Unforgettable fuck for a sexy beautiful gal

Unforgettable fuck for a sexy beautiful gal
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I was on my front lawn watering the grass on an unusually hot May afternoon when suddenly I heard a loud rumbling clatter coming from down the street. I turned the sprayer off and stared as I saw a horrendous looking 1981 Chevy Nova, with rust spots,a cracked windshield and a sagging tailpipe sputtering into the next-door driveway.

Behind the wheel sat Natasha,the 15 year -old girl next door. She was proudly smiling with her braces gleaming in the bright sun. She turned the car off and it coughed a couple of more times before finally dying.

She then looked over at me and exclaimed "Hey, Mr.

Tommy, look at my new wheels!" I had often spent a lot of time fantasizing about young Natasha. She was a perky little blonde with a nice tan. She had an innocent and adorable face that was lightly peppered with a few freckles.

She had a gorgeous petite body,with tiny teacup breasts. She sometimes wore a tight little "wife-beater" without a bra, so I knew that her nipples were puffy and pert. Her legs were beautiful as well. She kept them toned and fit with gymnastics and cheer-leading.

As usual, I felt my dick twitch as she called my name. Throwing the hose on the ground I walked over to her car smiling.

The door screeched as she opened the door of the old clunker.

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She then turned to face me as I approached. She had on a pair of pink shorts and a light blue bikini top. As I walked up I could see a flash of white cotten panties with little flowers on them peeking from the opening of her shorts next to her delectable looking thigh. My eyes moved upward as she got out of the car and I looked into her swimming green eyes.

She was still beaming and I could tell she was thrilled with her new purchase. "Check it out, Mr. Tommy, I just bought it.What do ya think?" I hesitated a bit and although I was smiling, I'm sure she could see the doubtful look in my eyes.The car was atrocious looking. It had once been green I thought,but wasn't kinky blonde has her gaping asshole drilled. The inside of the car was worse.

The seats were worn out and the lining of the ceiling was hanging down. I noticed all of this as Natasha rattled on about how her boyfriend had told her that if she bought it he would help her fix it up and "pimp it out". They really have their work cut out for them I thought to myself. Natasha told me that she would see me later. She then walked toward her front door. When she turned away I looked down at her nice little ass. Her pink shorts were barely covering her firm ass cheeks.

My dick, now at full attention, twitched again as I read the word "booty-licious" emblazoned onto the back of the shorts. The next afternoon I was outside pruning my shrubs when I saw the white van from the local catholic school pull to a stop in front of Natasha's house. She stepped out of it and she plodded down the driveway with her eyes to the ground. I was about to call out and ask her why she didn't drive her voyeur teen joins old couple in the woods for a threesome pussy fucking and old and young wheels to school, when I realized that she was crying.

I felt a stirring in my groin because she looked so cute with that pouty "I'm trying to keep from crying in front of you" look upon her face. I was also filled with concern. So I walked over and put my arms around her tender shoulders and asked her what was wrong.

She leaned into to me and then she sobbed, "Jimmy broke up with me today. He told me he only went with me so that he could help his uncle sell his car!" I felt very sad for young Natasha. She had been to me as a friendly counselor though the years. She had often came to me for advice and help. We had been close like that since she was around 9 years old. Back then I saw her as a child and had no interest in her sexually. She would come over and help me around the house and do laundry for me from time to time.

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She had helped me a great deal right after the divorce from my wife. Now I saw her as a sexy young woman and as she cried, I felt my cock stiffen. I told her that everything would be okay. I told her that she could bring her car over to my garage and that on my evenings and weekends we could work together and fix it up.

She looked up at me with her sweet little tear-streaked face, and said "Oh Mr. Tommy, You are the sweetest man on earth." Then she threw her arms around me and hugged me tightly.

The sensation of her small soft frame pressed against me was exquisite. My cock was rock hard and I know she could feel it throbbing.

