India summer in dicked down in detention

India summer in dicked down in detention
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"Ugh. Fuck yea, oh yeah, ummph, uh, uh, uh!" Lilly heard him grunting in her ear. She couldn't see his expression because he was behind her. It seemed like this spooning position was his favorite and doggy style a close second. Not like before, when it was sensual and she felt special. "Yeah baby, oh sweetie. Just like that!" Lilly rolled her eyes.

She wasn't doing anything but laying on her side, while he pumped his hips against her, his penis going in and out it's short length, bringing him toward climax while she watched the muted tv in the corner of the room.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh jesus, oh jesus, yes, yes, yes!! Unnnnng!" Lilly felt his arm grip wrap around her waist and pull her to him, as he rammed his hips to her buttocks and held there for a moment, tensed. Lilly felt the warm sensation of his cum pouring into her.

His nails were digging into her tummy, his other hand was massaging her thigh, his mouth and teeth biting her young shoulder while their points milf sensual handjob putting my salami in the th hole contact on her back, and ass were wet with his sweat.

He thrust a few more times, and then his grip lightened. His hips fell back a bit, his member just barely still inserted. As was the case these days, he was asleep in just moments, lightly snoring. Lilly waited until his cock has softened significantly and pulled forward slightly felling the head pop free. She slowly and gingerly got out of bed to make sure not to wake him. She stood up from her mother's bed and walked along the carpet to the bathroom. Her body tingling from the early morning fuck, and her legs felt slimy when the rubbed each other in her sexy saunter to the bathroom.

She grabbed some kleenex and began to clean up. A mixture of sperm, sweat and his saliva always left a fair amount of foul smelling human fluids on her. As she cleaned her vaginal lips as best she could she looked at herself in the mirror. It had been about a year ago that she had first been impressed by her image in the mirror. She was halfway through sophomore year, anxiously anticipating finally getting her driver's license.

She was almost 5' 2", light brown hair, blue eyes, a swan like neck on a petite and shapely body. Her time at cheerleading, volleyball, tennis and dancing class has sculpted her frame and her body, which was almost 2/3 legs.

Her obsession with her looks kept her from eating brazzers hot mom cheting sex much and her diligent tanning gave her skin the sunkissed look that drove him wild. She quickly rinsed her mouth with some Scope. She didn't like the taste of his penis, but she always took him in her mouth anyway. Lilly spit out the mouthwash and stepped to the side on her toes, her flexed legs, taught and muscular but smooth and supple curving out a pronounced hump for her rump.

Her short midsection was firm and toned, a three piece fake diamond pendant swung from her navel piercing, sweeping from side to side. Her still growing breasts were about a 32 B, not overly impressive in size, but symmetrical, perky and her small areolas looked like little targets. Her shoulders sloping up her clavicle to her neck, up past her perfect ears, to her mass of shoulder length, slightly curling hair, tied up in a half-hazard wrap.

He loved when her neck was exposed, she had learned that. Like she had learned everything he liked. She looked out at Jim, he was in his late forties, had a bit of a pot belly, was graying at the temples, was probably really handsome when he was young and in shape, though now it was more like a pudgy face of character and a goatee. He had rolled onto his back topless busty japanese teen schoolgirl pussy massage his now flaccid member was shrunken back to his unimpressive 3".

At least it grew to almost 6 when she turned him on.

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He may not sound like a great package but he was extremely smart, had a very nice paying job working for a defense contractor, often from home, and he was a very caring man. He had always been good to her, right from the start when he and her mom began dating. Her mom was never very motherly, so his kindness and genuine concern for her had been a godsend.

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She hadn't been in a good place mentally, and he had brought her back from the brink, though she doubted he knew that now. Nor that he would care at this point. She was just a fuck doll, he didn't even treat her like his special little girl anymore. It had been back in sixth grade that her Mom had met Jim. Her mom Judy was a flight attendant and they had met on a flight.

Her mother, who was very attractive for how nutty she was had met up with him at the baggage carousel, she could tell he made good money by his suit. That night after some drinks they have fucked like animals and Judy's great body and penchant for partying and being pretty wild, especially in bet was enough for Jim. He wasn't real smooth or suave, he was phat booty babe kanna itou fucked hard in hardcore bit socially awkward and Judy was by far the most attractive woman he had been with.

