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Pretty gal is sucking schlong hardcore massage
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I couldn't believe Cynthia wanted to stay over and more unbelievable was her mom actually let her. We were still wearing my mom's night gowns with nothing else. Her in the black lace that was partially see-through and very short and me in the red silk that hung a little too low over my breasts.

"Let's watch a movie," Cynthia suggested. "Sure," I said. I rolled over grabbed the remote and turned on my tv. We flipped through channels but every time I stopped she would say "nah," or "seen it too many times." "You want to pick one from our collection?" I asked.

My parents had collected so many movies over the years they just added a new category when I was born. "Yeah," she said excited. She climbed out of bed and stood waiting by the door. I took my time, taking a second to admire her round breasts in that thin gown. I noticed as I climbed out of bed she was watching me too. Hmm? I lead her down the hall to the theater. "Oh my god!

There are so many," she said standing I front of the book cases filled with movies. She scanned the first section then went to the next. "What's this about?" She asked pulling one out. "Nah, never mind" she said putting it back. She stayed kinzie kenner is a medical malpractice lawsuit waiting to happen that section.

I knew it well, it was the drama movies. Many were rated R that's why my parents put them on the top three shelves.

Back then I couldn't reach it. Cynthia was looking at the movies higher up now. She reached for one on the second from the top then left it for one above that. Her gown rising up even more then it already was. The way she was stretching I could see all of her tight little butt.

"What about this one?" She asked slowly lowering herself and her gown back down. I looked up to see what she held.

"Seen it, sounds like a sexy movie but they never really show much more then people in their underwear." She was already putting it back.

She moved away, "well, you find a good sexy movie then." So did that mean she was still horny? I couldn't help but smile and rack my brain for a good movie with sex scenes. I stepped up to fake taxi horny mysterious masked maya returns for big taxi cock movie case and started looking. Cynthia moved over to give me room. I finally thought of the movie I wanted us horny girl double toy two holes wecamnet watch when I looked down to see Cynthia bent over looking at the bottom shelves of movies.

I couldn't help admiring her ample b-cup breasts. They weren't huge like boys liked but they were much bigger than my own. Not only could I see her round pillows but I had a nice view of her perky brown nipples. She leaned back and slowly looked up at me.

"I know what we should watch," I said playing it cool. I turned and looked for the movie. Of course very top shelf, where all the most explicit movies were.

I was still too short to reach unaided, but years of practice I knew how to get it. I lifted my foot up onto the first shelf. There was just enough room for my toes to lift me up. One hand clung onto a shelf halfway up the case and my other hand fumbled for the movie. I arched my back so I could lift my face away just enough to see what I was reaching for. "Ha! Got it," I cheered. Dropping back down and looking down to see where I was landing. I saw Cynthia's eyes looking at my waist.

She had been checking me out! Just like I did to her. "Jeanette, I really like your hips," Cynthia said. "I mean, I think you're really pretty. Well, I mean we're friends it's ok to say that right?" "I think I understand," I said a little confused. "We are friends and nothing will change that. We just happen to think our friend is very pretty, nothing wrong with that." "And what we did with MrC?

And each other?" She asked quietly. I thought quickly. "Well, that was nice and I've never felt anything like that," I admitted.

"I don't thing that changed us either." "I might want to do it again." She said looking up into my eyes. I stared into her eyes then my eyes fell slowly to her open top and her gorgeous tits. "Me too," I confessed. "I don't like girls but you, I feel comfortable with and I enjoyed what you did to me." "Me too," she said slowly getting up.

We watched the movie together and ate some popcorn. I was a little disappointed that she didn't try to touch me. I wanted to touch her but she didn't seem interested in me now.

When the movie ended I put it back in the case and on the top shelf. While I was putting it away I looked back down to Cynthia to see her staring at my ass. She made no effort to hide it. "Can we try on some of your mom's other night gowns?" She asked me as I jumped down off the book case. "Uh, sure, that would be fun," I replied. I'd also see her nude again while we tried on different ones. She practically ran down the hall. I tried to keep up and it felt like some sort of race.

In my mom's room she waited for me to open the drawer. Together we pulled out two more gowns. She slipped out of the black lace to pull on a sheer pink gown that didn't go below her hips at all.

She posed for me smiling, first one way then another. Each shift of her hips and legs let me see her landing strip to heaven. "Wow," was all I could say. She smiled and pushed the other gown to me. "Come on out yours on." I slid the straps down my shoulders and my silky gown fell down around my ankles.

Cynthia looked my whole body over as I pulled on a dark blue gown. The top was a little more snug but still too lose for my tiny tits. It was longer then all the others almost to my knees but the front opened wider as it got lower.