It seemed like she responded to that by quickly kissing me on the mouth. In that second I could smell her smampoo and I had a faint after-taste of strawberry lip gloss on my lips. She then broke apart from the hug and ran to get her car keys. Her plaid skirt rustled as she ran toward her driveway. She came over about thirty-minutes later. I had been hurriedly straightening out my garage.

When I heard her hooptie start next door I knew she was on her way. As she teen ebony kendall and riley in a hot some fuck up, I motioned her in.

She stepped out of her car with a pair of blue-jean "Daisy-dukes" on with a tight yellow "wife-Beater". I could tell she didn't have a bra on.

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I could vaguely see the outline of her cute puffy nipples. As I was checking her out I noticed she was looking at the crotch of my golfing shorts. She walked around my crowded garage while dreaming aloud about how she wanted to fix the car up. I wanted to open the hood but a large box was in the way. Natasha was right behind me and when I picked up the box to move it, its contents fell out. To my horror, It was a collection of my mens magazines, a package of condoms, a vibrator and other contents of my ex-wife's nightstand.

I could feel myself blushing as Natasha stared at the stuff mesmerized. I expected her to call me a pervert and run home, but instead she picked up a magazine. She opened the magazine while I scurried to pick up everything else. Once I had everything back into the box I put it on a shelf in the far corner and walked back over to her.

I said, "Natasha, I am so sorry that you xxl tits babe alia starr big boobs and pornstar those things. I didn't know they were there." I may as well have been talking to the car, because her teen-age curiousity had her completely engrossed in the girlie mag.

I leaned over to see what she was staring at so intently. On the page there was a young looking blonde in a school-girl out-fit sucking the small 6 inch cock of some muscle bound guy in what appeared to be a locker-room.

She looked up and said, "It's okay Mr. Tommy, I won't tell anyone". She then told me that the girls at school sometimes talked about doing what they were doing in that picture. I asked her if she had ever done anything like that. She replied, "Oh no, I have never even seen a guy's thingie until now, in this book. It looks so big." "Actually that guy's penis is very small compared to some guys", I told her. Then it dawned on me what kind of conversation I was having with a fifteen year old and I tried to turn her attention to the car.

But kelly broox got creamed in the bathroom stared at the book and thumbed through a few more pages. I got into the drivers seat and pretended to fiddle with something while I watched her wiggle her smooth, tanned legs. I could tell she was getting really turned on by what she was looking at. Her nipples were poking out and they looked like pink gum-drops that were barely hidden behind the light yellow fabric of the shirt.

She then looked back at me and asked if I thought she was as pretty as the girl in the magazine. I told her that she was gorgeous, and that if I were 20 years younger I would never break her heart like that Jimmy guy had done. She smiled as I said that and sexily brushed her hair back with her hand. I got out of the car and she asked if she could keep the magazine.

I quickly thought of the trouble I could get in and said, "No, but you are welcome to come over and look at it anytime. She said, Okay, its a deal and then handed me the magazine and hopped down from the hood of her car. We spent the next hour just cleaning the car out and getting a lot of useless junk out of the trunk.

Everytime she would bend over to set something down I would get a great drubbing oriental chicks pussy japanese and hardcore of her young ass.

She my friends hot mom mrs lee mrs jewell and mrs charms also starting to sweat, and the perspiration rolling down the front of her neck toward her almost non-existant cleavage was driving me nuts.

I was trying to conceal my raging boner with bags and boxes, or turning around when she walked toward me. It was really hard to focus on our task with this little teen beauty enticing me with her every innocent move.

Suddenly, out of the blue, she asked me, "Mr. Tommy, has any woman ever done to you what that girl in the magazine was doing to that guy." I thought it was odd for her to ask me that, but I said,"Only a few times, My ex-wife didn't like to do that for me very often." Natasha then kind of laughed and said, " I don't know why she wouldn't do that, It looks kind of fun.

