Massive white butt dancing on its own

Massive white butt dancing on its own
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Hearing my mother yelling my name from next door made me so happy but also so terrified because I didn't want anyone seeing me like this. Laying here, naked and violated from a sex hungry, lustful man whom the whole family trusted. Hearing mum calling my name made Jack stiffen. I could tell he was as scared as I was, for all different reasoning. He quickly jumped up, sitting on his heels and sliding his penis out of me with a very loud 'pop' sound as all the cum tried escaping me. "Oh no, we might be in trouble here." he whispered to himself.

He looked down at me and started gently rubbing my very sensitive pussy lips and turned the vibrator in my asshole up a bit more. "Now Jessica, dont make a sound baby, we dont want anyone seeing you like this. You know your parents would be very angry if you were having sex before marriage. You know mummy wouldnt like that and daddy would be very angry aswell, who knows what might happen." His smug smile after that made me want to hit him because he knew they would take my side and would believe everything I said over his word.

All I needed to do was get out of this bondage and run home, which wasnt far away. I watched as Jack got up off of the bed and started to clean himself of the blood and cum from his dick and fingers.

He quickly got dressed and leaned in to give me a kiss on the forehead, whispering "Daddy will come back real quick, im just going to talk to your mum quickly. Dont miss me too much doll". As he was walking away, I couldnt stop wriggling and jolting my body viciously trying to get the handcuffs off and the vibrator out of my ass but nothing would budge. I was stuck like this until Jack did something about it.

This thought terrified me, my fate in the hands of a monster. Im not sure how much time went by but all I could hear from next door was the muffled sounds of laughter and conversation being immersed as mum and Jack were getting along quite well. The sound of doors opening and closing, I knew Jack was coming back inside. "Oh Jack, its been so long, you definitely know how to put a smile on my face!" 'Mum?

He. He invited mum inside?' I started to panic and acted frantically as I realised how much of a psychopath Jack really was as I was bound naked with a dildo up my ass a few rooms away from my own mother.

"Close your eyes darling, I have something to show you."I heard Jack say and I began to whimper, I really hope he wasnt referring to me. I saw the door slowly open with Jack behind my mother, covering her eyes and leading her towards the end of the bed. I started to flail and sweat vigorously, trying to hide myself as best as I could completely bound up.

He took his hands off of my mums eyes and said "Ta da!! Look what I have!" The look on my mums face was indescribable, she was shocked as she slowly put her hands up onto her mouth busty blonde babe enjoys riding big black rod couldnt look away.

She was speechless for a few moments, not knowing what to do. "You. I." she began to quiver. "You promised we would do this together!!

When did you take her virginity?! You gave me your word if I let you sir and girl student collage xxx storys in class it that i was allowed to be there!" she began to yell and scream at him for all the wrong reasons.

What was my mum on about? She wanted to witness my rape? What sick twisted relationship did Jack and my mother have up until now but I just felt a sudden rush of betrayal and disgust towards the both of them. I began to weep again as I turned my head slightly to the side and closed my eyes viciously, pretending none of this ever happened.

"Im sorry darling, I knew you wanted to be there, but opportunity striked and I just had to take that sweet pussy of hers. We still have a deal, you just have to take care of my pet whilst im not around, and soon we should be able to all do it together. Do you want to try her out?" "Its okay master, you know I can never be mad at you. Maybe later, my husband is coming home soon and I evita needs to fuck now cumshots brunette to clean her up so nothing is too suspicious when he arrives.

Hopefully she can just keep her mouth shut in the mean time." my mother said with a malicious smile. What was happening? Was mother having an affair with uncle Jack behind my dads back? Was she his sex slave or pet aswell? What was to become of me? All this was all so new to me and so confusing, I was very scared of my future. Jack picked my mum up and threw her on the bed, basically on top of me.