Within a year they had married and Jim had taken Lilly like she was his own daughter and they had a better home life than Lilly have ever experienced. Judy to her credit had never cheated on Jim, Lilly thought. At least she was pretty sure she hadn't, though constantly on the go, who really knew.

Lily had been very gangly then. Long skinny stork like legs, buck teeth and large glasses with a flat chest and the most unflattering clothes a girl could wear. She was a late bloomer, didn't understand why her friends suddenly wanted to break the rules and party and kiss boys and act like they were older. She was admittedly a bit of a nerd, and very smart, though extremely self conscious.

The boys made fun of her body, the girls made fun of her clothes and rigidness. She withdrew to herself, had a few close nerd friends, but spent the majority of her time alone. Jim had always consoled her, told her she was pretty and to not listen to the taunts and teasing. She grew to trust Jim and felt like he understood her. He wasn't cool, or hip, didn't dress with great style or pizazz, he was just a smart guy who was genuine and she felt like they were kindred spirits.

Lilly walked to the bed and leaned against the bedpost and watched him breathing. She caught a glimpse of herself in the vanity mirror and marveled again at herself. It had happened so fast. She first decided to get contacts because she was tired of the glasses jokes, plus she had just joined the volleyball team.

She wasn't a great athlete but they were a smaller town and they needed players and she had been talked into it. She found out quickly that she was pretty athletic and was getting more and more coordinated and she finished her early growth spurt and the rest of her body started catching up. Jim's money had gotten her braces and by the time hd teen boobs compilation punish my nineteen yearold bum and mouth was in her 8th grade year she was no longer gangly but had a pretty decent figure mom fuck by pawn guy along, though she was still flat chested and dorky.

When she entered high school she had added more sports to her repertoire and she had finally filled out, her legs now rounded and taut, her butt had started to stick out and finally she had begun to grow breasts. She no longer felt ugly, she didn't think she was that hot but she did think she had a nice smile. The boys had started paying attention to her and some of the snotty girls were warming to her but she hated them, all of them.

They didn't care about her before, so she wouldn't care about them now. Though she really wanted to get back at them by joining the cheerleading team but ignoring them the rest of the time. She decided to start tanning when she saw the Jersey Shore girls doing it and then found a girl who did make up and hair videos on youtube, though she only used it for practice for her cosplay events, always washing it off after she was done putting it on.

Jim always wanted her to be happy, he bought her any clothes or equipment she needed for school. He had never had an impure thought about her, just loved her and wanted to be a good step father for her. It was really all just a mistake, thought Lilly. Neither of them had planned for their relationship to go this way. Back then it had been magical. Lilly constantly thought of herself as fucked up in her head. Even now knowing she could turn heads with her young frame and angelic made up face, she still felt woefully inadequate.

She was still self conscious, the years of taunts and teasing would take therapy to resolve. She didn't make friends well and though she enjoyed extra curricular activities, she still hated the people. She nerded out a lot, watching sci fi, playing video games on her computer and designing costumes for comic-con or cosplay events. She and Jim both enjoyed the geek genre and he encouraged her dedication to it.

With her mom gone all the time and hating all her school mates, Jim was all she had. She also was pretty naive about things most 16 year old women worked hard to know. She didn't know much about sex other than what she had picked up from movies and tv shows, she technically knew it involved the manhood and the female vagina from school sex education, but that was about it. From the clothes she generally wore, not even Jim really knew how she looked, and the small town cheerleading outfits left much to the imagination.

The skirts were long, as were the sleeves, as the rural christian community didn't buy in to the slutty outfits of the bigger cities. Lilly went and got back into bed and snuggled up to Jim. He needed a shower and was till sweaty a bit but it was a chilly October Saturday morning and the window in the bathroom was open. After that time out and about, naked, Lilly's tanned body was covered in goosebumps and she wanted to feel his warmth. It wasn't that different from her desire to feel his weight as he mounted her.

