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Uk essex slut southend on sea nina
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By Jefferson on WolfPub CHAPTER SIX "Nooner" Sunday, December 17th. Early Afternoon "Talk about a nooner, huh Daddy?" Emily said with a smile as they stood in Dave's bedroom as Emily pulled Dave's shirt up and over his head.

Dave was so lost in thought at what was going on that he didn't respond or resist as his daughter slid her hands down his torso to his pants and began to work on undoing his belt. Dave was going over the situation and deciding on options. He pretty gal is sucking schlong hardcore massage received a small glass vial of some blue formula in the mail. The note that had come with the formula had stated that giving it to a woman by way of a quick jab with a needle or pin would cause her to become super-horny and extremely submissive to his wishes.

They would do anything, anything at all, to have their sudden, urgent desires fulfilled. He had used the formula on two women. The first was a random woman he'd spotted In Wal-Mart. He had taken her to a motel room and fucked her in every possible orifice during the six hours that the formula had given him. Elizabeth, had apparently enjoyed their time together. So much so that she had tried to arrange a date between him and one of her virgin girlfriends.

That date had gone wonderfully but Dave's conscience had bothered him and he had never used the formula on her. The second woman he used it on was his ex-wife, Rebbecca. He had used it on Rebbecca to get her to allow their daughters, Emily and Hayley, to spend Christmas with him. Even now, a copy of the video he had made of Rebbecca and him having relations was winging it's way to her with a short note inside threatening to send copies of the video to her boyfriend, Paul, and to the media if she didn't agree.

Paul's chances of winning a state senate seat would fall dramatically if his long-term, live-in girlfriend were "exposed" in huge delights for adorable hotties hardcore and reality sex tape. Dave was sure Rebbecca would give in. His demands were not that high. Now, his eldest daughter, Emily, the only person he had shared the secret with, had tricked him.

She had asked to "look" at the drug and the paraphernalia to administer it. Instead, she had given the formula to herself as Dave had watched.

Dave had confessed to Emily that he had briefly considered using it on her and her very attractive younger sister but not seriously. Now she had done it for him. She had undressed herself and had dragged him into his bedroom and was, even now, actively working to finish undressing him. The drug was driving her, making her think that David could quench the lusty desires that it was causing inside her.

Dave was sure he could fight her off, not commit the ultimate form of parental abuse. He was sure he could. Emily wasn't a big girl. He outweighed her by more than fifty pounds and worked out semi-regularly. Only the questions stopped him from doing so. The note hadn't told what would happen to a woman who had been given the formula but was given no release. Was it fatal? Would she need hospitalization? Would she harm herself to get what she wanted and needed?

Dave had lots of questions but very few answers to any of them. Then there was Emily herself. She had stated only a moment earlier that this was not a spur of the moment decision. She had said that she had been considering this for a while now.

Had she started considering it before or after she found out about the formula? Then there was the question of whether he was going to be her first.

Emily lived with her mother most of the time. Dave had heard that Emily had boyfriends but had never questioned either of his daughters about their love lives. Was she a virgin or would he just be one of many? The more the questions went through Dave's mind, the more he realized how little he knew about Emily and her sister.

Dave's pants, now undone, fell down his legs and pooled around his ankles. Emily reached for the waistband of his briefs only to have Dave stop her. He held her wrists and pushed her hands away. Emily looked up and could see that her father had come to some kind of decision. Dave released her wrists, grabbed her upper arms and pushed her down so she was sitting on the bed.

He then stepped out of his pants, kicked them to the side and kneeled down before her. "Before we do this, you're going to answer some questions. You're going to answer them honestly and completely. You are not going to lie or withhold any information.

Understood?" "Yes Daddy." "I'm sure you wanna get this over with quickly, right?" Emily nodded. "The way to do that is to answer my questions." Emily nodded again in understanding. "My first question is why did you do this?" "Every girl measures guys up against the men in their lives; fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, whatever.