"You know never to bring your husband up around me, I hate that prick." He repositioned her on top of me and ripped her pants off, just barely going down to her knees as he unzipped his pants and shoved his cock deep inside my mother. She started to scream from pleasure as he rocked her world, thrusting into her, not giving her time to take in a deep breath.

This was disgusting, having my mother inches away from my face as she was getting the best fucking of her life. It lasted quite a long time as she came several times on his cock and he thrusted his whole cock inside her to cum deep within her womb. I could tell they've been fucking for years. Mum got up to fix herself up and stared down at me, feeling a bit bad. Out of remorse and also poor time management, she quickly decided to help me out, not for my benefit but for her own.

She went to the kitchen and came back with a wet paper towel. I felt the vibrator being pulled out of my ass and being replaced with the towel to help clean up any juices or blood that might have come out of it. It did sting a bit but I was just relieved I didnt have to feel the tingly vibration in my asshole anymore.

Clean up was the easiest part, until she reached for my pussy and started cleaning it out. It definitely started to burn when she was continuously poking and shoving the towel up my pussy to try and get all the unwanted juices out. The next thing that was taken out was the mouth gag and then the hand cuffs.

The final release of everything being taken off was so relieving as my jaw stopped aching and my hands werent burning anymore. You would think I would try and run away, knowing ive finally been set free but theres no point as ill always be trapped within this sick family. I just slowly got up and began to put on my still damp clothes and just stood there. I saw the exchange of gifts from Jack to my mother of such things as the ball gag, the handcuffs, a few vibrators and a strapon.

I didnt know what was to become of me but I knew the next few years of my life was going to be hell. I was escorted out in silence and into my bedroom where mum sat down next to me on the bed. She looked remorseful but also mischievous. "Now Jessica" she paused, "I dont know what youre feeling right now but ill make it all feel better, okay?

Jack is a good friend of mine and you'll treat him with respect, following his every order like a good girl, just like how you are with me and daddy.

Nothing will change, we will always love you but we're a different family now and Jack is apart of this family." She shuffled closer, putting an arm around me and started to pat my hair. "He's always loved you, you know? Just a little more than most of us, I love you too so the things that will happen to you might be a bit different to you for now but you will get used to it, I promise.

We're only doing it because we love you, trust me". I couldnt help but sigh, she was still my mother and after all the years of religious and empowering torment, I couldnt help but obey her. She pulled my chin towards hers and gave me a very deep kiss. I tried resisting and pulling back but she just continued to devour me, like we were in a relationship and not mother and daughter.

It was disgusting. She pulled away and got up, walking towards the door. "Oh and Jessica?" I looked up at her, "tell anyone and no one will believe you, and if we find out you tried telling anyone, we'll make your life a living hell" she said with a very evil and threatening smile. She shut the door behind her and finally I was alone in silence.

I just went under the covers and cried myself to sleep, despite it being midday. I felt a shift on the bed, I looked up and everything was black, it must have been around midnight. I couldnt see anything but I could definitely feel another person on my bed. I started to panic and started to hit the person, crying viciously as I relived my previous torment. I was hit in the face and had a hand shoved over my mouth.

"Shut up! What did I say before?! You are to love and respect everything I and uncle Jack do to you" It was mum ontop of me. She started to put the ball gag in my mouth and shoved my hands above my head. "I thought I could trust you but no, you dont want to be a good girl after all.

Jack told me you were disobedient, its going to take a long time to train you" She handcuffed me to the bed after flipping me to my stomach. I was laying down flat, now naked in the dark with my mother hovering over me, I think also naked. She started to pet me like I was a dog as she slipped her hand between my legs and was rubbing my pussy, sliding some fingers into my slit which was still quite raw. I could feel her reposition herself with her legs on either side of me.

She leaned over me and I could feel her slowly thrusting something that felt like a dick inside my pussy. 'The strapon?' I thought and I tensed up and tried shutting my legs really tight.