She longed for that feeling, though she rarely got that, even when he tried. She felt like most of this was really her fault. She had turned him on that day, she had changed the way he felt about her. The way he had looked at her. It had been so amazing, better than she would ever have dreamed any experience could be.

So how did it get to here? There was no sensuality, there was no passion, and lately, not even much foreplay. She knew she was getting more attractive every day as her body continued to fill out and become more and more feminine.

But he was getting more and more mechanical. She had loved him loving her. On her back, their bodies and lungs moving in unison, their eyes locked, the look of pure fantasy and fulfillment on his face as he entered her, and the squinting he did when he was screaming and cumming. Now it seemed he wanted to cum as fast as he could. She had thought when he took her to planned parenthood for birth control it was out of fear for their secret love, now she thought he had done it just so he didn't have to worry about or use condoms.

Now he could fuck ultra fast, and from his increased moaning and drooling on her, she figured it was also for the sensation of her tight young love tunnel. Granted, she liked the feel better too, but she didn't like feeling used. She felt like all she was anymore was his cum slut. Especially the way he talked now. Yesterday before her mother had left the house for another trip for Southwest, he came up behind her as she was getting milk out of the fridge and whispered in her ear, "I can't wait to give you some special milk tonight".

She assumed he thought that was sexy, but it just felt creepy. As she started to doze next to him, she did wonder why she didn't stop it. Tell him he had to be better to her like before or they wouldn't do this anymore. But she couldn't, she was too addicted to it. For all his awkwardness he was a talented licker, even if she rarely felt the tongue anymore.

He still could be a sensual lover, and she hoped he would come around. She thinks she loves him, though she hasn't even dated any other men so she wasn't completely sure. And it still made her tingle. She hadn't had a full on orgasm for a while but her loins still wanted sex, wanted him, and the taboo nature of their semi incestual love making, behind her mother's back gave her a feeling of revenge and ownership that she was afraid to lose.

Again she thought, I am really fucked in the head, but it really WAS amazing back then wasn't it? She pictured those times as she began to drift off, looking forward to dreaming about the good times. She remembered the day.

It was the first week of Xmas vacation, and her mom was gone on a four day work week for the airline. She had finished her outfit for the comic-con festival the next morning. It was a recreation of the outfit of her World of Warcraft character.

Though she was reserved in person, she had a very sexually aggressively designed and acted character online, she enjoyed the pseudo-jump into being a bad girl. Her character had white open toed heel boots, a blue satin style dress that was slit up on both sides all the way to the waist. The top was the same color, with gold trim and was short enough to show midriff and had a bustier style front, tied up with a syncing thread that still exposed much of the characters flesh, and pushed up the bosom.

Hair pulled back in a looping bun, held by chopsticks. It was a very sexy outfit and she had recreated it for her figure, it required her to sew for 6 weeks after 3 weeks of getting all the materials. She decided to add white stockings, but didn't want to wear a garter belt so she got the kind with elastic on the top and a little tiny ,little bow on the outside.

The next morning she got up and confirmed that Jim xxnxx moves little dughter fuk fri1st time give her a ride to the convention.

She ran back to her room and quickly assembled her costume, and then tied up her hair and applied her makeup. Twenty minutes later she reappeared in the kitchen. fully in costume. Her step father was standing at the sink with a cup of coffee jugged teen gets banged hardcore and big tits hand, looking at her and taking her in without making a sound.

"Umm, are you ready to go dad?" asked Lilly, calling Jim her dad had become her habit, especially since she didn't know her real dad. "Yyyyyy--yeah, yeah, sure. Let me grab my keys." said Jim, noticeably tearing his eyes away from his young step daughter.

Lilly didn't really notice the stare, figured Jim liked her costume, he was a nerd after all. She went to the corner of the breakfast nook, her heeled boots clacking on the wood floor next to the small square table with 4 chairs. She grabbed the bladed spear made of cardboard and tin foil.

and spun around to surprise her step-dad with a hiya but got the rear flap of her costume got caught on a bulging nail head under the kitchen counter top and it popped a seam and quickly unraveled only still attached on the far edge, falling vertically and completely exposing her backside.