Like eating an ice cream cone or something. Plus, look at how much the guy in that book seemed to like it. If I had been your wife I would have done that to you every night to keep you happy. You are a good man. You are kind, gentle, you make me laugh and I think you are the greatest Mr. Tommy! Besides, I have had like a major crush on you since I was like .um.9 years old." I stood there silently taking in everything she was saying.

My heart was racing with lust and desire. All I could manage to say was, "really?" She then told me about how sometimes she would watch me cut grass in just my shorts, from her bedroom window, and how when she did that her you know what would get wet and that she would fantasize about me and rub herself the entire time as I mowed my lawn.

She said she had never seen a cock, but she could sometimes see the outline of mine in my shorts and that it turned her on. I couldn't believe that Natasha was being so open with me about her feelings, so I decided to tell her my little secret.

I asked her if she remembered laying out on her back deck a couple weeks before trying to get an early summer tan. She giggled and said," Yeah,I had drank a Pina Colada and had a nice buzz". I told her that I had spied on her the entire time and then I looked her in her sparkling green eyes and told her that over the past six months I had developed a crush on her as well.

I told her how I always thought of her and sometimes I would wonder about what it would be like if the two of us did some of the things she had seen in the magazine. I told her that I often bought magazines with young blonde girls because they reminded me of her. I then hesitated a moment, as we stood face to face in my garage sharing our secret desires english 3x sex stories for story each other.

She looked up and me and licked her lips and said, "Mr. Tommy can I .um see your thing." Throwing caution to the wind, I stepped closer and unzipped my shorts. My cock was pulsating with every heart-beat as I pulled my eight-inch member out and since my nuts were straining too, I also hung them out over the waist-band of my underwear. Natasha seemed fascinated with the size and closeness of it as she gazed down upon it.

I saw her flush and then to my amazement I saw a little wet patch forming on the front of her shorts. Her breathing was getting deeper when she asked if she could touch it. I said," Sure Sweetie, You don't even have to ask. Just do what you want with it. She tenentavly reached out and put her small delicate hand around my penis and pulled on it a little.

Precum oozed from the tip as she cooed about how warm and thick my cock felt to her. She then reached down and lightly petted my nut-sack with her pink fingernails. My breathing had also gotten heavy as she stroked my rod. I watched as she removed her left hand from my nuts and starting rubbing the front of her shorts.

She moaned softly,tilted her head back ,and slowly closed her eyes as she continued to rub herself and tug at my cock. Then she let go of my prick and I thought maybe this little game of show and tell was over. It was far from over. She sank to her knees and lightly ran her soft wet tongue from the base to the head of my throbbing tool.

She then looked up at me with her adorable little face and and smiled and said, "See, Its just like eating an ice cream cone, 'cept its a lot hotter!" I just nodded and grinned. She then put her soft succulent young lips around my penis and sucked down about half-way, before coming back up. she then sucked back down again, taking a little more the second time. She swirled her tongue around while my cock was deep inside her mouth.

It felt incredible.

Then she tried to take more and gagged a little. I pulled back a little while she caught her breath. Then I gently caressed her neck under her ear as I guided her slowly back towards my dick.

I told her that she didn't have to try to take it all, she could just go about halfway and then back to the head. I also told her that she looked beautiful sucking my " ice cream cone" and that I loved when she used her tongue.

She went down with her lips around my shaft and started flicking her tongue once again.

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It was feeling awesome because in her excitement she was unknowingly scratching my prick with her braces.

She then got into a rythym and as I watched her her lips dance upon my member I could feel my nuts tighten up. I knew I was about to explode. I didn't want to be an ass-hole and cum in her mouth for her first blow-job, so when I felt it coming on I genly pushed her away.

She looked up alarmed, thinking that she may have hurt me. I grunted, "I'm cumming" and after stroking my cock twice more with my hand, I sent a jet of hot cum onto her neck and onto her hard little puffy left nipple.

She stared at my cock looking hot and flushed. Then she licked it from the base to the tip once more. She looked up at me and said, "Next time I wanna taste it." THE END OF PART ONE