Huge round ass mom fuck by son

Huge round ass mom fuck by son
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A warm weekend is here and you want to get some peace and quiet and maybe work on a tan. There a little known spot not far away perfect for camping and sunning.

Your special friend was out there and left his tent set up for you to use. A smile crosses your face thinking of him and all you have done together.

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After settling in at the camp you realized you are all alone, not a soul around, since it is just after noon you grab a blanket and spread it out just next to a sprawling dogwood tree. Glancing around you decide to strip and get some all-over sun…You lay down on your back letting the sun kiss your skin and as it heats your body you get a little drowsy and roll over to your stomach and in less than a minute you are asleep. I decided to walk out to the camp spot from a near two girls threesome with a big cock parking area just enjoying the sun and sounds of nature.

In my backpack, I have a few things I knew were needed for the camp spot I left for you but didn't think you would be there yet. I come around the tent to see you stretched out in the sun sleeping like a goddess, your golden hair fanned out, your lithe body free for all to adore, your female charms slightly exposed and a hint of moisture on those smooth supple lips just waiting for me to kiss and lick.

I quietly ease the pack off my back and pull out 2 black bandanas. I lean over your body inhaling your warm wonderful natural scent. Push your hair back from your eyes and kiss one to let you know I am there as I settle my fully clothed body on you.

You squirm feeling my lips and body on yours, purr like a kitten and try to ease me off you. Before I move I take one black do rag and place it over your eyes and tie it behind your head.

Your smile widens at the thought that I am going to make your dream come true. The other do rag goes around one wrist and after I roll you over the second wrist is bound to it. Whispering I say "Don't move, let me enjoy the view." I pull out a stake from my pack and pull your hands above your head and hammer the stake into the ground securing your arms. I kiss my way down your arms one at a time all the way to the long slender neck of yours nibbling on each side and kissing to your throat.

You start to wiggle try to get me to do more but I resist and lift off from you telling you to relax we have all the time in the world.

I take 2 more stakes and some soft ropes and secure your legs so they are spread and the breeze can cool your body a bit. I take a bottle of water and pour a bit on your bald pussy and you squirm I drizzle more up your torso all the way to your open mouth. Drink babe you will need the moisture. I take a banana and peal it letting you smell it then dragging it down over your loving nipples, I stop to kiss them, down over your stomach, stopping again to dip my tongue into your navel, down around your mound when I move to place my body between your out stretched limbs I kiss your inner thigh, first the right up to the junction of your legs then the left right up to but not quite on your swelling lips and clit.

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I blow warm air across those love lips sending a tingle through your body. Then I slowly lick your lips all around but not in intense blowjob action with a slutty blonde to tease you.

Are you moaning yet? My nose rubs all around your swollen vulva. I start another lick but this time from your sexy puckered asshole flat against your swollen lips and roughly over your then back down again once I reach the bottom I again start working up but dip my tongue into you ass first just a bit then up spreading your outer lips and my tongue slips inside your vagina but continues up spreading your inner lips as I roughly cover your hot opening and on to your hooded clit teasing it out of hiding.

I attack it with gusto like a man starved of food. While I am sucking, and nibbling it you suddenly feel the banana as I ease it into your hot wet pussy. Once it is all the way in with just a tiny amount still out side your body I stop and rise. You moan and plead for me to continue but I whisper in your ear that today was all about my teasing you to the max and to layback and enjoy.

The sun has moved so the tree is shading your body. I give you a drink of water and say just relax babe I'll be back.

I get up and strip to my boxers then say I think I shall get dinner ready. I already know what I want for dessert. I start a fire in the pit and as the logs burn down to coals I return to suck on your nipples and then your clit again until your hips are rising trying to get me to do more.

All I do is slip my harness into our mouth so you can lick and nibble and tease lucky milf dana sensually fingerfucks a hot teen abella pornstars fingering. I pull out and pour a bit more water into our mouth caressing your hair and body. I see the coals are ready for steaks so go and place them with some potatoes wrapped in foil.

Finally, I pull out a cob of corn but keep it clean wrapped in plastic and cool in ice. I crawl over you and slowly start to suck and eat the banana out of your pussy. My chin rests on your clit brushing and crushing it in place. Your juices are flowing so much I reposition between your legs so I can lick them all up and stab my tongue into and all around your butt hole my fingers pinching your clit I slip one finger into your pussy curling it up to find the ridges of your g-spot and caress it.

I return to sucking your clit with my one hand busy inside your pussy the other is now wet from your dripping and slowly easy one then 2 fingers in you ass. Both hands working in tandem stroking you, my lips, tongue and teeth working on your clit. You push up at me with your hips trying to get all of me inside you. Your movements become rampant as you start feeling the beginnings of your orgasm.

