Kimberly kane sex files 2

Kimberly kane sex files 2
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Incest, bondage, domination, young, consensual sex With Jan secured to the bed Karen and Chris then walked to the garage. Karen said to Chris, look Chris this may be the last time I get a chance like this, but like I said in there, I need some attention. She lifted her skirt, could you suck a little while here?

Chris went down on his mothers lover and paid attention the best he could to her quiet directions until she stiffened and held his head in place licking inside of her slit as best he could. Once in the van as they were backing out Karen asked, ok, how was that. At first he seemed to just be answering about sucking her off so she asked, I mean about fucking your mother. Did you like it? He tyler plows two hot ginger pussies so hard interrupted with a yes, then asked, do you want to do it again, this time for real with your mom knowing it is you.

With Chris immediately answering "Oh god yes" Alright then Chris, that is part of why I had you suck me off, I wanted to make sure that you were ready to go again. I am going to take you to McDonalds so you can get something to eat. Then we go back to your house. Your mom is still blind folded, this time I drop you off some ways from home so the neighbors don't see me dropping you off.

I pull up on the street and we walk in together.

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Only this time it will be my turn to stay quiet. You walk in and announce that you're home early because school got out early. Walk into your moms room, she'll be naked and in a puddle of your come. Only this time you need to talk, tell her she's beautiful, that you're sorry but you have to do this before you let her go. Then start doing whatever you want. At some point after you start on your mom, I will walk back in to untie her but you will already be there taking her.

I'll help out at that point for you ok? All Chris could say was "do I have to eat" Karen laughed and said, yes, I don't want you getting distracted by your stomach, I want your cock ready for action, and taking a little time for lunch will give you the time you need to come back new.

They compromised and hit the drive through. Chris wolfed his food down before they got out of the driveway and back onto the road. A short distance from home Karen dropped Chris off and drove past. She got to a spot by the home before Chris.

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But they walked in together. Chris was so excited that he forgot to speak after he keyed his way in the front door. A frantic desperate sound in his mothers voice as she called "Karen is that you" and Chris said No its me, school got out early I'm home.

Dead silence, Karen quietly whispered to Chris "karen who?" Chris called out as he walked towards his mothers open door, Karen who? As they approached his mothers door they both heard her burst into tears blubbering "oh god no" Chris walked into the room with Karen in tow right behind, the blindfold was securely in place.

Jan was still naked and spread eagled with an obvious puddle of cum soaking into the bed sheets between her lewdly exposed slit with labia lips hanging obscenely open. Jan began blubbering almost incoherently saying things along the line of god I'm sorry, mommies a slut. Chris did a good job and said god you are beautiful, but his mother was blubbering incoherently and didn't hear. So he bent over and began to suck on her nipple.

That stopped her cold, in a very motherly voice she said, what are you doing. He then said his lines again. My god mom, you are just so beautiful, I'm sorry but I have to do this assparade assh lee gets her asshole stretched I untie you.

Jan went back to blubbering and crying and Chris went back to suckling on his mothers breast. Jan started almost wailing saying I'm sorry mommies such a slut, while Chris started feeling her other breast while suckling on the first. Karen walked quietly up and motioned for Chris to put a hand down below which he then did. Immediately he was able to give his mother 4 fingers and start pushing the thumb which was made easy with the copius amount of sperm that he had already left behind.

Jan started sucking air while crying and that is when Karen decided to make her presence known. Karen loudly announced "I'M, OH GOD" Jan immediately went back to blubbering incoherently and Chris got in past the thumb.

Karen took the blindfold off, Jan looked at her, Karen said I hurried back, this is Chris? Jan sobbed, put it back on, god put it back on. Karen re-fastened the blind fold and said Chris, go slow with your mom ok. Jan blubbered I'm a slut mommie. Karen started asking Chris questions, Jan stopped blubbering to hear the questions and answers. Chris honey, do you like the way your mommy looks?

Chris responded oh god yes, I couldn't stop myself. I just had to do this. Jan went back to her blubbering about being sorry about being such a slut. Karen rubbed Jan's stomach and asked Chris, Chris honey, what kind of things do you want to do with your mommy? This put more of an emphasis on Chris than he had thought about, now he was glad that his mother had the blindfolds back in place. He said I, unnhh, Karen said oh I see. With Jan still blubbering incessantly Karen unbuckled Chris's jeans, stood behind him and pulled them down, then his shorts.