By the time it reached the bottom the two sides were almost behind my legs. "Great view from here," Cynthia said staring at my shaved slit. I posed the way she had and shifted for another pose. "Great view!" Then we laughed together. "One more?" I asked her. "At least," she answered. We each reached in for another one.

We both grabbed the same bright red gown. "Ok you first then I will try it too," I suggested. "Ok," she said not waisting any time. The pink gown was off before I could pull the red one out. My eyes were so focused on her naked body, especially her tender breasts. That as I lifted the red gown I jumped as something thumped inside the drawer.

Cynthia must not have noticed. "Come on you'll have your turn soon I promise, now let me have it." I held the gown as I looked down at the drawer. I couldn't make out what it was. "Come on I'm getting better cold." That made me look at her hardening nipples. Oh she was cold, cold for making me watch.

I handed the red one to her. She put it on. It was sexy combination of the last two gowns. Right around her breasts, it even looked like it lifted them some too. Short like her pink one and wide open in the front like my dark blue. The material was thin and sheer.

It left nothing to imagination. I could see her nipples poking through the fabric and even see the light brown rings of her areolae.

Her stomach and more stimulatingly, her pussy was exposed to the naked eye. "You like?" She asked. "Oh man, if I was a boy I'd be blowing my load right now," I said truthfully. She laughed. She moved around in it a little even looked in the mirror above the dresser at herself.

I just watched her every move. I could feel myself getting wet for my friend. "Ok my turn now!" She looked sad for just a second the pulled it off and held it out for me. I pulled the blue one off and took the red excitedly. Cynthia looked in the drawer for another one.

I couldn't help looking in the mirror at myself as I pulled it down around me. I felt so hot. It fit better than the others had. It definitely had a push up kind of feel to it. The girls looked better than step mom teaches teen to suck and fuck. My tits looked like Cynthia's usually did. I couldn't stop staring at myself.

My pink areolae looked darker in the red material. Somehow the open front seemed to make my eyes look right down the middle to my bare slit. I couldn't stop my own hand from feelings my tits and rubbing my wet slit.

I was so turned on I couldn't stop myself from sliding a finger between my little lips. "Look what I found," Cynthia said getting up and turning around to me.

She was still naked, but she was holding something in her hands. Her eyes widened when she saw me. "Wow!" I smiled, "thanks, what is that?" "It's your mom's toy!" She said holding it out. It was a big life-like replica of a man's dick.

If it was smaller than Tommy's it wasn't by much. I touched it, it felt cold, that's weird. But it felt almost like skin and that only made it weirder. "This is so weird," Cynthia said. "I mean like any guy could compare to this thing?!" "I've seen some that big," I replied thinking of Tommy and his dad.

After the words were out of my mouth I knew it was trouble. "Really?" Was all she said. "Feel it," she said holding it out to me.

I touched it some more. She seemed to like seeing me touch it. I grasped the shaft and gently pumped it a few times. "You like that?" I teased. She smiled and held the base in front of her pussy. "Oh yeah, don't stop," she taunted back. I rubbed it some more. She held it with one hand and reached out and brushed the back of her hand against my hard nipples. I used one hand on the fake dick and with my free hand I rubbed her bare breasts. She hummed softly as we played with each other's nipples.

"You think you could handle one of these?" I asked her, tugging on the dildo. She looked down at it, "I want to try." With that I let go of it. She sat on the edge of my parent's bed and turned it around to face her. She lifted it up her mouth and opened wide. Then ambitious cutie cant live without to have casual sex adventures all day it into her little mouth.

What that what it looked like when I sucked Tommy's dad off? I stepped up in front of her and pulled the dildo down like she had held it. As if this was my dick. "Suck my dick," I said to my friend. She looked at me and nodded. Leaned forward and watch this hot and horny eighteen yea rold hardcore massage it in her mouth again.

This time she pulled it out and licked it a little. The way she was handling it I knew she had sucked a real dick many times before.

The way she moved her hand and toyed with the fake balls, only a guy could have taught her those moves. She sucked down more than half my artificial cock. It was so hot watching her. I felt like she was my toy, I controlled her. I put one hand on her head and pulled her on my fake dick.

Her reaction affirmed my assumption, she moved faster with my hand. She was getting into it more. She took one hand off the fake balls and put it between her legs. I wanted to do the same but both my hands were busy.

My slit needed some attention too. She moaned and groaned a little. I thought she was going to make herself cum. Just as she started to moan louder she pulled the cock out of her mouth and took her hand out from her legs.

She got down off the bed and pulled the fake dick away from me. "Your turn," she said, pointing to my parent's bed.

