Teen sex jav jav iki adam beni sikiyor

Teen sex jav jav iki adam beni sikiyor
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tattoo's are so expensive these days, who can afford to get them anymore? I know I can't, but fortunately for me, I have a deal worked out with one of my local tattoo artist that gives me a huge discount on the work I'm getting done.

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everyday on my way home from work, I stop off at the shop and I spend about an hour in the back room with him sucking his cock. I'm not gay or even the slight bit attracted to men. but it gives me the discount and I think it's worth it. besides, its just a dick in the mouth and the cum doesn't taste that bad. it began some months ago when I moved into town and started looking for a shop that could give me sleeves and cover up all the old tattoo's I got when I was younger.

I was your typical white punk rocker in the mid 80's and ended up with plenty of spaced out tattoos. now that I'm 39 years old, they have become blurry.

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I figure it was time to update. but when I went into the first shop I found, I was blown away at the price. I want sleeves, that's a lot of work and I can't afford that. so I went shopping around all the shops in town and found the same thing. just to expensive. well, I figured I wasn't going to get the work done after all. then one day I went to this pizza shop because of a coupon that I had and saw a new tattoo shop next door, so I went in.

the artist was a well built biker type covered in tat work of course, and somewhere around my age I would guess.

I introduced myself and explained my problem I found with all the high pricing. he told me the price I have been getting quoted was the normal rate and unless I was a woman, that is what he was going to charge me.

I asked, "why would that make a difference in price?" he said, "because woman suck dick and I give discounts when I get my dick sucked. so unless you want to suck my dick, you pay full price like every other guy." that made sense to me.

I like my dick sucked. I suppose I would give discounts too. I said to him, "so let me get this straight, if I suck your dick, you'll give me a discount on my work?" he stepped up to me and said firmly, "you know what bud?

I like my dick sucked. I don't care who sucks it, it just better be good. now if you want to get down on your knees and earn a discount, then lets stop fucking around and get to it, but you should know, if you want sleeves, that's a lot of work, and that's a lot of dick sucking and you have to swallow." I was silent, maybe a bit stung by the force in his voice.

his eyes were three inches from my eyes and he starred into them like he was reading my mind. after a short moment, without breaking eye contact, he took my hand and placed it on the huge hard bulge in his crotch and said, "ya!

you want it, I can see it in your eyes. come with me girlfriend." I don't know why I didn't say anything or just leave. I believe it was the thought of impressive honey rides on cock girlfriend hardcore my new tat's that made me follow him into the back room.

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once inside, he closed the door and told me to sit in the chair that was in front of me. it was an adjustable desk chair with no arm rests and wheels on the bottom.

typical desk chair. after Tricia oaks pussy humping storys sat down, he handed me a piece of paper off the shelf that basically stated that I was sucking his dick because I wanted to and not for exchange of work. it was in a more formal format, but basically he was covering his ass from extortion. I signed it and that's when he took his clothes off.

his body was pretty defined and he had tattoo's everywhere. his cock was in the half hard mode and was very big. it was also fairly thick and circumcised without any pubic hair what so ever.

he was clean shaven. there was a tattoo in the pubic area where the hair would normally be right above his dick. in fancy lettering and art work, it read, "SWALLOW THIS" with an arrow pointed at his dick.

it was obvious he liked his cock sucked. he stepped to me and told me to adjust the seat so that my face was a match for his dick. after I did so, he put the head of his dick against my lips and at that point, the reality of the situation hit me.

I was about to suck another man's dick for discounted tattoo work.

I began to have second thoughts but I opened my mouth anyway and the dick went inside. as he began to slide his dick in and out of my mouth, he said, "take your time honey, I have all day." I wrapped my hands around him and held his butt-cheeks as he humped my face. as time went on and as I sucked, I caressed his balls, stroked his cock, licked his balls, licked attractive babe cant live out of dick riding very much dick, kissed his balls, kissed his cock, licked up his pre-cum, I did everything I could to make his cock feel good.

I figured the better he enjoyed it, the bigger the discount. then there was a knock at the door. he told me not to stop and yelled for that person to come in. it was one of the other artist from the shop. he looked at me as I continued to suck dick and he said, "I see your giving up another discount.

anyway, the rest of us are going to the bar, I was going to ask you to join us." his reply was, "go ahead, girlfriend here is going to suck my cock a couple of more hours. I'll meet up with ya later." then the guy left and there I was still sucking his dick.

I was thinking, a couple of more hours, my jaw was getting sore. anyway, it was a good long time into it when he held my head and began to thrust faster.

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he said, "I'm going to give you the jizz, don't waste it." I put my hands on his butt-cheeks and let him fuck my face and then I felt his dick swell up and all of a sudden, hot salty cum was running down the back of my throat. he held my head and continued to thrust his dick as I kept feeling squirt after squirt of cum shoot into my mouth.

it seemed like he was never going to stop cuming. but when he did and he slowed his humping, I had managed to swallow every drop. he said, "nice.

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don't stop. time for round two." his dick stayed hard as I continued to suck it for quite some time. but I managed to make him cum again but there wasn't that much to swallow the second time around. he said, "you got your discount. come by everyday and suck my dick like you just did and you'll have your discount every session.

its going to take months, maybe even a year or two depending on what kind of work you want and when you have money for it. but the dick sucking everyday doesn't stop. deal?" I said, "deal." we shook on it and that is how its been everyday since. I have gotten some good work over the six months, but I have a long way to go yet.

so in english film full fuking looks like I'll be sucking his cock daily for a very long time, but like I said before, its worth it.