All of my boyfriends, I compare to you. You've been the biggest male influence in my life. Only one guy so far has come even close to measuring up. "I've had a crush on you since I was thirteen and was old enough to understand what was happening to me. You're kind, gentle, giving, handsome, strong, and one of the smartest men I've ever met. What girl could resist? "Hayley doesn't have it as bad but she has it too. Before you and Mom separated, a lot of my friends commented on how sweet and handsome you were.

A couple of them even asked me if I would mind if busty pretty girl purchased as sex slave made a play for you after you and Mom broke up.

I told them that I would mind so none of them did it. Otherwise, you would have a harem of young girls begging to get into your pants right now. I did it, Daddy, because I love you and I want to show you that." "This isn't the way to do it, Em." Emily smiled but didn't speak. Gorgeous eurobabe gagging and gets plowed european rubbed his face with both hands as he tried to come up with another question.

"Have you had sex with anyone else?" "To quote President Clinton, 'Define sex.'" "Have you had intercourse with any boys?" "Just one, Daddy. Brian Hartwell. You remember him?" Dave nodded. Emily and Brian had been buddies since they were in kindergarten. They had lived only three houses apart and had been each others best friend and confidant as they grew.

It was Brian that Emily played 'house' and 'doctor' with. Rebbecca had caught them playing doctor when Emily was ten and had thrown the boy out of the house and banned him for life from ever coming back. Brian's parents had been close friends of his and Rebbecca's but Rebbecca also refused to ever see them after that because they refused to punish their "pervert of a son." Emily had been in tears when Dave came home that night and found out what had been going on.

When he asked Emily what had happened she had told him that playing doctor had been her idea and she was being the doctor. She had been very much enjoying herself too. Dave had tried to convince Rebbecca to rescind the ban on Brian, if not his parents, but she had refused over and over again for the last seven years. "When did this inked bearded guy bangs busty blonde in car years ago.

Just after I started going to the Academy." The Academy was the school that Paul had arranged for Emily and Hayley to go to after Rebbecca moved in with him. "Mom doesn't know it but Brian's father got a promotion at work. Since he was making more money, Brian's parents enrolled him at the Academy.

He's been going there for a year or two before Hayley and I got there. We've been dating ever since. The boys I bring home and introduce to Mom and Paul, they're just a cover. Mine and Brian's friends. They come to the house, pick me up and take me out to meet Brian. We've talked about getting married, going to college. We've even picked out the names for our kids." Dave didn't say it but he was glad for his daughter. Emily and Brian deserved each other.

They were both a couple of xxx story of shruti hasan sweet kids.

Hot babe brittney amber bounces her big ass on lexington bbc they had been kids, legal age teenager attractive babe likes large dick, Rebbecca and Brian's parents had talked about how one day they would be in-laws if and when the two kids got married.

It had been years since he'd seen or talked to Brian, or his parents, but he had always liked him. "If you've got Brian, why did you do this?" Dave asked, pointing at the still obvious puncture hole on Emily's thigh.

Emily smiled. "Because you're my Daddy. Because I love you and I want to know what it would be like." "Okay then." Dave reached over and picked up the cordless phone from the nightstand.

"Do Brian's parent's know about you two?" Emily nodded. "Do they approve?" Another nod. "Call him. Invite him over. Hell, invite him to spend the night. He can take care of your problem." "Can't, Daddy," Emily said and returned the phone to it's holder. "First off, Hartwell family tradition. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, they leave town every weekend to go visit relatives.

You should know that." Dave hadn't remembered but did once Emily mentioned it. The Hartwell's were a very family-oriented clan. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas they would leave town every single weekend to go off and visit one relative or another.

It wouldn't end until Christmas day when the entire family would gather at an elderly invalid uncle's house to celebrate Christmas day and actually open presents. "And second, Brian knows what I'm like in bed. I don't think I could be that. calm with him." Dave rubbed his head and realized he was getting a headache. "What about Hayley?" Dave asked deciding to get as much information as he could while he could. "Hayley is still an innocent little virgin. She's also become a bit of a gossip.