Not wanting to have lines in her costume Lilly had not worn panties. She was crestfallen hearing the dress tear and had quickly spun halfway around again, pawing at her back half of the dress, squirming back and forth on her boots trying to get the fallen corner in her right hand to cover herself. Her hips jostled back and forth, her one knee bending, then the other. Suddenly she was pushed up against the kitchenette table, her bare midriff below the bustier bearing the brunt of the pressure from behind.

She felt a hand on each hip shoving her into the table. "Oooff! What, what are you doing?" asked Lilly panicking.

Jim didn't respond but shoved his tongue into her virgin slit, working its way inside to massage her labia. "Oh, oh my God!! Dad. . daddy! Daddy stop it. Please stop!" Lilly's voice was in a crackling whisper, and octave higher than normal. She tried to pull free but found out that even a weaker man is pretty strong and his hand held her firm. "Oh shit, dad!

Ji--Jimmmm, stop, please stop!" She was starting to get tears in her eyes, she was afraid and confused. She hadn't ever even really masturbated before. Jim continued to probe every inch of her wonderful fresh cunt. She smelled so nice, so clean. He licked, and kissed and sucked and massaged all around, complete deaf to his step daughter's pleas. "Hoooooe-hooo-hoooo-hooo shhhhhhit!" Lilly's nails began to dig into the wood lisa ann perfect anal perfect ass bubble butt the table, her knees began to wobble and Jim awoke very repressed feelings that had been looking for a way out.

Lilly felt a warm marble in the pit of her stomach. It was all encompassing as it began to spread. Live a warm wave of tiny needles, it spread to every inch of her skin until she was nothing but full pleasure.

She felt as though her heart was going to explode. "OOooooooooOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOOoooOOOOOoooOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOOOOH!" Lilly moaned continuously, unaware of her own voice. She squirted all over Jim, cumming for the first time, encapsulated by her first orgasm. Her knees gave way and she fell into her step father's arms. Jim was a bit in shock himself. Friends mom fucked with me ebony dubbing was never much for cunnilingus but he also had never witnessed a female orgasming the fast from it either.

He stared at her beautiful face, her head cradled in his arm. She didn't even really look like Lilly. All dolled up, slutty clothing, a great tan, and that amazing fucking ass.

Lilly tried to look at him, still confused despite the throbbing glow still all over her. She got her eyes open partway for just moments. Her step father was still staring at her, just like at the sink. She felt herself being laid on the ground and felt the pressure of him laying next to her laying his weight on her right side. She felt the front half of her dress being torn off. She tried to talk, to protest, but she only got out a muted moan.

This only served to turn Jim on more, he pushed her left leg over, his hand lingering on the soft slightly transparent white stocking. His fingers found her pussy and the nicki chase gets slammed in hardcore fashion layer of thin hair around it.

He began to play her pussy like a banjo. He wasn't that talented, but then his prey wasn't very discerning. Lilly was just starting to emerge from her first orgasm coma, the vestiges still tingling around her. Just as she was trying to make her arm push his fingers away, he pushed one, then two inside her. He moved them in and out and back and forth, prodding her clitoris with his thumb.

Lilly felt the warm mable again, but this time she realized it wasn't the pit of her stomach but her pelvis. This wave came faster and though technically smaller in stature, on top of her already heightened nerves she hit a new orgasmic high. Every sense was completely incappacitated from her orgasm. She didn't feel anymore during the second throbbing.

She didn't feel Jim pull his pants down, or his penis pushed against her thigh, his balls resting on her silky stocking. She was in the middle of the second wave when he came all over her leg and on the wood floor below them. He had his head buried in her chest, his one hand on the floor trying to keep smal dick woods monster sneaker propped up, but failing.

The other squeezing the other silky thigh. Lilly was still in a deep cum coma when Jim emerged from his, his evolutionary drive to procreate with the most prime host had him half on instinct, half on lust for the now realized insanely hot and perfectly bodied young tart.

He pulled aggressively on her bustier until it loosened enough to be yanked down and free her modest but determinedly perky breast where devoured by Jim's mouth. Sucking and licking and nibbling, back and forth between her real babe gets pussy fucked by doctor tanned breasts.

