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Cheating wife loves sucking me off cocksucking swallow
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"So what's going on with you two?" I asked. "Well, we just got some more news to share with you two," Jeanette said in a sad tone. My mind went straight to the worst, what if they were breaking up or something bad happened? "OK what?" John asked. Then Jeanette and Christina both held their hands up and they both had rings on. "We're getting married," They both replied in happy tones. Immediately both John and I got up and went over to them. We both gave them hugs and everything else.

I don't think either one of us saw that coming, but we were very happy for them and also a little shocked as well. "Well shit mom, I had no idea either one of you were thinking about that," I said. "Well we were just talking the other day right after sex, and the idea of it came up somehow, I wasn't planning it for right then," Christina said.

"We were talking about you I think, then we were both thinking about it for a little while. Then just without a ring, your mom just proposed to me," Jeanette replied. "I just wanted to do it honestly, because I love her and today we got rings," Christina said. I completely somehow did not see that coming. I mean, my mom hadn't even had one serious relationship since my dad and now she was getting hitched to Jeanette, but I couldn't help but be happy for them honestly.

So I made sure to give them both big hugs. "So are you happy for us?" Christina asked me. "Yes of course I'm mom. You are marrying my best friend and you are really public fun talk ep 456 interview she with her, so how could I not be happy for you two?" I asked.

I was still a little overwhelmed truth be told, but still I was happy for them. "We just want the same small wedding that you two had.

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Just us and the minister and at the same church too," Jeanette said. "OK then cool, but you are at least gonna get a different cake though right?" I asked. "Yes smart ass," Jeanette replied.

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Then John hugged Jeanette as well. I think he had the same feelings as I did. "Well I never thought you'd be marrying a woman honestly, but she has a great mom, so I'm happy for you sweetheart," John said to Jeanette. Then Jeanette shed a few tears. "I know daddy, I love you," Jeanette replied. "I love you too Jeanette," John replied.

Then the both gave each other a huge hug. So after that, we had another wedding to plan, but we had most of it planned already though. That didn't stop us from having fun though. Then as I was 23 weeks along, John and Christina were both at work, and we hung in my room to do homework after Jeanette got out of school. I didn't have any sense I wasn't in school, but we could still hang out.

As always we didn't talk about homework though one Friday afternoon. "So are you really OK that I'm marrying your mom?" Jeanette replied. Truth be told, I wasn't jumping up and down, but I was still very OK with it. "Well you were OK that I was not only marrying your dad, but I was pregnant with his baby too. So yeah I'm OK with it," I replied. Then she sparked a couple tears and came over to me as I was on the bed. She laid down with me and we cuddled for a minute.

"Can I kiss you just once?" Jeanette asked. "Sure," I replied. Then we kissed once. "Thank you. You know something, it's like kissing your mom," Jeanette said. "Oh you smart ass," I replied. Then we both laughed for a minute.

"So really what is the sex like with my mom?" I asked. "You are a curious and horny lady. You've seen us having sex before, didn't you get a good idea from that?" Jeanette asked.

"Maybe," I replied. "Well, it's a little different from how it was with us. She's bigger than you, but she is a lot older than me though. The sex is just as good as the sex we had honestly. I'm not gonna say the sex is better or worse if that is what you are fishing for," Jeanette said. Then she felt my stomach again. I was more than halfway through and all three jav collection beauty venus asian milf gathering legs ass them had to have felt my stomach at least a few hundred times each by then.

"So what's it like to be pregnant?" Jeanette asked. "What do you mean? You mean having to go to the bathroom frequently? Or knowing that someone is literally growing inside you?" I asked. "The second one.

I mean, you are still a little young. You are just 25 now. I never would have thought either one of us would have a baby until our 30s honestly, but every single day I see you, I guess I just wonder what it's like," Jeanette replied.

I heard what she was saying, I guess every woman that wants to be pregnant sooner or later, so she just got a little curious. "Well you'll like it, but what are you two gonna do though, go to a sperm bank?" I asked.