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I pause and you scream for me to keep going. I oblige I have teased you enough.

I remove the blindfold and watch your eyes as your orgasm over takes you causing your eyes to roll back and wave after wave of pleasure crashes over you while I keep sucking and nibbling your clit, and my hands working in unison to bring the pinnacle of your joy.

After you have calmed down I untie your hands then our legs. Letting the feelings return to them. I get our dinner ready to eat. After we dine I pull out the ear of corn and ask if you are ready for round 2? Round 2 You tell me you want to sleep for a bit to cool off from all the sun. I tell you to go lay in the shade in the tent and when you wake up we will have some more fun. The twinkle in my eye has you wondering but you head off and in less than a minute you are out.

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I'm a nice guy so I let you rest and sitting on the picnic table I lay back and decide to catch a couple of winks myself. I was all prepared for your return with a bottle of baby oil and the corn cob and a smile came to my face thinking of the joys as I dozed off. Sometime later you awake and slowly crawl out of the tent and seeing me laying there you decide round two will be very different than what I had in mind. You put the blindfold on me without waking me and then slowly take my arms over my head and sneaky you pull out a pair of handcuffs and use the black do rag to tie them to the table.

You have me waking up now and tell me to move up the table some and I comply with worm like movements. Once I am in position you remove my shorts and then spread my legs so you have total access to me.

Taking the oil, you massage some on my chest and stomach then move lower thinking I have too much hair, you know I always carry a portable electric razor in my bag, you get it and start working to remove my pubic hair.

When you have it as short as possible you take the oil and rub it on me. As my cock hardens you work the oil up and down my shaft but stop from bringing me off. You use a bit more oil rubbing around my balls taint and finally to my butt. You see me wiggle a bit when you hit on the idea and grab the corn cob, oil it up and then you start stroking my ass with a finger loosening up my butt and finally get a finger in and then a second one.

You are amazed at the sight of my cock getting bigger then realize I am going to cum if you keep that up. Stopping you decide to sit on my face and let me eat your pussy until you have had enough. Dismounting you realize that the cheating blonde girlfriend carmen knoxx is punished by her bf cob may be to big for my ass but not your pussy.

You tell me to open up and place the big end in my mouth and with the oil on it you get in position and lower yourself on it pushing ever so slowly so as not to ram it down my throat and once you have almost all of it inside your tunnel of love you move slowly up almost off then slowly down again moaning and groaning at the agonizingly slowness of you fuck.

10 minutes later you can't take it anymore and with my cock still rock hard you use it to orgasm but get off before I can cum. You whisper in my ear turnabout is fair play and then take the blindfold off grab the corn cob and use it like a dildo until you are close to coming again and with a sly smile on your face you untie me completely order me to stand and then you put oil on my cock and bend over the table.

Looking me in the eye you tell me to fuck your ass. The cob in your pussy feels so different to me in that thin membrane between your holes but I am so hot and horny I can't hold back and start to force my hardness into you deeper and faster with each stroke Your pussy and ass start clenching on me and the cob and as I bellow vs lex steele behind the scenes my joy of release you start your orgasm and we collapse on the table and the cob shoots out and ends only huge cumshots cuties drowning in huge in the fire pit.

After you catch your breathe you shudder and feel a chill. You grab your panties and t-shirt and we recline by the freshly stoked fire cuddling.

We cuddle a bit then I remembered I had asked you about one thing and suddenly I pick you up lay you on the table and start kissing those long wonderful legs. You know what's coming horny babes receive a cock for holidays big tits and cumshot and start pinching those hard nipples that never seem to go down trying to control your breath. I slowly kiss and lick my way up the left leg then start over and do the right leg up to the edge of your panties.

I love the aroma coming up from you and your swollen pussy lips and clit. I nudge everything with my nose firmly pressing the crotch of your panties between your lips.

Stroking my nose of your love button you gasp at the feeling and pinch your nipples hard. I start by licking on the material from your asshole to your clit drooling and spreading your juices and my cum soaking the material.

I use my teeth and at first start lightly biting your lips and clit then get more aggressive finally biting your clit and holding it wiggling my jaw back and forth rolling your clit. My hand grabbing our ass lift you up and I latch my lips around your pussy and suck as hard as I can and rubbing my tongue back and forth and up and down. I lower you down then use one hand on each of our lovely breasts treat the nipples to the same rolling pinching motion as your hot button is getting.

Your moans are getting loud as you start bucking at my face and with you orgasm arriving your legs lock around my head as you fuck my face. What seems like hours later but actually only a minute or 4 you release my head so I can breathe and smile then pick you up and head into the tent for the night. You finally realized what you really needed this weekend was just to be treated special and treated like the hot woman you are.