Jim put his right arm under her left leg and he pushed forward until her legs were nearly in the splits, his right hand griping the leg of the chair to hold her leg against her chest, squashing her breast.

Jim pulled him mouth away from her breast and sat on his haunches and grabbed his prick. His breathing in and out labored and whining, almost sounding like he kinky frankie gets banged in a gangbang crying. So intoxicated by the moment and the ambrosia laying before him. He started jacking off, getting his dick as hard as possible and lined it up to Lilly's virgin slit.

He pressed forward and lightly parted her labia, not even truly inside but the pleasure on his penis and from his now dirty gutter mind, knowing he was taking the golden gift of virginity. He pushed ahead and felt the slight resistance of her athletically stretched hymen. He got past it quickly and got one third in. He stopped and breathed out a stuttering gasping cry.

After a moment he pushed in another third. "Aaaaaaaaaaah. He he ha ha ho ho hooo." he said in a hushed whisper, steeling his resolve. He gave a final harder shove and buries his cock a full five and a half inches inside her. She was firm, tight, but naturally stretched by activity.

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This made her sculpt to his dimensions and mold an extra pleasurable love tunnel. Jim had one hand outside her shoulder, the other still gripping the chair, holding her split. Jim pulled back and looked down, another cry escaping his lips. He began to rhythmically pull out and push in, up on his toes creating a fulcrum on her pelvis, pumping her pussy for everything he was worth.

He was so happy he had cum first on her sexy thigh. It was allowing him to last so much longer the the 4 seconds and two thrusts he would have lasted otherwise. Jim was locked in a steady pounding motion as Lilly began to finally emerge from her orgasmic hangover. She kept having this full feeling.

Her body was so over sensitized she had to continue to come around and let the cum wave receed before she even realized she was having sex. She felt the fullness again and heard he step father do one of his sighing laugh cries: "Haaa-aahh-haaa!" in a hoarse whisper. She snapped awake in horror, realizing her step father was fucking her as my dirty hobby marywet hypnotische ficksucht doggystyle and stockings and hard as he could.

"Oh my god!" she squealed so high pitched it barely made noise. 'Oh my god, Jim, jim, jim, you have to stop. Ho ho ho ho, oh god, oh god, oh no! No! No! No! Jim! Jim don't!" Jim stared at her, feeling her body quivering, Her pussy contracting on his rod. He knew she was cumming again.

He released his grip on the chair and brought his hand, the arm still craddling her leg, to her face and pulled her so she was looking directly in her eyes.

"Oh my god baby. I love you sweetie, I have dreamed about having you, I love you baby. I promise I am holding it as long as I can!" He pulled his arm from around her leg and instead wrapped her shapely calf around his waist. She brought her other leg up and locked her feet together out of instinct and couldn't help it. It was so condusive to pushing his penist to directly on the spot where her third marble of pleasure had already formed. Jim pressed his lips to Lilly and pushed his tongue into her mouth.

Lilly gave in to the pleasure despite her objections and gripped his body and returned his kiss. His cock was massaging her point of pleasure, it was long, but its curvature seemed made by god for her pussy, he directly could hit her g-spot and her last orgasm exploded.

She let out a barely audible cry and her vagina vomited an orgasm over her. Her entire body felt the orgasm from birth to blast off all at once. She completely lost the connection from reality to her orgasmic sensation. Jim began to go faster, he felt the tingling forming in his testicles. He was using every ounce of fortitude he body owned to keep himself from exploding. He felt almost as much pain from his crotch as pleasure as he fought to keep the pathway pinched.

Lilly's orgasm had woke her back up from its waves, now reduced enough for her to barely feel Jim again. She fought heavy eyelids to look at him. He was still staring at her. "Rrrrrrrrr-neah! Grrrroh! I'M HOLLLLLDING IT BEEBEE. Ummph!" Lilly looked at him and squeaked out: "ddd-dddaaaady?" with a heavy gasp for air. It sent Jim over the edge mid pull out and he violently changing direction burning her buttocks on the friction burn from the wood.

"RRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOHHHH BABY!" and Lilly felt a different warmth as Jim's first squirt of his seed. "UUUUUUUUUGH!" He groaned as he dug his mouth into the flesh below her shoulder blade, as he shot another rope of cum inside his step daughter. "UUUURRRR, nnnnnnnnuuuuuuuffffffuuck. Ungh! Fuck! Hyyyymph!" Jim felt a third eruption from his cock and wondered where he stored it all. " "Unnngh, CCCCHrist Lilly! Ungggggoh my fucking god!" Jim moaned through gritted teeth.

One hand reaching under her ass pulling her to him, the other rubbing the silky stocking covered thigh, clawing at the soft silky threads. "Unnngh, hmpf!

Rrrrah. Hurrrrm. Hmmm." Jim collapsed i fuck my boss hard Lilly, completely spent. Lilly, who had barely been able to stay conscious but had successfully stayed around until she felt him release.

She felt concerned, confused, elated, loved, treasured, and worshipped. She had literally driven a man insane with lust. She felt more like a woman than she would ever have imagined she could.

She felt sleep eveloping her without reserve and. continued to grip,him. She felt she should be map, but she had never felt so content or so treasured. That look he gave her as he lost control of his orgasm. He had been so vulnerable and had given himself to her. She let thought stop and dream take over as she passed out. She had woken up some time later, she wasn't sure.

It was definitely hotter in the kitchen cove than when she had been there that morning. When. . oh fuck! She thought. Oh my god, Jim and I had sex.

"What the fuck?" She actually whispered, finally coming to grips with her new reality of a step father whom with she had had a very intense sexual episode and a mother who was detached, and not understanding if it was her or her mother Jim loved. Her voice had roused Jim and he started to push up off the floor, forgetting whose body was beneath him and also for got his sensitive penis was flaccid but still inside Lilly.

"AAAAAAAA-ah-ah-ah-ho-ho. Ooooh, shit." He whispered as he peeled his body off of his step-daughter with an audible POP as the considerable cum that had coated her thigh and tummy when he had masterbated on her leg before deflowering her.

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It was such a funny sound that Jim couldn't help but snort and laugh. The tension broke and Lilly laughed too. They laughed hard for a minute or two as they release incredible pent up emotions from the experience they had just shared. As they settled back down Jim just watched her.

She was truely epic. A perfect petite frame of a budding woman. Her body still held on to her baby fat, keeping it around her toned body making her supple in the way only a still maturing woman could be.

"Umm. What-what are we gonna do now?" Asked Lilly with a grin. She still felt confused, but after what they had gone through, she no longer felt self conscious nude in front of him. She felt at ease, though she still felt like there was something wrong about what had happened. "Jesus. What are we going to do?" Said Jim to the air. "D--D--Do you love me?" Asked Lilly in a high squeak. "I--I uh, shit. I don't know, I didn't plan that. Holy. . ." Said Jim, unable to look directly at her.

"Jim, what are we going to do?" she asked more stressed. She started thinking about her mother finding out, hating her, getting Jim thrown in jail, her mom throwing her into the street for being a home wrecker. . But Jim answered very directly, "We are gonna have to figure that out, but in the mean time we have GOT to clean you up." He extended his hands and she took them and he helped her to her feet.

He wrapped his arms around her and arm and arm they walked to the master bedroom and into the bathroom and Lilly hid her surprise at the feeling of his cum sliding slowly out of her crotch. Up to the shower door which Jim opened and ushered her in, still in her stockings. Jim closed the door behind them and came up behind Lilly and held her tightly to him. He moved the shower head to the side, and turned on the water, Once it was the right temperature he swivelled the shower head so the streams were splashing against her chest and dribbling off the underside of her breasts.

Jim grabbed the body wash and the fluffy scrubber and worked up a good lather and washed her thoroughly. Lilly was so unsure, but trusted him more than any other person. She let his hands clean her and explore her.

She was enjoying the body worship, but then felt Jim's hardening penis starting to jab her in the butt cheek. Jim was starting to grab her body harder and started grinding his hips into her butt. She felt his body push against her and shove her ass cheeks slightly apart.

She felt his hardening shaft pushing against her anus length wise. Jim started sniffing, then licking and now kissing and sucking her collar bone. Lilly felt the aggressiveness in his motions and it occurred to cum hungry rinka kanzaki pounded and filled with hot cum hardcore action creamed pussy that Jim was probably gearing up to have intercourse with her again.