"Maybe I guess, but I'll have to talk to your mom about that," Jeanette replied. "Talk to me about what?" Christina asked as she came in the room. Then she took a tiny teen double penetration xxx when the peeping tom stranger tells jade how fine she at us and sat down on the bed with us.

"Damn Callie, John really let's you sleep with that cute stuffed animal?" Christina asked. "That's a good one mom," I replied. Then she laid down with us with me in the middle. "What are two attractive ladies talking about while they cuddle?" Christina asked.

"What's it like to be pregnant, your fiancé is just curious," I replied. "Oh? I didn't know you were curious," Christina said. "Well she is pregnant and my best friend, so I thought I'd ask," Jeanette replied. "And your step mom, don't forget that," I said. Then I thought about something else. I couldn't believe it didn't hit until right then honestly, and I thought it was a little funny. "Hey, we're officially gonna be each others step moms when you get hitched," I said as I laughed.

"Oh shit, you are right. I never thought about that," Jeanette replied. Then we all just cuddled there together for a few more minutes.

Then eventually John came home an he saw all of us cuddling. "Is it my birthday already?" John asked as he came in the room. "Maybe," I replied as I got up. Then I gave him a hug and kiss. "How's my sweetheart?" John asked. "I'm good daddy," Jeanette replied. "And I'm too, smart ass," I said as looked at Jeanette. Then we kissed again. "Well you two wanna stay for dinner?" John asked. "Sure, if you don't mind," Christina replied. Then we all went out to there find something to eat, but there wasn't anything we could all agree on though.

"Well does anything sound good?" John asked. "Well how about spaghetti?" Jeanette replied. "Sure, I can do that," John said. Then John got everything he needed to make it for us, but had me get one thing for him. "Hey Callie, can you look in pantry there and get out some sauce?" John asked.

"Sure sweetie," I replied. Then I went to the pantry and opened the door. In there I found a beautiful bracelet in a box sitting there. "What the fuck is this?" I asked as I grabbed it. Then I came over to him.

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"I was more going for 'I love it', but I'll take that," John replied. Then I took it out of the box and put it on. It fit perfectly. "I love it," I said as I hugged him. "It's just an 'I love you' gift, well because I love you," John replied. "Well I love you too," I said. "That's good to hear, I need my wife to love me," John replied.

"Well you are doing a great job," I said. Then we kissed one again and he made dinner. Then Jeanette, my mom and I went to sit down on the couch. "Damn my lady, he's a keeper," Jeanette said. Then they both just had their eyes on it. It was really pretty and I had no idea how it cost, but I loved it.

"Well, someone wants you to love him more than anything else on the planet," Christina said. "Well I already do, but really what do you think this is about?" I asked. "I don't know, but he loves you more than anything, he wouldn't do anything like that to make sure you are buttered up," Christina replied. "I wasn't thinking that," I said.

"Maybe it was just a 'I love you' gift. I mean he does love you," Christina replied. Then he came back in the living room. "Well, you showing it off now?" John asked. "Yes, I love it John, thank you so much," I replied. Then a little while later we ate nasty lesbos gets punished and fucked with dildos clip and they left after wards. Then we were both in the bedroom as I was just in my bra and underwear and he was feeling my stomach again.

I was still wearing the bracelet. "I love my wife, and I liked to keep her happy, and not just physically," John said. "I know, this was just unexpected," I replied right before blue eyes girl fuck and spanking her boyfriend tube porn kissed again. Then we cuddled some more. I still wondered about the bracelet, but I wanted to show him my appreciation.

"Well sense you got me an 'I love you' gift, I wanna give you some 'I love you' sex," I said. "I can live with that," John replied. Then we started making out passionately for a minute and he made sure to touch my boobs that were growing luxury long hair brunette erotic cam scenes fast. "I like these, they are really nice," John said. "Well I want my husband to love me," I replied.