"Yay," I said excitedly climbing on the side of the bed. She step between my legs and pushed me back on my back. I lifted my head to see her put the dildo against her pelvic pointing at me. "Oh, my god." My eyes were saucers, it looked so much bigger now that it was aimed at my teen hole. "Ok, I'm ready." I looked up at the ceiling. I couldn't watch. The tip touched my slit gently.

Cynthia slowly rubbed it on me. I could feel the co wetness from her saliva on the massive cock. The slowly she rubbed the massive tip into the space between my lips. The rounded top flirted with my slot.

She didn't push it in, she took her time. Waiting for me to be ready. Just rubbing it around my whole pussy. The fear had left me and I opened my eyes to watch her and that dildo. She watched my pussy never looking away from what she was doing. I looked at it too, the top was now very wet with my juices. I touched it, it felt more like a real thing. It was cooler than a real one but not cold like before. "I want it," I said to Cynthia. She looked at me, as our eyes met I said, "fuck me Cynthia." She looked surprised and pleased.

I put my hand on the tip and pushed it to my opening. "Put it in me, I need it in me!" With that my friend used her own hips to drive the fake cock between my lips, through the opening of my pussy and in me.

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My breathing stopped as I felt myself opening wide for this massive pole. It stopped going in me, it hurt as Cynthia pushed a little more. As if she felt it too, she pulled back using her hands to yank it out of me. She rubbed my juices on the length of cock that I couldn't fit in me. "Again?" She asked putting it back to my slit. "Yes, I want it all!" I did. This was an amazing feeling. I was so turned on my Cynthia standing naked between my legs fucking me with a huge dick.

"Fuck me." Again she pushed won't her hips and drove it deeper into my stretching hole. The immense dildo was in as far as my little teeny spot could take it.

Cynthia pushed just a little more and I felt sharp pain as the knob-sized tip hit my cervix. "Oh!" I cried out. "Faster!" She pulled with her hands and thrust with her hips. I could feel her legs against mine as she pumped it in me. Smooth hairless girly legs. She pulled out slowly the pushed hard with her waist driving that huge tool into me. I grabbed the base with one hand and used my other to pull her hand to my tit.

It wasn't long before one hand was wiggling and shifting the big dong and my other was wiggling on her slit. "I want you to eat my pussy again," she told me. "I want to taste your pussy again," I told her. She smiled wide and climbed up on the bed. She sat on my face and lowered her tender sex to my mouth. I kissed those soft pale lips.

Then as she pressed down on my mouth for more I let my tongue black guy and girl shot xxx storys to taste her dripping hole. She moved a little more this time lowering her body to reach down to take back the dick from me. I sucked and licked her clit as milf sex lick sex stories movies pumped my tender hole with that massive cock she found in my mom's drawer.

After a few minutes we were both cumming. Her in my mouth and me around that big thing. I could feel my pussy try to contract with each orgasmic convulsion. My mouth froze around her slit as the orgasm grew stronger.

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Time stopped and I felt my body spasm. Cynthia had stopped pumping me with the cock, instead she just left it halfway in my love tunnel. My orgasm didn't stop though, and I felt the blonde feet domination and german brunette teen xxx talent ho room spinning she had caused earlier today.

This time the room went dark for what felt like an eternity, probably only two or three seconds. "Oh, oh." I breathed. "That. Was so. Incredible!" She got up and looked at me.

She started to pull it out. "Oooow! No! Leave it for a minute." I cried. She sat watching me catch my breath. Looking me in the eyes, then looking down at my swollen pussy, then up to my breasts. "Ok, slowly pull it out." I instructed, too sensitive to do it myself.

Surely, I'd would be easier if she did it. I closed my eyes, I could feel the moment her hands brushed up against the long shaft protruding from my pussy. I took a deep breath and held it. She took my clue and pulled it. "Aaaah!" I cried. "Keep going," I grunted through gritted teeth. She paused only long enough for me to take another deep breath then pulled it the rest of the way out.

I could feel every inch that bulbous tip took leaving my body. I opened my eyes just as it popped out of me. After she pulled it out, I could feel my pussy contracting, trying to return to my normal small tight teen hole. As it squeezed itself closed juices oozed out of me. "Wow, you came a lot!" Cynthia said amazed. "I want to try it too." I looked at her. She was very serious.

I couldn't blame her. I imagined myself using this tool more often on my own. "Ok give me a minute," I said. Slowly raising up to my Elbows. She nodded the laid down next to me. After a few minutes I sat up. It hurt to sit on my sensitive lips so I lifted them off the bed and sat on my knees between Cynthia's legs. She opened her legs wide. I admired her trimmed bush for the hundredth time today. Her pussy looked like a playboy model's not some high school teen.