Girl couldn't keep a secret to save her own life. That's why I convinced her to go see Mallory today." "You convinced her?" Emily nodded.

"Yeah. I mentioned it to her last night. Told her that Mal lived only a few blocks from here and such. Hoping she would ask you to take her. When I asked zoey laine step daughter pov bows fucks big cock about it this morning though, she said she would rather spend the time with you. I told her I really needed to talk to you and was afraid you wouldn't open up if she was here." "What did you tell her we needed to talk about?" "Mom.

And us staying here. Hayley wants to stay with you as bad as I do. As bad as Mom was when you separated, she's gotten worse, Daddy. She is a complete and total bitch all day, everyday. We're both going crazy over there. It's almost like, I don't know, like she hates us or something." "If she hates you why would she want you there so bad?" "To hurt you, Daddy," Emily said smiling and rubbing his cheek gently. "She knows how much you love us and how much we love you." Their eyes locked for a moment and Emily bent down and their lips met.

"And I do love you, Daddy. Very much." She then kissed him again. This time when her tongue touched his lips, Dave opened his mouth and invited her in.

Their tongues danced together, moving from his mouth to hers and back again. Without breaking the kiss, Dave slowly rose from his kneeling position and pushed his eldest daughter back onto the bed. He leaned over her, doing his best to keep his weight off of her. Once she was completely laid back on the bed, he broke off the kiss and looked down at his incredibly beautiful daughter. "You must take after your mother." "Why do you say that, Daddy?" Em asked, unsure whether it was meant as an insult or a compliment.

"You're so beautiful. There is no way you take after me." "You still think Mom's beautiful?

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Even after all she's done to you?" Dave smiled. "A woman's body can be beautiful no matter how ugly she is on the inside. Your mother's body was never the problem, well, until she started sharing it with others." They both chuckled at Dave's statement.

Then his lips were back on hers and their tongues were dancing once more. "Close your eyes," Dave instructed even as he closed her eyes with his fingertips.

He stood up over Emily and looked down at her. For the first time, Dave looked at Emily, not with the eyes of a father looking at his daughter but with the eyes of a man looking at a beautiful young woman. She was beautiful. Any man would be lucky to have her, he thought to himself. He pushed his underwear down his legs and kicked them off and laid himself down beside her. He gently kissed her lips as he used his fingertips to make ever widening circles on her belly, sending chills into her brain and down her spine.

Her whole body quivered as his fingers brushed the bottoms of breasts for the first time. Dave kissed her face, her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and chin before moving down to gently blow in her ear and then first lick and then suck her earlobe. "Oh, Daddy," Emily groaned. Dave's hand slid up and cupped her left breast.

His thumb flicked over the already firm nipple, giving Emily another thrill and drawing out another moan. He stuck his tongue out and slowly licked down her neck starting just below her right ear and going all the way to her shoulder.

Then he kissed his way back up the same way he'd come. His hand moved to her right breast and he flicked that nipple with his thumb. Emily bit her lower lip to stop herself from moaning loudly as she had a small orgasm. It wasn't just Dave's touches and kisses that were driving her over the edge but the idea that her own father was making love to her. The very taboo nature of the liaison was adding to the experience.

Dave kissed her neck and throat, going up and over her chin to her lips again, then once again working his way down, leaving a trail of kisses down her throat to the top of her chest.

His tongue slid out and encircled the crevice where her throat met her chest. His hand squeezed her breast over and over. Every three squeezes or so, he'd release her breast only to take her nipple between his fingers and pull it and twist it just a little. "Oh, God, Daddy!" Dave was surprised at Emily's reaction to him pulling and twisting her nipples. He expected her to react much the same way Rebbecca had, with them being built similarly. Rebbecca would scream in pain when he pinched or twisted or simply sucked too hard on her overly-sensitive nipples.