Then I leaned up and he took off my bra. "Really nice and sexy my lady. Just so you know even if son rape stuck japanese mom were A-cups, I'd still love you as much as I do now, and another thing, these are more sexier than your mom's," John said. "Well thank you I guess, but did you like my mom's?" I asked. Then he gave me a skeptical look. "Is that a trap?" John asked.

"No, I'm just asking," I replied. "Yes they were nice, but I married you though, not your mom. My daughter is marrying your mom," John said. Then I took off my panties as well. As I was completely naked, except the bracelet, I laid down and he grabbed onto my boobs to squeeze them nicely. Then he took off his pants and boxers quickly.

"That was fast," I said. "Well I wanna make love to my wife," John replied as he got on top of me. Then he inserted his cock into me and gave me a kiss. We both put our arms around each other and he began thrusting his cock in and out of me slowly. He couldn't lean to far towards me sense I was 23 weeks along. "I love you Callie, I want you to wear that bracelet and ring everyday for the rest of your life for me," John said.

"I was planning on it," I replied. He really did love me more than anything else in the world, and I saw he really just wanted to show me how he really felt. I respected that hell out of that. "You are still one hell of a man," I said. "I know, I just got it because I love you," John replied. "No, I was talking about your cock," I said. Then we both laughed once again and he got a little rough and passionate with me, but not too much.

Then I had to belt out some moans like mad. "Oh shit yes John, fuck your wife until the sun comes up for me," I said. "I can do that for you, it's Friday night, I can pleasure my wife for that long," John replied.

He seemed up to the challenge, so he wrapped his arms around me and my boobs were leaning up against him a little, then he leaned his head down a little as well and put my entire right nipple in his mouth.

He sucked on it very passionately for over a minute and I felt very titillated. As his cock was inside me as well my pussy got very wet yet again. "Holy shit John, I'm cumming already," I said. We had sex for about an hour straight and never actually took a real break. We both had a few orgasms, then we both had to stop for a little while. "Well shit my lady, I guess I'm a little older than I thought," John said. "Well, it was just a horny request sweetheart. We don't have to go all night long, but I've really become to love sex, I mean damn," I replied.

"Well you have had good sex with me a few hundred times and with Jeanette how many times?" John asked. "Like 20 I think," I replied.

"Really 20 times?" John asked. "I think, but you have a very sexy daughter you know," I replied. "I know, I had sex with her that one time too, but it's kinky though. I mean that day we saw them in the 69 position, that was sexy," John said. Then I thought about something for a minute. "Do you have a crush?" I asked. "What on my own daughter? No," John replied. "I'm just asking. I mean would you have sex with her if you could?" I asked.

"No, of course not, I'm with you Callie, not her or anyone else," John replied. "OK sweetheart. I was just wondering honestly," I said. Then we cuddled in silence for a few more minutes.

"Well sense we are just wondering certain things about each other, if you could have sex with your mom, would you do it?" John asked. Truth be told, I wasn't sure myself.

I mean I knew I was with him, but I wasn't too sure if I was really all that sexually attracted to my mom. "I don't know honestly. I mean I love my mom, but I don't think I'm sexually attracted to her like that. I guess the opportunity would have to be presented in front of me for me to really make the call I think," I replied.

"OK I get what you are saying sweetheart. Did you ever think about it before you started blowing me when I was taking a nap?" John asked.

"Is that how this started? I forgot," I replied as I laughed a little. Then I gave him a kiss. "No, I never thought of her like that before this all started, but I won't say I'd never lyra law makes sean fuck her tight pussy interested though.

I guess that might be a honorary bucket list item for the time being," I replied. "Already than," John said. Then we gave each other another kiss and then he leaned his head on my stomach softly. "Well, did you ever think about me sexually before we started?" I asked. "Maybe, but you were my daughter's best friend, I didn't wanna mess that up for Jeanette," John replied.

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"I can understand that too," I said. Once again, it was very clear, we had some chemistry, really strong chemistry. So far our marriage was kicking ass and taking name.

But we also had another marriage coming soon, my mom and his daughter were getting married, but would that have any strain on our marriage? We'd find out soon.