Wench wants to have greater amount sex hardcore blowjob

Wench wants to have greater amount sex hardcore blowjob
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The massage therapist finished asking her questions after going over the form I filled out and told me to get undressed and get under the sheet. I felt like I won the lottery choosing her randomly from a list of massage therapists grouped by company.

She had a shapely figure and obviously worked out at least four times a week. Her blond hair looked natural and there was something about the first impression that really made me like her but I can't really explain it. Maybe it was that she seemed smart but didn't force it on you, or maybe she was so friendly and compassionate that she seemed like a good friend you had known for years.

"Am I supposed to take everything off?" I asked. Son blackmail mom sleeping fuck instructions were to undress as far as I was comfortable with.

But, I am thinking, if you want me naked and I am not going to seem like a pervert by doing so then that's what I want. If nothing else I would get a secret thrill to be nude in front of this beautiful woman who planned to massage my back. "If you are comfortable with that," she replied. Was that a wink?

I couldn't tell but I think she winked as she said it. I must be imagining things. She left the room and promised to be back shortly. I folded my clothes neatly and set them on the chair. The air was warm but the slight chill of being nude made my nipples taught. I love it when a girl sucks my tiny perked nipples and I stood there imagining it for a few seconds too long. She knocked on the door as she swung it open to see my raging flagpole hard on revealing my true thoughts.

I saw her eyes go straight to my cock and she paused for an instant before she said she would be back in a moment and started to close the door. "Wait," I said as I grabbed the sheet and lifted it to slide on the table, "I am ready now." She came in and shut the door.

We were alone in my own little world now. She went to the corner of the room started a CD.

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"I am sorry I walked in before you were ready," she said as she lifted the sheet and put a warm towel under my feet. "I bet that happens all the time huh?" I said. "No, I usually make sure I get a response first but for some reason I wasn't thinking." I normally would bit my tongue but she felt so comfortable to be around. "You just wanted to get a good look at me," I said. "So, do I owe you now?" she answered rhetorically to my complete shock.

She had already pulled the sheet down to my waist and was putting pressure on my lower back with her forearms. She stopped for a moment and I heard some rustling but had no idea what she was doing since I had my face down in the toilet-seat shaped pad. I am not sure if it was the aromas in the room from all the sweet smelling oils or the light music or more likely her touch that was making me feel relaxed and in a world safe and cared for. I just laid there taking in all the sensations.

She started explaining to me that the lower back muscles are highly dependent on the leg muscles so she was going to loosen them up as well. The next thing I know she is pulling this beauty is a pussy licking expert sheet down further and sliding her oily hands under to work on my ass.

She pinned first one cheek and then the other to the table mashing my hardened cock on the table. I was glad the table had a nice soft cushion.

I lustily retreated in my mind to the thoughts of her taking things a little too far. The feelings I was getting from the complete relaxation and rhythmic gyrations made me drift into a reverie. As she alternated a few times between my thighs and my ass her fingers "accidentally" traced a line between my cheeks that kept going in further with all the oil she kept adding.

She even dripped some oil one time that ran down in between my cheeks. She quickly apologized and wiped it up with her hand nearly touching my balls and then ava devine and sarah jay with sons friend in an upward motion splitting my cheeks and scraping the oil up.

"I am going to need to do the front of your thighs now, if you could turn over I will hold the sheet up," she said. I turned over facing toward her and she was staring under the sheet.

I stopped as soon as I realized her shirt was off and her nipples were tight and erect. She had medium sized breasts that were milky white and her nipples had a reddish tint more passionate looking that the normal brownish color. My mouth dropped open and she smiled at me as she explained we were now even. Her bra and blouse were sitting in the chair on top of my clothes and that must have been the rustling I heard earlier.

"Do you want me?" she asked. I could only nod yes. "This never happened, according to the insurance company you got your back massage." These were the last words I heard from her. She pushed me onto my back and threw the sheet off of me.

She swiftly pulled her pants down and then grabbed her panties and pushed them down her legs as she faced away from me bending over. I could see her shaved lips peek out from between her thighs as she bent lower. The view was tremendous.

Her hips and ass formed a sexy heart shape as she held her position for me to stare. She grabbed her ankles and her face emerged from behind her legs to look and see if I was enjoying myself. She was so flexible I couldn't help but drool. I made eye contact for an instant and then my gaze returned to her ass. Even her tightly puckered butt hole had that pinkish color. She must have bent over even further now or arched her back slightly, because now her lips were parted ever so slightly and I could see her shiny bright pink entrance.

She finally unfolded herself and returned to the table. Without a word she climbed on top of me into a sixty-nine position and lowered her spread open pussy onto my mouth. As my tongue entered her pleasurable moans escaped. Her mouth wide open she took my dick, which had started leaking pre-come. I knew she was not going to need any tips on what to do so I concentrated on my task of making her come. I licked her entire slit from her clit up to perineum, that little bit of skin between her pussy and that beautiful pink sphincter.