With Jan still blubbering Karen took hold of Jan's head, with no resistance offered she turned her head towards her son. Chris climbed up on the bed pointed his cock towards his mothers mouth while Karen picked Jan's head up facilitating the process. This way Jan's sobbing babble was replaced with a quiet suckling sound as Jan began servicing her sons cock. Karen broke the silence saying, this position is uncomfortable for everyone so Chris honey, would you like to put your cock up inside your mom where the other man obviously was?

Jan got her answer to that when she felt her son crawling further down on the bed. Naked, tied open and still drooling a little sperm she obviously had no defense to this. She again began babbling almost incoherently saying mommies such a slut. As Chris embedded his cock in his mothers sloppy wet hole Karen tried to make the situation seem less difficult by saying. Chris your mommies not a total slut, she's just been really a slut today. Jan bawled loudly saying god no, I'm just a total slut.

Not sure how to handle this Karen went forward, well Chris, maybe funny snake fuck girl storys means that your mom might not be able to stop you from tying her up and doing this to her again in the future. With that Jan began bawling again saying NO, NO, NO, god no, I'll never be able to stop him, oh my god mommies such a slut.

God I'm a total slut. With chica se graba para su novio Chris spoke, oh my god mom, you can be my total slut any day, all day and I'll love you forever for it.

God please just let me keep you, I want you to be mine. The tears stopped, Chris was still thrusting, Jan said, oh god, you want me, Chris continued thrusting and grunted out a yes. Jan visibly held her breath at that. Karen softly spoke, Chris honey, I think your mom likes it when you grunt, do that again. Now with his thrusting Chris began to softly grunt while invading his mothers quim.

Jan's reaction was soft but visible, her legs seemed to ease open just a shade, she softly said Oh Chris honey do you like that, do you like mommie? More thrusting, and grunting. Jan became a little more bold, softly saying oh god Chris, mommie,, Thrust and grunt, now Jan was giving little grunts of her own as her son grunted inside of her.

She softly asked, Chris honey, are you going to, inside of me. Are you going to grunt and,, Chris now obviously nearing his end started saying oh god mom I'm gonna. Jan countered with, grunt baby, grunt when you do, grunt when you do it in mommie. Chris finally saying, oh god mom, I'mmm unnggg huhh, huuhhhh as Chris ground his hips up against his mother unleashing another torrent of spunk up into her well fucked hole. With the number of times poor Chris had come that day he had to pull out.

Karen took the time to try to help out the best way she could. Chris honey, your mom seems a bit embarrassed about calling herself a slut. You see though women delightful anal gratifying homemade and hardcore, I don't have any problem with that. I umm, I had promised your mom that I would come back here and ahhh. I want to clean your mom up and have her take care of me now.

I have to do it now because once I untie your mom she might not let me tie her up again. That could be your job. I just need to take what I need this one last time before things change forever. Do you mind?

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Chris stepped back as Jan started saying oh god no, he can't see me doing that. Chris jumped right in, Oh god mom, if I see you doing that you are going to end up with me just filling you back up again. With that Jan seemed to quiet down while Karen lowered her mouth to Jan's wide open sloppy sperm filled slit while lowering her own smooth slit to Jan's mouth. After a short time Karen pulled her face up showing a clean but wide open pussy while she seemed to twitch her hips and push and thrust down.

Getting the angle just right Karen finished getting off right in front of her friends son while twitching and thrusting her hips into her friends mouth while her son Chris watched. When this display was done, Chris stood at full attention, Karen went back to the quick releases on Jan's ankle ties releasing her legs.

Chris mounted his mother again driving his young cock back into her open slit, Jan dutifully lifted her feet, spreading her legs open for her sons access. Karen meanwhile stripped naked and climbed up on the bed, her large soft breasts coming into view for Chris for the first time.

Karen worked her way in behind Jan's head and removed the blindfold.

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Jan immediately protested but Karen ignored her instead picking her head up. With her son in the pushup position and her knees up Jan had no choice but to see her sons young cock plunging into her wide open slit. Jan groaned in complaint that her lips were visible. Chris grunted and said yes, they're beautiful, if they weren't so full of cum I'd want to suck on them.

Jan looked up at her son thrusting away in her. Really? You'd want to suck mommies slit? With that Chris started grunting again with Jan cooing alongside saying oh god yes, grunt in mommy. Grunt baby grunt in mommy keeping this up until Chris started straining, showing that he was trying to release another load. Jan soothed him along encouraging him to let go inside, just do it Chris baby, grunt it out in mommy which Chris obligingly did for her. Karen extracted herself from the sweaty sex and re-dressed telling Chris that his mother belonged to him now and that he was responsible for untying her finally making her way home.