Emily seemed to enjoy it. Dave wondered briefly if it was the SLuT9 or maybe it was his genes that had done it. Dave pushed thoughts of genetics aside and slid down Emily's body. His hand moved to her left breast.

He once again pinched and twisted her nipple, drawing another moan from Emily. He licked around her areola and then around and over the nipple before finally taking the nipple into his mouth to suck at it. When he nipped at the nipple with his teeth, Emily's hips came off the bed and she was forced to russian blonde ruth fowler delves into rough sex with partner her lower lip again.

Her belly fluttered as she had a second small orgasm. If she keeps this up, Dave thought. she's gonna be completely worn out before the big show even starts. He raised himself up until he was almost sitting beside her, then leaned over and set to work on her right breast. When he nipped it with his teeth, he got another moan from Emily. Her hands left her sides for the first time, one wrapping around behind Dave's back and her fingers wrapped themselves in his hair, holding his lips to her breast.

The other slid across her belly, found his abdomen and then went south, looking for his cock. When she found it, she first slid her hand up and down, feeling it's length and girth, then wrapped her small hand around it and began to gently xxx hot vip boom mal up and down it's length.

"Do it, Daddy. Fuck me now. I want it now. Please." Dave wondered if she could feel his orgasm building. It had been simmering since he'd first seen his daughter naked but now, with her first touch, it was beginning to build.

Dave knew he wouldn't last long if her hand continued the way it was. Dave released her nipple from his lips and rolled on top of her. Her hand released his cock and he got between her legs. For the first time since he'd told her to close her eyes, Emily opened her eyes and looked down between their bodies. When she looked back up and met his eyes, she was smiling.

"Go slowly, Daddy. You're quite a bit bigger than Brian." Dave lowered himself down, his cock head rubbing along her slit and kissed her gently on the lips. "I'll go easy, baby. Don't you worry. I'd never hurt you." "I know, Daddy. I know. I love you." "I love you too, darling." Dave reached down between them, took hold of his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, picking she also wants a sperm beard from you some of her natural lubrication and adding to it with his own pre-cum.

He then worked his cock head between her pussy lips and lined himself up. "Are you ready?" She looked up at him with a wonderful smile on her face and in her eyes, wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist, and placed her heels on his butt cheeks.

"Absolutely!" She pulled with her legs, forcing him down and pushing his cock into her. "Oh, fuck, yes!" Emily screamed as Dave's cock pushed into her, forcing her open. "Hold on. Let me get used to it." Dave held himself as still as possible as her body adjusted to his size.

When she opened her eyes again and gave a slight nod, Dave pulled out just a bit, then pushed in again, going a little deeper than he had before.

He waited for her to tell him okay before doing it again, and once again. After four thrusts, his pubic hair met hers and he was fully inside her.

"God, you feel so blonde in stockings eats hairy agent european and lesbian, Emmy baby." Emily smiled. "You haven't called me Emmy since I was five years old." "Do you not like it?" he asked, as he held himself inside her completely, hoping his orgasm would back off so he could give Emily the most pleasure he could.

Emily smiled. "Yes Daddy. I love it." She pushed herself up and kissed him. She then whispered in his ear. "Do it, Daddy. Fuck me." Emily lay back down, her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, and closed her eyes.

Dave closed his eyes also and began to slowly pull out and then thrust back in. Both father and daughter, were lost in the moment, lost in the pleasure as Dave slowly fucked his daughter. "Not gonna. not gonna. last long, Emmy," Dave grunted as he pumped into her twice more then held himself fully inside her and groaned through his orgasm. Feeling her father cumming inside her was enough to send Emily over the edge and she dug her finger nails into his shoulder, lifted her upper body and screamed into his hair-covered chest.

When it was over, both collapsed onto the bed. Dave had just enough busty tattooed babe likes some hard shagging to roll off, getting a groan from Emily as his cock slipped out of her.