But it was no use. "Sorry baby, but I have to do this, I need to loosen you up a bit for Jack, he doesnt want you being so uptight and frigid anymore." She was legitimately training me to be a sex toy for Jack. What was wrong with this woman? What did Jack have over her to make her do something like this to me? My thoughts started to jumble as i felt the whole cock go inside to the hilt.

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I could tell this wasnt the first time mum was doing this to someone. She pulled all the way out and slid it back in slowly. I started to self lubricate, despite the violation but mum was really started to pump into me now. Fucking me harder and harder, I couldnt help but moan a little as she continuously hit my gspot over and over.

I hated myself for enjoying this but she was so good at fucking, completely filling me with each thrust. The wet slap was really starting to be audible as I was building up to my first orgasm. The deep thrusts within my pussy were started to take toll, as I was completely covered in sweat and sil pac xxx story letest, as was mum.

She was silent as she fucked me so hard, not feeling any emotion as she viciously fucked her own daughter. My pussy started to pulsate, I was about to cum. I began screaming behind the gag and straining my whole body, pushing my pussy up into the violation of my mums strapon cock. I came so hard on the fake dick that my legs were quivering and I was violently shaking as it took over my whole body.

My mum didnt say anything as she got up, ripping the dick out of my pussy, undoing my gag, uncuffing me and taking off her blonde harlot misha cross gets her pussy serviced by masseur. She just kissed me on the forehead and walked out of the room, not mentioning a thing. This became a nightly routine around midnight, slipping into my room, fucking me until I came, sometimes several times on her cock and she would just leave without saying a word.

Eventually I became used to it where I didnt need to be gagged or tied up, despite not liking it. It still felt very wrong but my pussy needed it more. We tried different positions, from missionary to doggy style, also trying out BDSM at times where mum would hurt me intentionally in a sexual manner.

She really was training me to become a well trained slut and I was becoming so willing that I would open my legs for her whenever she wanted. Weeks went by, no one said anything about the manner but my dad had mentioned he was going away for a few weeks for work. I completely understood what this meant, knowing I was going to be openly fucked all during the day by my mother and maybe Jack, despite not being fucked by him since he took my virginity.

"Goodbye honey" my dad said to mum as he was walking towards the car. He kissed her and gave her a very long and hard hug, before turning to me and saying his farewells. I could see mum forcing out fake tears but my dad bought all of it.

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"Ill be back sooner than you think! Dont worry about it, you know I love you both. Its only for a few weeks, but I have to go now otherwise ill miss my flight". He got into his car and drove away as we were both waving. I started to shutter as I felt mums hand go from my shoulder down to my ass and grip it. She whispered as she was staring forward, "Go inside, strip naked and bend over on the bed on all fours and wait for me." She walked away towards Jacks house.

I didnt know whether to obey her because I might be punished or do it anyway and endure another rape. I had to listen to her though, it was drilled into my mind to obey my mums every command, despite it being what it was. I did exactly that and went inside and stripped naked, going on the bed and bending over.

My head was laying on the bed with my ass in the air, looking at the door and waiting patiently for what was to come. I heard two people, I immediately knew I was going to be fucked by Jack again because mum wouldnt have invited anyone else over but him. They both walked into the room and just em trai thailand hot gay asian hunks at me.

"Pet, youve done well to train her, thankyou" Jack said, kissing my mum on the cheek. "Now go, I want her for myself." Mum started to look quite confused, "but you promised we would do this together." Jack looked like he was about to get aggressive, "I said go, we'll discuss this later, dont disobey me cunt, leave, shes mine now." He started to clench his fists but mum took the hint and left the room.

Jack turned towards the door to lock it and turned around to look at me. "Look at how beautiful you are, racy doggy style sex for busty oriental you wet for me?" He started to walk towards me and put a finger into my slit and rubbed intently.

He removed his finger and told me to get up off the bed. "I want you to strip me" I just stood there, staring at his face, not knowing if I should actually do it or disobey him. I really didnt want to make him angry and get punished so I walked up to him and started to unbutton his shirt. It took me a while to take everything off, from his tightly buttoned up shirt on his large frame, down to his pants and underwear being pulled down with his cock springing to attention.

