Rough sex compilation xxx she is also a doll with talent of her own

Rough sex compilation xxx she is also a doll with talent of her own
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You were sitting in your chair. You told me to come stand in front of you. You were sitting on the edge of the chair, I stopped a few feet in front of you, but you said "closer". I moved a little closer but not more than six inches. You pointed directly in front of you and said "here, now". I moved and stood within a few inches of your face.

You said "strip". I started taking off my clothes, soon I was standing directly in front of you completely naked. "Good girl" you tell me.

I am embarrassed. I am so close I can feel your breath on my skin. I move my hands to block my pussy. I'm not sure what is happening, am I being punished, are you going to whip me?

You move one of your knees between my legs and tell me to "spread them". I do as I'm told just enough so your leg can fit between mine. "Wider" you tell me, I do what you say. I still have my hands in front of me. You tell me "put yours hands behind your neck and don't move them" The cool air was arousing me and the feel of you skin on mine was making me wet. Your knee is close to my pussy, and my mind starts thinking of you fucking me.

Your breath is now very close to my stomach, then I feel your lips on my belly button. Soft kisses, your tongue circles the rim of my navel, then it goes into it.

I let out a soft moan, it is nice. You start licking and sucking my nipples. I am still unsure what will happen but I like it right now. Then I feel your hand reaching between my legs to where it is so warm and wet waiting for you. You start start rubbing my clit softly. Then a finger slides into my pussy. You have one finger in my pussy and another on my clit, it feels so good. Then a second finger goes into my pussy. You are moving them in and out of me and I am hungry to taste your sweet dick.

I start moving with you, but you tell me to "be still". You start kissing licking and tonguing my navel again while you still are fingering me. My knees are getting weak and I really want to grab onto something to hold me up. "You like it" you ask, I take to long to answer, but a quick slap on busty vixen rides on a long member ass brings out the reply "yes sir" I say.

You tell me "spread your legs wider". I do so quickly. You mouth has moved down and now your tongue is searching for my clit. I am soaking wet and really want to feel you big thick deep inside me. I arch my back so my pussy is right there for you to taste. You are licking my clit and still fingering my pussy.

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You start finger fucking me faster and harder I feel like I am going to explode. I guess you could tell how close I was getting, you tell " cum for me baby". I feel my legs shaking, my neck and head feels so hot, my stomach feels like it is contracting. Then I feel a warm liquid come out and drench your hand and knee. I am embarrassed and weak, but very happy. You stand up telling me to "take my clothes off". I do what you tell me although my arms are kind of numb from being held up for so long.

Once you are naked and right there I thought I would get to finally taste and feel you dick in me. You sit back down. I start to reach for your dick to start sucking it but quickly you say "who said you could move?" I stand back up and mumble a "I'm sorry". You are stroking your dick as you sit there and it is so hard, I see precum and I just want to lick it off. I stand there waiting and wondering why are you doing this let's just start fucking. You notice I haven't taken my eyes off your dick since I took your clothes off.

You ask me "you want it in your mouth"? "Yes sir", I reply. You give me permission but I can't use my hands and I have to stay standing.

I start to argue but a quick look from you reminds me who is in charge. I lower my head down and lick the precum off, I open my mouth and slide as much of you in as I can. Soon I am bobbing up and down on your dick and using my tongue to explore the opening and trace all the veins. After letting me enjoy the taste and feel of you in my mouth, you take over.

You grab my head and start moving me the way you new marriage first time suhagrat sex story. You push my head down so your dick is down my throat. After holding me there a few minutes while my throat massaged your dick you let me up.

You told me to "turn around and spread your legs". I hesitated, you smacked my leg and said "now dammit". I did what you said. Once again you moved a leg between mine so I couldn't close them. You told me "bend over and stay bent over". I really didn't want to, I felt the sting of your hand on my ass. I started to talk but you smacked me once more. You said "this is going to happen, and if you want a ass whipping after wards keep it up".

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That sealed my fate. Whatever you wanted to do you were going to do and if I didn't do what I was told I was going to get a ass whipping after. I bent over and became truly aware of how open I was for whatever you had planned.

I felt your finger once more slide into my pussy. You were fingering me and starting to rub my clit. Without even thinking I spread my legs wider. Another finger went into my pussy, I started moving back to you.

My body had taken over and for just a few minutes just my mind shut down. You were laying back in the chair watching everything. You were still fingering me and rubbing my clit when I felt so warm oil fall on my back and ass. I guess you knew ahead of time because before I even thought about moving you said" don't fucking move". My body was thoroughly enjoying what was happening. You had one hand still finger fucking me and the other rubbing oil on my ass.

Then you were pressing a finger against my ass, I tensed up. "Relax", you tell me. Easier said than done I think to myself, but I tried. A finger slid in me. It didn't feel bad, but your finger is alot smaller than your dick. Soon my body had taken over again and your were fingering my ass and pussy at the same time. My body started to arch my japanes girl and girls lep sex even higher and try to move back towards you.

All my embarrassment was out the window the feeling was amazing and my ass wanted your dick in it. You realized I was into it now and you told me get on my knees, I did it immediately. You were behind me and I really wanted you to fuck my ass. I felt more oil and lowered my head waiting for it, wishing for it.

I felt a sharp sting on my ass, and wondered what I did that time.

"What do you want", you ask me. I know what I want, but I don't want to say it, another slap on my ass is harder. "Tell me what you want", you repeat. I say I want to feel you in me, but you slap my ass again and tell me to "speak up". I speak a little louder saying I want to feel you in side me. Once more you slap me and say to say it right. I tell you that I want to feel your dick fucking me in the ass.

Apparently that satisfied you. You told me to blonde whore summer rose pleasures taxi driver my legs wider, so I did. You grabbed my ass and put the head up to my asshole. You grabbed the back of my hair and pulled back and you pushed your dick in me.

You held your throbbing dick in me, letting me adjust to the size. Then you started fucking me at first long slow strokes. I was trying to relax and enjoy it. You pulled my face to the side so we could kiss. The feeling was instantly tripled. I was so close to cumming again.

You started doing hard strokes but still slow. Each hard stroke had me seeing stars and feeling like you were hitting something deep inside me.

You reached around and started rubbing my clit. I didn't care if it was hurting, the pleasure was over riding the pain. I started bucking back into you as hard as you would let me. I felt a orgasm cumming I buck like a wild horse and you held me in my place, then I squirted all over. You once again leaned forward kissing me our tongues exploring each others mouths.

You whispered in my ear "it's time I got to cum". You grabbed my hips and started pounding my ass as hard and as fast as you could, I just bit down on the pillow and took it. Soon I felt your hot cum squirt inside me.