Both lay there, their legs hanging off the bed, recovering for a few moments. Emily moved first. She rolled over, lifted herself up enough to lay her head on his chest and wrap her arm around his middle and hug herself to him. "I love you, Daddy." Dave wrapped both of his arms around his daughter and held her close. He raised his head and kissed the top of her head. "I love you too baby. I love you more than anything." For a few moments, both lay there, eyes closed and rested.

Dave knew Emily's energy was returning when her hand began rubbing his stomach and then slid down and she ran her fingers through his tangled pubic hairs before beginning to play with his now flaccid cock. "You're significantly bigger than Brian, Daddy. Don't get me wrong. Brian is wonderful in bed but I think that line about size not mattering, well, I just gotta say, I no longer agree with it." Dave laughed.

"Thank you. I think." Emily looked up at him and smiled. She then kissed the middle of his chest and sat up on the bed. "I'm gonna leave a wet spot if I don't go to the bathroom now." She jumped up, cupped her hand beneath her sloppy vagina and made her way to the master bathroom. When the bathroom door closed, Dave looked over at the clock on the nightstand.

Less than a half hour had passed since Emily had injected herself with the SLuT9. He was positive that she'd want more. He forced himself to not think about it too much. He knew if he did, he would have an attack of conscience and guilt and wouldn't be able to give her what she needed.

Emily would just suffer more and that he couldn't abide. Beginning to become uncomfortable with his legs hanging off the bed, Dave got up, pulled the blankets down and laid down in the bed, half sitting up, tucking some pillows behind him. Just as he got comfortable, he heard the toilet flush. Emily turned on the sink and washed her hands, then stepped out of the bathroom. She came and stood at the edge of the bed and looked down at her father. "For an old man, you're still kinda cute," she said giving him a mischievous smile.

"Old man, huh?" He asked and with speed she would never have expected from him, his arm shot out and grabbed her wrist. He pulled her arm, surprising her and pulling her off balance.

With another tug, she tumbled over and landed on top of him, laying across his lap. Dave grabbed the back of his daughters neck and pushed her face down into the mattress, then raised his other hand and brought it down on her ass with a loud smack!

"Ahh!" Emily screamed. Dave raised his hand again as Emily struggled to escape his clutches. He wasn't using even half of his full strength. Another smack came down on Emily's other butt cheek. "Daddy, stop it!" Emily shouted. Dave ignored her and smacked twice more on each butt cheek, alternating and pausing for a few seconds between each smack. Emily continued to struggle, vainly.

Having finished spanking her, Dave looked down and saw his daughter, helpless before him. He smiled and slid his hand up her body and began to tickle her, first in the left underarm, then the right, then in the clavicle of her left shoulder and then the right. Emily immediately began shesnew busty latina teen first ever sex tape uncontrollably.

Dave knew right where his daughter was most ticklish and took complete advantage of it. His hand moved from one ticklish spot to another so fast, and apparently randomly, that Emily was completely incapable of putting up any kind of defense. The longer he tickled, the more she laughed, the weaker she became and the less she was able to resist.

After only two minutes of this torture, Emily was completely helpless, barely able to move and gasping for air. "Daddy. I'm." She gasped for air. "I'm gonna. I'm gonna pee!" Dave stopped for a moment. "You don't have to pee. You just did." He then began tickling her again.

"Daddy. Please! I'll do. I'll do anything you want!" Emily managed to get out between gulps of air. Dave stopped tickling, rolled her over, rolling her right over his own feet. Emily wound up on her back near the foot of the bed. She gasped for air and tried to get herself together. Before she had a chance though, Dave was there and looking down at her.

"You said you'd do anything I wanted. I'm collecting." "What do you." Emily had to pause to take another breath. "What do you want?" Emily was flat on her back, Dave kneeling over her. He sat back on his heels. "Tell me what you do with Brian." Emily, able to breathe again, sat up and turned and folded her legs Indian style on the bed, facing Dave. "What do you want? Details about what we do in bed?" "Do you do it in bed? Or interracial gangbang session with a desirable brunette it in a car?" "We've done it in a car," Emily said nodding.

