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Zoe zanes up skirt teacher angora sexy sweater pantyhose and upksirt
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The Hell Knight aggressively walked through the halls of the Mars Facility of the Union Aerospace Corporation. His powerful muscles contracting and then relaxing as he formed fists with each powerful step on the metal flooring. He had maimed, torn, and destroyed his way into being one of the first demons to be sent into the mortal plane. A low grumble escaped his jaw.

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His nostrils flared as he took in a rarely known scent to demonkind. As one of the first Hell Knights he was entitled to his share of the spoils.

Specifically he was interested in a delicacy amongst his kind: human females. He followed the scent further, turning a corner into what a flickering sign stated was a residential block. When he turned the corner, he felt an imp, a lesser demon, attempt to move past him. He grabbed the arm of the imp before it ran past and yanked it back, the strength of the act tearing the imps thin arm from its body.

It let out a primal groan of pain before the Hell Knight brought down its foot onto the head of the wretched thing. The blood stained the leathery skin of the Hell Knight and it could feel the adrenaline and blood stirring as it killed. The smell of females was getting stronger.

He heard the screams of humans coming from throughout the facility. The plundering had begun it seemed. He would not be denied what was owed to him.

A steel door was all that blocked his way to his prize.

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The weak whimpering and cries of two females were clear to him. With a single powerful blow of his fist, the door bent. A second one completely pushed it off the hinges and sent it flying into the room. The Hell Knight believed he found heaven. Or at least the closest his kind could find. Two beautiful females, one younger and the other older. The younger girl, who appeared 18 years of age was far shorter than the Hell Knight, perhaps only 5' 3" and possessed a thin pale and petite body.

Her features were a mix between Asian and European, with the Asian side being far stronger in her blood it seemed. She would be fun to break in. The older female, who stood a little higher at about 5' 5" was very similar to the younger one, was likely of the same clan. Perhaps her mother. Her features were a bit more mature, with a larger chest and a trim and fit figure, albeit one maintained through extensive training.

Both women were huddled behind sunny leone is doing sex with a men desk, with the older one cradling her child. Both screamed at the entry of the Hell Knight. The mother pulled a pistol from the floor and started firing wildly. She yelled for her 'daughter' to get down. The round bounced throughout the room, with only a couple impacting the thick skin of the Knight.

He let out barely even a groan, registering the shots but no pain.

He grabbed the mother by the hand and crushed both the pistol and her hand. Then he pushed them both down, to break their embrace. He grabbed the mother and lifted her up.

She screamed for "Mary" to run away. The Hell Knight looked over the mother and then at the younger one who was apparently Mary. There were likely plenty of fucktoys to go around. No point in enjoying spoiled goods. He began to crushed the mother in his strong grip. The crack of her ribs was the first audible noise beyond her painful cries and pointless bargains. He took great pleasure as he began to bend her spine inwards, and his porn mom ngentot sampai pingsan, rough tongue licked the bare teeth of his mouth.

He desired more than mere destruction of these women though. He began to lick at her tearing face, the groans of the female becoming increasingly of disgust than of pain. Before he would have crushed her entirely, he loosened his grip and she slipped to the floor. She coughed blood and begged for mercy whenever she got a gasp of air.

Although she wouldn't be as tight as her daughter, she had other uses. His libido was beginning to take ahold of him moreso than the violent tendencies. He was restless, having been longer than he could remember, since he last took a human woman. He wanted this more than anything. He needed this. He needed to fuck this human.

To take her for his pleasure and destroy her when this fuckslut became useless to him. The Hell Knights cock was by now fully erect. The length was approximately fourteen inches, four inches thick, and the head was incredibly dense, not at all smooth like the tiny humans.

The sides were veiny, but relatively smooth. It was more battering ram than cock the Hell Knight might admit if he was capable of it. The mother saw it clearly and attempted to move back, her arms weakly pushing, unable to fully move herself away. The Hell Knight brought down his leg onto her waist and smashed the connection between her and her legs.

Then he grabbed her by the neck, gently raising her up til her mouth was at the same level as his massive cock. His finger pushed into her jaw, and forced it down. She screamed violently, more blood running out of her now-slackened jaw. He took his free hand and put it around her head and shoved his cock forwards. Her blood covered the tip and he could only go a few inches into her before he was blocked. A few thrusts and he could get even more.

She was barely responsive at this point, low groans came from her when he pushed himself even more. Her blood coated his entire cock. He was ready to move on, so he reared back, til the head of his cock was out of her mouth, grabbed her head tightly and slammed his cock forwards.

The bulbous tip pushing past bone and brain and blood and out of the back of her skull. He throw the useless chaps for one beauteous cutie hardcore blowjob on the ground before remembering he had one more treat in store.

Mary, paralyzed by the sight, could do little but sit and snivel as the Hell Knight approached her.