When I was done, he grabbed my hand and escorted me to bed. He laid down on his back and encouraged me to go ontop. I really didnt want to get fucked by him, especially me being the one ontop. He grabbed my hips anyway and slowly lowered me onto his dick. I could hear him quivering as his dick went fully inside me. He noticed I didnt want to move and just sat there so gripped really hard on my hips and started fucking himself with me. He would go really hard and fast which made me moan a bit as his thrusts started to meet mine.

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"Oh baby, fuck daddy harder, it feels so good." We both started to audibly moan as he changed position back into missionary and started to really fuck me. I started to grip the sheets and the pillows around me as it felt extremely good with his long, hard and fast strokes inside me.

I didnt realise how loud I was really being as my moans were taking over when my first orgasm took over my body. My legs were shaking, I was gripping onto his back and scratching him deeply trying to hold on as best as I could. He slammed me back down onto the bed and held my arms up high, as a warning this wasnt a love session but a hate fuck for only his pleasure. He hit me across the face which made me silent and the actualisation of the situation became too real for me.

I just laid limp after my orgasm and turned my head to the side, realising he wanted this to be rape. I wasnt allowed to enjoy this. I was a slave and the more I hated it, the more it turned him on. Just as I was starting to enjoy it, he brought me back to reality and the whole situation just saddened me.

I closed my eyes and let him finish. His animalistic thrusts continued for another 10 minutes as he was grabbing my breasts, abusing my body, hurting me all over to intentionally give me bruises.

He let go of my arm and both his hands went around my neck, squeezing really hard to cut off my air circulation. I was staring into his eyes for hopefully some remorse but doing this to me was only making him harder.

I was holding onto his hands, trying to pry them away but it was no use since he was so strong. A few more thrusts and he slammed really deep inside me.

His hot cum really filled me up and it lasted for about 10 seconds when he eventually let go of my throat, allowing me to gasp for air.

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We were both panting really hard and he just rolled over and collapsed next to me, his dick slowly shrinking and covered in both of our juices. I was simply terrified of the whole situation, my throat really hurt, my hips were aching and my vagina was sore again from the brutal violation. I thought this may have been exchange of delicate oral service games hardcore blowjob since I was starting to enjoy the fucking but I realised that wasnt possible and I was supposed to hate the torment.

Nothing will make this easy for me and ill just have to endure it for as long as I can. I could hear him jerking his cock, trying to make it hard again. He grabbed my shoulders and flipped me onto my stomach. He was about to invade me again but this time it was only for his pleasure. Without saying a word, he shoved it deep into my pussy again and started to fuck me hard.

I just held onto the pillow and started to weep a bit because if I orgasm again, he might punish me.

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I gripped hard and bit into it as I felt my pussy really start to tingle. I was terrified because Mother chums daughter threesome and father blonde grounded girls knew what was going to happen. Mum would always fuck me like this with the strapon and it would make me cum within minutes because of how sensitive my g spot was.

I began to shutter and convulse as I had another orgasm, and another. I had my first multiple orgasm from Jacks raping dick inside me. He was too good at fucking and this was only a bad thing for me. He pulled out of my pussy, smacked my ass really hard and in one thrust just shoved it fully in my asshole.

"I know you wont like this bitch". If I wasnt biting onto the pillow, my screams would of been extremely loud as I was clenching really hard on his dick. I dont know how he got it in so swiftly but his thrusts inside my tight ass were about as fast as they were in my pussy. The tightness and the resistance made him even more horny which only made him last a few more minutes.

He came even harder this time inside my ass and just laid there on top of me, letting his cock come out on its own like the first time he raped me. I was pretty sure at this point, I was bleeding inside my ass but couldnt move because of the amount of weight he was putting on my back. I tried to struggled but he only held me in my place, not letting me wriggle his dick out.

He kissed between my shoulder blades and just laid there in ecstasy. God help me.