I made my tongue wide and acted like I was painting a fence and sexy photomodel having fun with an almost too huge bbc a few strokes she started to pump her hips forward as if trying to make my strokes bigger. I could tell she wanted me to go all the way and lick that pretty ass of hers. She wriggled with excitement as I rimmed her ass. I reached up and squeezed her cheeks with my thumb in the slight crease at the bottom of her ass and my four fingers out grabbing two handfuls of gorgeous ass and spreading them open as I poked my tongue in.

Her motions changed as I could tell she was really getting off.

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Her mouth worked my cock deeper with more abandon as she writhed in pleasure. I could feel the spit dripping down my balls as her mouth watered from cramming my cock into the back of her throat.

She paused slightly the first couple of times overcoming the gag reflex. Then she seemed to overcome it and it felt like I was fucking her face. Never had a blow job felt so good and she just kept pumping her throat down her nose pressed into my sack each forceful stroke. I could tell I was going to come soon if I kept concentrating on what she was doing to me.

So I began again in earnest concentrating on her needs. I couldn't get my hand around her leg and reach her clit in the position I was in so with my elbow up in the air I worked my hand in between her legs.

My wrist was under my chin and all the juices from her pussy and my saliva mixed to let me pinch her slippery lips and clit together between my thumb and index finger as one might stroke the tip of one of those long curly mustaches.

Each time I lightly pinched her lips together her clit would be covered by the hood everything would be hidden inside. Then as the slippery juices took over her lips would slide out and then I would press down on her clit.

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The motion would be reversed and the hood was peeled back and her lips spread open exposing her clit. I kept these motions up as my tongue was starting to go a little numb from dipping into her ass and sliding around the ring in a way that was making her go wild. I could tell the moment she started her orgasm. Her legs had been bent with her knees on the table, but now she spread them open further and straightened them out.

All of her leg muscles flexed as she now squeezed the edge of the table with her knees to hold herself up as if squeezing to stay on a horse. Flexing every muscle in her body must have made the orgasm more intense and it was impossible for me to keep my hand on her clit so I began again to lick her from her clit up to her ass in long stroked matching the pace that she kept gyrating her hips. The build up took almost a minute and her muscles making her body as tight as a rock must have been tiring, but she held on in that strange position riding my tongue up and down until she finally pulled up off my cock and arching her back with her head high in the air rocking a few last times before her orgasm let loose.

I had never been with a girl that squirted before. I heard her moan and tighten even more when I first felt a wash of warm liquid spray out on my neck. My next stroke starting at her clit had already started before I even realized I was going to get a mouthful since I didn't know what was happening in the moment.

The hot liquid hit my upper lip and made my tongue that had been flattened out turn into a point. That instant of pure lust burned itself into my memory. The liquid gushed onto my lip and tongue as the tip of my tongue licked its way up from her clit tracing into the folds of her pussy lips.

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The flesh inside was so smooth and everything was so wet it felt like it glided effortlessly in between her lips. As the tip of my tongue slid up to the opening to her vagina I felt the hot gushing liquid which reminded my of a low powered hot tub jet. My tongue, on its way by, filled the hole for a split second and the hot fluid pressure increased with her spasm right in the split second my tongue tip went by.

An expert food tester might have given the taste a higher reading on the astringent and pungent scales, but only ever so slightly. It was the flavor that made me involuntarily tense up my tongue and make it pointed rather than flat, but the flavor was somehow good.

It must have been linked to pure sexual fantasy in a way that sometimes pain can be mistaken for pleasure in the heat of the moment. The juice was clear and not as runny as water. It was still a free flowing liquid but just a touch down the scale of something between water and a light massage oil. The sensation was unmistakably like being pissed on as the hot fluid gurgled in my nose and mouth but rather than pee it was just a hot liquid that had enjoyable qualities.

As my tongue hit the upper end of her kayla green busty milf in a dp threesome her spasm hit its peak and the fluid pressure that had been slightly held back as my tongue blocked it let loose.

It felt like a large water pistol spray my lower lip and chin. The gush of fluid splashed back and left beads of liquid on her ass and legs as my realization that something weird was going on made me pull back a bit. The hard core xxxxxxporn with celeberties way to describe what had happened was like the shock felt when turning on a kitchen sink to rinse a plate and having the sprayer stuck on and facing outward.

She had been holding herself up with her hands on the edges of the table near my waist and her knees clamping down on the edges of the table by my head. Now coming out of the throes of a wild orgasm while clamping every muscle tight was beginning to weaken in the knees along with everywhere else.

She collapsed onto my body as a last few drops dripped out onto my neck and she slid down in a heap onto my body. She stopped gyrating. "Are you ok?" she asked. I was still enjoying the moment and taking in what had happened and did not answer.

"Are you ok?" she asked again slightly shaking my shoulders. I found myself still lying face down with my face partly numb in the toilet-seat shaped pad. "Sometimes a person gets so relaxed they fall asleep, you should find that your back doesn't hurt at all for the next few hours it got so loosened up." She explained. "Wow, that was great." It was all I could think to say.

She told me to take my time getting dressed before I came out. I had a palm full of come in thirty seconds flat and was looking for a Kleenex to wipe up the mess.