She didn't bother to think about stopping him, she knew from before that wouldn't be possible. So she tried to decide if she should just take the fucking or engage in it.

She was expecting him to spin her around and show her some new position to use when she felt his cockhead press directly at her anus. "Ow- OOOW! Jim! Be careful, to are hitting me in my butt!" Embarrassed ever as she said it causing her to say it in a nasty tone. "Oh right, mmmm" He kissed her neck. "What was I thinking?" he whispered in her ear. Jim grabbed the body wash and flipped the lid, and back up a tad. He aimed and squirted nearly half the bottle at her anus as he grabbed around her waist, and aimed before thrusting to her anus, continually coated in slick body wash.

The cock head forged a very minor spreading. "OWW. Holy, dad! Jim!, No,no,no,no,no,no, no. . " Jim yanked her back while pushing forward and his prick head disappeared inside her.

"OOOOOH, Oh my God! Jim! You can't! Please Jim don't! I don't want it in there! "You will like it sweetheart. Ungh!" Jim grunted as he thrust again, this time getting in pretty deep.

The body was was stinging Lilly a bit in her colon. "No-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho." Lilly cried. "Jimmm-mm-mm!" she sobbed in a quiet squeak. "Oh Lilly, oh god baby, Oh my fucking god! Oooooooh! Oh Jesus Christ Lilly! Oh my baby!' Jim moaned into Lilly's neck. Lilly felt extreme discomfort from the fullness in her anus. She felt like she was shitting in and it was a unexpected feeling and accompanying emotion.

Lilly felt another thrust and Jim hit home, his balls smacking legal age teenagers vs one manhood hiddencam and hardcore the bottom half of her pussy lips. Lilly could never have known Jim would actually hit her G spot better from behind. She japans 10 boys xxx for sunny leon an intense shock of orgasmic pleasure.

Jim was 5 inches taller than Lilly and therefore could look directly down at her. Her beautiful profile, her slight neck, the line of vision down to her breasts up front and her caved in ass cheeks, another unique property of a still blossoming woman. He looked at his treasure and had another of those moments, looking at who he was actually fucking who added a who different angle of intensity. "MMMMMMM-UUUUUUUUUUOOOOH. Fuck Jmmm" moaned Lilly as the first of a series of short intense orgams, all piling on each other.

Every thrust rubbing her G-spot and shocking her with wave after wave. "NNNAAAH. Oh Lilly, oh Lilly!" Jim grunt moaned into her ear. "Oh baby, I'm sorry, I brought you here to have you again! Mmmmmm-nnnnah. Shit sweetie! Mmmphllllilly! Uhh." Jim had a hand on each hip now as she yanked a less and less riggid anus and entire body and the waves of pleasure had taken away her sense of time.

Each thrust caused her to hiccup out an "Uh-eh!" Jim was rubbing, squeezing, grabbing and rubbing. He couldn't take her incredible firm asshole massaging his shaft.

He pulled back so just the head was going in and out and suddenly he catapulted forward. "UUUNGH!" Jim came so hard he had to grab the rail to keep his balance. Lilly felt the warm semen flood her colon. It was a crazy sensation to feel her rectum filled with warm fluid. "Uuuuugh Lilly, Unnnngooooh!" Jim came again, and his hips bucked and he came again right behind it, his balls now empty.

Their bodies came to rest against the tile wall. Lilly's head was back on Jim's chest, she was out on her feet. Barely aware that she even existed. She felt Jim scoop her up, but suddenly was on the bed. Lilly felt pressure. Lilly was yanked out of her sleep, back in the present, lying in bed with Jim since it was another morning her mother was gone working. Lilly realized she had been dreaming down memory lane to the first day she had been Jim's lover. Now it was old hat, nothing fresh.

And JIm was forcing his way into her ass, no lube, no tenderness, no adoration, He was just probing, just wanting her to make him cum so he could go back to sleep. "Jim. Jim wait, I need to talk to you." "Don't worry sweetie, I won't take long" replied Jim as he was rolling her onto her belly.