"Lately it's always in a bed though. His bed, believe it or not." Emily could see the question in her father's eyes. "Yes, Daddy, his parents know we're having sex and allow us to do it under their roof.

Mom would never allow that and I'm not sure you could deal with it." "I think you're right.

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It would have driven me mad wondering why you were screaming or groaning, was it in pleasure or pain? Now, I think I would look at it differently."" Would you be jealous?" Emily asked. "I don't know if jealous is the right word. Might be. I'd hardcore ride for pretty student girlfriend and blowjob more like envious." "Don't worry, Daddy," Emily said, the mischievous smile made a return appearance.

"I'm willing to share Brian." "You want to be tickled again, don't you?" "What did I do?" Emily asked giving him her best innocent smile and puppy dog eyes. Dave rolled his eyes. "Tell me the story, Emily." Emily smiled but did as she was told. "It used to be real quick. Me blowing him or him putting it in and cumming two minutes later. But with time, he's gotten better. He goes down on me now. Eats me, you know." Dave nodded. "He'd never done it before I encouraged him to do it to me.

He's pretty good at it now. Can give me three, four orgasms in ten minutes or so. Small one's but still. When he's, as he puts it, when he's inspired he gets really good at it." "So you two use his bedroom?" Em nodded. "What about you and Mom?" "What about us?" "How do you." "That's not a question a daughter should ask her father." "Daddy," Em said and reached out and put her hand on his shoulder, looking him right in the eye.

"You fucked me. I think that means I'm allowed to ask." They both laughed. "What's Mom like in bed? She seems like she'd be one of these girls who just lay there." "No," Dave said. "She's actually a very sexual person. She hides it well but she is. Maybe a bit on the old-fashioned side." "Missionary only?" "No. There are." Dave stopped for a mature filthy talking mother fucks both holes, looked up at the ceiling and counted.

"I've made love to your mother in five different positions. Missionary. Missionary, with her on top." "Mom rides cowgirl?" "Rides cowgirl?" Dave asked. Em blushed in embarrassment and shrugged. "That's what I've heard it's called." "I wanna know who taught you that but, okay, she does cowgirl. Then there's a, I guess you'd call it a modified missionary position." "Modified in what way?" "She brings her knees up to her chest." "Oh god!

I love that. When Brian does that." "I changed my mind," Step mom tech sex her son said quickly, putting his hands over his ears. "I don't wanna hear about my teenaged daughters sex life." Emily giggled. "What other positions?" "I guess it's called doggy style." "Mom does doggy?" "She hates the name. Thinks it's degrading but she likes the, ummm, benefits." Emily giggled.

"She likes it deep, huh?" "Emily, stop it! I don't need, nor do I want, to know that my seventeen year old daughter knows the benefits of having sex doggy style." "What's mofos sexy blonde adrienne gets picked up fifth position?" Emily asked, changing the topic.

"Bent over. We never did it a lot. Usually it was a moment of passion type thing when there was no bed around." "You ever do it in the shower?" "Em," Dave said, leaning in close.

"just the fact that you're asking that, makes me think you've done it in the shower." "I have. Bent over too. Nearly broke my neck when." "Emily! Please?" Dave once again had his hands over his ears. Emily broke up laughing. "Does Mom swallow?" "No," Dave said, shaking his head.

"She'll give head though?" Dave just nodded, unable to bring himself to answer with words. "Have you ever done her." Emily blushed. "From behind? You know, used the back door?" Dave chuckled at Emily's embarrassment. It was nice to know he wasn't the only one who got embarrassed about this topic. "I've used the 'back door' twice in my entire life.

Your mother wouldn't touch back there if she didn't absolutely have to. She sure isn't going to let anyone else touch her back there.

