covered her pussy with her hand and lay on the luxurious sofa with her legs wide open.

She looked at the girl. "You clean my pussy! Lick his cum from my cunt, you little bitch!" The girl had obviously done this before, because she walked straight across, went down onto all fours and began licking Nicky's pussy.

I saw a wad of thick cum dribble out onto her tongue, which she lapped up. She then put her fingers inside and scooped some more out, greedily licking it from her fingers.

"Englishman, you can lick her pussy!" As pleasantly stoned as I was, this was a step too far. "Er, I think she's a bit too young." "Young? Is she fuck! She's a little whore who wants her pussy licked. I lick it, and so can you!

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Get down, boy! Girl show him your cunt!" The girl stood up and moved in front of me and with her legs apart she leaned back, pulling her pussy open and running a finger from her clit, down to her vaginal entrance. She pushed it inside, and held her lips open with her other hand. Looking at the lad, who was still standing there with an erection, and looking at my cock, I did as instructed, and she got back down onto all fours, between Nicki's legs.

She moved her own legs apart. I got in behind her and to my amazement she pushed her pussy at me. I felt that she'd done this before, and more than once. I held out my hand, placing it on her vulva. She had hair growing on her outer lips, stretching a small way up her mons. I could feel that she was wet. I put my tongue onto her clit. She wriggled a little. I then ran it up and down from her clit to her little pink hole.

I poked my tongue in, followed by my finger. Again, she pushed herself against me. She was becoming wet. I continued licking and inserting my finger as she continued to lick Nicki's cunt clean. Nicki and the girl were both moaning. From time to time I glanced at the lad, who remained there with his penis stood to attention. His arms were by his side and he was watching closely.

I tried inserting a second finger, but her hole was just too tight, so I carried on with just one. The girl's rear was moving around, in a circular motion and from side to side. Suddenly, she tensed up and groaned loudly, pulling her legs together as juice dribbled from her hole. "Hey, good man," Nicki said, jumping up, smiling as she approached. Seeing how ya made ma baby sister cum, this is for you." Before I could say sexy blonde bint has her asshole ravaged, she placed her lips on mine and pulled me close.

Our mouths opened and she rammed her tongue into my mouth, twirling it around a few times before pulling away. "Your sister?" I said. "Yeah." Nicki gestured to the lad. "He's ma brother." "Er. . ." I didn't know what to say. Nicki laughed. "Hey, don't worry. They love it, don't you." "Yeah," said the girl. "You made me cum, real good." Nicki grinned at me.

"We have fun all the time. Sometimes my older brothers and sisters join us, but it's my job to see that these two are good. Right, it's time for little bro to cum. He needs a blowjob, so come on, Englishman, blow him." "I'm not gay." "So what? I bet you'd suck your own cock if you could, so suck his instead." I was really beginning to wonder what I'd got myself into. "Er. . ." Nicki kissed me softly.

"Listen, he ain't been blown by a guy before, and believe me; it's an honour to be the first to blow a member of the Walsh family. Come on, you've done his sister, so now do him." "But I don't know how to blow a guy." "Just do to him what you'd want doing to you. Go on." Nicki ushered the lad down onto the floor, where he lay looking up at me. Oh well, I thought. The weed we'd smoked had loosened me up, so I got into the sixty-nine position and picked up his cock. I assumed him to be around thirteen, and for a boy of that age he had a good sized penis, which was around five and a half inches, and it was fat.

He had some hairs around the base of his dick, and looked cute. I pulled back a short foreskin and looked at the shiny, dark burgundy glans, which dribbled some precum, which I licked off. I then placed the head into my mouth. The lad groaned. I cupped his balls and took more of the shaft into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down a few times before taking it as deeply as I could, engulfing most of his throbbing dick.

"Good boy," said Nicki. "Keep going. I wanna see his spunk in your mouth." Encouraged by Nicki, I continued, licking his shaft and balls before taking the length in again, feeling it at the back of my throat as his pelvis gyrated. I removed my mouth and ran my hand up and down, watching his foreskin cover his head, and move back.

When I heard him groan loudly, I put his tool back into my mouth and concentrated on the top of his length, huge rack brunette milf on her knees my hand up and down his ebony shaft. Suddenly, he jerked, and I felt hot fluid shoot into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat.

He was moaning and groaning as he shot another wad into my mouth. Several smaller squirts followed, and he went limp. Strangely, it didn't taste as bad as I'd feared; sweet, salty and with a hint of bitterness. I took my mouth away and lay his cock down on his naval.

"Fucking wow!" said Nicki. "I wanna see that cum. Show me." I gave his dick one more pull, seeing a little more semen dribble from the end, I licked it up and turned to Nicki and her sister. Their brother got up and knelt beside them. I opened my mouth, showing them the contents. "Mmmmmmmh!" Nicky looked pleased. "Now, swallow most of it, but leave some for us." I swallowed the sperm, leaving a little in my mouth as I'd been told to do.

All three siblings knelt there with their mouths open. I dribbled a little of what was left, into each, all three rolling their tongues around. Nicki stood up and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me. "Well, Tony, you're a hell of a guy. I think that you're ready to meet some people, but we have to finish off, first." She turned to her brother and sister, the names of whom I still didn't know.

"You two can get in the shower." They nodded and walked away. Nicki took my hand, leading me in the direction the other two had gone.

Arriving in a luxury shower room, they stood before us, smiling. "Right, Claude, you can piss on your sister. Felicity, open your fucking mouth!" I watched as Felicity knelt down and closed her eyes. Claude stood over her, holding his now flaccid cock, and began to pee over his target, the stream hitting her cheeks before entering her mouth. Once full, she swallowed, opening it again.

Claude didn't piss for very long, but there was enough for two mouthfuls, with the rest running down her body as she felt her small boobs. Without being told, they swapped positions and Felicity stood over Claude. She opened her pussy, ensuring that we could see, and began relieving herself into her brother's open mouth. Like his sister, he swallowed and opened his mouth again for more.

Urine dribbled down him. He rubbed it all over. When Felicity had finished, she knelt next to her brother. "Well, Tony, ya must need a piss, so fill 'em up, boy." Nicky thrust her pussy towards them, opened her lips and aimed at her sister, a stream flowing from her within seconds, her water spraying over both of them, with some entering their mouths.

I too began to pee, ensuring that I hit the targets, feeling really turned on when they swallowed. Once Id finished, I saw that Nicky was watching me, grinning. "You, boy, are fucking hot! I'm gonna have to do some more with you, but we'll go back english 3x sex stories for story the beach for now." She took hold of my hand, leaving her siblings in the shower.

"They'll clean up. So, Mister Tony Englishman, I think you're a closet kinky-boy. I'm gonna show you exactly how to be a 'real' kinky boy. You're gonna fucking love it!" As it happens, Nicki was right. I'd never dreamed of doing what we had, but I'd enjoyed it, and so had Claude and Felicity, who I hadn't seen for the last time. That holiday transpired to consist of sex, food, sex, drink, sex, swimming, sex, parties, sex and even more sex. All I can say is that I love Jamaica! PLEASE leave your comments, especially if it's a negative vote, which means nothing without a reason why.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to message or email me. All the best, Douggie.