How did she trim it so perfectly? "I want it, Jeanette." I looked at her, she watched me handle the big life-like dick. "Put it in me!" I repeated the steps she had taken but she didn't want to wait that long. Her hand reached down and put the tip at her hole.

I sat up above her and rested the base of the dick on my pelvic above my dark haired lesbians toy lick and fingering slit. Down I drove it into her. Her legs lifted off the bed and it went in. My fake dick going all the way in on the first try, coated with my pussy lube, it plowed right in her.

She squeezed her eyes shut as I felt it hit bottom. I lifted my waist and pulled with both hands then drove it back into her. I got into a rhythm and developed a technique to do it faster. I was resting my face on her bosom. After a little bit, I took advantage of where my mouth was and started licking at her pretty big tits and sucking her little brown nipples in my mouth.

I was enjoying it so much I didn't realize she was cumming at first. I slowed my pumping motion and pulled the big dick out of her. Just like me her pussy leaked of juices trapped by the huge dong. I rolled off her and cradled the wet fleshy fake dick against my chest. "Oh my god, this is better than MrC," I said happily. "It was really nice but I think I like Joe best of all," Cynthia said. Suddenly I remembered, Cynthia had a boyfriend! "If he's so good why did you want to sleep with MrC?" I asked, I felt upset she was either lying about how good he was or she was turning into a slut.

"Well, he hasn't actually asked me out. I'm not really sure what we are," she said sadly. "Besides, I know he's slept with at least one other girl, I wanted to know what sex was like with someone else too." Well, I guess that made sense.

Why should he be able to sleep with another girl and she had to live with only his dick? She's right and to top it off he rosto de anjo e corpo sensual ela adora seco radical made it official! Bah, what a jerk. "No, he's a good guy," she said defending him. I guess I said the last part out loud. Cynthia stayed the night several more time over the next few weeks. Whenever we could we'd sneak my mom's toy out to use on each other.

When she wasn't there I used it myself. It felt just as good either way. It didn't take long for Cynthia and me to decide we weren't lesbian we just enjoyed orgasms. It didn't matter to us whether it was a guy or each other giving it to us or even my mom's toy. One day Cynthia came to stay the night. Things were weird between her and Joe. She wouldn't talk about it but I could tell she was in need of sex.

My mom was actually home that weekend so I told her we couldn't use he toy. "Maybe you'd feel better if I wend down on you?" I offered.

She smiled at me but shook her head. "Sorry, maybe later Jeanette. I really need a good fuck from a dick, preferably a real one." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She didn't want me to lick her? She hadn't turned down any of my offers since we started pleasing each other. "It's been a long time since I've had some cock," she said smiling at me to take the sting off.

"I get it, I think." I really didn't know the feeling. It had been a long time since I had the real thing, in fact I knew it had been longer for me then her but I got to use my mom's toy dick two or three time a week. My mom alexis plants a delicate kiss on her lips but ryan pulls away in to see if we needed anything. She had a glass in her hand. I could tell by the way she held it that was no regular coke.

She must have some rum or bourbon. Every time she was home she was almost always drinking. "Mrs. A. Can I ask you for a big favor?" Cynthia asked. I was so caught up with my thoughts of my mom's drinking that I didn't see Cynthia's question coming. "Do you have a special toy I could use? I mean, my boyfriend and I are having some issues right now so." She was so casual about it. Like she was asking 'can I borrow a blanket?' "Oh no honey," my mom answered slowly.

"Mrs. A. I'm not a virgin. And I wouldn't tell my parents you let me." Cynthia tried still. My mom laughed! She actually laughed, Yep she was drunk. I felt so shocked by Cynthia and so embarrassed by my mom. "No, dear you don't understand. I'd let you borrow it if you really wanted but it's not a normal toy." I wanted to say 'yeah we know, it's huge' but didn't want to admit to using it already.

"You see my toy is special. It's a replica of Jeanette's dad," she said and instantly my veins froze. "So you see, it would be inappropriate for you to use it. But good luck, I'm sure you can take care of it some other way." And with that nuclear bomb on my soul she walked out of my room. "Damn, your dad is hung!" Cynthia said turning slowly towards me. I couldn't move. I'd been using my dad's replica dick to orgasm for weeks! I loved my dad, but I've never thought of him in any way other than as my dad.

I liked it in me! I even liked pretending to suck it like a real dick. I had enjoyed all the times I used it to fuck my friend Cynthia. Cynthia. She was sitting on the bed next to me watching me. "Oh, Jeanette, I'm so sorry." She wrapped her arms around me and held me for a minute. "You didn't know. It's not like you really had sex with him." She was trying to reassure me but it wasn't helping. "I need to get out of here. Come with me?" I asked. "Sure, let's go for a walk."