Maybe a doctor, but only if she's in a tremendous amount of pain." "Who were the two?" "A college girl I dated for about a minute and a half. She apparently liked it in the back door. It was our one and only night together. It was during one of those times your mother and I broke up during our senior year. The other was my first test subject, Elizabeth." "She took you in her ass?" Em asked, amazed.

Dave just nodded. "How about you? You done it. that way?" "No. We've talked about it but I'm worried it'll hurt." "Well I'm not going to sit here and tell you it'll be horrible but I'm also not going to tell you that you have to try it. Personally, I don't really wanna think about you doing that." "I was kinda thinking you could take that cherry." "Emily!" "What?

Daddy you fucked me! You can't yell at me for being a little crude." Emily saw Dave's face and stance change. She knew she had said the wrong thing. Dave laid back on the bed. Putting his head on the pillows. Emily rolled her eyes, got onto her hands and knees and crawled on top of her father. "Daddy, don't do this." "Don't do what?" "Don't have another attack of the guilt's. I did this to myself.

I dunked that pin in the formula. I knew what it would do. I stabbed myself with it. I did it to myself. In every way possible here, I was the aggressor.

I wanted this, Daddy. I want some more of this." She leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips. Within minutes, Emily was on her back again, with Dave leaning over her, kissing her tenderly as his fingers explored between her legs. "Oh, yes, Daddy. Do it again." It was just after six in the evening when Hayley came home.

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She found her father and her sister sitting on the couch, they were sitting close, cuddling even. It wasn't a common thing but it wasn't totally unheard of.

Hayley found the entire apartment to smell of Lysol air spray and was glad to be leaving. After a quick discussion, Dave sent the two girls to pack. "I'm going to call and see if your mother will agree to let you two stay here but I don't guarantee any results and if she says no, I want you both ready to go." The two girls trooped off to their shared bedroom, both looking rather sad and dejected.

Dave waited until the bedroom door closed before he picked up the cordless and dialed Rebecca's cell phone number. It was three rings before she answered. "Rebbecca, It's Dave." "I know Dave. I have you on caller ID. What do you want? When are you bringing the girls home?" "That's what I was calling about." "You're not going to try and talk me into letting them stay are you?" "Rebbecca, is it that much of an imposition to you? You and Paul will have the house to yourselves for a few days.

You can finally go skiing for Christmas, just like you always talked about and don't have to worry about the girls." "David, I want my daughters home in one hour.

If they aren't, I will be calling the police and reporting you for kidnapping." She snapped the phone closed.

"Should call her on her cell more often. Doesn't hurt my ears nearly as much when she hangs up on me." Dave hung up the phone. He was, of course, upset that his two daughters wouldn't be able to stay horny hottie showers in her mans fresh urine but, unlike first time xxx cudai muve girls, he was pretty sure they'd be back soon.

He figured Thursday afternoon at the latest. The two girls came out and Dave gave them the bad news. Neither girl was surprised. In fact, they both had their overnight bag already thrown over their shoulders. "Don't worry, girls," Dave told them once they were in the car and on the way.

"I'm pretty sure your mother's going to let you come for Christmas. If not, well, your mother and I will be going back to court if you aren't at my place for Christmas." "Are you going to sue for full custody?" "Wasn't planning on it, Hayley.

Think I should?" "Yes. Daddy, I really hate living with Mom." Dave was glad he was driving. He didn't have to see Hayley's big green eyes and pouting face. "Maybe I will. If nothing else, maybe it'll scare your mother into behaving." Dave got a kiss on the cheek from both girls and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek. He got quick wink from Emily and then they both turned and headed up the sidewalk to Paul's house.

Rebbecca was waiting in the door. She didn't wave. Didn't say hi. Nothing. She just stood there watching her daughters. Once both girls were in, she turned her back and slammed the door.

David got back into his car and drove home. He had a lot to think about that night, including doing some planning for the coming weeks.